Bess Ch. 16


He chuckled and followed her around to the back of house and over to patio by the pool. There was plenty of moonlight and the warm summer night made it comfortable. There was a chaise style lounge chair there, oversized, and perfect for what she had in mind.

She led him to it, pausing to drop his jacket to the deck and unbutton his crisp white shirt in the process. She took it off slowly, admiring his broad shoulders as she slid her hands to his waist and freed him from his dress pants.

He reached for her then but she held up a finger, wagging it in a "bad boy" way and lowering him to the chaise. "It's time for Mrs. Scott Russell to make a few demands of her own."

He smirked, eyes glistening in the moonlight as she gently led him down onto the chaise, face first. From a nearby drawer she pulled a bottle of warming lotion and a small hand towel, hands literally trembling with desire as she spied the moonlight spilling across his half-naked body.

She was still in her maroon dress, her heels clacking on the tiles of the patio as she slunk slowly back to the lounge chair, the cool breeze making her more aware than ever that he still held her damp panties in his coat pocket.

He lay, arms at his sides, awaiting her. She kicked off her heels and knelt on the lounge, hiking her skirt up until her thighs were free, and she could kneel next to him. She poured a dollop of clear lotion into her hand, warming it before applying it to the small of his back. He tensed, sighing, as she spread it around his entire back, sliding onto the chair next to him and toying with the band of his underwear.

She slid her hands beneath it, gently caressing the small of his back before sliding one leg over to straddle the back of his leg. It was slick with lotion now, warm beneath her as she slid down onto the back of his thigh and ground her wet, naked pussy against it.

He moaned, softly, grinding his pelvis into the chair as she slid down onto him, her pussy sliding onto the soft fabric of his underwear, erect nipples hard on the small of his back. He tried to turn over but she chuckled throatily and pushed him back down, inching herself up his body inch by delectable inch. She slid her dress off over her head, impatiently, eager to be naked, free and fucking him, not caring where it fell or what it must look like now, slathered in oil and drenched with her musk.

She wore only a black lace bra, but not for long. It joined the dress and Scott's clothes as she inched ever forward, straddling his waist now, slick with oil and her own juices as she slid deliciously against his skin, so warm and soft, his breath coming faster now, harder, as she lowered her breasts to slide across the warm, slick flesh of his shoulders. She peppered his neck, his ear, with hot kisses until he turned his face and sighed contentedly.

She snatched a kiss from his lips, both of them breathing heavily now as she ground herself more insistently into his back until she could hear the slick sound of skin against skin, her swollen clit tender to the touch and rasping delightfully with each pass of her skin against his.

At last she paused, too afraid she might come to resist another grind, and eased him over onto his back. He reached for her, eagerly, but she wagged another finger and stretched his hands high above his head, leaving them there as she coated his chest with another fine layer of lotion, which warmed to the touch and coated his flat stomach and bare chest.

He watched her as she slid back down his body, swollen clit gliding against his thick, throbbing cock, still sheathed in its damp underwear but straining, desperately, to break free. They were both breathing heavily, practically panting, and a thin layer of sweat had started to coat her skin, and his too.

She rubbed his chest, using her hands on his body to keep her pelvis slightly raised just above his crotch. Even so, his throbbing member strained through the damp cotton to reach it, as if by instinct, the fat, wet tip rubbing tenderly against her quivering bud as she slid, up and down, down and up, until he whimpered for release and she threatened to climax.

At last she inched his shorts down, bending to swallow his glistening shaft as at last his shorts fell to the floor to join the rest of their clothes, damp and discarded at the foot of the chaise. He spread his thighs to accommodate her, and she knelt between them, bare ass up in the air as she swallowed him, stroked him, toyed with him, teased him to a lather as he ground his skin against the chair.

At last he could take no more. "My turn," he said, sitting up abruptly and taking her shoulders in his hands as he kissed her, hot and hungry, breath hot, face hot, sweat dripping down their bodies as he rose to kneel.

He slid his cock between her legs, where its girth stretched from her throbbing clit to her tender ass. She slid along it blissfully, eyes fluttering as he kissed her, peppering her lips, her face, her neck, her breasts, and she ground against him, desperate to have him inside her.

But he had other plans. He slid out from between her legs and, with gentle force, pressed her face down onto the chaise. It smelled of him now, musky and sweet, like his skin and their sweat. There was something alluring about being taken, about being forced, face down, helplessly, to wait anxiously for what he might want or touch or taste or feel or do next.

She felt his hands upon her back, a fresh coat of lotion slathering her fiery skin as he straddled her from behind. His hands were large but gentle as he massaged her shoulders, her ribcage, her back. She could feel the thickness of his cock against her ass and was desperate for him to use it, anywhere he wanted, any way he wanted, but she lay there, practically panting, as he teased her much as she had him.

Her mound was wet and lathered against the lounge cushion as his hands moved down to encircle her waist, peppering her back with soft, wet kisses as she arched her hips to be taken, to be mounted, to be filled.

As if reading her mind, Scott touched one cheek, then the other, making her squeal with desire as he gently toyed with the crack of her ass with one hand, his other teasing her throbbing, dripping clit with the tip of one index finger that knew exactly what it was doing.

She gasped at the sensation as he fingered both holes, picturing his sly, crooked smile as sweat rolled down the small of her back and he pressed deeper inside of her with both fingers, until she ground against them, squealing, coming loudly and forcefully, eyes blinking rapidly, panting and begging for more.

He obliged as she came once more, grunting, face down in the lounge chair, trying to catch her breath as he gently took his fingers out of her. She rose to meet him, not caring anymore how she sounded as she grunted, her arms weak as she pressed herself onto all fours.

She reached back to grab him, stroking his thick cock, him slick with lotion, wet with sweat and the fat, red tip glistening with pre-cum as she gently guided him into her, then not so gently slid back onto him. He filled her, and yet she slid back until her ass was flush with his torso, and still she craved more.

Now she begged for it, eager for Scott to fill her, to come inside of her, to share with her that most intimate of human experiences. She grabbed her own breasts as he pumped steadily inside of her from behind, grunting, gasping, their voices merging as sweat dripped from his chest onto her writhing ass.

He grabbed her around the waist, owning her, steadily pounding her, the rhythm growing so intense she came again, dripping now, the sounds of their sex filling the air, moonlight coating their sweaty bodies as his hands rounded her ass and threatened to fill her once more.

She moaned as he toyed with her ass, pressing one finger over the puckered crevice as he slowed his rhythm, using the lube and the sweat from her back to guide it in as, both holes filled now, he suddenly increased his rhythm, toying with her as he slid almost out of her, until she felt the fat tip toying with her quivering lips, then slowly back in until she could feel his flat stomach against her, then almost out, then almost in, taking his time, as she panted, wheezing, until at last he filled her one last time, sliding in and she could feel the jerk of him, the twitch and the gush as he grunted, collapsing as he took both hand and prick from her, tumbling next to her as she trembled, falling back into his arms, his chest beating, his hands around her waist as they clung to each other in the night.

"Thank you," she whispered, softly, enjoying the heat of his body and the pounding of his heart.

"Thank YOU," he chuckled, making her tremble and her ample breasts jiggle.

She slapped his wet, naked thigh. "Not for that, you jerk."

"Then for what?" He sounded seriously confused.

"For asking me to marry you 10 years ago."

His voice grew serious. "Thanks for answering yes."

He took one hand away from her waist then, stroking her hair until at last her eyes grew heavy and she drifted to sleep. A deep, satisfying, and loving sleep.

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