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Now I'm a very straight acting guy that up until my early 20's would never have dreamed about being with another man, let alone servicing or touching another man's cock.

My sex life took the usual scenario of being a randy teen trying it on with every girl in school and eventually losing my virginity to a lovely Scottish girl whilst on holiday when I was 16.

Over the course of the next few years my sex life was typical for a pre 20 teen, randy as hell but could never get enough or any from time to time! G my best mate and me started to experiment with girls we picked up and often persuaded them to let the other join in for a threesome, this was purely a MFM things with no male on male action but plenty of spit roasting!

As time went by G and myself started to sleep in the same bed, this often happened after a boozy night on the town and we usually passed out naked. It felt like a natural thing to do after the experiences we had shared and often we would watch porn and wank ourselves either prior to going to sleep or after we woke. I found myself during these experiences watching G wank and enjoyed seeing his cum spurt high and powerfully out of his cock as he came. His cock was not as thick as mine but nice, long and smooth, and he always produced a big load of cum that could hit him in the face or over his shoulder if he wanted too.

In a playful way G would often reach over and grab my hard cock and wank it quickly then let go as I pretended to push him away. I would then attempted to grab his hard cock in the same way and he would push me away also. At first I though nothing of it, then over the period of a few months I started to fantasise about touching it more and more, I think knowing this was never likely to happen made me want it even more.

Eventually after a few months I found myself out with G on a boozy night out, once the night had ended we headed back to my place and go into bed naked as usual. After about 20 minutes G had passed out but I was very horny and could not sleep, as I slowly stroked myself I could not stop thinking G's cock. It was only inches from my hand but also a few feet away from my mouth and I had a strong desire to taste it. Eventually I pulled back the covers to see a his limp cock, I moved my hand slowly over it to gently touch it, he stirred slightly but did not wake. So I plucked up the courage and grasped it in my hand and started to wank it slowly, I could feel him start to get aroused and decided to go one step further. I lowered my head to his now semi hard cock and licked the head, it was as smooth as I has hoped and I quickly sucked his helmet into my mouth. He became harder and his breathing quickened, he started to stir so I quickly rolled back over and pretended to be asleep so that he thought he had been dreaming.

Annoyed at not getting him off, but too nervous to ever say or do anything sober I though my chance had gone. It wasn't until about a year later that we had been on another boozy night out and had got back to his place and were lying in bed together pretty smashed that I decided to put some porn on. We both started to watch and he was a little bit more wasted then me and I slowly moved my hand under the covers to find his cock, he was starting to get aroused so I continued to stroke it. This continued for about 30 seconds with no objection so I decided to take my chance. I pulled the covers back to expose his hard cock that I was jerking and lowered my head to his waist. Within second his hard cock was in my mouth and was sucking away greedily at it. At this point G got a bit freaked out by the whole scenario and was asking me what I was doing (which was pretty obvious!!), but at no point did he pull me off. I just continued sucking and jerking him, I could sense he was enjoying it more then he wanted to make out and seconds later I felt his body tense as he started to unload a huge load into my mouth. As his body started to relax he quickly passed out I put my head back on the pillow contemplated what I had actually just done and took a big gulp and swallowed my best friends load!

In the morning G was already out of bed before I awoke and was downstairs having breakfast when I went down, he looked at me in a strange and was still appearing freaked out by the whole experience, so I didn't say a word about it and never have to this day.

G is still my best friend and still to this day 10 year later we have never spoken about it and it has never happened again.

Not that I haven't had the odd cock or two, but that's for another story....

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