tagNon-EroticBest Friend Ever! The End Ch. 03

Best Friend Ever! The End Ch. 03


Author's note; and explanation. This short story is really the end of the "Ron and Kelly" series, and in order for it to be meaningful you really need to read "Best Friend Ever! Christmas Ch. 02", also by me (Tomcatfive). Of course there is also a chapter one, and a preceding series of stories under the title "Best Neighbor Ever!". This chapter is very short, but it's definitely G rated. Forgive me.

Just to be clear, the following is entirely fiction, including Tom Cathers, the "author". But some statements in the opening paragraphs are definitely reflective of my own feelings. I hope that you will enjoy.

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Best Friend Ever - The End Ch. 03

Several years ago I started writing erotic stories for my own amusement, and later, started submitting them to an online website, "Literotica". I found it was a great way to recall events in my life and make them turn out as I would have liked, and to vicariously enjoy the pleasure of things I had never experienced.

But I also discovered something else. I tended to get very emotionally involved with my characters, almost living the lives I wrote into my stories. I was never able to let anything bad happen to them in the end, and when a story was complete, sometimes I almost grieved, wanting it to continue, wanting to know more about their adventures, their lives, even though they were creations of my own mind. The truth is, most of them turned out to be love stories in some fashion. To this day, I sometimes re-read those stories, wanting to to experience those little snippets of life again.

Shortly after finishing a story that, for some reason, became really personal to me, I attended a conference, by coincidence, in the city that I had decided was the home town of the heroine, although it was never mentioned in the story. It was a spring day and I had the afternoon off, so I took a walk in a little park near my hotel, then sat on a bench, just enjoying the sunshine.

A family group of five came along shortly and sat on the benches across the walk, opposite me. Normally I would not have paid the slightest attention, but there was just something familiar about them. First I noticed the very attractive mother with curly blonde hair, holding the hand of her perhaps three year old daughter. Then the father with a one year old boy on his shoulders, and an older woman about my age with graying chestnut hair, possibly the children's grandmother. They sat together, chatting pleasantly, the children happily chattering away.

I didn't even try to eavesdrop, but being only a few feet away I couldn't help hearing bits of the conversation. And my ears did perk up when the older woman referred to the younger one as Kelly. And when Kelly called her "sis" in reply, I gulped. This should have meant nothing to me, a stranger hundreds of miles from home. But somehow, it did.

And then the mother stood and lifted the boy from the man's shoulders and sat him on the bench, where he contentedly grabbed dad's arm with one hand and pulled his sister's golden curls with the other. And since they now had my full attention, I heard mom when she leaned over and fondly kissed dad on the cheek, giggling softly, "Don't let him wear you out, Ron. I'll do that later, baby!"

In response he laughed and ran his hand lightly over her beautiful hair, saying, "Oh no, again?"

Giggling again she said, "Uhhuh!" eyes shining.

With a big grin, the older woman put her hands on her hips and said, Oh my God, don't you two ever get enough of each other?"

The man smiled back at her, but said, very seriously, "No, Carrie, we don't!"

Suddenly I was shaking, I felt tears forming in my eyes. I really wanted to pinch myself, to be sure I was awake. You see, Kelly and Ron were the main characters of my most recent story, and Carrie was Kelly's older sister. Their little girl and boy would have been a little over three and one.

Trying not to obvious, I listened and watched in silence as they enjoyed the sunny afternoon, but soon it was clear they were about to move on. And I had to say something. I just had to. "Excuse me," I said to Ron, "I'm sorry to intrude, but are you folks from Atlanta?"

At first he gave me a blank stare, but then he said, "Why yes, we are, all of us except Carrie." And he gestured to the older woman. "Do we know you?"

I wasn't sure what to say, what I could say, but I managed, "Well, I'm sure you don't, but in a very odd way, I feel I know you. Do you by any chance live at 2024 Peachpit Lane? And your wife used to live at 2028?"

Instantly, the eyes of the three adults were locked on me. In a very stern voice, Ron said, "How could you possibly... Who ARE you?"

"I'm Tom Cathers," I replied, "but most people just call me Tomcat. And I'm from Atlanta too, but from the other end of the city."

"Well, nice to meet you Tomcat, I'm Ron. But how could you possibly know anything about us?" Ron said, his voice softening just a bit.

I was having a terrible time knowing what to say. The whole idea running through my mind was insane. And yet, so far everything matched. "I really don't know, any more than you do. I know we've never met before, but somehow, I feel like I was given a little snapshot into your lives. Forgive me but, did you and your wife spend a Christmas skiing in New England five years ago?"

The look on Kelly's face turned into a glare of anger and Ron put a hand on her shoulder. "What the hell is this?" she demanded. "Who have you been talking to? Only three people know anything about that, and the other one lives in Quebec!"

"I know," I said, the tears I could no longer hold back streaming down my cheeks. "Marie. With beautiful long black hair."

I watched Kelly's face turn white, and she stammered, "How... how did you ever... how do you know Marie?"

"I don't," I replied, "I've never met her. And I haven't been in New England in 20 years. And never in Quebec."

"ENOUGH!" Ron growled as he stepped partly in front of Kelly, shielding her from me. "Tell us what this is all about. NOW!"

"I... I really don't know either," I said shakily. "All I can tell you is, I wrote a story several months ago, one that just seemed to come to me, all at once. And it seems that you are somehow... the main characters in it."

"That's impossible! Ron exclaimed. "It's crazy! Have you been spying on us? How could you possibly know so much about our lives? Especially Christmas! That's the most cherished time in our lives, except when the kids were born. And it's very VERY private!"

"I know," I said. "Ron, I have to ask, is there something special about your watch? A picture... an inscription?"

It was Ron's turn to blanch, and he turned to Kelly, putting his arm around her. "Honey, I've never showed my watch to anyone. And the only one's we ever told were our friends at the wedding. Have you ever said anything to anyone else?"

Suddenly a few tears ran down Kelly's cheeks, and she buried her face into Ron's shoulder. Her muffled, shaky voice said, "Ron, you know I would never do that! It means too much to both of us. No one but the two of us has ever seen the inside."

My tears ran harder than ever. "I certainly have never seen it. But I know. Pictures of the two of you, combined into a single frame. And the inscription, "I LOVE YOU K." underneath."

Kelly turned and stared at me, holding on to Ron with both hands. "The only person that ever saw that inscription was the jeweler. And he never saw the picture. I put that in myself." She looked like she was going into shock.

Suddenly we all realized there was something bigger here. Something none of us understood. Ron said softly, "What else can you tell us about this... this story you wrote?"

Knowing it was X-rated I didn't want to say too much, but I said, "Well there is only one thing I can tell you about where the idea came from. But none of this seems to make any sense. When I was a teenager, 17, I had a girlfriend, Julie... Julie Dearborn. She looked quite a bit like Kelly, she was beautiful. We thought we were very much in love and... and I got her pregnant. We wanted the baby so bad, but we were just too young, and our families had no way to support a baby. So it was decided we would give it up for adoption. I was forbidden to see Julie, and I never did see her again. The baby came, I know it was a girl, and given to the adoptive parents the same day. I don't know any of the details."

"And then, a few weeks later, Julie drove her car into a tree! The report said she had been going at a high rate of speed, and there were no skid marks. She had no booze or drugs in her and everyone speculated it was suicide. I'm certain it was. I wanted to do it too. But my parents took away the car, afraid I might. Time passed, and the pain lessened a little, and then I couldn't do it. But I never got over it either. And I never forgot Julie. Or our daughter. That's why I never married."

"And when I wrote that story, I kind of had our daughter in mind, since she would have been about the right age, and knowing her mother, I pictured what she might look like. She was the heroine... Kelly... YOU!" I sobbed, looking straight at Kelly.

Ron and Kelly looked at each other, speechless. But Carrie, who had been quiet during the entire conversation, suddenly blurted out, "Oh my God! We have to go to the house... NOW! Tom, please... you need to come with us, it's only a few minutes walk. This may be important."

I followed them, and we walked, pretty much in silence at a fast pace, Ron and Kelly carrying the kids. It was an older house, which had belonged to Kelly and Carrie's parents until their mother died, five years ago. Carrie lived there alone now, and the family came to visit once or twice a year. It was a little awkward, being a stranger in their house, but we were drawn together a bit by the common bond of being totally mystified.

Carrie said, "Please make yourselves comfortable, this may take a while. I'm not sure where to look."

And she headed up the stairs. Then we heard her going up another flight and Kelly said, "She's going to the attic."

Needing to try and prove the truth of what I had told them, I said quietly to Ron, "Do you have a computer?"

"In here," he said, and led me into the den and to an older model desktop. At least they had internet access, and I quickly logged on to the "Literotica" site and found the last part of my story, "Best Friend Ever! Christmas Ch. 02". I warned Ron that it was adult material, and considering the subject he might be shocked, but I suggested that he really needed to read it.

Knowing it would take a while if he read it all, I went back to the living room with Kelly and the kids, watching quietly as they played together. It was about 20 minutes before Carrie came back down stairs. She was hanging onto the railing, and her face was ashen. Kelly gasped and said, "Sis, are you ok?"

Carrie replied, "Yes, I think so, but I need to sit down. We all do." And as she fell into an arm chair she called out, "Ron, come in here please. You need to see this."

From the den Ron replied, in a rather subdued voice, I'll be right there Carrie, but I need to finish this, I'll be another minute or two."

We all sat in silence except for the kids, looking at each other as we waited for Ron. When he finally appeared he had a very strange look on his face. Carrie waved us all to come over to her chair. "Kelly, you should have had this long since, but I guess you've never needed it since you moved away. I found this and your adoption papers. It's your birth certificate."

Kelly looked at me, about to say something, but Ron said to her, "Baby, he knows, it's in the story I just read. Our whole lives together are in there, it looks like."

She unfolded the paper, and we saw Kelly's name and the date of birth. It was the day my daughter had been born. Below that we saw:

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia

FATHER: Thomas James Cathers

MOTHER: Julia Marie Dearborn

I came to when I felt something cold on my face, and when I opened my eyes I saw fuzzily, two people standing looking down at me, and a blonde-haired woman leaning over me, wiping my face with a wet wash cloth. As my vision cleared I realized it was Kelly, and there was a river of tears running down her face. She was sobbing, "Tom... Tom... Daddy! Please... come back to me!" Hearing that I smiled, and she ran her hand across my cheek, gasping out, "Oh thank God, Thank God!" And she bent and kissed my forehead.


Of course we had a blood test, which confirmed what we already knew. As it turned out, Kelly and Ron still owned the house next door, which they rented out, and when it became vacant in a couple of months, I moved in immediately. Carrie felt very alone in the old family house, and when I offered to let her use a room in my place she quickly accepted and moved to Atlanta. We both spend a lot of time watching my grand kids, especially when they're in the pool and when Kelly and Ron need some time alone. Ron and Kelly are talking about taking another ski trip this winter, and Carrie and I have already volunteered to take the kids. I understand the bond between Ron and Kelly. My daughter is the nicest person on earth, and he's a perfect match for her. I have never seen such electricity between two people.

Carrie and I quickly became very close, the intertwined family bonds seeming to bring us together. She's a wonderful woman, not surprising since Kelly grew up as her younger sister. She and I will be married later this year. Ron and Kelly's daughter will be the flower girl, and if he makes it down the aisle, their son will be the ring bearer. Life is mysterious, but life is good. Very, very good.

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