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Best Friends


I was waking up. Well, trying to anyway. I didn't know what the hell I was still doing here. I should have left hours ago. Everyone insisted that I say, due to the long drive back home. I had fallen asleep while Steven, Derek and I were watching some dumb movie.

I was still on the couch, with a light blanket over me. I wasn't sure at first what woke me up, but coming to my senses I could hear the shower running. I guess the closing of the door woke me.

I lay on the couch but began to fidget a little. I had to relieve myself. I guess the drinks at dinner had finally caught up with me. I figured I could wait a little longer, and I wasn't going to pee outside, it was freezing out there.

I sat up on the couch and stretched, realizing that I really really had to go. I figured what the hell, I'd knock on the bathroom door. I mean all I had to do was pee. I doubted anyone would mind as long as I didn't flush without a warning.

I stood up, walked to the bathroom door and knocked. I heard something fall into the tub and figured I startled someone. I opened the door a crack, "Hey, I have to pee. I swear I'll be quick."

I poked my head in the room. The shower drape was open a tad. Steven open it more, stuck his head out and said, "Sure man, go ahead," He pulled his head back and closed the curtain.

I hurried over to the toilet and did my thing. Boy did that ever feel great. "Umm dude, I have too flush and wash my hands," I said as I drew a smiley face on the fogged mirror.

"Sure. Go on," Steven said. I quickly flushed and washed my hands. Once done I said thanks, walked out, and closed the door.

I walked through the house, to Derek's room. I wondered if he was awake or not. I figured now that I was awake and wasn't feeling tipsy, I'd drive home and pass out in my own bed.

Derek wasn't in his room. I was starting to wonder where he was. As I was standing at his doorway, I thought I heard him down the hall, just muffled a bit. I turned around and listened. I heard Steven again and figured it was just him.

Steven has a bad habit of talking to himself. He's usually trying to think of lyrics to a song, or mumbling about things he has to do later on in the day or whatnot.

I heard Derek, I was sure it was him but this time it sounded like whatever he was trying to say, was cut off. I wondered if he was on the phone in the kitchen or something.

I walked down the hall, and into the kitchen. Nope. Nothing. I checked the house again. He wasn't anywhere to be seen. I was really starting to wonder where the hell he'd gone.

I walked back to the bathroom door and knocked again. There wasn't an answer, so I opened the door slightly. "Hey Steven, do you know where Derek is? He's not in his room and I can't find him."

Steven laughed. "Yeah man, he's in the house."

"Oh, okay," I said and re-closed the door.

I was two steps back down the hall when I heard a wet "SMACK" come from the shower. Steven yelled, "Hey Joel, c'mere man."

I turned back and opened the door. I walked in. I looked up, and I could see Steven standing in the tub, however, this time I could see ALL of him. I quickly looked down at the floor. "Umm yeah?" I said and tried to think of what the hell he wanted.

I heard him rustle the curtain. I figured he closed it, so I looked up.

My jaw dropped.

Not only was Steven standing in the tub with an enormous hard-on, but I saw Derek standing right next to him. Derek was rubbing his own cock right in front of me.

For a moment I thought they were playing some kind of trick on me to fuck with me head. I thought maybe I was still be sleeping. Then I realized the door to the bathroom opened and closed once before I got up from the couch. I was the only one that opened it afterward.

They both let me stand in the doorway with my mouth open for a few seconds, before Steven finally asked me, "What did you want Derek for?"

My answer stumbled around in my mouth before it came out. "Oh, umm I was Gonna tell him, err and you, that, uh, I was gonna go home."

"No, No Joel, don't leave yet," Derek said as he stared as Steven's cock, while still rubbing himself.

Steven watched me, and smiled. I must have looked like such a moron. I knew that sly smile. Derek said, " Come on in Joel," and finally looked at me. "There's enough room for all of us in here."

Steven took a swipe at Derek's cock and said, " Can't you see he's still in shock? He didn't exactly expect to see us like this you know. Did you Joel?"

"Umm, no not really, not like that," I said. I was still standing at the door, trying to plan a decent and controlled looking exit.

I think Steven read my mind. He stepped out of the tub and placed both of his feet on the rug. He was moving slowly, almost like he was giving me time to escape from the room while I still had the chance. He stood before me, and took my hand before I could head out the door. He placed has wet hand over my mouth and pulled me farther into the room and closed the door.

I just couldn't fight him at all. I just stared. I looked back and forth at them both, trying to take in the whole scene. I didn't notice at first, but Steven had gently put his wet hand on my cock. WAIT! Oh MY GOD! I was getting hard. I could feel my own cock stir in my pants. I stood still and closed my eyes. Maybe I was still on the couch, just dreaming all of this.

I think my body had started to sway while I had my yes closed, because I felt Steven grab hold of my shoulders. I opened my eyes again and saw him staring into my eyes. He took hold of my chin, once I was steady on my feet, and turned my head so I was facing Derek in the shower. Steven quickly but gracefully dropped to his knees in front of me.

I saw Derek start to rub his cock again, and he licked his lips. I watched the water run across his chest and down his legs.

I felt this warm, wet sensation around my own growing hard-on. OH MY GOD! Steven was sucking my damn cock! I couldn't believe it... but I also couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.

Steven was rolling my skin back with his lips and tongue and suckling on my slit. His mouth felt so good. Even felt better than the women that had done this very same thing. He kept suckling and lapping at my cock as he slowly removed my pants and boxers. My legs began to wobble. I heard Steven moan softly as he tasted my pre-cum.

I still watched Derek. He was close to climaxing, stroking his cock more furiously. He moaned louder and louder. Steven began to move his head at the same pace as Derek's moans and also began to fondle my balls gently with his hand.

I gasped, and I heard Derek moan, and his muscles stiffened. He came with such violence, he had to put his left hand out to steady himself against the wall, in front of him.

Derek's orgasm triggered something inside of me. Steven could feel how close I was to cumming, and he began to stroke my cock while still suckling on me. I stiffened and inhaled deeply. I exploded in his mouth, and I pulled his head closer against me. I fucked his throat, his moans mingling with my own.

My orgasm lasted longer than it had ever before. Steven greedily continued to nibble and suck on my cock until I couldn't take it anymore. He finally released me, and stood up.

"Good God," was all I could say.

"I'm not done with you yet Joel," Steven said. He took hold of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I was fairly numb, still floating around in a state of bliss. I felt almost as if he owned a part of me now.

Steven tugged on my legs so I would step out of my pants and boxers. They were still wrapped around my ankles. He took my hand and led me to the bathtub. "In." he ordered.

I carefully stepped into the tub as Derek was getting out. He kind of giggles softly, and grabbed a towel. He watched me as he began to dry off.

The curtain was only partly closed, just enough to keep the water from getting all over the place.

Steven stepped in behind me. He removed the shower head and began to rinse me off with the warm water. He placed my hands on the wall in front of me and said, "Don't move them."

He got my whole body wet, returned the nozzle and began to wash me. He slowly washed every inch of me. Of course he saved my ass for last. I felt his slick soapy hands travel down my back and between my cheeks, to my anus. He rubbed me, adding more and more pressure slowly, waiting for me to relax. He gently rubbed my back, in reassurance. I could feel him, and the soap bubbles running down my legs.

My ass was slick and his finger slowly entered my hole. I moaned softly, and pushed back against his finger. "Oooh," Steven moaned, "like that?" He whispered into my right ear.

"Ooh yess," I exhaled, while silently wishing for more.

"Mmmm," Steven slowly pushed his finger all the way into me. I shivered and instantly began to get hard again. I desperately wanted him to abuse my hole.

Steven picked up the soap again and added more bubbles to my back and ass. Then put it down and started to massage my anus again, but now with two fingers. I could feel them both seeking entrance. I relaxed and he slowly began to stretch me.

I moaned, enjoying his touch. I felt both of his fingers glide into me. Oh it felt Sooo good. He began to slide both fingers into me, moving faster and twisting his wrist. I loved it, and my cock was now fully erect.

Steven paused for a moment and I wondered why. I looked at Derek, who had been watching the whole time, sitting quietly on the bathroom counter. I saw Derek smile and nod at Steven.

I turned slightly and looked back at Steven. He had soap all over the front of him. Then I noticed how huge his cock really was. I didn't see it as clearly before when I had walked in, but GOD DAMN he was huge. My heart began to flutter and I started to panic.

"Turn around," Steven ordered, and I faced forward again. He pushed my legs apart wider and began to fondle my balls again. My cock was just aching with want. He pressed his body against me as he continued to finger my ass. I pushed back against him again, and he fingered me faster and deeper. I moaned and tried to control my body from shaking too hard.

Steven quickly removed his fingers and guided his cock to my now slightly relaxed hole. He slid the tip of his cock into me. I moaned loudly and pressed back against him, not thinking of the consequences. In that moment I froze and held my breath. I exhaled and pulled forward, but Steven didn't give me the chance to become free.

He pushed more and more of his cock into me. I gasped and clawed at the tiles on the wall, trying to allow my body to relax. He moved in and out of me, faster and harder. My body was slowly beginning to adjust to his massive size. After a few moments I began to push back against his thrusting.

Steven took full advantage of my movements, and pressed his whole length into my tight hole. I wasn't expecting it, but it gave me such a rush of ecstasy I didn't know I could have. I grunted loudly and kept moaning, lost in a heaven I didn't know existed. I was so excited. I was rock hard, and I now saw pre-cum glistening on my cock.

Steven was moaning with each thrush he made and signaled Derek to come suck on me. I really didn't think I could take much more of this.

Derek jumped off the counter and leaned over the side of the tub. It was an awkward position for him to be in, but at the time that was all he was able to get.

Derek took my cock into his mouth and suckled on my slit. He moaned, and began to suck faster and harder. Our moans made Steven thrust harder into me. "Ooh yeah," Steven whispered and thrust into me deeper. Derek played with my balls and my head started spinning.

"Ohh God," I exhaled, as I came again. Derek sucked harder, milking each drop, and then letting me go. Steven quickly climaxed after me, and pumped all of his seed into my ass.

Derek left the room right after and Steven began to wash me again, but in silence. I think they both were letting me take time to relax, and take in all that had happened.

Once done in the shower we both dried off and found Derek asleep in his bed. I still wasn't sure what to say. "Umm, I think we should all stick around for breakfast in the morning," I said to Steven.

"Yeah, good idea. You gonna go pass out on the couch again?" Steven asked.

"Yep, need sleep," I said.

"Okay, have sweet dreams," Steven said and gave me a quick hug.

I lay back on the couch, too tired to think of everything that just happened, and passed out. When I woke up again a few hours later, the first thing that I heard was the shower.

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