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Best Friends


The two girls giggled as they got out of the car. They got their schoolbags from the backseat and the dark one also picked up a holdall with her things for the weekend. They ran to the front door to avoid getting too wet in the rain and the blonde girl opened the door. As soon as they were inside they threw their bags on the floor and embraced. The blonde girl placed her lips on the dark girl's lips and started kissing her. Soon the dark girl replied by parting her lips and their tongues entwined as they devoured each other's mouths.

When they eventually tore themselves apart their breathing was ragged and their lipstick was smeared. They looked at each other and smiled. They'd been planning this weekend for weeks. Now that they were 18 their parents finally thought that they were old and responsible enough to be left unsupervised for a weekend. Then Tanya's mother announced that she was going to a conference the same weekend as her father's sales trip. They hadn't been too keen to let her stay on her own, and suggested she invite her best friend Mary to stay with her. Mary's parents had agreed and so it had been decided. What the parents didn't know was that the girls, best friends since kindergarten, had recently developed a taste for each other's pussies.

It had come as a surprise to them both. They'd considered themselves straight and they'd dated half the male population of their school. Then, not so long ago, they'd been on a double date with twins and they'd ended up fucking in the twins' basement. While the twins fucked them doggie style they'd encouraged the girls to start kissing. The girls enjoyed this and soon they were playing with each other's tits as well. The next day, in the privacy of Mary's bedroom, they'd started kissing again and caressing each other's tits. Then Tanya has asked Mary if she may touch her pussy and Mary had said yes. That afternoon they'd brought each other to an orgasm using their fingers.

They still loved boys, and they still fucked around a lot, but ever since then they'd been getting more and more adventurous with their games with each other. They now ate each other's pussy on a regular basis (once even during lunch break in school) and for this weekend they'd bought some nice big dildos to see what it would be like to fuck each other with them. They thought that maybe they were lesbians after all and this weekend was part of a project where they figured out whether they actually needed boys to satisfy them. One thing boys didn't have were tits and they both loved playing with each other's.

"You little whore," Tanya said to Mary as she unbuttoned her shirt. "You've been teasing me by going braless all day today."

"Hey," Mary protested and grabbed her friend's butt, "I only took my bra off after you bent over in that miniskirt and showed off your ass."

The girls giggled again and continued undressing each other. Tanya was 5'7" and had long blonde hair and green eyes. She had a fairly slim waist, but wide hips and matching big D-cup tits. Mary was slightly shorter at 5'6" and her hair was shoulder length and chestnut brown. She had brown eyes and a slightly slimmer body. Her pride and joy were her nipples that stood out like small dark red cherries from her C-cup tits when she was excited. Soon they were both naked and they hugged, squeezing their tits between them.

"Let's go to my bedroom," Tanya said.

"But you only have a single bed," Mary protested. "I thought we decided to do this properly. Let's use your parents' double bed. We'll change the sheets before they get back and if they ask us why you just tell them that I was snoring and you couldn't sleep."

"That's a great idea!" Tanya agreed. "OK, you take your bag to my parents' bedroom and I'll go get the stuff from my room."

Mary went to the big bedroom and pulled out two huge dildos. She and Tanya had gone to a sex shop in the city to get them the previous weekend and the sales assistant had promised that they were the most lifelike fake penises they sold. Soon Tanya came with a bottle of baby oil and a tube of lube.

"Come here, babe," Tanya said and Mary walked into her arms. They kissed passionately and grinded their pussy mounds against each other.

"Did you shave this morning?" Mary asked.

"Yeah, and so did you," Tanya concluded.

Both girls preferred their pussies smooth and it was a testament to how important this weekend was that they'd made a special effort to be completely free from hair. Tanya opened the bottle of baby oil and poured some in her hand. She then put her hands together before placing them on Mary's firm tits. Both girls sighed happily at this contact and Mary bit her lip as Tanya started softly kneading her tits. Soon it was Mary's turn to return the favour and she spent a long time exploring the pink peaks of her friend's massive tits. They took each other's hands and looked at each other. They were both flushed and their tits were glistening in the soft light. Once again they poured some baby oil in their hands and started caressing each other. In no time they were both covered in oil and their embraces were slippery and even more erotic than before.

"I'm getting hungry for pussy," Tanya whispered in Mary's ear.

"Me too," Mary replied. "69?"

"I thought you'd never ask. Can I go on top?"


Mary walked over to the bed and lay down on her back. Tanya followed, stopped to kiss Mary for a while and then straddled Mary's face. Her pussy was dripping as Mary's tongue gently caressed her slit. She parted Mary's legs and dove in for a pussy feast. Mary's pussy tasted so good. She wiggled her tongue across Mary's engorged clit and immediately felt Mary doing the same to her. This was a favourite game of theirs. They did something to the other's pussy and immediately had it repeated on themselves. Mary then let her tongue travel to the source of the juiciness and penetrated Tanya's tight cunt. Tanya struggled for breath, but she returned the action and was rewarded with a huge pool of sweet juice for her to drink.

Soon the two girls were slurping and moaning as they ate each other simultaneously. Neither of them paid any attention to the sounds coming from outside as their well oiled bodies brought each other the pleasure that they loved to share.

Calvin Richards had had the worst day. First his biggest customer had gone bankrupt and then the company he was going to sell to this weekend had been taken over and the new parent company had a different supplier. This morning he'd been looking at a fat bonus this month, but now it looked like he wasn't even going to hit his target. On top of everything, his secretary and mistress had announced that she was going to get married and that was the end of their affair.

Now he was heading home to face Tanya and her friend Mary who had been left alone in the house for the weekend. The amount of whispering and giggling that had gone on lately meant, he was sure, that they'd planned for some boys to come around. He knew that Tanya wasn't a virgin and whatever Tanya did, Mary did too, and vice versa. They were going to be really upset when he came home to thwart their plans. He had for a moment considered checking into a local motel so as not to spoil their weekend, but with no bonus and his mistress ending their affair there seemed little point to it. He'd much rather go home and spend the evening ogling that sweet little Mary. She sure had turned out nice. He was a tit-man and Mary's tits were nothing on Tanya's, but he sure loved how they bounced in those low cut tops and Mary seemed to have a thing for going braless.

He pulled into the drive and noted that Tanya's car was there. He was a little bit confused by the fact that the only lights on in the house seemed to come from his own bedroom, but they'd just remodelled the en suite bathroom so he guessed the girls were getting ready for their dates in there. He opened the front door and heard some muffled sounds coming from the bedroom. Somehow he decided against announcing his presence and just walked down the hallway towards the sounds. They were definitely not the sounds of two teenagers getting ready for dates. It sounded more like...

Calvin remained standing in the doorway. It was as though someone had gone into his brain and retrieved his wildest fantasies and turned it into a live porn act. On his bed were two oiled up teenage beauties, eating each other in the most beautiful act of 69 he'd ever witnessed. He could tell from their moans that they weren't far from coming. Each girl was using both her mouth and her fingers to get the other one to cum now. He felt his cock growing harder and harder in his shorts and he was dying to strip and join the act, but he didn't dare move for fear of disturbing the act before him.

His own daughter was pumping her best friend with four fingers now as she licked and sucked the magnificent clit. He couldn't see much of what Mary was doing, but it seemed as though her entire hand had gone up Tanya's snatch. Then Mary shrieked and her body went into convulsions. This made Tanya let herself go as well and she buried her face in Mary's snatch as she cried out with passion. As soon as their orgasms had passed Tanya moved up and lay on top of Mary, sticking her tongue into her mouth and devouring her as their legs tangled and their tits squashed against each other.

He knew he should turn around, walk away and pretend this had never happened. But he'd seen the dildos and he knew that these girls weren't happy with just fingers and tongues. And why use a dildo when he had a perfectly hard cock?

"Hi girls," he said casually, hiding the pounding of his pulse as he strode into the room. "Any room for a third?"

"Daddy?" Tanya was surprised, but made no attempt to hide her nudity.

"Mr Richards!" Mary smiled.

"Yes on both accounts," he smiled and stroked his hard-on through his clothes. "And I'm feeling a little bit overdressed in your company."

The girls looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then Mary got up and took his jacket out of his hands and threw it on the floor. She then pulled his tie off and finally pulled his shirt open, not bothering to unbutton it first. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her magnificent tits against his hairy chest. Her lips met his and she kissed him deeply.

"Tanya knows how I've fancied you for a long time," she said to him with a cheeky smile.

This was news to Calvin. "Really, how much?"

"Enough for me to want to pull your trousers off and see if this bulge really delivers what it promises."

"Sounds good to me." Hell, it sounded like heaven. A beautiful girl like this wanting to fuck him? He'd died and gone to heaven. Then he remembered his daughter who was lying on the bed with her hand in her hairless pussy. "How about you, Tanya? Do you mind if I fuck Mary?"

"I'll let you fuck Mary on one condition, daddy," she said with a big smile.

"What's that?"

"That you fuck me too."

Was this really happening to him? His beautiful naked daughter with the gorgeous big tits wanted him to fuck her. He knew it was wrong. He knew he should feel guilty, but all he could feel was lust. Lust for the horny teenagers in his bedroom.

"Are you really sure you want me to fuck you, Tanya?" he asked.

"Yes, daddy," she said and got up off the bed. "Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl like the slut she is."

It was music to his ears. He took the two girls in his arms and started kissing them. Their three tongues played with each other and all of a sudden he was naked with two hands stroking his pulsating cock. Tanya moved away and got the baby oil. She squirted some in Mary's hands and then in her own hands and then across Mary's and her chests. Soon the girls were rubbing oil all over him with their tits and ever so often their hands would not only rub his arms and legs, but also his thick 8 inches of hot meat.

"Mary," Tanya said after a while. "You suck my daddy's cock while I let him taste my pussy."

Calvin lay on his back on the bed and Tanya straddled his face. Mary then wrapped her sweet lips around his swollen cockhead and sucked him down her throat. He almost shot a load right then as his cock was almost completely engulfed by her mouth. He'd had his cock sucked a lot of times, but never like this. Tanya must have noticed something because she laughed.

"Mary's been practising deep throating on this huge dildo at home. Isn't she great?"

He replied by flicking his tongue across Tanya's pleasure nub as he slipped his fingers into her hot snatch. He tried to concentrate on the job at hand, but it was damn hard with that vixen swallowing his cock whole only to start sucking his balls the next moment and then sucking him inside her mouth again. Just as he was thinking that he wouldn't be able to last very long, Tanya pulled Mary up from his cock and wrapped her arms around her. He could feel Mary's wet pussy against his chest as the girls embraced and kissed. He looked sideways into the mirror and witnessed their tit play. His own cock was resting against Mary's ass. He wished he had a camera at hand.

Mary then moved backwards and slid her wet slit across the base of his hard cock a couple of times before she used her hand to guide him inside her. As she slowly lowered herself onto his cock he moaned into his daughter's pussy. He hadn't had a cunt this tight for years. And she was so wet and welcoming for him. She slowly started riding him and he moved his hips in unison with her. He moved his hand with the same pace in and out of Tanya's dripping cunt. Soon he could feel her wiggling her hips faster and he picked up the pace. Tanya stopped kissing Mary and she cried out as she came around her daddy's fingers.

He looked at Mary as Tanya stepped off his face and he reached up to feel those magnificent bouncing tits. Tanya kissed him and licked her pussy juices off his face and then she moved towards the base of the bed. She made him spread his legs and she crawled between them.

"Pass me the lube, daddy," she asked him and he reached for it on his night stand.

She applied plenty of gel on her index finger and then she slowly started penetrating Mary's ass with it. Mary cried out with pleasure and leaned across Calvin's chest and started kissing him as his daughter finger fucked her ass. Then he himself nearly shrieked with surprise as he felt Tanya's tongue on his balls. It was wonderful. Mary was pumping him faster and faster now and he knew that the minute she came he was going to have to release the load that was now boiling in his balls. Tanya kept licking his balls and fingering Mary's ass. He'd only ever been in one threesome before and it was nothing compared with what these two teenagers were doing for him.

"I'm cumming," Mary moaned. "I'm fucking cumming. Mr Richards, I'm gonna cum right now!!!!!!"

"Cum, baby!" he cried back and Mary responded with a loud cry and then her cunt squeezed his cock so hard he thought he was going to burst, and burst he did. He grunted out as he started shooting his heavy load straight up to Mary's womb. Mary grinded her pussy down against his pubic bone for the entirety of their orgasms and only when they both recovered their breathing did she attempt to move.

"Do it slowly," Tanya called out to her.

Mary slowly got up, letting the massive cock out of its hot cave inch by inch. All the while Tanya was there with her tongue, licking Mary's juices off her daddy's cock and finally, as his massive head popped out, she caught the flood of his semen as it escaped her best friend's well fucked hole.

They all embraced and kissed again, Tanya shared her daddy's cum with Mary and Calvin took time to pinch and play with the four firm tits at his disposal.

"Daddy," Tanya giggled. "You just came and you're still hard."

"That's because I haven't fucked you yet, baby."

"Oh, I'd heard that once an old guy had an orgasm he wouldn't be able to have another for a few hours."

"Old guy? I'm only 42, young lady. And there's some truth to that. It'll take me longer to cum the next time, but that'll only prolong your pleasure."

The girls giggled again. Tanya whispered something to Mary and Mary giggled and nodded.

"Daddy?" Tanya asked. "Will you fuck me doggie style?"

"Sure, baby. And what will we do with Mary?"

"See those dildos? I'll fuck Mary with one of those."

It was music to his ears. Mary was soon on her back and Calvin squirted a generous amount of lubricant into and around the cunt that he'd just received such pleasure from. Then Tanya kneeled between her legs and started penetrating the girl with one of the huge dildos. On closer inspection he could see that they were even bigger than his cock. They must be at least 10 inches long and as thick as the girls' forearms. He held his cock in his hand and stroked it as he watched the scene before his eyes. It was beautiful.

"OK, daddy," Tanya called out. "Are you ready to fuck your little girl's pussy?"

He got up behind her and started slapping her beautiful round ass with his shaft. He watched as Tanya massaged Mary's clit while she slowly pulled the dildo almost all the way out. He waited for Tanya to start pushing the dildo back inside and then he pulled her pussylips open and shoved his entire length into his daughter's cunt. Tanya cried out as she felt the biggest cock she'd ever experienced stretch her tight wet hole.

"Oh yeah, daddy!!!!! Fuck me good!!!!"

He intended to do just that. He quickly built up a fast pace and slammed into his baby girl from behind, harder and harder each time. This was the type of fucking he liked. Fast and furious. He reached around and grabbed Tanya's big tits. He kneaded and pulled at them as he fucked her. He could feel the momentum of his thrusts in her heavy tits and it made him fuck her harder.

Tanya was in fuck heaven. Never before had a cock given her so much pleasure. All those boys she and Mary had fucked... They were nothing compared with a man like her dad. She emulated the speed and power that her dad's cock rammed her with on Mary. She closed her lips around Mary's clit as she pounded her cunt with the lifelike dildo.

The room smelled of sweat, pussy and cock. The aroma of sex lay thick and was mixed with the sounds of fucking. Wet slaps and slurps filled the air as the time ticked away. The girls' moans got ever more intense. Mary kneaded her tits and pulled her huge nipples in an attempt to keep herself from cumming, but to no avail. She had to surrender to the size of the rubber cock and Tanya's expert mouth. She almost screamed as she reached her orgasm.

Tanya pulled out the dildo and caught Mary's pussy squirts in her mouth. That was enough to send her over the edge. Her pussy squeezed her daddy's cock hard as she groaned with pleasure. But daddy kept fucking her. And then he pulled out when she was done cumming, without cumming himself.

"Get on your back, Tanya," he panted. "NOW!"

She did as she was told and daddy pulled her legs up by her ankles.

"Take her ankles Mary," he commanded and the brunette pulled Tanya's legs parallel with her body, lifting her ass and opening her pussy for him to admire. He then got into position and impaled her on his cock once more. His mouth met Mary's as he started pumping his daughter in this new position. He reached down further and grabbed one of her big nipples between his teeth and bit it. He sucked on her tit for a while and then moved to the next one, still pumping Tanya's cunt with his rock hard shaft.

Tanya's cunt was so tight and wet around his cock. Mary's tits were the tastiest he'd ever sucked on. He didn't want this to end. The girls' moans told him that they'd be happy to go all night. But all good things must come to an end and he knew he didn't have far to go.

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