tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBest Friends Visit OnaSpa Ch. 01

Best Friends Visit OnaSpa Ch. 01


By the time I got home from the "toy store," I was exhausted. I went to bed early, even though it was a Saturday night. Of course, I masturbated before I went to bed with one of the new toys, and it was great. Ali and I were both excited to try to get away from work for a long weekend to go to this Spa that Sarah mentioned. Ali called Marie and confirmed it was the same place. I was so fascinated. My sexuality was blooming, and nothing could stop it. It had a life of its own.

On Monday, Ali and I were both able to secure a couple of days off during the week Sarah was expected to work at the OnaSpa, which she described as a sprawling, women-only resort for masturbation. I called Sarah to confirm that she could get the space for us.

"Hi Elle! How are you? How are your toys?" Sarah was effusive.

"They've been great. Needless to say, I've had some great orgasms with them." It was weird being so candid about something that two weeks prior would have been hardly discussed, even among good friends. "So, Ali and I can get the time off for the week you are going to be at the Spa. Can you get us in?"

"No problem. I already booked a reservation. I assume you guys are going to share a room?"

"Yeah, I guess. Is that the thing to do?"

"Well, the women who want some privacy tend to be those who want to be able to have sex with other women. Since you guys I gather are mainly planning to masturbate, I think rooming together is fine." She said.

"Ok, great." I got the reservation number, gave her my credit card number, and it was all set. I realized I had some questions.

"So what should we bring?"

Sarah replied, "You don't need a lot since it's warm there usually and you'll be nude all of the time. Bring outfits you want to wear if you don't go fully nude. They're especially nice to have for dinner. A lot of girls dress up for dinner every night. Bring shoes. You could bring running shoes if you need them to exercise. Maybe a sports bra if you need it. Some girls bring theirs when they do more vigorous stuff like aerobics. Of course, they don't usually wear bottoms."

I was furiously taking notes at my office desk.

Sarah continued, "Most things you might forget or run out of are available at the shop, like sunscreen. They and we have plenty of lubricants. And obviously we'll have toys there."

"Just curious, what do you do if you have your period?" I asked.

"Girls just let their tampon strings dangle. Rarely do you see someone wearing panties unless they use a pad. We also have a very skimpy thong we give out that allows you to affix a pad to it, but you still stay pretty nude."

I was still writing. And fantasizing, shockingly enough, about menstrual sex and masturbation.

Sarah continued, "If you need anything, you can pretty much get it, so you'll be fine."

I was wet thinking about all the erotic scenarios that could take place in such a place.

I said, "Ok, well we'll be there on the Thursday of the week you'll be there. We're both excited."

Sarah replied, "I think you guys will have a lot of fun. I hope we can spend some time together and masturbate or whatever."

My assistant walked into my office at that moment. I was clearly flushed, my vagina gushing underneath my panties, and I stuttered a reply: "uh…Ok, yeah that would be great. See you then."

I hung up and returned to work, looking forward to the upcoming jaunt.


Ali and I bounced off the plane and were greeted by a beautiful brunette woman wearing a tight, short dress and sandals. She identified herself as the shuttle driver for "the Spa." We knew which one she was talking about.

She asked us if we'd like any refreshments before we left, and we both chose mineral water. She reminded us that the drive would be a bit long and that we should just sit back and relax. The SUV she was driving was a BMW and was very comfortable. Not your typical airport shuttle.

"I called Marie and told her we were coming here. And guess what?" Ali asked, with a bit of a tease in her voice.

"Don't say it… She's going to be there." I replied.

"No, actually Lydia's going to be there. She got a job there as an 'attendant.'" I wasn't sure what that really was.

The driver, Beth, said, "Oh you know Lydia? Yeah, she just started. She's terrific. And very orgasmic."

Ali and I looked at each other, surprised, but not really comfortable enough yet to have her elucidate. I asked, "So what's an attendant?"

"Well, she's a junior attendant. The senior attendants are the girls who are assigned to each person at the Spa to guide them and take care of their needs. Kind of like a butler. Someone to show clients the ropes if they're new. And someone who's a main point of contact for future visits. The junior attendant assists the senior attendant and also helps in classes."

Ali and I both glanced at each other and smiled.

"I understand you guys know Sarah. She's expecting you. By the way, I can call ahead and see if I can arrange for Lydia to be assigned to your attendant."

"Wow, that would be great. It'd be nice to know another person," Ali said.

The trip was uneventful. We both snoozed for a bit. The only way I could really stand flying all that way and then adding to that this rather long drive was knowing I would get to arrive at a beautiful spa and be able to relax!

Stiff and a little exhausted, we dragged ourselves out of the shuttle and took stock of the place. It was a beautiful isolated oasis ringed by a forest on all sides. Verdant lawns, perfectly groomed everywhere that you could see. A beautiful, elegant, modern main building with accents of the old south. Two beautiful women, wearing only black sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, a belt and heels were waiting by the main doors. They moved toward us quickly, greeted us, and grabbed our bags, hoisting them onto a cart. They were very efficient and very friendly and rolled our bags into the lobby, just behind us. We said our goodbyes to Beth.

The lobby was gorgeous. Very comfortable and spacious. Flowers and flowering plants were set everywhere the eye could see. Big, cushy, couches and chairs abounded. There were a few women sitting around. A couple were fully clothed, and the rest were in various stages of undress, mostly in such a way that their pussies were visible.

We were greeted at the registration desk by a petite woman with an accent—I guessed German, but Ali nailed it by hearing the Swiss nuance. She was likewise wearing pantyhose, the same belt and nothing else. It must have been a uniform. She was obviously shaved and had a beautiful body.

"Welcome to the OnaSpa, girls. We're really glad to have you here. We hope you have an incredible stay. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask," she said. "Your attendant will be Jessica. My name is Lia. That's L-I-A, in case you're wondering. Jess will be here in a second."

We both thanked her and continued surveying the lobby. I had to admit to Ali that I was kind of nervous. Ali grabbed my hand, squeezed it, and said, "Me too, but I think this will melt away and we'll have a great time."

Jessica arrived half a minute later. She was tall, blonde and statuesque. She was wearing a sheer white tank top, a belt and heels. And nothing else. Her pubic area was shaved into a vertical strip. On her belt was a small walkie talkie.

"You must be Ali and Elle," she said, sparklingly.

"We sure are," Ali said, shaking her hand. I did the same.

"Well, we're glad you're here. I'm your attendant, and I'll be here for you the entire duration of your stay. Let me show you to your suite. The porters will bring your bags up right away."

Suite? I didn't think that we'd signed up for one.

We followed Jessica into the elevator. There were two women talking amongst themselves. They were completely nude, sweaty and carrying white towels. They nodded to us and said hello.

"Sarah arranged for you to get a room upgrade. I think you'll like it," Jessica said as she keyed into the room.

"Behold," she said in a mock-drama voice.

Ali and I were speechless. It was a gorgeous place, with a sunken living room and big double doors, swung open to advertise the luxurious bedroom. There was even a kitchen. The décor was sleek and modern. The balcony overlooked the pool area and otherwise had a majestic view of the facility. Adjacent balconies were not really separated….I assumed this was so your neighbors could easily watch you playing.

On the walls were high-art photos, frame in black wood. The pictures were all close-ups of vaginas. Some had various toys inserted into them. One memorable one involved a flower, whose stem was inserted into the pussy

We looked at each other and screamed with delight, hugging each other. It was going to be a really special weekend.

"I see you're checking out the art. Everything on the walls was photographed here, during erotic photography classes. In fact, that's a photo of me up there," she said pointing to the one above the couch.

"They're really sexy and beautiful," Ali said, "and this suite is…is just incredible."

"Glad you like it. It's great if you want to get together some closer friends and have a masturbation party. I'll look forward to getting the invitation," she said, winking at us with a grin.

"So let me tell you all about the Spa," she added, reverting back to her "professional" role. "Let's sit." It was amazing watching this nude woman casually walk over and sit on the couch.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Jessica yelled for the visitor to come in. One of the porter girls pushed the door open and steered the baggage cart into the foyer. I began to get up as if to go give her a tip. Jessica waved me off, saying, "there are no tips here. So don't get up. Besides, she doesn't have anywhere to put it." She was grinning and we joined together in a three-way chuckle.

"There's a lot of stuff to tell you. And I'll probably miss something, so feel free to call me at any time and it'll ring through to this." She was holding up her walkie talkie/cell phone gadget.

"I carry this everywhere I go when I'm on duty, and usually when I'm not. If I don't answer right away, I'm probably either masturbating or teaching a class. If you can't reach me, ask any attendant for help, or the front desk, or you can ask for the junior attendant. I think they assigned me Lydia, who I guess you guys know."

Ali responded, "Wow, that's great. So, What classes do you teach?"

"Basically there are two categories of classes. I like to simplify. The first set are masturbation classes, like anal masturbation, exhibitionism, sex toy classes, sybian classes, erotic photography, pubic grooming—although there is a great salon on site here and I'd recommend that you guys go there during your stay if you are interested. A lot of clients find it really inspiring. I teach the sybian class."

"Pardon my ignorance, but what's a sybian?" I asked.

"It's a device that you sit on that has a vibrating dildo on it. Kind of like a horse with a vibrator on it. You can rent them for your room, if you fall in love with them." I was intrigued.

"And the other category of classes?" Ali asked, with apparently greater intrigue.

"They're basically sex classes. We call them 'Mutual Body Awareness' or 'MBA' classes. They involve various aspects of sexual involvement like cunnilingus, which I teach, analingus, mutual masturbation methods, again, toy usage, etc. They're not strictly for lesbians. Many girls come here and by the time they've stayed a while, or on another trip, they get curious about learning more about girl-girl sex. Most of the 'straight' clients I've had who have taken those classes have found them incredibly satisfying as well as great for their otherwise straight love lives." There was a pause, as she let this settle in.

"Sarah told me you were here primarily for masturbating, right?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, basically," Ali said.

"Ok, well, you're going to have a lot of fun. And a lot of orgasms, I hope. And if any of those other classes interest you, don't hesitate to come along. In fact, I'll be teaching a cunnilingus class tomorrow at 4pm if you want to just come by and watch or participate."

I looked at Ali, a little nervously, and said to Jessica, "Ok, we might do that."

"So, what I'd suggest is for us to take a tour and I'll show you all the features of the place, and then you'll know your way around. If you'd like to take showers or freshen up and then get into something a little more comfortable, I'll go do a couple of things and come back in an hour or so," she offered.

Ali and I nodded and told her that that would be great. "Jessica, what should we wear?" I asked.

"Anything you want. I mean, we encourage you to start being nude as soon as you get here, so if you want to just go nude, that's great, or if you have an outfit you like, put that on. You'll notice that most women here have at least their pussies exposed for easy access."

"Ok, we get the idea," Ali said, looking at me with a grin. She was impatient to get naked, I could tell. I was kind of nervous, knowing I'd be exposing myself to tons of random strangers.

Jessica left the room, and we started in on our unpacking and showering. While Ali showered, I threw myself on the king size bed. It hadn't occurred to me… there was only one bed.

"Hey Ali," I shouted into the bathroom. "You know, there's only one king size bed in here."

Ali yelled back, "Yeah, I saw. That's ok. I don't mind sharing the bed. There's probably a fold out in the living room if that doesn't work for you."

"No, that's ok. It's a big bed!" I yelled back to her.

When I got out of the shower, Ali was already "dressed" in a tight black tank top, some espadrilles, and nothing else

"Nice outfit. Looks great," I said cheekily.

"Thanks," Ali came back.

I put on something similar, although with a pastel blue t-shirt.

Jessica retrieved us, completely unfazed by our nudity. As we traversed the hallways to our first stop, we noticed—and greeted—many nude women. Women of all ages and sizes and types, in all sorts of outfits. Mostly, the outfits weren't frilly things at this mid-day hour. Most seemed to dress comfortably, and yet erotically. It felt extremely comfortable being nude quite suddenly after absorbing first hand the notion that everyone was there to be naked and erotically expressive. We walked by a bench outside where two women were masturbating with dildos. They smiled and said hi as they ministered themselves.

We arrived at our first stop. "This is the exercise facility," Jessica said. "We have several rooms for the most popular things. Yoga—which you know Sarah teaches; Pilates; Aerobics; Erotic stretching, which is really cool—you should check it out; Kickboxing; and more. There's a schedule here on the wall," she said, pointing to a bulletin board with numerous postings on it. "We have a pool, a sauna and a Jacuzzi, all through that door there. And of course, the sauna and Jacuzzi are great places to masturbate."

We walked down the hall and passed a number of classes in session. The classrooms were well-outfitted studios with clear glass on the hall side and also on the outside, giving the participants a view of the pool area.

"You can see that it's easy to see in to the classrooms. I get really excited watching the classes so sometimes I'll make a point of sitting by the pool and masturbating while watching," Jess said matter-of-factly. I noticed that a number of women were sitting out in the sun around the pool, masturbating in various ways.

"Jessica, what, er, do you do in one of those classes—or just in general—when you get so wet you think you're going to leave a mess when you sit down?" Ali asked, still trying to gain a footing in this very explicit world we'd entered.

"Glad you asked that. For exercise classes, you can pick up a workout towel and bring it with you. You will also notice towel stations all around the resort. These are smaller towels that are perfect for sitting on or wiping yourself. And when it's used enough, you just deposit them in the receptacle at the towel station and take a new one. They're really soft….here's a station," she said, pointing to it.

It looked very innocuous, just like the towel station at the fancy health club I went to in New York City on my last business trip. It was amazing watching all these attractive women doing aerobics or whatever in the nude. I thought yoga looked incredibly erotic. My pussy was getting pretty wet, so I grabbed a towel as we passed by the station. Ali looked at me with a "well, you go girl" kind of look.

Next, we walked to the "commercial" area where the shops and salon were. The salon was bathed in a beautiful, subdued pink light, and spotlights shone on the chairs. These were no ordinary chairs. They had stirrups, arm rests, and they could recline. Several women were spread-eagled in the chairs, with stylists sitting on little stools in front of them.

"The salon is a great place to come not only to get your pubic hair cut but also they are great stylists for the hair on your head," Jessica said in a joking tone. "But seriously, it's a great place to get groomed. They are very passionate about having your pussy look its best!"

Jessica continued as we walked by the salon. "This is SoloWorks' shop. I know you know what that's all about."

Just then, Sarah, walked out. She was wearing a beautiful black choker collar with a gem in the middle of the front, and she was otherwise nude, with black heels on.

"Hi guys! Glad you could make it!" She exclaimed. We were all really animated at that point, excited to see familiar faces. "You guys having fun?"

"Well we're just getting to know the place. It looks, well, exciting to say the least," Ali said.

"Let's get together for dinner tonight?" Sarah suggested.

"Yeah, that's great. Let's!" Ali replied.

"7pm? I don't get finished here until just about then," Sarah said.

"Sure, that's great. We'll probably rest for a while before dinner." Ali said.

Jessica gave Sarah a kiss as we left, which left me wondering if there was something between those two.

"So, I noticed you and Sarah seem a little closer than your average bears," I said, looking for a deeper story.

"Sarah and I masturbate a lot together and we've made love a few times. We're great friends and I always look forward to when she's here," Jessica responded, with unparalleled candor.

The prying gossip in me was flummoxed. Not much more to get out of that story!

Next to the salon was, believe it or not, a tattoo and piercing parlor. Jessica told us that since it had gained popularity, and since for many it was an erotic art, demand dictated that they offer it to clients. I didn't travel in circles where people got piercings (other than ears), but I knew a number of my peers who had tattoos. I couldn't get my head around doing something that permanent.

Nonetheless, I was as wet as ever. It was weird walking around for this kind of duration of time with the squishy feeling of vaginal wetness. Completely erotic.

Jessica showed us the shop where you get "normal" things like deodorant and toothpaste. Adjacent to it was a beautiful lingerie shop.

"This is one of the best places for erotic wear anywhere. I'm not just trying to drum up business—I really believe it. It is a great place. They're relatively short on panties of course. But what they do have is very sexy!"

I placed my hand on the small of Ali's back, indicating our solidarity. "Well Ali and I will go shopping there for sure. We like to shop," I said. We both giggled, and Ali put her arm around me. As it slid away, her hand brushed my rear. It felt nice.

Jessica giggled with us and then said, "So let's go see the restaurant, so you know where it is."

When we arrived, Jessica explained that most people sit outside for breakfast.

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