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Best Laid Plans


Emma and I had been together for six years before we married those years had been full of fun, happy and enjoyable. We had married at the start of the seventh as the next natural step, but from there things had deteriorated for reasons I could not put my finger on and Emma wasn't saying. We had both brought our various friends into our circle and made some new ones along the way and none of them could explain the rather sudden cooling of our relationship. I for one was happily married but Emma was not and despite the obvious reason for the chasm namely another man or woman for either of us, this was not the case and all in all it was very frustrating. It was during this period that the first of series of unusual events began to build into what would ultimately lead to the end my marriage to Emma.

I arrived home from work one Tuesday evening to find Emma already home and preparing dinner, while we were chatting she told me that one of our friends Ffion had rang her during the day and asked for a favour, a loan of £800 which she would payback in a few weeks, she had got into a bit of financial strife and just needed a bit of a helping hand. Ffion had always been as steady as rock so loaning her the money wasn't an issue, Emma rang her told her we would and that we would have it for her the next day, job done.

A week or so passed by and I had taken a few days off to complete an assignment for the masters degree I was studying for and as it was a lovely warm late spring day I had set up the laptop on the dining table and opened the French doors in the kitchen diner and settled in for the day in peace with only the gentle rustling of the trees in the breeze as a soundtrack. The morning had flown by and engrossed in my work as I was the time didn't register until a knock at the door interrupted my flow, after walking up to and opening the door I was surprised to see Ffion standing there

Oh hello Ffi I didn't expect to see you at this time of day I said somewhat surprised Come in

As I stepped aside Ffion stepped in smiling and in a relaxed manor

I have the day off today as I'm working Saturday and Emma told me you were off so I thought I'd pop by to say thank you for the loan she said as I closed the door. Turning I motioned for her to go through to where I was working and followed her into the kitchen,

It seems like an opportune moment for a break anyway, can I get you a coffee or something?

Tea would be nice thanks

came the reply as she pulled out a chair and sat down crossing her legs as her last movement.

Ffion is best described as very attractive, twenty seven years old standing about 5'7" with a slim build and curves that fit her build, her sharp dark bob frames a pretty face decorated by a petite nose thin lips and large very dark brown eyes, her skin is completely unblemished and porcelain-smooth, which completely negates a requirement for make up. On this particular day Ffi was dressed in a casual red and white floral patterned halter neck dress which reached mid thigh and matching red sandal like wedges. Finishing making the drinks I turned and walked back to my seat handing Ffi her tea as I sat down

You look busy and stressed she said before taking a sip from the mug

Busy yes, but stressed not really, well not today I replied

How much have you got left to do on the assignment?

Not a great deal now, I managed to get a lot done this morning and broken the back of it as they say

Well perhaps you deserve a little time out Ffi replied placing her tea on the table with her left hand and beginning to stand up, she continued

Maybe I can thank you and help you have a time out at the same time?

Ok, what do you have in mind Ffi?

Now standing Ffion began to hitch up her dress to her waist, revealing tiny white micro thong, immediately she slipped her hands inside the elastic at the sides and slide it down over her thighs, then knees and ankles and then off before discarding them on the floor. Taking the half step towards me she straddled my knees with her legs and once again pulled up her dress showing me her pussy, bare and smooth except for a wispy dark Brazilian dead centre of her mound, I was speechless

Now I know I am grateful and you are so generous so why don't you see how much of you, you get in me and I will gratefully accept whatever you can pump into me

Ffi this is crazy, we can't be doing this where on earth

Yes we can and besides it's a perfect way to show you my appreciation, you know you want me, what harm will it do?

Ffi, I am not cheating on Emma with you.......or anyone else, now move please

Ffion's face showed a mock pout as she pulled away, a coy look that said I'm not finished tempting you yet, immediately she was clear of my legs I sprang upwards

I think you should leave

I stammered with the shock of what had just happened but Ffion just smiled, she bent down and picked up the thong and then turned towards the table, leaning against it she again hitched up the dress, this time she bent forwards over the table giving me a clear view of her bare arse before opening he legs to show me her open slot. With her head turned over her shoulder and a demure smile she whispered

Are you sure you don't want to fuck me over the table? Just grab my hips and shove it in me, I'm nice and tight

No Ffi

Fuck my arse then?


Come on, give me the good hard fucking you think I deserve, you won't regret it, only once in a lifetime will you get a fuck like me!

For the last time Ffi, no, now get dressed and get out! I yelled pointing the way

After what seemed like an eternity Ffion moved from the table and walked towards me, standing face to face with me Ffion looked me in the eye, smiled and

Your loss

dripped from her lips before turning and walking to the front door and out closing it behind her. I could not believe what had just happened, the only thing that made it real was the massive erection I had

During the next couple of hours I went over and over the events of that ten minutes, nothing seemed to fit, in the years I had known Ffion she had never ever spoken or acted the way she had that afternoon, it was so out of character it was almost as if she were acting a part. It was totally and utterly bizarre, what was certain was that I wasn't going to find an answer and I also had another problem, what do I say to Emma, if anything, so I decided the best course of action was to keep quiet and that is exactly what I did.

Neither Emma or I heard from or so anything of Ffion in the following weeks, I did notice however that Emma was becoming more guarded with her phone which was unusual, not that I would sit and go through it or anything but her odd behaviour had piqued my curiosity. Then while at work one Thursday the characteristic bleep of an incoming message on my blackberry caught my attention, picking it up I opened the message from an unregistered number, no text just a picture, a close up picture of someone's very wet wide open pussy, the dark edged lips glistening with moisture. It wasn't Emma's I knew her pussy well. Could it be Ffion? If so where was the Brazilian? Did whoever send it expect a reply? Was it a mistake, a wrong number? I didn't think so, how often do we dial numbers these days on mobiles? The best course of action was to delete the whole thing and that is what I did! I also decided that once again no mention of the message would be made to Emma, the tension between us was still in the air and this could just light the blue touch paper in the same way that Ffion's behaviour would have and despite the situation that was somewhere I didn't really want to go.

With Emma and myself doing different things over the weekend except some chores things were quiet, then while at work on Monday I picked up an email on my blackberry, upon opening it I was surprised to see the following message Hello Mike welcome to your months subscription for Xhamster Please click the link below to validate your account Remember we won't appear on your bill

What the hell is this? I hadn't opened an account with anyone let alone paid for a service, and more to the point what the hell is Xhamster? Then another mail arrived with confirmation of my password! The only sensible option was to leave the message and check it out when I got home that evening. Finishing a little early I got home and powered up the laptop, opening up my hotmail account I found the mail and clicked the link, a prompt appeared for my password, which I entered and was whisked off into an adult porn site, thousands of movies and pictures with thumbnails leading to more graphic content. Once again I was completely stunned, who is behind all of this nonsense and why are they targeting me? Just more questions and up until now not answer in sight. With Emma due home I logged out of the site, deleted the email and cleared the days browsing history before shutting down the pc and once again resolved to say nothing.

That Friday Emma had a long standing girly day out in her diary, a group of twenty or so friends including Ffion were off out for the day on a hen day and I had promised to pick Emma up when they returned, so when she did call me at around eleven pm to pick her up it was clear she was the worse for wear. Arriving home she basically stripped off on her way to the bedroom before falling into bed in a drunken sleep. It was then that I noticed her phone sticking out of the top of her bag, picking it up I found it unlocked and my curiosity got the better of me. Scrolling through the messages I found the usual raft of banal daily messages, until that was I came across a conversation thread between her and Ffion. After reading for a good half an hour the events of the previous weeks fell into place.

From the messages it was clear that Emma no longer loved me, she regretted marrying me and wanted out, however there was a problem, I had done nothing since we were married which would even be remotely grounds for divorce and to make this happen something had to change. Emma had asked Ffion to help her gain a reason to leave and the plan they had hatched so far had run to four parts. Ffion had taken a lot of persuading to take part in the plan and I could see why. First up she was to ask for a loan of £800 from us, then she was to try and seduce me into sleeping with her and thus committing adultery and when Ffion slipped up "in conversation" that we had slept together, bingo! Emma was so convinced that I would have taken Ffi up on her offer that she had promised Ffion ten percent of the divorce settlement for her help as a deal clincher!

When that failed Emma had bought a cheap phone given it to Ffion who then sent me the picture, the idea here was that Emma would find the picture on my phone and accuse me of an affair, again grounds for divorce even if unfounded, I assumed that Emma had indeed been through my phone and found nothing and so in desperation she had gotten Ffion to sign me up to a porn site and the plan was for Emma to come home early and find me on the pc and then accuse me of being some sort of pervert and divorce me on those grounds, she hadn't counted on me finishing early as well. I didn't know whether to be angry, shocked, disgusted or surprised but in truth I was all of them, I could however still think straight, I slipped out of the bedroom went downstairs powered up the pc and backed up Emma's phone and all the messages before returning it to her bag. As I slipped into bed I hatched a plan of my own.

On Monday morning I slipped into the office early, with the back up files transferred to a memory stick I printed out the messages, one per sheet of A4 and slipped them into my bag, then I text Ffion around ten asking if she could meet me lunch time because I needed a favour, she accepted and the stage was set.

Ffion arrived in the town square bang on time, I had grabbed a takeaway coffee and a tea which I handed her as she sat down on the bench next to me

Hello Ffi, thanks for this I really appreciate you coming

No problem Mike what can I do for you

Well it's like this, I know about the plan Emma and you hatched

What had just been said shook Ffion to the core, her face a mix of shock and shame, her head bowed she stared at the top of the takeaway cup she was holding

So here's what's going to happen, you are going to have to make up what you have done, do you understand?

Ffion nodded her head still bowed

I see it two ways, if Emma wants her divorce she can have it...........in two years plus whatever it will take to agree a financial settlement and you will have to wait all that time for your ten percent. But if you agree to my proposal I will issue divorce proceedings next Monday to Emma on my terms.

What do you want from me Mike?

£800 would get me a high class whore for eight hours around here, so on Friday you are willingly going to be my whore from noon until 8pm, then you will be debt free

What? No! That's blackmail!

You will come to mine dressed in one of your sexiest oufits and bring a second, you will be mine to do what I want with for that time, if not a copy of the plan you and Emma dreamt up goes to your boyfriend by email while he is away on duty

You wouldn't dare Ffion exclaimed

Try me

What about Emma, what happens to her?

That's not your concern, well?

With her head bowed and tears beginning to well Ffion nodded Ok

Ffi you were prepared to fuck me for Emma's benefit a few weeks back, the only thing that's changed is that I'm going to fuck you for my benefit. Oh if you don't turn up I send the file, if you cancel I'll send the file basically if you don't go through with this or tell Emma what's happening, I'll send the file. Don't be late

Mike just one thing, please, no pain or anything weird, please?

Ffion I would never inflict pain on you or anyone else, see you Friday

With that I stood and walked away leaving Ffion on the bench with her thoughts and her tea and made no attempt to look back as I walked. At three pm that same Monday I walked into my solicitors office, outlined my grounds for issuing divorce proceedings, laying out terms of a settlement for Emma and a copy of the message files. When I left it was on the understanding that on Friday at around 14:00 I would telephone and give him the OK to send the papers. Now with a bit of time on my hands I headed home and perfected my poker face for the next three days of wearing until Emma went to work on Friday morning. Strangely even the briefest thought of what would happen on Friday, gave me a hard on.

The rest of the week seemed to drag, time could not go fast enough, I had booked the Friday off and given the completion of my assignment as the reason for it to Emma. After she left for work around seven thirty I lay in bed and watched an hour of TV before getting showered and shaved. After breakfast I delved into the drawer that held some toys that Emma and I have experimented once or twice, washed them and placed them back ready for use later. During this time I allowed myself a little daydream about what Ffion might turn up wearing but never once did I doubt that she would. Finally with about fifteen minutes to go before noon I sat down and waited. At two minutes to twelve I watched Ffion's red Ford round the corner, pass the front of the house and turn into the parking area at the side of the house. Barely a minute later there was a knock at the door.

Ffion stood in the doorway with an uneasy smile but accepted my invitation to enter, she was wearing a figure hugging just above mid thigh length brown dress, snap fasteners ran all up and down the front. From the top each fastener was open to just underneath her breasts, creating a deep "V" down the front, her firm breasts were only being held in place by the tight material of the dress. From the bottom three fasteners were open creating a high split which exposed almost all of her bare thighs as she walked, around her waist a gold clip belt gathered in the dress making it fit even tighter, the coffee and cream coloured high heels she wore gave her smooth legs definition and shape and despite her uneasiness she walked with an air of confidence. All in all the whole package added up to something very very sexy. Closing the door I asked

Well that is some outfit what made you pick this look?

You said wear something sexy and I like this dress, it makes me feel sexy when I wear it Oh I see, why?

Because I like the way men look at me when I have it on, it turns me on to see the look in their eyes

Quite the little flirt aren't we on the side? Well let's see how flirty you can be shall we?

I motioned for Ffion to go into the lounge where the voiles were drawn preventing anyone seeing in, I sat down on the sofa and flicked on the TV, already tuned to a music channel I turned to Ffion Ok Ffi you like men looking at you, so I'm going to watch you now, dance for me

Ffion looked at me as if not understanding what I had said

You said you were going to fuck me!

I have you for eight hours and for £800 I said that for that time I could do with you what I liked, and I would like you to dance

Slowly Ffion put down her bag on the sofa and moved to the centre of the floor, awkwardly she began to sway while trying not to look at me, but each time she did allow herself a glance I looked straight back into her eyes. Ffion was barely dancing a minute when the song ended, I stood and walked towards her and whispered into her ear

You look stunning, very sexy, you said you like the way men look at you, what do you see in the way that I look at you? Dance again

Groove Armada's smooth Hands of time oozed from the TV and Ffion began to move again, this time her movements were far more relaxed, the gentle swaying of her hips began to take on a far more sultry motion and almost involuntarily her hands began to run the length of her body feeling as they went. Suddenly her inhibitions lifting Ffion began to twist and bend like a lap dancer in front of me and when our eyes met this time I knew she could see lust in mine and more importantly I could see it in hers. When the song finished Ffion remained standing, immediately the next song started she began to dance again, and a few seconds in with her back to me she unclipped her belt and let it fall to the floor, when she turned our eyes met as she went to unfasten her dress while keeping my gaze I mouthed

No with gentle shake of my head, she got the message moved towards me bending forward giving me a close up of her cleavage, I was rock hard by now and couldn't hide the size of my hard on and as she moved backwards Ffion could clearly see the effect her dancing had on me, turning around she sat backwards and rubbed her arse over my hard on, I reached forward and ran my hands up the outside of her firm thighs, the lightness of my touch making her shiver and lifting the dress slightly, again she turned this time her hand went straight to the waistband of my jeans and with no effort they were open, Ffion leaned backwards taking my hands she pulled me to my feet and with one movement slid my jeans and boxers to my ankles. As she lowered herself into a squat to get the jeans all the way down I heard a pop as a lower fastener gave way on the dress exposing more of her gorgeous legs, gyrating her way back up she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me full on, her tongue darting into my mouth, and then breaking her kiss she pushed me back onto the sofa and as I watched first she straddled my legs and then ever so slowly she knelt over me. Taking hold of hips I positioned her over my member, she moved slightly as if to get comfortable and then with her right hand guided the tip of my cock to her slot and slowly lowered herself down.

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