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Best Man and the Bride


Let me start this story by saying this story is 100% true, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. My name is "Andrew" and I have known "Rick" for 27 years. We have known each other since we were kids and we were roommates, too. "Rick" had met this gorgeous blonde with a great body named Crissy. After about 6 months of dating they decided to get married. Now, I knew that Crissy cheated on Rick a few times. Rick would have me call up Crissy to see what time they could get together, and there was usually heavy breathing on the other end of the line. Anyways the wedding day arrived and I was in for the time of my life

Rick had asked me to be his best man for his wedding and I happily agreed, hey the closer to that hot piece of slut the better. I wasn't excepting anything to happen but I'm a voyeur kind of guy. Crissy was wearing this beautiful white gown with a little cleavage visible if you looked close enough. The ceremony was wonderful and there were a lot of pictures, but the fun started at the reception afterwards.

After, a few hours of dancing and eating and the like, I had to use the bathroom. After using it, I saw Crissy walking towards me on the way to the ladies room or so I thought. Instead she walked right up to me and asked me if she could ask a question. I thought what the hell and asked what was on her mind. She said do you know that I have cheated on Rick before more than once. I said I knew and she said what will it take to keep your silence. I would have kept my silence anyway, but it dawned on me I could fuck her right here right now. I told here what it would take and she probably knew what was coming and happily agreed. And I had an instant hard-on.

We went into the ladies room (no way Rick would find us there) and I immediately pressed up against notifying here of the bulge in my pants. She felt it and was turned on right away. See my cock is ten inches in length and plenty thick. She started by giving me a hand job and just the situation made me cum right away, her dress was now covered in cum. I said we weren't done and she cleaned up my cock and sucked and licked my balls for a good 15 minutes. She was just like a porn star her tongue was flying over my shaft and balls and her sucking was top notch. She was able to get it all in her mouth, the first time anyway had been able to do that. I again cam right into her mouth and she swallowed it all, but we weren't done yet.

I told her to get on all 4 and I started ass reaming her for 20 minutes. She screamed so loud I thought everyone could hear us, but no one came to her rescue. She came for a good 30 seconds and she was as horny as before. She wanted more so I fucked her other hole for a good 15 minutes before she came again. We were both still hot and horny and wanted to go at it again.

We got into a 69 position and she sucked my cock, while I ate her out. I could feel, taste, and smell her pussy juice and cum everywhere. I was ready to cum about 10 minutes later and judging by her trembling she was about to, too. We came at the same time and we just stayed like that regaining our composure. After we finished cleaning each other up, we were ready to go back to the party, when one of the bridesmaids came in.

This girl was only 17, but she was Crissy's cousin Megan. She was probably as hot if not hotter the Crissy. She had brown hair was about 5' 5" and already had c-cups. I thought we were in big trouble, but she said she heard everything that happened and after getting herself off she wanted I piece of the real meat. She also said no one else had heard them, there had been an accident or something outside and everyone was watching that or watching the game on television. Crissy and I were extremely relieved and I was hard again and so was Crissy judging by her hard nipples.

I walked over the Crissy and sucked her nipples dry, while Megan sucked my cock. She was really good at it and she said Crissy had taught her. After a while we changed positions while I fucked Megan and licked Crissy's pussy. Both were extremely horny and came at least 3 times between time before I shot my final load of the day into Megan's pussy. By than we were all tired out and ready to rejoin the ceremony. After cleaning each other up with our tongues of course, we rejoined the party. I had to give a speech and so did Megan, but I can't remember what I said or anything.

After their honeymoon Rick came up to me and told me he thought Crissy had cheated on him at the party, because he recognized some cum on her dress when they were going to their honeymoon. He said she said she spilled something, but he didn't believe her. Since, Rick went away on business once or twice a month she asked me to look after Crissy and made sure she wasn't fucking other guys. By this time Megan was 18 and we were dating each other and I happily agreed hoping for some more 3 way action. Crissy put on a show for Rick saying she didn't need supervision that she wasn't a slut but that was just a front so he wouldn't be suspicious. Every time he goes away on business we have 3-some action for as long as possible. Rick hasn't suspected us of a thing and has even given me some money saying how grateful he is. If only he knew it was to fuck his wife.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/31/16

The story is a perfect jack-off fantasy (it is not a sworn affidavit!) Whereas it is not an account of a true event, it is BASED ON TRUE EVENTS

Some married women know that when the oportunity knocks, she can not say 'come back later'.
Some other married women are proactive, they are creating opportunities & taking risks.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST, whenmore...

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