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Best Sales Job In The World 02



Cliff had put together this third quarter revenue and sales forecast reports and he preparing to return to the home office to present the information when he got a call from his immediate boss Bob Carson the VP of sales. The West Regional Manager had resigned and Vaughan, the company President, decided to consolidate the West and Central Regions. Bob informed Cliff that the offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Dallas would now report to Cliff. Bob told Cliff to prepare the third quarter reports for those offices in addition to the Chicago office.

Cliff was surprised by the decision but he immediately took charge. He called each of the offices and told them to have the reports ready for his review. Next he called the travel agent and had the agent book his trips to each office. That afternoon Cliff flew to Denver and had an evening meeting with the sales team to review their accounts. The following day he met with the San Francisco team and the day after the Los Angles team. He wrapped up with the sales staff in Dallas and then returned to Chicago.

That weekend Cliff put together the report in the format that he had always used. He employed a method that used a probability of close percentage for each prospect in the pipeline. He based the percentage on where the prospect was in the sales cycle. He also took into consideration the competition and estimated the probability the closing of the deal. It had been a fairly accurate method for predicting the next quarter's business. Cliff always sent the reports in advance to Bob, Vaughan and the CFO Bud.

The following Monday afternoon Cliff was on his way to the home office in Philadelphia. He arrived Monday evening an opted for room service so that he could go over the numbers one more time. He still had some reservations about the west region and as it turned out he made some modifications lowering the fourth quarter sales expectations. Tuesday morning he was up early and worked out in the hotel fitness center before he went to the office. After the workout, he showered, dressed, ate breakfast and drove to the office. He arrived at 8:00 AM.

Carla was already at the office when Cliff arrived. He got a cup of coffee and checked with her. "Good morning, early as usual," Carla greeted him.

"I couldn't wait to see your smiling face," Cliff responded.

"Yeah right, do you have something for me?" she asked in reply.

Cliff handed her a key to his hotel room. He always got two keys for the room so that Carla could come and go as she pleased.

"How many nights did you book it?" she inquired.

"Three nights, I thought I would head back on Thursday," Cliff told her.

"You may want to extend that. Vaughan will want to spend time with you on Thursday. He is not pleased with the reports that Bob prepared and he will probably ask you to work with him and revise them using your formula. The presentation to Vaughan is put off until Thursday and then he takes the numbers to the Board on Friday," Carla explained.

"Okay I'll change my reservation and return flight," Cliff agreed.

"You might as well make the return for Saturday. Vaughan may want to you to be available for the Board meeting to answer any questions," she suggested.

"I have Barb make the changes, thanks," Cliff acknowledged.

"I'll see you this evening then," Carla said with a sexy smile.

"I'm looking forward to it," Cliff replied and then headed to the conference room.

He stopped to get a second cup of coffee and bumped into Erica in the break room. She had her back to him when he walked in and he took in her fabulous figure. She was wearing a mini skirt with a matching jacket. The outfit was tasteful but at the same time showed off her curves and her gorgeous gams. Erica was 5'6" and weighed about 120 pounds. She had a knockout 35-24-36 figure with an ass that didn't quit. She had shoulder length blonde hair and she was well tanned.

As Cliff looked at her he thought to himself, "Between Carla and Erica if you didn't get a hard-on around them that you probably didn't have a dick."

Erica turned and spotted Cliff ogling her and she smiled and said, "She something that you like?"

"Good morning, you look as beautiful as ever," Cliff replied.

"Thank you for noticing," she said in a sexy voice.

"Is Vince in yet?" Cliff asked.

"No but he should be here soon. I would be ready for a long day. He is not happy with Bob and the east region reports. It could get ugly," Erica shared.

"Thanks for the warning," Cliff replied as he poured another cup of coffee.

He headed to the copy center and made copies of his revised reports. Cliff took the reports and his coffee to the conference room where Bud was already seated. "Good morning Bud, I made some revisions to the west region reports," Cliff greeted him giving Bud the revised reports.

"Thank you, did your raise or lower expectations?" Bud asked.

"Lowered, I looked them over last night and didn't like what I saw. I will need to spend some more time with those offices to get a better handle on their pipelines," Cliff shared.

"You know me. I'm always conservative when it comes to sales projections. That's the accountant in me," Bud stated.

"Someone has to keep us honest," Cliff said and they both laughed.

Bud and Cliff chatted while they waited for the rest to join the meeting. At 9:00 AM Vaughan entered with a red faced Bob following him. Cliff noticed that Dave the east region sales manager was missing from the meeting. Vaughan got the meeting started and told Cliff to begin with his presentation. Cliff distributed the revised reports and explained the revisions. They spent all morning going over Cliff's numbers and at noon they broke for lunch which had been brought in.

After lunch Cliff wrapped up his report. He told everyone present that he had some more work to do in the west and he would begin addressing it next week. Vaughan was pleased with Cliff and the planned approach to his added west region responsibility. Vaughan then turned to Bob and told him to present the east region. Bob had not prepared any reports as he had counted on Dave who had not either. Bob had a list of east region accounts and prospects that he tried to use for the meeting. Vaughan was furious and he told Cliff to work with Bob and prepare reports for the east region.

"I don't care if you have to work through the night. I want those reports by tomorrow morning," Vaughan yelled and stomped of the room.

Bud also left leaving Cliff and Bob to get the east region reports prepared. Even though Cliff reported to Bob, Cliff took the lead. They worked on the reports until 7:00 PM and Cliff put them into a Lotus spread sheet and made copies for the morning meeting. It was 9:00 PM when Cliff returned to the hotel.


Cliff and Carla had their sexual escapades on a regular basis when he was in town. Carla could always count on having all three of her holes filled with cum on each occasion. Cliff and Carla's normal routine was that Carla would suck his cock swallowing as much cum as she could. Cliff then licked her pussy until she was on the brink then he filled her cunt with his thick cock. He fucked Carla thoroughly bringing her to multiple orgasms before he shot his second load deep into her cunt. The final round was with Carla on all fours with her beautiful ass in the air. Cliff fondled her ass and probed her with his fingers until her asshole was well lubed. He continued to play with her ass until his cock was rock hard again and then he eased his big thick cock into her ass. He penetrated her slowly until he was all the way in, then he fucked her ass while stroking her ass cheeks and Carla plunged her fingers into her cunt. Cliff would fire his third round of cum into Carla's ass and Carla would cream all over her fingers. Cliff was looking forward to seeing her and he expected her to be in the hotel room. He had an erection before he entered the room

Cliff waked in and smiled when he saw Carla seated nursing a glass of wine. She was still dressed which surprised him as he had expected her to be under the bed covers. "Well that was a long day wasn't it," she said softly.

"Just as you had warned," he replied. He hung up his suit jacket and he noticed that Carla had brought a change of clothes. He was pleased that she planned to spend the night.

He reached out his hand to her and she rose to her feet. Cliff had her stand in front of the wall mirrors while he undressed her. Before he removed all her clothes he just had to unveil her marvelous ass. Cliff knelt behind her and pushed her dress up to her waist. Then he stared at her luscious ass encased in her transparent panties. Cliff then peeled her panties down to the tops of her hose held by the garters. He stared at Carla's beautiful ass framed by the dress around her waist with her panties and hose around her thighs. Cliff leaned in and planted light kisses all over Carla's curvy buttocks. Carla squirmed when she felt his lips on her ass cheeks and she flinched with delight when Cliff slipped his tongue into the crack of her ass.

Cliff then slowly undressed her. Carla trembled as each piece of clothing was slowly removed and she watched her image in the mirror. Carla was proud of her body as she should be and she liked her naked image in the mirror. Carla was still admiring herself when Cliff stepped away and removed his clothes. Then he reappeared in the mirror and moved behind Carla. He wrapped his arms around her body and cupped her firm tits as his hard cock nestled in the cheeks of her ass. Carla loved being held this way and they stayed like that for several minutes while Cliff fondled her tits and nipples.

Carla leaned back into Cliff and he reached around and stroked her firm tits. He tweaked and rolled her nipples in his fingers. Cliff slid one of his hands down across her firm abs over her little tuft of hair and found her vagina. Cliff played with the folds of her labia and then inserted his fingers in her pussy. He found her hard clit and rolled it between his fingers as he continued to tease her nipples with his other hand.

As Carla got turned on she moved to the side of the bed and leaned over presenting her shapely ass to him. Her ass looked good and so sensual that Cliff leaned over and licked Carla's pussy from behind driving her wild. Then he had that familiar urge to tongue her beautiful ass so he swiped his tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. He knew that she would have her ass clean for him. Carla gasped out loud when Cliff's tongue touched her asshole. Cliff really got into it and he grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that he could get his tongue in deeper. Cliff probed her pink aperture with his tongue as he inserted three fingers in her pussy and quickly located her g-spot. Carla started whimpering, gasping and rotating her ass a she had her first orgasm.

"Oh my God, oh yessssss," she cried out, "I love that."

Carla turned around and sat on the bed. She began to stroke Cliff's cock into an erect state and then proceeded to suck on it. Carla loved to stick her tongue in the little pee slit and nibble on his cock head. This act always made Carla hot and she soon needed Cliff's cock in her pussy. Cliff lay on his back and Carla straddled him placing his cock in her pussy and riding him until she achieved another orgasm. Carla dismounted and rolled over on her stomach waiting for the anal session to begin.

Cliff looked over at Carla's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. He loved her perfect ass and he desperately wanted to fuck it. Cliff got to his knees behind Carla and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks. He then began to kiss her cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of her ass. Carla wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed her just as he had earlier. Cliff lifted her by her hips so that her ass was perched in the air. Carla's head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Cliff's tongue licked close to her asshole. Cliff ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing Carla to tingle in anticipation of what she knew was next.

Cliff spread her ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating her nether hole. His tongue slowly circled her anus and she flinched at the contact. He then pushed his tongue as far as he could into her asshole and he found himself wanting to fuck her up the ass. He continued to ass fuck her with his tongue and she was at his mercy. Her desire grew as he worked her ass to the point that she really wanted more in her ass. Carla was please with Cliff's anal loving skills.

Cliff removed his tongue from her ass and ran his hard cock between her ass cheeks teasing her as he spoke to her, "I'm going to fuck your hot ass."

"Really, that's so naughty," Carla teased.

Cliff grabbed a bottle of the hotel supplied lotion as Carla arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her asshole with a generous amount of lube and slid his middle finger in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass relishing every moment. He then coated his entire cock with the lube and placed the head at the entrance to her anus. Cliff pushed forward and his cock head squeezed into her tight asshole.

Cliff withdrew his cock head and then pushed it back in this time causing more pleasure. He pushed until a couple of inches were in Carla's ass. He could feel her sphincter muscles surrounding the first 2-3 inches of his cock. Carla's body was covered with goose bumps. Cliff slowly slid his dick in and out of her each time going a little deeper. The pressure in Carla's ass had subsided and it was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

Carla relaxed a little and then felt more of his cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and then a wave of pleasure passed through her body. She felt so full so had no idea that he had another two inches before he was done. Cliff kept feeding more and more of his cock into her ass. There was fullness and then pleasure each time he went deeper. Carla would tense, relax and then enjoy it. This pattern continued until Cliff had all 7+ inches buried in Carla's ass.

"Oh my God, you feel so thick, I feel so full," cried out Carla and then, "Uh, uh, uh oh yes, it's so good," she cried out.

Cliff reached around and played with Carla's clit as he pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the cock reached sensitive areas in her body. Carla was on the brink of another huge orgasm as Cliff methodically fucked her in her tight anus with his stiff cock. He loved watching his erect cock slide out of her shapely ass and then plunge back in as his hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. He loved watching her ass impaled on his cock. Carla looked so submissive and vulnerable on all fours as his cock filled her asshole. Her orgasm surged within her as he fucked her ass harder and faster.

As Carla orgasmed her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Cliff's fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Carla's asshole pulsated as he drove his throbbing cock in and out of it. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released his member as he fucked her ass causing him to finally lose it. He slid his pecker deep into her rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. Cliff kept fucking her as load after load was fired into her ass as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Carla.

Carla felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go as it was blocked by Cliff's swollen cock buried in her ass. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped, allowing his cock to remain buried in Carla's ass. He did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips.

Cliff stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from Carla's loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his slippery cock sliding out of her shapely ass. Carla looked magnificent with her just fucked curvy ass in the air. He could not resist sticking one of his fingers in her asshole and Carla just wiggled her bum slightly in delight. The two of them fucked once more and then cuddled together and fell sleep in the spoon position.


When the morning alarm went off Cliff woke up with a piss hard-on that wouldn't quit. He turned the alarm off and looked over at Carla. She looked so desirable in her naked state. Her pussy hair glistened in the soft light. Cliff moved her legs apart and slid in between them. He then positioned his big cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly filled her cunt with his shaft. Carla moaned as she looked up and smiled at Cliff. Carla reached for him and pulled him toward her as his cock sank all the way into her snatch. Cliff fucked her slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Carla was moaning and groaning as Cliff fucked her pussy thoroughly. She kept waiting for him to slow down but Cliff was relentless and he kept fucking her. Carla orgasmed countless times as her body thrashed about and lifted off the bed. Her pussy was drenched with her own cum and Cliff's cock slid easily in and out of her hole. Finally she screamed during an extreme climax and her body seemed to go limp.

"Cliff, please stop no more. I can't cum anymore. Go take your piss," Carla begged.

Cliff smiled to himself as he pulled his cock out of Carla's pussy. He got off the bed and went into the bathroom to pee. He loved fucking her in the morning and having her beg him to stop. Cliff washed his cock and hands and then returned to the bedroom. Carla watched him as he approached the bed with his cock standing straight out in front of him. He obviously wanted to cum. Carla took a hold of his cock in her hand and looked up at him.

"I love sucking your cock," Carla whispered in a very sultry tone.

Cliff watched Carla lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. Carla continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving Cliff crazy. Carla sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and Cliff could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum.

" I'm going to cum, Carla," he warned.

Carla stayed glued to his cock and swallowed every drop of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Cliff came in droves and Carla had to swallow quickly to keep his seed from running out of her mouth. Cliff loved how Carla worked his cock and swallowed every drop. She removed his cock from her mouth, licked her lips and said, "We need to get going and besides you should save some for tonight."

Carla showered first as Cliff made the coffee supplied in the hotel room. Then he showered and shaved and Carla left the room before he got dressed. She was always careful about not being seen together in the hotel. Cliff dressed and left the room. He picked up a bagel and coffee on the way to the office.

Wednesday at the office was a long and somewhat embarrassing day for Bob. Vaughan was relentless as he reviewed every projection with Bob and Cliff. Vaughn knew that Cliff had given it his best shot to forecast the east region based on what he learned in just one day but Vaughan was noticeably upset. Bob did not know the details very well and his region manager Dave had failed miserably. In the course of the meeting Vaughan told Bob to fire Dave. That was difficult for Bob since he and Dave were friends and Bob had hired him. Bob always seemed to put up with Dave's incompetence but now it caught up with him.

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