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Best Sales Job In The World 06


On his Wednesday morning flight from Detroit to LaGuardia airport, Cliff reflected on his job and the women in his life. He had been very happy with his set up in Chicago as a Regional Manager and he was getting all the sex he needed from Barb, Lynette, Sharon, Natalie and Carol. Then there was Carla and Erica in the home office. Now that he was VP of Sales he would be traveling all over the country and in a short time he had added the salesgirls Margot and Jessica to his love life. Mildred was the first client who he fucked in the line of business but he was sure that there would be more. There is a theory that sex is one of the best forms of exercise. If that were true, Cliff that he would be fit for quite a while. Between his exercise regiment and his active sexual life he should be in good shape for some time to come.

He was sure that he would never get married as he would never be satisfied with just one woman. Even with the number of ladies who he was having sex with he was already thinking about Robin in Denver, Leeann in Dallas and his new hires Stacy and Sandra in Sausalito. Cliff knew that what ever location he was in that he would always get laid. He still had to straighten out the East Region which he did not know much about. He knew that Jay Stein was the lone salesperson in New York. Boston had two girls and a guy and Atlanta had two girls and two guys.

The plane touched down in LaGuardia and minutes later Cliff was in a taxi on his way to the Manhattan office to meet with Jay. Cliff arrived at lunch time and they broke the ice over lunch. Cliff liked Jay; he liked his organization style and his moxy. Jay was so well organized that it was hardly any effort to adapt to the new sales reporting tools. Jay liked Cliff too and he complimented him on his take charge attitude.

"Jay, I am thinking about closing the New York office. It is very expensive to maintain. What do you think?" Cliff asked.

"I think it's about time someone figured that out." Jay snapped his response.

Cliff knew that he had hit a nerve and asked, "Why do you say that?"

"I live in Moorestown, NJ and I hate coming to the city just to have a presence here. I cover the five New York City boroughs, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. I could just as easily work out of the Philadelphia office."

"That is what I was going to ask you, if you would be willing to work out of the Philly office. Why do we have an office in Manhattan?"

"That was your predecessor Bob. He loved Manhattan and he wanted a presence in the city. It was waste of money for the company and for me. Commuting is not cheap," Jay affirmed.

"Well then let's move you to Philly. When is the lease up for renewal?"

"In three months and we need to give 60 days notice."

"Great, let's give notice today and you can move to Philly as soon as you are ready. Would you be willing to pick up all of Pennsylvania once you are operating out of the home office?"

"Definitely and I think we should pick up Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and D.C. as well. We would need to hire another salesperson but I know that the Atlanta office is not covering those states as they should," Jay suggested.

"I like that. What about West Virginia?"

Jay chuckled and replied, "What about it? Yes, go ahead and throw that in too."

"Jay I would like you to consider being the Northeast Regional Manager and we will hire two salespeople to work out of Philly and cover the territories that we agreed to," Cliff offered.

"I would love that. I had asked Bob Carson many times for that opportunity but he always said he would think about it. I'm glad that putz is gone."

"Okay, consider it done. I will call Vaughn and let him know. Do you know what I can expect in Boston and Atlanta?"

"Boston is okay. They need a little help but everyone there works hard. Once you train them on the new reporting tools, I should be able to help out whenever needed. Now Atlanta, that's a mystery. There are four people there and no one seems to know what they are doing. There should be more business coming out of that part of the country," Jay responded and the added, "You might have your hands full there."

Cliff was glad to hear about Boston as he was sure he could get things on track in one day there. "I'm going to travel to Boston tonight so I can get started first thing in the morning."

"Take the train. The office is close to the train station and then you don't have to fuck with Logan airport. There is a Holiday Inn a block from the office," Jay advised.

"Thanks! I'll do that." Cliff then called the Boston office and announced his plans. The one salesgirl Amanda said she would make a room reservation for him at the Holiday Inn. Cliff thanked her and said he would see everyone in the morning. Cliff next called Vaughn and filled him in on the changes. Vaughn was pleased and told Cliff that he was doubling his bonus. Vaughn told Cliff that he had made more positive changes in one month then most people would accomplish in a year.

"Jay, I look forward to working with you. Vaughn is thrilled that you will be the RM working out of the Philly office. Good luck!" Cliff said as he prepared to leave.

"I'm glad you took the VP job. You will be great in fact you already are. I look forward to working with you too," Jay told him.

Cliff took a taxi to Grand Central Station and took the first available train to Boston. He relaxed on the train ride as he felt very good about Jay and closing the New York office. He was also pleased that jay was so willing to take on the added responsibility. Cliff didn't check in until 11:00 PM that night at the Holiday Inn. He was in the mood for a night cap even though he had a few drinks on the train. He did not notice any bar around the hotel so he just went to his room. He had planned to see if the hotel bar was still open but when he got to his room there was a small bottle of Johnny Walker Black Scotch with a note.

"I heard that you like scotch and might like a night cap. See you in the morning," signed Dennis McGuire.

Cliff smiled and then he went to get some ice. Dennis had done his homework. He not only found out that Cliff was a scotch drinker but that he preferred Johnny Black. Cliff unpacked and stripped down to his undershorts. He fixed his scotch on the rocks and turned on the TV. He watched a little bit of the Late Show before he set the alarm and went to sleep. He slept soundly and was startled when the alarm went off in the morning.


Just as Jay had said the Boston staff was well prepared and adapted to the sales reporting tools quickly. Dennis was a typical Boston Irishman who looked like he could handle himself. He was also a character and had Cliff, Amanda and the other salesgirl Catherine laughing all the time. Cliff was convinced that Dennis got along great with his clients and prospects as he had the perfect personality.

Amanda was a cute young woman about 5'3" in height and Catherine was a more full body gal at 5'6". They were very in tune with their business and had a solid pipeline. All of them understood the products well but they often relied on tech support from the home office in difficult situations. Dennis was glad that Jay would be the new RM as he liked and respected Jay.

Cliff took the staff to lunch and shared his short and long term plans with them. They were pleased that he was so open and very happy that he was the VP. They had a leisurely lunch and enjoyed each other's company. It had gone very smooth and Cliff decided to leave the office early and enjoy some of downtown Boston. He definitely planned on hitting Jimmy's restaurant for lobster.

Cliff walked around downtown until near dinner time. He took a taxi to Jimmy's and at first he stopped at the raw bar for a drinks and shell fish. Later he dined by himself and had a delicious Maine lobster. It was one of the best meals he had in some time. Cliff thoroughly enjoyed his meal as he had earned it. The great thing about working for Vaughn is that Vaughn approved every expense as long as the results were there. Cliff took a taxi back to the Holiday Inn where he killed the rest of the scotch Dennis had left for him. He had an early flight to Atlanta in the morning and based on what he had heard from Jay, Cliff was prepared to be there all weekend.

In the morning Cliff caught a 7:00 AM flight from Boston to Atlanta. He would under different circumstances not rent a car but he expected to work the weekend so he grabbed one. Cliff drove to the north side of Atlanta to the Dunwoody area. The office was set in an office complex with ample parking. It had easy access to the interstate so it was good location. That might be the only positive thing about that office that day. It was 10:00 AM when Cliff entered the office.

The four salespeople were there waiting for Cliff and it was obvious that they were all nervous. Cliff had been surprised when no one from the Atlanta office had offered to pick him up at the airport or assist with lodging accommodations. Cliff had found the office on his own and he had assessed that the lack of support from the staff was the first indicator of the subpar performance. He introduced himself as he had never met any of the Atlanta staff before that day.

There was Roger, Steve, Pamela and Paige. Cliff asked if there was any coffee made and Paige replied that there wasn't but that she would make a pot. "Did anyone bring in donuts or bagels?" Cliff asked.

They looked embarrassed as they nodded no that no one had thought to do that. Cliff then asked if there was a place nearby to get some and Steve said there was one about 10 minutes from the office and he offered to get them. Steve asked everyone what they wanted and he took off to the bakery. "Where is there a good place to stay near the office?" Cliff asked.

"Oh will you be staying overnight?" Roger asked almost sarcastically.

"Yes maybe even two nights as I suspect that we will all be working this weekend," Cliff replied.

The two girls looked at each other more in fear than in surprise. Roger turned red and sank down in his chair slightly. "So as I asked before, is this a good place to stay near the office?"

Paige spoke up and told Cliff about nice place about 15 minutes away. So far Paige had proven to be the most receptive and cooperative. "Thank you," Cliff said.

Cliff looked over the two salesgirls and he liked Paige. She had more of a tomboy look but she was clearly feminine. Paige was built a lot like Carol. She had very small breasts and a nice bottom. She looked good in her khaki slacks and Cliff assumed she had nice legs leading up to her curvy ass. Pamela looked like she just stepped out of a magazine and reminded Cliff of someone who was afraid to get her hands dirty. She was very conscious of her appearance seemed to get annoyed easy. Cliff thought to himself, "So this is a southern belle?"

Roger was a bit overweight and seemed a bit lazy up front but Cliff would give him more time before he made his assessment. Steve seemed fit and energetic and he jumped at the chance to be able to do something. He had returned with the donuts so Cliff suggested they enjoy them along with a cup of coffee and get acquainted. They started to relax but they were all uncertain of what was to come. Once the finished the donuts, Cliff poured another cup of coffee and began his orientation.

He went through the same spiel that he had used in every other office and he looked at the faces of the staff to assess their reaction. It was obvious that they were confused but Cliff put them at ease and said he would walk them through it as they reviewed their accounts, prospects and leads. "Okay Steve let's start with you," Cliff announced.

Steve gathered up all his files and went over them with Cliff. "All of you should listen to this as each of you will be doing this as well," Cliff told them.

Paige and Roger were attentive but Pamela seemed disinterested. Still she followed along as she knew her time would come. It was a painstaking process for Steve but once they were done he could see the logic in the qualifying and reporting. It was nearly 1:00 PM and they had not had lunch. "I would like to work through lunch. Is there a place to get sandwiches?"

"Yes there is a deli in the mall. I'll get the sandwiches since Steve got the donuts," Paige offered.

Paige took everyone's order for sandwiches and drinks. Cliff gave her money to pay for the order and then went back to work. "Okay Roger or Pam next," Cliff said.

Pam and Roger looked at each other and then Pam said, "Let Roger go next."

Roger nodded and got his files to review. Surprisingly he was better organized than his appearance indicated. He also had picked up on the process quickly from observing Steve go through the drill. Paige returned with the food but Cliff kept going to get through Roger's accounts, prospects and leads. Roger had a good handle on his opportunities but he seemed weak when it came to closing business and given his portly appearance he probably had trouble opening doors. Roger knew the product line well and Cliff thought that he would be a better RM than salesman.

Steve was a pure salesman and into his own territory so Cliff knew that he would not be a candidate for the RM job. Cliff wrapped up with Roger and then suggested a 10 minute potty break. After the break Cliff said, "Okay I won't be able to finish up with both of you and we will need to work on Saturday."

"I can't work on Saturday I have a commitment," Pam announced in a snooty tone.

"I can come in tomorrow. I don't have any plan. Let Pamela go next," Paige volunteered.

Cliff thanked Paige and told Pamela to bring over her files. Pamela was as organized as a Chinese Fire Drill and Cliff knew that they would never finish that day. "Pamela, I am willing to work past five if you can or you can come in tomorrow?"

"I can't possible work tonight. I have dinner date and I have to go home and change first and I told you that I have a commitment tomorrow," Pamela said sounding condescending.

"What is your commitment tomorrow and what time is it?"

"I have a date for the afternoon but I will need time to get ready," she said annoying Cliff.

"Well here's the deal. We will get as much done before five today and then you will come in at eight in the morning and we will finish up. You will still have time to get ready for your date," Cliff told her and he noticed Paige smiling as he laid it out to Pamela.

"I don't know what the big fuss over this silly reporting is anyway. What if I say no to coming in tomorrow?"

"Then I will say goodbye and don't bother coming in next week either," Cliff said firmly.

Pamela was lost for words and she turned beet red. She was not used to being talked to like that. Her daddy never talked to her like that. Cliff knew she was someone who was used to getting her way but he was not going to permit that in the workplace.

"Okay, I'll be here," she said.

Cliff was sure that Pamela wasn't salvageable but he wanted to get through her accounts. If she didn't turn the corner down the road he would fire her. Cliff and Pam worked to five with the others observing and then she left the office. Cliff estimated that they could wrap it up in two hours tomorrow.

"I will need keys for the office tomorrow so I can open up at 8:00 AM," Cliff said.

"I can let you in I can be here at eight," Paige offered.

"Okay or we could have breakfast together in the morning before we get here," Cliff offered.

"That's cool, I'd like that. Here's a place near the hotel I can meet you there at seven," Paige added.

"That works, I will see you at seven," Cliff told her.

Steve, Roger and Paige prepared to leave the office and Cliff asked Roger to stay a minute. "Roger I want you to give some thought to the Southeast Regional Manager position."

"To say I'm surprised would be an understatement. I am numb," he replied.

"Well the staff here needs direction and oversight. You know the products well and you are very organized. I think you would be better at managing than carrying a bag. You don't have to let me know right now. Just think about it and get back to me."

"I would be a fool to turn it down and I think that I could do a good job," Roger reacted.

"I know you would. I think that Paige is solid but I will know more tomorrow. Steve is pure sales and money hungry so I think he will be fine. Pamela is a big question mark but I'm willing to give her more time. You will need to hire someone to pick up your territory and maybe even someone to replace Pamela if she doesn't work out."

"She is a prima donna and pisses all of us off all the time. I don't think that she will stay and I'd be surprised if she came in to tomorrow," Roger shared.

"Well we'll see and if she doesn't then she is history. Thanks for stepping up and remember that I am a resource to you too. Have a good weekend, I'll talk to you on Monday," Cliff said concluding the discussion,

Cliff was surprised that Paige was still there and he approached her. "I'm in the mood to get a drink. Would you like to join me?"

Paige smiled and when she did her face lit up and Cliff realized that she was prettier than she made herself out to be. "I would love to. I don't have any plans. I usually don't."

"Can you meet me at the hotel and after I check in we can go out. If you like we could have dinner too."

"I would like to have dinner with you. I'll see you at the hotel," she accepted and then asked, "What is your preference since I might have to change clothes if you want to go formal?"

"Nothing formal, do you have recommendation?"

"There is a place I like that serves artesian wood fired pizza."

"Perfect, I'll lose my suit jacket and tie," Cliff agreed.


Cliff checked in the hotel and took his bags up to the room. He hung up his suit jacket and took off his necktie. He looked casual with the button down dress shirt with the top two buttons undone. Paige had suggested that she drive since the place was not far away and she knew how to get there. Cliff got in her car and she smiled at him before putting the car in gear. The restaurant was only 30 minutes away but Cliff was glad she drove since he wasn't sure that he would have found his way back to the hotel without some difficulty.

Paige and Cliff agreed on the type of pizza and had a beer while they waited for the food. Cliff learned more about Paige over dinner and that she hardly dated. Apparently most men in the Atlanta area preferred women like Pamela. Cliff was surprised because Paige had a pretty face and a wonderful smile. It was probably her tomboy appearance that the guys shied away from her. The pizza was delicious and it hit the spot with Cliff.

After dinner Paige asked Cliff if he liked jazz. Cliff loved jazz and frequently went to a jazz place in Chicago. Paige drove them to a place called the Jazz Corner in a strip mall. It was small but quaint and the jazz was soothing. They had a couple of drinks as they listened to the music. They were sitting close together and their legs were touching. At one point Paige leaned into Cliff and he put his arm around her. Paige nestled in as it seemed to be the most natural thing to do. When the band took a break, they headed back to the hotel.

Paige pulled up front expecting Cliff to get out but Cliff invited her in, "Would you like to come in for a nightcap?"

"I would but I'm afraid that I might disappoint you," Paige replied softly.

"It is I who is afraid of disappointing you. Come on in for one drink," Cliff urged.

Paige smiled and then wheeled her car around into a parking space. They walked into the hotel and made their way to Cliff's room. Once inside, Cliff got her a cordial from the mini bar and poured a scotch for himself. There was a loveseat and a chair in the room but they sat together on the love seat.

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