tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBest Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House


The weekend greeted me with no male prospects, but with two tickets to a juicy-booty strip-fest at Shakers. The idea of seeing the infamous club for the first time, and seeing well-oiled, well-hung men without the hassle of pickup lines intrigued me. So I grabbed my animal print dress, my 4-inch high heels that defied all boundaries of common sense and gravity, and made myself a promise. The day may have caught me without someone, but I wasn't going to let this weekend pass without being good to myself.

My best friend Lina was waiting outside the club when I arrived. She wore a simple black dress, nasty high zebra print heels and a scowl on her face. "Good grief, girl. Smile, will you?" I teased. "You'll have people thinkin' some john cheated you out of your papers for the night!"

"You're late," she scolded. "Damn, Val! You know I like to get up close to the stage!"

"Girl, the show doesn't start until 8:30."

"But they open up at 7:30! Now come on, let's get inside!"

The bar was padded with black leather that had seen better days, the air was smoky and thick enough to be sliced in two, and some of the booths had been patched repeatedly. But there was something about Shakers that made me feel right at home. All the seats were taken, but after checking our coats, we inched our way to a small table. It wasn't impressive, but it was just close enough to the stage to make Lina happy. I bought the first round of Coronas, and by the time I got back to Lina, the emcee was taking the stage.

"Are you ready for some booty?" The emcee only needed to ask twice as dozens of women hollered back in frenzied response. The place was screaming for flesh, and Shakers did not disappoint. Talk about your rainbow connections! There were all kinds of shades, shapes and sizes of molded male muscle to ogle, drool over, and get a feel of if your money was right! Lina treated herself to a lap dance with a high-yellow honey in red bikinis. On stage, there was a coffee brown Jamaican brother with lovely locs who did a trick with a bottle of chocolate sauce and his dick that drove the place insane! The pride of the evening came onstage wearing an astronaut's suit that sparked thoughts of "what the hell?" But underneath all that silver was a beefy, golden brown bod that had every woman in the place begging him to beam her up!

By midnight, I was already flush from the smoke, the Coronas, and all that lovely flesh that had pranced before my eyes. As the DJ took over, men were finally admitted into the club. All at once, the stage filled up with ladies and brothers showing off their best steps, shakes and shimmies. Lina wasn't feeling the music yet, so while she snatched up a booth on the far wall, I excused myself and went to the ladies' room to get a breath of somewhat fresh air.

Still on my Corona buzz, I just barely made it downstairs to the bathroom door when a low voice startled me. "Excuse me, can I tell you something?"

Oh, damn. Here it comes, I thought, the lame pick-up line, the fake smile, and I'll have to duck and cover for the rest of the night. I turned, and my jaw almost dropped. Before me stood the most luscious milk chocolate man I'd seen in ages! He wore a black mesh-knit shirt and khaki pants that did nothing to conceal his muscular frame. As he ran his hand over his smooth shaved scalp, he looked at me with dark eyes contrasting with a very bright smile.

"I won't hold you up; I just had to tell you that you are looking so fine in that dress. Is there any chance I might have a dance with you?"

He's kidding, I thought. Once he gets upstairs, some other hoochie'll snap him up but quick. Partly convinced I wouldn't get a taste of his chocolate, and feeling a little cocky, I answered, "After an opening line like that, you've got a real good chance. But I've got to freshen up." I walked into the bathroom, and saw that my makeup was holding up pretty well for once. A few more deep breaths, and I headed back outside. When I reached the stairs, out of nowhere, a strong hand grabbed mine.

"I'm sorry, but I have to dance with you."

Any other place and time, I probably would have hauled back and belted him. But my buzz, my outfit and the music were in perfect synch with each other. Somehow, we found a spot on the dance floor, and only then was I able to look into his eyes again. I didn't even know his name, but our movements began to flow and meld as if we'd been long-time lovers. "Ghetto Jam" blared all around the room, then the beat changed to a reggae grind, and suddenly, our hips introduced themselves, rolling from front to back and side to side, my dark brown gallant matched my gyrations with a stronger invitation of his own. He was drawn to me, drawing me into him all at once. He placed his hands around my waist, and in turn, I put my hands on his chest.

Damn! I thought. Brother's got some serious muscle working up there! My hands seemed welded to the spot, his unbelievable heat applying suction to my palms, drawing me even closer to him. The torture, although delicious, was driving me crazy. Either I had to know his name or kiss him right there! But with our hips still getting acquainted, who wanted to ruin the moment with conversation? That's when I got a wild idea. Tingling with energy, I ran my hands up my body, held them over my head, and as my hips dipped even lower, I beckoned him to come closer. He took the hint, lowering his head to me. Quickly, I wrapped my hands around his neck and growled in his ear. Even with all the music blaring, I was certain he'd hear that! Suddenly, with our hips still molded together, I could feel that he had definitely gotten the message! I could sense the blood flow increasing, pulsing into his cock, expanding its length, the tip just reaching the outer rim of my panties, seeking to merge his heat with mine! With that first insistent touch, I looked in his eyes. They spoke of insistent lust, as I knew mine did, and with nothing spoken, and that same grip that led me to the dance floor, he pulled me to him, kissed my hand softly, then took me quickly to another part of the club.

There was another bar close to the main floor, but the surrounding area was much darker. People just came in and out to cool down, juice up, and get right back on the dance floor. So no one really noticed when he pulled me to a table, grabbed me around my waist and kissed me. There we were, all hot and sweaty, and his lips and tongue tasted like the coolest glass of anything the bartender could mix up! Too soon, he broke contact, then motioned for me to sit with him. I smiled, and tried to embrace him, but he turned me around so I wound up sitting on his lap, his knees under mine, and my dress closer to my waist than my knees! When I moved to pull it down, he covered my hands and drew them up my body, as I had done, pulling it up even further in the process. When he reached the top of my dress, he used my hand to cup and squeeze my own breast. Then, ever so slowly, peeled the fabric down, revealing an erect nipple, which he quickly took into his mouth. I wanted to kiss him back, feel him up, anything, but I could only gasp with lustful pleasure. Anyone coming in here, maybe even the bartender might be able to see us! But I didn't care. There was only one way the heat we had created on the dance floor would be sated, and it had to be now!

I felt his hands on mine again, and he guided them to his hips, then moved his own hands to my ass. Still lost in our moist embrace, I somehow understood what he wished to do. Slowly, I lifted my hips, and his fingers pulled my panties down. I felt a damp wetness trail down my inner thighs as the garment came to rest on my knees. Am I really that wet? I thought. Can anyone see how wet I am? For a moment, I thought I could smell my own juices when he pushed me forward to rest on his knees. My own knees thrust forward as well and my panties toppled to my ankles. To anyone coming in, it would be pretty damn obvious what we were doing! But the few persons that had drifted in didn't look in our direction. I couldn't figure out if I wanted them to see me with one tit in full view and my panties draping the floor, but I realized the possibility was turning me on even more!

He seemed to sense this and drew his legs apart slightly. I almost dropped to the floor right there, but didn't. Instead, I felt something pop around my ankle and saw that my panties had torn away. With no further restraint, he drew his legs apart further, grabbed my waist and pushed my hand towards my dripping pussy. He pushed my own fingers to cool down my overheated clit while his own long fingers pushed inside me. My folds, already warm and slick, welcomed his heat, offering little resistance. Suddenly, a tall woman came in laughing loudly, hollered for a beer, then looked in our direction. I noticed she was squinting, trying to get a look at us, and with his fingers still inside me, I froze. Shit! My mind screamed. Could she see us?! I could feel his hot breath on my neck, and he whispered in my ear.

"Don't worry. My arm's still around your waist, and it's good and dark over here. She'll try to see something, but she won't, and either she'll stop trying or her man will stop her for us."

Those were the first words he'd spoken in what seemed like hours. But with the amazon babe still trying to see something, I couldn't tell him that something in me wanted her to. I was at the wildest club in the city with a fine-ass man's fingers in my pussy! In public! In full view of everyone! I wanted to tell her, scream it at her. Yes, he's finger-fucking me, come on and watch! But I wouldn't have the chance. Just as he said, her man, a short, old player in a white shirt, plaid pants and matching vest came looking for his "tall glass of chocolate"! She frowned at him, but made one last glance before being pulled away. Even the bartender's eyes were elsewhere, which meant we would finally be able to finish our dance.

He removed his fingers and I heard him suck on them slowly. Then, placing his hand on my ass again, he lifted me back to him while spreading his legs at the same time. I gasped as my pussy tingled from the sudden rush of cool air. Then I felt something thick plop right into my wetness! It was him, all hard and ready, but the tip of him went well past my entrance! I looked up at him, wondering if he could see me grinning at him. I purred on his neck to draw him to me, and soon, his lips found mine again, but with kisses that were deep and hungry. Doing this, my hands were able to grab his hips, lift myself over his throbbing tool and thrust it home.

I was so moist by this time that he was inside me in seconds. But my pussy quivered with having to receive such a huge visitor! Even as he stretched my folds, I could feel myself coming, the timid vibrations just a taste of what was to come. Not wasting any time or words, we grabbed each others' hips and recreated the lustful grind that we'd begun earlier that evening. As he pushed me up and over him, I pressed myself down, swallowing him to the hilt, even to his balls! Our rhythm found, he kept one hand on my ass while his fingers curled around my clit. In turn, I kept a hand on his hip while the other sought out and squeezed his bulging sac. With each quick thrust, I could taste our vapors entwining, our sweat combining, and our hips...oh God! Our hips...just kept...moving...thrusting...grinding...coming...!

"Oh sh-!" My head flew back, and he clamped his mouth down on mine before my scream could be heard. The tremors were endless! As if in response to my own passion-filled screams, I felt him pulse once, twice, three, four, FIVE times! Then one final thrust, and our lips fell apart, joining our bodies' descent into a satisfied sigh of release. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bartender shake his head and move the other way. We had been watched after all. Then again, he might have been the reason we hadn't been caught! As soon as we straightened our clothes, he took a small piece of paper from his wallet and said, "Tell me I can have your number."

I thought you'd already got it, I wanted to say. Instead, I ignored every dating rule in creation and wrote it down for him. He smiled his lovely smile at me, but before I could say anything, I heard a shrill scream behind me.

"And just where the HELL have you been all night?! Leave me hanging with a bunch of player-wannabes with bad suits and worse breath, will you?"

Before I could even speak, Lena dragged me through the club towards the door. We rolled out of there into a waiting car and sped away from the infamous Shakers with Lena still hollering about "not making her miss her ride because it was hard to get a cab at this hour". Best friend or not, I did NOT take kindly to being yanked out of any place and I was about to let her have it, but I backed off. I could tell she was drunk and pissed off, probably from not having met anyone...

SHIT! My fine chocolate-fuck in the khakis! He was still back at the club!

And I didn't even get his damn name...

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