tagLoving WivesBest Slumber Party Ever Ch. 01

Best Slumber Party Ever Ch. 01


I wanted the phone to ring. I was already in the mood for some delicious sex talk and a thoroughly deserved orgasm of monster proportions.

I was expecting my husband's call. He was away for a week and we had a kind of erotic tradition: whenever he was staying in a nice hotel, he liked to turn off all the lights in his room and stand naked in front of the window, gazing out at the lights of other hotel rooms in whichever city he was in, while I told him how much I was missing him, how much I wanted to feel him licking my body all over and so on. Listening to his heavy breathing and inevitable ejaculation would immediately make me cum as well: phone sex at its best, we always said.

I was lying on our lounge, watching an old Candida Royalle video, wearing just my silkiest wrap, deliberately keeping my first orgasm at bay although occasionally I couldn't resist squeezing my thighs together around my hands as the juicy heat of the romantic coupling on the screen intensified.

At last, the phone rang. I gave my voice extra huskiness as I spoke.


There was a squeal in my earpiece then a breathless female voice.

"Hi Jo, guess who this is!"

Stunned, and quickly grateful I hadn't said something more explicit, my memory stalled for a long moment: wait, it was Sheana! My god, I hadn't spoken to her in years. In a moment my irritation evaporated and I smiled as I recalled her lovely face from school; bright, funny, always happy.

After quick greetings, there was an awkward hesitation before she came to the point: as she would be passing through my little town soon, by herself, was there any chance of a bed for the night?

I assured her this would be completely fine, confirmed the address and date and then she said she had to go – but was looking forward to a long reunion chat.

I had barely replaced the phone when it rang again and this time it was David, as expected, in position and with oiled cock in hand. I had meant to make up a story for him about seducing the postman, but my mind was already recalling long-forgotten but very sexy images of Sheana and myself… and others too… years ago… elsewhere.

Had we really been so wild when we were younger? Or had I merely dreamt some parts, embroidered them colourfully over time? I hadn't even thought of Sheana for ages, but her voice brought so many memories back, image after image wrestling for prominence in my mind, a weird hazy collage of girls having fun, drinking, laughing, touching, being touched. Where had it all started? Ah yes... I remembered now...

"Let me tell you about my old friend Sheana," I murmured.

Closing my eyes, I began to tell David the story, knowing he would enjoy me teasing him by stretching it out. My fingers slipped down once more to where I enjoyed them most; the action on the screen ignored as I focussed on recalling every delightful detail.


It must have begun with being sent to a new school. As the only daughter of a state politician, I grew up in a well-to-do but extremely hectic household where certain decisions were put in place and there was absolutely nothing I could do about them.

Luckily, I enjoyed school and had no regrets about my parents' decision. But then came the shock. With less than a year of my schooling to go, my father's party lost office and soon after I was told I had been enrolled in a well-known private girls' school in a better part of the city. My initial reaction after I realised they were serious was blunt refusal but when they explained the facilities on offer and the likely benefits for my future, I changed my mind, very grudgingly. My academic results and participation in school activities such as music, drama and sport were sufficient to achieve an interview with the Headmistress, but my family's name and social standing turned the meeting itself into a trivial formality. For better or for worse, I was to make a new beginning.

So it was I arrived for my final year of school determined to succeed, but nervous about knowing no one in such a large community. Fortunately, there were other new girls in the same boat, one of the friendliest of whom was Sheana (pronounced "She-AH-na").

Sri Lankan by birth, Sheana had a beautiful coffee complexion and an extraordinary train of dark, wavy hair that the school required kept up in a bun, since, when loosened, the long strands reached well past her shoulders. She was shorter than most, but her breasts and bottom were so prominent, at times her posture seemed rather awkward. Her lovely smile and perpetual expression of wide-eyed innocence meant she invariably attracted attention from males in her vicinity, yet she never seemed to take her would-be wooers seriously. Sheana laughed a lot and was always good fun. We quickly became close friends.

As well as meeting the new girls, it was important to recognise the social leaders. Of these, Kimberly was certainly one of the best-connected, a rather broad-shouldered girl with a dark bob framing a round face. She had big blue eyes with long eyelashes, and was always, and I mean always, presenting a perfect smile. As captain of the debating team, she seemed popular, but had a disconcerting tendency to act as though she were more mature than all around her. Her family was obviously wealthy and her grooming and taste in clothes reflected her highly privileged upbringing. Her parents had even given her a red sports car for her birthday, despite the fact she was unable to drive it alone until she gained her licence several months later. Her pampered appearance, her confident manner, her ease in conversation with students and adults alike - everything about her indicated familiarity with power and wealth.

Kimberly and I shared classes but exchanged very few words, mainly because she struck me as an outrageously spoiled snob - after learning of my schooling background, she seemed totally uninterested in allowing me access to her established circles. This situation continued without regret on either side until late in the year, specifically until the night of the 'all-schools' social which marked a major turning point in my social standing.

Sheana and I went to the dance together, keeping each other company but also determined to have an excellent night out since our last exams were approaching fast and study would have to become our sole priority. There were no strict dress regulations at socials, but obviously there were teachers and parents on duty to prevent fights, smoking, and so on. We had spent a lot of time deciding what to wear, eventually daring each other into wearing tasteful but teasing outfits we hoped would attract the boys we wanted to meet without being too 'sluttish' and damaging to our reputations among the girls.

In the end, Sheana wore an almost too short, very tight and shiny synthetic number in bright scarlet with a thin gold belt and red heels, guaranteed to create a sensationally exotic effect against her dark skin tones. I chose a short ivy-green sleeveless silk sheath with a scooped neck which clung closely to my developing curves and emphasised my legs without much danger of riding up, with black pumps to permit the energetic moves I loved. After a joint visit to the hairdresser and careful application of our make-up at Sheana's house, the enthusiastic reaction from Sheana's brothers left us satisfied we would make a suitable impression.

As a social event, the dance itself was a bit of a dud - the boring DJ had no idea about sequencing songs and the boys all seemed to be too afraid of being rejected in front of their mates to ask us to dance. But since it was obvious many of them were watching, and since we were there to enjoy ourselves, Sheana and I decided to really go for it on our own on the dance floor. Ignoring everyone else, we danced up a storm, letting the throbbing bass beat move through us, from our shaking breasts and thrusting hips, right out to the tips of our whirling limbs. Once or twice we held each other closely, striding about with our breasts pressed together in an exaggerated pseudo-tango. It was all terrific fun.

When the music finally stopped after a long set, the boys cheered and whistled wildly: only then did we realise what a performance we had given. Many of our classmates were furious their partners had been more interested in perving at us than dancing with them, but neither Sheana nor I could have cared less. We had enjoyed our uninhibited dancing tremendously, had fun together on our night out, and if we had given the boys something to fantasise about while they wanked in their beds that night, then so much the better.

Early the next day, Kimberly stopped me between classes and, smiling widely as usual, told me Sheana and I were the talk of the schools after our "provocative" performance.

"Now darling..." she began. She called most girls "darling", an affectation I found typically snobbish and silly of her.

"I really must apologise. I certainly should have welcomed you aboard long before now, but how was I to know you were hiding so much talent in there? Now, listen, darling, I'm sending you an invitation to a little sleepover I'm hosting very shortly. It'll be great fun, just a few girls, a few drinks and things, and I just know you'll find it an extremely entertaining evening, and, of course, Sheana will come as well, so do let me know you'll be there as soon as you're sure." And then she was gone, whisking away to rejoin her regular admirers before I could say a single word.

As promised, her invitation arrived within 24 hours, professionally printed and highly formal in every respect: "Ms Kimberly Kitchener requests the pleasure of...", etc.

However, one line stood out startlingly:

Dress: Lingerie/nightwear - Elegant.

Sheana and I discussed the dress code and the larger issue of attending at great length, deciding at last that as long as we were there together, nothing too terrible could happen to us. The last thing I wanted was to appear totally gauche by asking Kim to explain her plans further. We decided to accept graciously and enjoy the experience.

Of course, my parents never saw the printed card, and fortunately they were generous enough to provide me with my own modest clothing budget, from which I could make purchases with virtually no questions asked.

As a result, Sheana and I ventured into the city after school next day to visit a few boutiques. It was a lengthy expedition, but an entertaining one. Part of the fun was sharing a changing room to assess the various combinations of satin, silk and lace. I had purposely had a bikini wax and worn a plain cotton G-string under my uniform that day to make the multiple changings simpler but was startled to see Sheana strip completely to try on item after item without any of her own underwear on at all.

In any case, on her voluptuously endowed figure, virtually everything looked spectacular and it was simply a matter of deciding which was best for the occasion. For me, it was a careful weighing up of budget constraints and comfort as well as "elegance". There was also the matter of finding lingerie which emphasised the attributes I knew were most attractive – my legs in particular. Even Sheana had mentioned how much she would have loved to have my legs. I enjoyed her admiration, but really, her breasts and buttocks were sublime.

For the next few days, doing well in our exams became our sole concern. By the end of the last day's tests, I was confident I had done well, but my natural relief was still clouded by nagging uncertainty as to what might be in store at Kimberly's slumber party that evening. I was very relieved when Sheana confided her own anxiety and it was a great consolation for both of us to know we were going together.

It was shortly after six when we arrived at the Kitchener residence, overnight bags over our shoulders. We were both 18 but Sheana didn't yet have her licence, so I drove. Kimberly greeted us with the unsurprising news that her parents had gone away for the weekend, a common precaution among girls planning parties.

As Kimberly escorted us through the house, it was impossible not to be impressed by the obvious expense reflected in the interior design and artworks on display. To my mind, the overall effect was successfully tasteful, stopping short of gaudiness or vulgarity. It was simply a spacious, well-lit, three-storey modern mansion with, we were informed, a pool, tennis court, offices and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. We were led through an open-air courtyard to a separate guest annexe with a twin bedroom.

As we deposited our bags on the beds, Kimberly enquired nonchalantly whether we had brought our swimming togs with us. Sheana and I looked blankly at each other.

"Sorry, I didn't know we'd need them," I said, rather perturbed.

"Oh well, not to worry, darling, it will be absolutely no trouble at all," Kim replied. "We always keep spares for our guests - I'm sure I can find some for both of you." She slid back a sliding door to reveal drawers and racks, with pillows, blankets, gowns and various other materials stored neatly. Opening a drawer, she produced two one-piece white swimsuits immediately, handing them to us triumphantly.

"You see, here we are. You can decide who wears which. There are spare towels in the ensuite, and when you're ready, you'll find us in the pool - just out the door and down the path to your right."

She left us both looking dubiously at the suits in our hands. Mine appeared a bit small, but otherwise conventionally designed... or so I thought at first glance. Looking more closely, I realised its sides were virtually non-existent, the front and back joined only by narrow black strips of lycra.

Dismayed, I showed Sheana, who began to laugh but stopped abruptly as she discovered hers was even more revealing. Hers consisted mostly of two wide bands meeting just below the navel, covering the wearer's breasts, just, but still allowing much of them to be exposed on both sides.

I started to suggest we should simply walk down to the pool fully clothed and watch the others, but Sheana wouldn't hear of it.

"I do not think it will be so bad. It is very hot tonight and a swim will be excellent. And if it is only girls here, what will it matter?" She turned away and began to undress. Still doubtful, I did the same. There was no way out of it I could see - I would be forced to enter the party in one of the skimpiest costumes I had ever seen, let alone worn.

As I had predicted, it was slightly too small for me and took quite an effort to ease into. Tugging it up and squeezing the straps over my shoulders, I turned back to Sheana, and froze. She was totally stunning. The white straps down the front struggled to conceal her generous globes and the rest of the suit was, like mine, clearly one or two sizes too small, sheathing her well-endowed body in a tight white grip. Her hair was tied back, but it was so profuse, it still created a frizzy, dark halo around her head and shoulders.

Realising I was staring, I turned away quickly, disturbed by an effect she was creating I couldn't define. Or perhaps, I reasoned, it was just nerves caused by an unfamiliar social situation. Anyway, Sheana didn't seem nervous at all.

"You see, Jo, they are not so bad. At least they won't fall off. Come on, let's go now before it gets too cold." She walked out, and I found our towels and followed. Noticing how tightly her suit dug into the crevice of her rear as she walked ahead did nothing to calm me since I knew how much of my own bottom must be similarly exposed.

To my surprise, it seemed there were to be only four of us, including Kimberly. The only other guest was Kaia, generally a loner at school, although I knew she and Kim shared an interest in water polo. She was trim but muscled, fair-skinned and had nearly been suspended at the start of second semester for returning with a bleached blonde haircut which was regarded as too short. She always acted really tough, smelling of smoke and swearing all the time. A rumour persisted she had been kicked out of her previous school, but I was never impolite enough to ask her about it directly.

Kim and Kaia were in the water already, Kaia in a black bikini and Kim in a similarly dark crop-top set. I couldn't help blushing as they paused to regard our tightly encased figures as we slid in beside them.

It was a humid afternoon, and the water felt fabulous. I let myself float about on and under the surface in bliss as the four of us chatted idly about school and our plans for the summer. From time to time I had the feeling Kim and Kaia were regarding us with unusual interest and I glanced down to make a horrifying discovery: the water made my suit almost totally transparent!

Since we were all now sitting in the shallow end of the pool, I controlled my reaction and merely folded my arms over my breasts. Internally, I was seething. Kimberly must have known what the suits were like and I disliked practical jokes at the best of times. As subtly as I could, I glanced at Sheana. Already revealing more of her body than would be decent on the street, her swimsuit had also become practically invisible, yet she seemed blissfully unaware she was all but naked in front of us.

With my new awareness of our state of undress, I realised that though the other two kept up the string of chatter, their eyes trailed repeatedly from Sheana's face down to her ill-restrained breasts and beyond. And try as I might, I couldn't help also noticing with fascination the way her elongated nipples protruded so darkly through the translucent material.

As the temperature dropped further, I was relieved when Kim suggested at last we move inside and change into our "night things."

I moved first, keen to conceal my exposed front from the others by leading the group up the path. To my dismay, Sheana was the last one out, allowing Kim and Kaia (and me) all the time in the world to witness her spectacular figure stepping slowly from the water, her slick see-through swimsuit doing nothing to hide her breasts and the dark patch of her pubic hair. The other two found it highly amusing, judging by the little smiles and winks they gave each other whenever Sheana wasn't looking. Grabbing my towel in a huff, I set off for the security of the guest bathroom.

After a hot shower, I still felt somewhat disgruntled at their sneakiness but at least now I would be covered again and, more importantly, I was famished. Dinner would be very welcome. As Sheana showered, I changed into my selected garments, a dark violet satin chemise and French knickers with a matching short wrap. It was the first wholly satin outfit I had ever worn but as soon as I had tried it on, its sensual texture on my skin had made it irresistible. It was so comfortable and so "elegant".

After Sheana had vacated the ensuite, I reapplied some light makeup and lipstick, anxious to look my best in my new nightwear. When I stepped back into the bedroom, I was unable to resist comparing favourably my sleek satin ensemble against Sheana's plain white cotton briefs and cotton singlet-style nightshirt embroidered with a cute little Cupid figure on the front. Why on earth she had ended up buying something so plain with which to adorn her enviable figure, was beyond me. Perhaps she really was shy after all. Either that or without much sense of "elegance". Even so, with the short white cotton clinging to her dark curves, she was still undeniably what my father would have called "a stunner."

Ready at last, we made our way to the living room, my instincts on alert for any other little 'jokes' which might lie in store. But when we finally came face to face with Kim and Kaia, I certainly didn't feel like laughing.

If Kim and Kaia had stared hard at us in the pool, when we were next to naked, then it was now our turn to do the gawking. Their chosen outfits were simply incredible.

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