"Best Wife Ever!" 12 Days of Sexmas


Two hours later, supper, dessert and dishes done, we were in the living room watching the news when my wife said, "I am going to call Mom."

"Sure," I replied, wondering if this role playing thing was a no-go tonight, as phone calls with her mother were not known for their brevity. Alexis left, as she always went to the bedroom to chat with her Mother, and I flipped on the hockey game. Ten minutes later I heard Alexis, the sound of heels on the hardwood floor and looked up to see the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on. My wife was dressed in an outfit I had not seen earlier today. She had recreated herself as a 1950's goddess. I have always said I was born in the wrong decade. I love everything 1950s: the music, the cars, and the fashion. Now there in front of me, slowly walking down the stairs one at a time, was my wife in a poodle skirt, the same dark pantyhose, which I assumed were crotch-less, a fluorescent pink blouse with two buttons already undone to showcase her perfect cleavage, two pigtails and a sucker in her mouth. Oh, how I badly wanted to be that sucker.

Once she reached me, she put one leg on the couch clearly presenting her pussy, surrounded by pantyhose, and quoted Grease, "Tell me about it....stud."

Olivia Newton John in Grease was my biggest stroke fantasy as a kid and my wife had just made my two biggest obsessions come true in one outfit. I stammered, rendered utterly speechless by my wife, "I-I-you are electrifying."

She straddled my lap and leaned in for a passionate kiss. We made out like horny teenagers, our tongues swirling inside each other's mouths and our breathing heavy. Once she broke the kiss, she went to my ear and nibbled it while pulling off my shirt. Once off, she explored my neck and chest completely. Kissing, nibbling, and licking every crevice. Time stood still as she made love to my entire body. Eventually, she made it to below the waist and once she had my pants off, she continued the deep exploring. My legs, my feet, my ass were explored in complete depth, the whole time purposely ignoring my stiff cock. Unable to take it anymore, it was my turn to explore. I lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on our king-sized bed. I wanted to fuck her in costume, so my exploration was limited to the uncovered parts of her luscious body. I spattered her neck with kisses; I teased her ear with my tongue; I massaged her arms gently; I slid to her feet and sucked each toe through the sheer nylon; I kissed and licked every inch of her pantyhose covered legs...everywhere but her glistening wet pussy.

Eventually, it was she who broke first, "Please, baby, I can't last much longer. Fuck me, fuck me now."

I wanted to be able to hold onto her pantyhose ankles so I demanded, showing a bit of dominance I usually don't show, "Get on all fours now, baby."

"Hmmmm," she moaned, quickly obeying my command, "I like a man who knows what he wants."

Getting behind her, I rubbed my cock on her pantyhose covered ass. It felt so good that I ended up teasing both me and Alexis. She began pushing back pleading, "Baby, stop teasing me. I need your cock in me sooooo bad."

Although I could have continued the slow tease forever, I obliged her request and slipped my cock easily inside her wet cunt. Once deep inside her warmth, I asked, "So baby, since you are so horny and desperate to come, I am going to let you fuck me."

She looked back slightly confused as I grabbed both her ankles. Catching onto my instructions, she smiled, "Hold on cowboy." Instantly, she leaned forward and then bounced back taking my cock deeper into her than I ever could if I was on top. Obviously the depth shocked her, as she let out a loud yelp. Once she got accustomed to my cock buried so deep in her, she began to bounce back and forth, riding my cock. Her moaning instantly began as did her heavy breathing. I watched her perfect pantyhose covered ass move back and forth as she desperately tried to bring herself to orgasm. As her moaning continued, her breathing got heavier and I knew she was going to come soon. Yet, she didn't. Her moans continued, eventually a few minutes later turning into whimpers as she attempted to come, but couldn't. It was so fucking hot and yet also somewhat amusing to watch her growing frustration.

Finally she said, "I can't come this way baby, I need to be on my back."

"Beg," I demanded, something I had never requested from her before.

She didn't even blink an eye as she moaned, "Oh baby, please fuck me. Fuck your little slut, make her come."

She had also never referred to herself as a slut, which had my cock twitch uncontrollably, still buried inside her. She obviously felt it as she moaned, "Oh you like that do you? You like hearing your wife call herself a slut? A whore? Your dirty plaything?" She moved allowing my cock to slip out of her as she continued, "Do you want your slut to suck your cock?"

She crawled to my cock and looked up at me, waiting my answer. Realizing the role play was turning her on, I took control, "Yes slut, I want your cocksucking mouth wrapped around my big cock. I want to see those ruby red whore lips swallow me whole. Do a good job and maybe I'll fuck that wet cunt of yours." After saying cunt, I paused, knowing she despised that word.

I needn't have worried as she deep-throated my cock and began sucking it like a porn star. I watched my beautiful wife, in pigtails, slobbering all over my cock and decided it was time to get her off. I ordered, "On your back, slut."

She quickly fell onto her back and opened her pantyhose-clad legs. I positioned myself between those silk legs and ordered, "Beg baby, beg for my big hard cock."

Looking deadly serious, her blue-green eyes boring into mine, she begged, "Oh yes baby, shove that big cock in my cunt, no your cunt, you own it, you call it what you want."

So horny and the foreplay now officially over, I slipped my cock back inside her lava hot box. As soon as I entered her she got animated, "Oh yes, baby, fuck your slut, fuck her hard." I tried to oblige, going as fast and deep as I could, each thrust hitting her pelvis. Her moans echoed through the room as did her nasty words, "Oh god yes, baby, harder baby, fuck my cunt like the slut I am, your slut, your slut, your sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut." Her legs tightened around me and pulled me in as her orgasm shuddered through her entire being. I sat there, lodged deep inside her, as the orgasm filled her with pure bliss. I knew from experience that once she orgasmed, my job was to just hold her until the orgasm had completely subsided. Time stood still as I watched my beautiful bride and her red cheeks as she tried to calm down her erratic breathing. Eventually, she released me from her cocoon and I rolled beside her. She looked at me, her smile unable to hide how great I had made her feel, "That was fucking amazing."


"Now it is your turn," she smiled, moving in to give me one of her amazing blowjobs.

I stopped her. "I want you to try something new," I said.

"Reeeeeally," she smiled, clearly ready to do whatever I asked.

"I want you to give me a foot-job."

"Hmmmmm," she said, "that is a new one." She laid me onto my back and then with a bit of struggle got my cock between the soles of her two pantyhose-clad feet. She slowly began to move her pantyhose-covered feet up and down on my cock. The feeling was so enthralling. Her silk covered feet were a new sensation of pleasure. As she got more comfortable, she began to get in a rhythm, not as fast as with her hand or mouth, but at a reasonable pace to get the juices flowing. After a couple of minutes of this, she began to talk dirty again, "Come for me, baby. Shoot your cum all over your slut's stocking feet. I want it, baby. I want your cum on my feet. Come baby, come for me, come for your slut."

Her dirty talk was the final push I needed to come and when she reached between her legs and began spanking her clit while she foot-fucked me I came. I grunted, and watched as my cum sprayed straight in the air and landed on her feet and our sheets. Once I was done coming, she somehow pulled her foot up to her mouth and sucked my cum into her mouth. It was so fucking hot. She repeated the obscene move with her other foot, smiling at me as she made a show of cleansing her foot of my cum. Once done, she shocked me one last time as she moved between my legs and retrieved the cum that had landed on the sheets. It was so hot that my cock didn't shrink as it should have as I watched my beautiful wife, dressed as a 50s innocent, sucking cum off the sheets like a complete slut.

Eventually, both exhausted, we collapsed together on our bed and, with my arms wrapped around her never wanting to let her go, we drifted into slumber.

5. THE FIFTH DAY OF SEXMAS...Sunday December 18th, 2011

I woke up exhausted and honestly my cock was a bit sore. I couldn't imagine making it to day 12 if this was the pace she had in mind. If I was still 19 sure, but I was no longer a teenager with unlimited stamina and a quick trigger. That said, there was no way I was going to complain to my wife about such attention.

Sunday was pretty regular: sleep in, get in our church clothes, go to church, have lunch with her parents and then rotating Sunday afternoon football socials (the men watch football and the girls do whatever they do when they are together). Neither of us actually mentioned last night's rather intense love making session nor had she done anything crazy here on the fifth day of Sexmas. We arrived home after supper and my wife said, with a yawn, "Baby, I need an hour of marking before bed."

"Sure, honey," I replied, kind of thankful to not have to perform tonight. I collapsed on the couch and watched the last half of Sunday Night Football. I was slightly dozing off about half an hour later when Alexis called me. I shut the TV off, figuring I would check what she needed and hit the bed a little early.

I walked up the stairs and to her office, but she wasn't there. I called, "Honey, where are you?"

"In the bedroom," she called out.

I yawned as I walked into my room and stopped mid-yawn. On our bed was my Alexis in her Supergirl outfit, also on the bed was a Superman outfit and even more shocking was our camcorder on a tripod pointed at the bed.

"You didn't think Sexmas was over, did you?" she teased, posing provocatively.

"I-um-well," I babbled.

"Apparently my surprise worked," she teased.

"Indeed it did," I responded, walking to the bed, "and I assume this is for me?"

"Of course," she replied.

I began undressing and pondering this latest surprise. I had pestered her to make a video forever, but she hadn't even remotely considered it. Once naked, I put on the tight outfit that had a very convenient opening for my cock. Once I'd got it on, she ordered, "Go press record."

I did and she instantly looked at the camera, "Fuck Superman, get over here I am craving some stiff steel."

I walked over to the bed, pulled out my cock and offered, "Well, Supergirl, here it is."

My wife crawled over to my stiff missile and took it in her mouth. She made sure to look at the camera when she could and did she ever put on a show! She started slow, focusing on my mushroom head. She followed this by using her tongue to slide down my cock slowly, before taking each ball in her mouth. She returned to my cock and deep throated me, holding my cock in her mouth for a few seconds before she began a fast and furious assault on my cock with her mouth. Knowing I would come soon if she couldn't this fast pace, I pushed her onto her back and crawled between her legs. I popped open the buttons covering her cunt and buried my face in between her legs. I sucked on her clit and slid a finger inside her warmth. Her moans began instantly and her breathing picked up as I slowly fingered her. Unlike yesterday`s nasty talk, today she was silent and just enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. I wanted this too last, so I took my time pleasing her. I licked slowly, rolling her clit with my tongue, which had her giving slight spasms of joy, but not enough to get off. After a few minutes of this, she surprised me yet again by grabbing my head, pulling it deeper into her pussy and beginning to rub her pussy up and down on my face. Her moans increased again and in less than a minute my face was coated with her cum.

She held me there until after her orgasm was done and then demanded, "Get on your back, Superman."

I quickly obeyed and watched my wife straddle my cock, turn to face the camera and not me, and envelop my cock. She then rode me slow and smooth, looking at the camera the whole time. I couldn't see her face, but I could hear the soft moans with each up and down rise and fall. I just laid back and enjoyed the ride. Her sweet ass moving up and down on my stiff erection was mesmerising to watch. I don't know how long she kept up this slow sweet pace but it felt like an eternity. Suddenly, she somehow tightened her cunt around my cock and started riding me faster. The pleasure quickly accelerated from a slow simmer to a fast boil as my wife got all porn star on me. Her moans became louder and she finally spoke, "Oh yeah baby, your cock feels so good in me, tell me when you are close."

A minute later I warned her, "I'm close, baby."

My wife quickly got off me and pulled me up onto my knees. Once I was up, she wrapped her hand around my cock and pumped my cock furiously. It was then I realized what she was about to allow me to do...another first...a facial. Just the thought of doing it was too much and I sprayed my cum on her face. The first stream hit her forehead and hair, the second her nose and mouth and the third and final blast her chin. It was the hottest moment ever and it was on tape. Once done, she gobbled my cock again and retrieved any last minute cum. Finally, she looked to the camera, smiled and said, "Movie 1-my first facial."

I collapsed back on the bed and she followed. Foreshadowing a crazy next seven days, she teased, "If you think this was hot, you have not seen anything yet."

I smiled and said, "If we keep up at this pace, I may not make it."

She smiled back, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

I countered, "I guess worst case scenario, it would be a great way to go."

6. THE SIXTH DAY OF SEXMAS...Monday December 19th, 2011

I woke up expecting some sort of hot kinky sex, but found the bed empty. I felt a surprising wave of disappointment to not see her in bed. I yawned and could hear music downstairs, so I grabbed my robe and made my way to the kitchen. I could smell the delicious aroma of bacon. Once I reached the kitchen my morning got even better.

Alexis, naked except for her apron to cover her precious parts, was frying bacon and making pancakes. Breakfast had never been so sexy. She smiled, grabbed the coffee and sauntered over to me, leaned over to give me an ample peak at her firm breasts, and poured my coffee. Once my coffee was poured, she returned to the stove and finished making breakfast.

I sipped my coffee and just admired my beautiful wife and her determination to continue to make our marriage spontaneous. She finished the last of the bacon and made me a plate. She returned to the kitchen table and handed me a plate with bacon, pancakes and toast.

She smiled and said, "Good morning, baby. This is an interactive breakfast."

"Interactive?" I asked confused.

Then, without a word, she dropped to her knees, crawled under the table and took my cock in her mouth.

Stunned, yet again, I took a bite of bacon as my wife slowly sucked my cock. I grabbed the sports section of the paper and checked the scores while I had breakfast and got a slow blowjob. Another of my dreams was to be watching football, with a beer in one hand, a plate with steak in front of me while Alexis gave me the exact same luxurious blowjob. Alexis pleasured my cock with such tenderness; I doubt I would have come if we stayed in these positions for the whole day. I would have just continued to be in a perpetual state of pleasure. Alas, after fifteen minutes I was finished breakfast and decided my wife deserved some pleasure too. I said, "Get up here, baby."

She crawled out from underneath the table with a smile on her face, "Did you enjoy your breakfast?"

"It was delicious and very relaxing," I replied, "but I think it is time for you to have the same luxurious breakfast."

"I already ate," she replied, before adding to clarify, "breakfast I mean."

"Well, then I guess I should have dessert," I smiled, lifting her onto the table and spreading her legs. I moved to her pussy and gave long, wide licks of her still dry pussy lips. The wetness soon came and I continued with long up and down strokes, eager to get her off.

I felt her lean back and I was surprised when I saw a yellow banana in my face, "Fuck me with this baby, while you suck my clit."

Not one to disagree with my wife's pleasure, I took the long, curved fruit and slipped it inside her now very damp pussy. Moving my head up a bit, I moved up and concentrated on her clit. Tentative at first with the fruit, I began to pump my wife's pussy with it when she demanded, "Fuck me, baby, fuck me fast." As I obeyed her request, her breathing got heavier and I knew the double pleasure of my mouth on her clit and the banana in her pussy was going to get her off soon. "Oh God yes, don't stop baby, don't you dare fucking stop," she screamed as she got closer and seconds later exploded all over the make-shift fuck toy.

Taking charge, I let go of her clit, pulled out the banana, pulled her off the table, bent her over the table and slid my cock inside her just fucked pussy. She hadn't even finished climaxing when I began to pound her from behind. Her loud moans continued with each thrust. "Oh yes, baby, fuck me, I want to feel your cum deep inside me."

One of her hands held onto the table for grip while the other reached for the banana and she sucked her juices off the long, yellow fruit. The sight was hot, obscene and so out of character for my wife that it had my balls bubbling and three more hard deep thrusts was all I needed to fill my wife with my seed. I continued slow pumps into my wife as I finished my orgasm. Once spent, I fell back on my chair and my wife turned around peeled the banana and took a bite.

She smiled, "I figured that with you leaving at five in the morning tomorrow you may want to go to bed early, so I better get the sixth day of Christmas done early."

"You continue to surprise me, baby," I replied, watching her eat the banana that was just buried inside her. I know by peeling the fruit it was still clean and so forth, but it still seemed so naughty.

Again foreshadowing even more naughtiness, she teased, finishing the banana, "Oh baby, there is so much more to come and I definitely indeed meant the pun."

She sat on my lap, her wetness leaking onto my leg and leaned in for a sweet, soft kiss.

We both eventually unwrapped ourselves from our lust and got ready for work. As I drove to work forty-five minutes later I knew I had the best wife in the world.

7. THE SEVENTH DAY OF SEXMAS...Tuesday December 20th, 2011

After yesterday's morning sex, I went over 24 hours without any action. Last night, Alexis worked late getting her Christmas pageant ready for Wednesday and I packed and went to bed early. I was leaving for a two-day conference in New York and would not return until Thursday evening.

I was getting so used to her surprises, I expected some sort of action in the morning, or on the drive to the airport, but it was all business. Hugs, kisses, promises to call tonight.

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