tagNonHumanBeta Bait Ch. 02

Beta Bait Ch. 02


Thanks everyone for reading the first chapter. I'm sorry for all the mistakes so I've gotten myself an editor. Great thanks to Mococoa20022000 for editing!

I've also made a change. I decided that Yellena would be illegitimate instead of adopted.




Chapter 2

Samuel tossed restlessly in bed for an hour before kicking his covers off out of frustration. The sun was going to be up soon, and it seemed like he was not going to be a happy wolf today. He was both sleep deprived and horny. Rolling over onto his stomach, Samuel grasped the king sized pillow and pulled it under him. God, how much he regretted not dragging Yellena back with him from the club. She would have come too, or so she made it seem. It didn't matter, though. The bottom line was that now he was all alone in his bed. As soothing as the cool sheets were to his scorching skin, the fact of the matter was that it was still cold.

He rubbed up against the pillow and buried his face into it. How could he forget the way she felt on his lap? His wolf stirred from the moment she entered his line of vision in the club. Just the thought alone made his cock twitch in his pants. Those long legs would part easily for him with just the right coaxing. Samuel was raging hard now remembering the feel of her body and the warmth emanating from under that smooth copper skin.

Eyes still closed, Samuel groaned as he grinded against the pillow. There was a faint gasping sound. He slid his hand down the front of the pillow as though it were the smooth planes of her body which were soft and welcoming, just like her breasts. Those were like perfectly rounded canary melons but softer. Her breasts were a C cup but closer to a D. They fit perfectly in his hands. Moaning, he bit at the pillow where Yellena's nipples would be and teased the edge gently between his teeth. Sam could almost hear the moaning and panting that would escape her lips as he rubbed his hard on against her crotch. He imagined the way her fingers would lace their way into his hair and grip his waves firmly. . Under his tentative touch, the pillow became Yellena. Samuel slid one hand down to "Yellena's" ass and the other to her mound. There was a small, well groomed patch of dark curly hair there just trimmed enough for him to get a peek at her aroused clit. He rubbed his palm against it and heard a moan escape her lips.

God! He couldn't smell a single thing but her arousal. That arousal was exceptionally delicious. No other scent clung to her skin like a light sheen of sweat. He tasted it in her mouth and on her neck. He licked it off his fingers after she came. The scent and taste was like dark chocolate. It was delectable, like something bitter, but forbidden and hidden in his deepest of desires. Yet it was his ambrosia. Most importantly, it was primal and appealed to his wolf's senses, and therefore he was hooked. Samuel felt like he could live off of it. He would live for it and devote his life to it.

He remembered at that instance that he was straining against his skin. It took every ounce of his self-control not to take her then and there. What more could he want from her? He should have been content with just seeing her, but no. His wolf wanted more. Samuel's wolf wanted to claim that which was his.

With one thrust, Samuel firmly planted his cock in Yellena and came just as the sun peeked through the windows.


Samuel's eyes shot open just after mid-day. He didn't need the scent in the room to tell him that he nutted in his boxers like a randy school boy, but he looked over at the pillow for good measures. At least that was in its original state from when he went to bed last night. There were no signs of it being ravaged or stained. It didn't matter anyway. What good would it have done him?

He snatched up the pillow and threw it across the room. All it did was remind him of the feelings of loneliness, to say the least. What the hell kind of dream was that? It was as though something in his subconscious mind was drawing him out of his own self-contained loneliness and pointing firmly to Yellena as the culprit for the new stirrings. What lies must he be telling himself? Yellena doesn't want him. She didn't want him last night, and he didn't want her before last night. Or did he?

Almost two centuries since being turned outside the city of Gibraltar, two dead wives, five dead children and one suicide attempt later, Samuel just couldn't understand how one woman could plant herself firmly in his mind. Samuel had spent the last 80 years of his life, since he moved to North America from Spain, as a rogue. A very well connected one to most of the packs on the east coast, but a rogue nonetheless. It was a decision that came on the heels of the death of his second wife. Samuel pressed his palms to his eyes. Packs were not for him, yet here he was, back again. Whenever things felt like it got too much, Alpha Henri St. James was always willing to take him in. The wolf was a social animal. It required affection, pack structure and extensive hunting exercise.

This was the second time in all his years that he landed on Henri's land when the depression took him. It was the second time in five years. Samuel frowned as he looked up at the ceiling. Why did he come back here? Why did he always come back here? This household was the only one that he had a pending title of Prime Beta. He was given the offer to stay when Yellena was a toddler, but he never took it. No one in this pack was strong enough, maybe apart from the alpha, to actually challenge and win a fight against Samuel. Samuel just preferred the quiet of his own mind or the lack of orders to follow. Forget starting his own pack, he preferred not to be responsible for anyone, especially since he couldn't get his own depression under control. In the last 10 years it seemed to have been coming on strong. And then five years ago... Well, if Yellena wasn't going to mention it, neither am I.

Rolling off the bed, Samuel marched over to his private bath and violently flipped the lever on the shower. Dropping his boxers and stepping in, the rainforest showerhead opened a steady stream of cool water down on Samuel's body. He hung his head, rubbed his face and ran his fingers though his hair. Lathering up the planes of his body, Samuel took his time in an effort to cool the burning desire that was just under his skin. Yellena's arousal hit him harder than it had five years ago. He couldn't understand how she was the absence of scent, but once the right buttons were pushed...

Samuel deftly tried to avoid touching himself, but it was inevitable of course. He couldn't leave his room with such a blatant display of excitement. And it would only get worse if and when he saw Yellena. Of course, she'd just grin about it. Grasping the base of his shaft, Samuel worked his way up to the head and groaned. Imagine what her lips would feel like. Those full lips would curve from a grin to forming an "o" around the head of his shaft. Samuel thrust into his hand slow and steady, rolling his hips just as he would if he were fucking her mouth.

He passed his other hand along his abs to emulate her caressing his skin, and that spurred him faster. Samuel panted as he sped up. The thought of the soft fluid motion of her lips and tongue against his ...

Bang, Bang, Bang!

The sound of someone banging on his door shocked Samuel out of his reverie. He growled letting out a string of curses. God help him!

"Sam! You gonna sleep all day or what?" James poked his head in the bedroom door. "I mean, Jesus, I know it's a Saturday man."

Samuel cut the water abruptly and stepped out the shower, slamming the stall door.

"Can't a man have a moment to himself?" Sam wrapped the towel around his waist exiting the bathroom.

"Sure thing, but not right now. Henri wants you down to review the security detail for the Super Moon Ball." James leaned against the closed door.

Samuel stood with arms folded and jaw set as he looked at James accusingly. He bet James jumped at the chance to come up and wake him. James was what you would call a "dandy" to say the least. Wait, what was it they called them these days? Metrosexuals? Either way, James was a pretty boy and a playboy. His dirty blonde hair was always well groomed atop his head, and he mainly wore suits. Today's well-tailored suit was charcoal grey and pin-striped. It matched his grey eyes. James's body was slender, like a model, and he came in just about 6 feet tall. He also was British, which helped tremendously to worm his way into the ladies' panties. Despite his ways, James was a fierce fighter. Samuel had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of a fight five years ago. James led the small party of betas to take him down when Samuel was on his rampage.

Samuel crossed the room to his closet unit and pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He pulled out and slipped on his boxers and dropped the towel as James went on.

"I mean if you ask me, the security should be amped up to more than just the perimeter. You should have seen what Alpha Bitch Lady Beatrice wore to last year's Super Moon Ball. Christ, security should have thrown her out for such fashion faux pas."

Did he forget to mention James was a terrible gossip?

"Anyway, since this seems to be your specialty and not fashion..." James tossed back the t-shirt and pulled out a button up, tie, and vest. Samuel rolled his eyes but complied. "I think perhaps you should just stick to checking security and guarding Yellena."

"What?" Samuel stopped fumbling with his tie long enough to glare at James.

"'What, what?" James began to work on the tie nonchalantly. "You will be guarding Yellena a week from now at the ball. Unless something happened that you don't want to now."

He had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and a faint smirk played on his lips. Of course, that's exactly what James wanted to know.

"Nothing happened. It will be no matter." Samuel turned away from James. He retrieved his socks and pushed his feet into his shoes.

"Ah! Something did happen!" James goaded, grinning widely.

Samuel merely glared at James and marched out the bedroom into the hallway. James fell into step easily, winking at one of the omegas as they passed by.

"Come on, Sam. You two left together last night but then you came back here alone smelling the sweet muskiness of -!"

"Madre de Dios! Sometimes you are worse than a woman!" Samuel growled just loud enough for the two of them to hear, stopping to face James. He poked his finger in the beta's chest. "Nothing happened!"

Samuel paused as another group of maids went by quickly.

"It would be a great disrespect to her father and to Yellena to bed her like some common whore." He hissed under his breath.

"Is that why you came back with a serious case of blue balls?" James gave Samuel a sympathetic look. "That sense of morality of yours, boy, I tell you."

Samuel threw up his hands in frustration and stalked down the stairs, toward the dining room. This was the time that most of the wolves in the household were having breakfast. Actually, Samuel was a little late for breakfast, which was usually unlike him. He absently looked down at his wrist to check the time and realized he had forgotten his watch. His shirttails were hanging out and his sleeves unbuttoned. How could he be thrown entirely off his game by just a dream?

There wasn't anything thing he could do about it now. Samuel strode into the dining room and the first scent he perceived was that dark, bittersweet scent that he'd come to know. His eyes closed instantly, and he dragged it in like an addict taking a hit of the strongest cocaine. When he opened his eyes again, they were glowing gold. The few occupants at the table were all looking at him. There wasn't a single shred of shame in his body as he crossed the dining room and stood right next to Yellena's chair. He had to side step the big gray wolf pretending to sleep at Yellena's feet.

The grey wolf was Donovan. He'd been with Yellena since she was found as an infant. However, he often stayed in wolf form since his mate was kidnapped seven years ago. Some say he went mad, but this was not the sign of a mad wolf. Just one that was heartbroken. On average, a wolf who could not function within a pack was killed, but Donovan proved otherwise by shadowing Yellena's every step while she was in house, in the open woods on the grounds or down by the rock beach. James generally took over the duty of tail when Yellena left the grounds for town or the city.

"Afternoon gentlemen and ladies." Sam bowed slightly to the alpha pair, Henri and Anya. "I apologize for being late to our impromptu meeting, Henri." He took Anya's hand and kissed it gently. Anya's pink lips curled to a polite smile at the gesture.

Yellena suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. While it was no secret she and her stepmother were not exactly on the best of terms, ever, that didn't mean that they had to express it always. But why did Samuel have to make such a gesture knowing full well how vain Anya was. Anya was a Slavic blond hair and blue-eyed petite. Her features were pinched, hair perfectly framing her face and curling under her chin. She thought she was the perfection of beauty so it was no wonder that Henri taking in his illegitimate daughter was a slap to the face. That's right, no one thought it was possible for a mated wolf to sleep outside of the bond, but Henri somehow did. It was a mystery that only two people in the pack knew about.

"Glad you can finally join us, Sleeping Beauty. I hope James gave you the kiss I sent on my behalf," spoke the alpha. Henri was of English-Romanian blood. He had olive skin and hazel eyes with dark brown hair. He was about 6feet tall and buff, though watching his languid demeanor you'd never know how fast, strong or agile he was. He smirked and waved for Samuel to take the seat next to him, across from Yellena. As he sat down, Samuel noticed that Yellena's right hand was wrapped in gauze and medical tape.

"I see you've been exhausted from your trip, Samuel." Anya said teasingly, "It is unlike you to be late. Your military practices are slipping."

"With all due respect, Dama, it was not exhaustion that had me late this morning." He smiled as he glanced around the table, eyes lingering on Yellena for a second longer. The place setting was cleared in front of Samuel and he was served a fresh meal. As he lifted his glass of orange juice, Anya gently placed her hand on his and subtly stroked it. It was a rude gesture meant to be more cunning than caring. A rude gesture that crossed the Alpha's place setting to touch another wolf. Henri and Yellena both cleared their throat at the same time.

"Like father like daughter, I see," Sam grinned. He chose not to acknowledge Anya's insult but instead reached across the table with the same hand Anya touched and gently grasped Yellena's. "I see you're back home safe, but not safe enough. When I left you last night at the club you did not have this."

Yellena tried to retract her hand, but Samuel held fast, brushing his thumb over her fingers. She looked at him suspiciously then shrugged.

"I had too much to drink and fell down." Before she could say more, Samuel unwrapped the gauze and gazed at the wound. Her knuckles were swollen and there were serrated marks traveling down the back of her hand.

"More like you punched one of those horrid popcorn walls." James waltzed in and plopped down next to Samuel.

"Or a really buff man and rebounded into a wall." Anya pursed her lips.

"Perhaps, more accurately, a wolf's jaw where your aim wasn't quite right. The teeth scraped at your flesh." Henri frowned at his only daughter.

"Close enough." Samuel looked at Yellena questioningly.

"She won't tell me anything about any of the other bruises either. Nor let any of us heal them."

"Other bruises?" Samuel's hand tightened around Yellena's fingers involuntarily. Yellena resisted the urge to flinch as her hand flexed, reopening the wound. Every wolf in the room inhaled, and it almost seemed like they were holding their breath.

"I'm sorry," Samuel fumbled. Her blood smelled absolutely intoxicating. Before he could stop himself, Samuel was lapping at the wound with his tongue. His face was only partially shifted to accommodate his wolf teeth and tongue. The thin pink tongue was smooth and soft. Yellena had not objected, in fact, she held still while Samuel worked to clean and close the wound.

Even though he knew he was overstepping boundaries, Samuel continued and risked a glance up at Yellena. It was meant to be only a glance, but the look on Yellena's face held him. Her head was tilted to the side so that her locks would slightly hide her reaction from the alpha pair. Yellena's eyes glistened with mischief, and her mouth smirked cheekily. They were having a very intimate moment at a table full of betas and the alpha pair in the middle of a meeting.

Donovan's large grey paw banging against the cutlery broke the reverie. Half his body hung over the table as he growled and looked as though he would pounce at Samuel's throat. Samuel casually released Yellena's healed hand and cleared his throat, holding his palms up in peace. Donovan seemed to calm down and eased into a sitting position.

"I apologize. I'm not sure what came over me." He showed his neck to his alpha. The sound of laughter bubbled from Henri's chest.

"My daughter has that effect on people."

"On wolves! She should be sent away to live a life of her own!" Anya snapped.

"Careful, Anya, your fangs are showing," Yellena retorted, gathering up the gauze.

"You're a liability. You would be safer among the humans," Anya continued. "And once again the Super Moon Ball returns and we must expend energy to make sure you are kept safe from our more primal instincts."

"Well, that one year she spent the Super Moon with her friends they got scooped up by vampires. It took us three days of searching different vampire covens before finding them," James chimed helpfully to Yellena's case. There were various sounds of disgust and anger throughout the room.

"Humans get enthralled all the time. Not all die!" Anya snapped. "And I trust you haven't forgotten your manners beta, or need I remind you to stay silent?" Her eyes glistened dangerously with the wolf behind them ready to appear.

Henri, who had been listening to the exchange, spoke easily.

"That's right, we had to barter for their release, and still they were reluctant to release Yellena after tasting her." He looked at his betas. "Remember the Super Moon is an even bigger celebration for vampires than it is for us. Which is why security needs to be doubled this year considering how rowdy the vampires have been getting as of late and their insistent need to pick off a wolf or two or 10 when drunk on their power."

"I won't need protecting. I probably won't even be here, Pa. Work seems to be calling more strongly these days." Her eyes glazed over as Yellena seemed to look at something only she could see.

"Well you won't be going alone this time." Henri settled again. "You're getting too close to something which is why you were attacked last night."

"I wasn't attacked, damn it! They tried to force me into a vehicle in an alley. I fought!" Yellena hissed exasperated, finally snapping out of whatever she was concentrating on.

"Oh really, now?" Henri leaned on his hand and sarcastically studied his daughter. "Now you're definitely not going anywhere alone, and even if you stay for the Super Moon you'll be guarded."

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