tagBDSMBeth's Dark Needs Ch. 02

Beth's Dark Needs Ch. 02


(This is Chapter 2 so it might help to read the first part before you proceed.)

In the next few weeks I began to lay more of the groundwork with Beth and to make my plans. I was still managing to keep her a little off balance. All this time she remained nervous and tremulous. She knew she wanted to experience whatever was coming but knowing that didn't make it easier to enter this strange new world. The fact that she'd thanked me told me she was more ready than she thought.

Her husband would be away for an entire week, taking their children to the grandparents interstate. Beth found a way to excuse herself from the trip so that she would be available for me – and to give herself recovery time afterwards.

Once more we met, drinks after work. The husband could never find out so we had to be discreet. My Annie was happy so long as it stayed within our usual boundaries.

Of course puppy was bursting to find out the details and to know exactly what Beth and I were planning. I preferred to keep puppy in suspense. But she was rightly very proud of the part she had played with Beth. So I told puppy of my decision, a secret from Beth, that if there was ever a second time I would force Beth to submit in front of puppy. A special treat for them both.

And there was one other thing. Beth wanted to know about Annie. She knew I was 'married'. So I told her the brief details of our relationship and our varied sex lives. I described Annie to her, stressing how sexy she is. Then I made mention of the fact that some time I might 'arrange' for Beth to play with us both. It was intended as a test, playing in a threesome. Of course it was puppy that I had in mind. But Beth didn't respond. I assumed one act of infidelity was as far as she was prepared to concede at that point.

Then the big week arrived. I made sure Beth knew the only communication between us for the final days would be by email. I wanted her to stay on edge and I didn't want any silly mistakes or for our plans to be discovered. We had a hotel booked across town from her home. Annie and puppy both had their separate plans for that Saturday night. Beth had instructions about what to wear to the hotel after she had dropped the family at the airport and returned home to prepare herself.

It was mid morning that Saturday when she sent me a text. 'Shaving for you!' I could feel her excitement even through the text. This was a huge step for Beth, her way of telling me how committed she was to our plan. I'd not insisted on her shaving. It might require an explanation for her husband. Plus I quite like a nice thick bush. But Beth had decided to cross an invisible line and I knew then that she was ready for whatever I had in store for her.

It was a nice hotel, down by the water. I checked in first and waited for Beth to join me. We were having an early lunch so as to give me the opportunity to show Beth a wider range of experiences.

She arrived soon after me, dressed as required – business like slacks and a nice matching jacket. Her massive tits were straining the buttons and I had to control an urge to feel her up right there and then. We kissed for the very first time. I enjoyed that very much. I noted that Beth responded well but that she kept her hands hanging by her side. Had she got a little coaching from puppy? I held her in my arms and played with her curls. After so much waiting and anticipation I was almost as excited as she was to finally be able to touch my new plaything.

'Are you ready for this?' I asked her softly. 'After this there is no escape. Only your safeword.'

I could see that she was having trouble looking at me. It wasn't submission – it was nerves and shame and excitement all mixed together. A married woman, she was about to cross a threshold she'd held dear for so long. More, she was about to surrender herself totally to a man she hardly knew. Her body felt stiff under my touch. I knew Beth was ready but I needed to hear it from her. Only her own voice could seal her submission to me.

At last Beth remembered herself. 'I am ready.' I kept my gaze on her. 'Master, I am ready.'

I kissed her again. Softly, deeply. She responded quickly, almost passionately. She was ready for her first illicit sexual experience. I hoped it made her all the more ready to submit and obey me. I liked the fact that she was trembling a little. Fear and arousal combined.

I ordered Beth over to the bed and she obeyed immediately. I heard a soft noise from her as she moved further into the room. I saw that she was looking to the small table in the corner where I had laid out a collection of toys and implements. Maybe it was only now that Beth was realising what she had let herself in for. But, as I had already told her, it was too late.

'Undress for me. Put your clothes on the end of the bed.' Again, Beth obeyed me quickly. It was easy enough, since she'd been ordered not to wear any underwear on the way over. Still, I noted that she was making a very good start.

I was thrilled to finally be able to take in her body, completely naked. I didn't mind at all that she was a little plump. Her tits were very large indeed and they hung down just the right amount. In fact, they really were very full and round and her nipples, small and dark against her pale skin, were pointing out nicely towards me. I felt my cock harden as I gently stroked those udders. Her breathing was fast and shallow, betraying her emotions. I had to resist the temptation to indulge myself right there and then – best to keep my own discipline for now!

'Legs apart,' I ordered her and she slowly shuffled her feet wider. I reached down between her legs to inspect the shaving job. But Beth was quite a bit shorter than me so I had to kneel to properly inspect her. I was very pleased to hear Beth draw in her breath as I lowered myself. She was still on edge and that was going to make it so much more fun for us both.

Again I stroked her cunt lips, testing the smooth skin to make sure all traces of stubble were gone. She trembled at my touch. I knew Beth had never ever been inspected like this in her life. But I could see some moistness along the edges of her cunt lips. I noted that her flaps were rather neat and short. I wondered about the size of her clit. Whatever was going through Beth's mind as I looked and touched her cunt lips, she stayed still and silent.

'How do you feel?'

'Strange. Nervous, Master.'

Do you like me looking at you?'

'No Master. Not really.'

'Well I like looking at you. I like inspecting you. You know I'll do much more than that, don't you?' A silent nod in reply.

'You are being very well behaved. I like the way you have started.' She seemed to relax a little at that. 'Good job of shaving. I like your cunt this way, nicely prepared for me.'

'Thank you Master,' she mumbled. 'I wanted to do my best to please you.' It was a thrill to know that Beth had taken this first important step – that she was ready to obey and to please.

'I am sure that you will Beth. I know you have been thinking about this for a very long time. How you will behave for me and you will obey me. I will show you everything you've imagined and even more than that.'

Her mouth twitched and I could see she was lost for words. I was pleased to see that!

But it was time for lunch. I shot to my feet and told her that we were going out to eat and that I would first have to prepare her. 'Since you are an eager slut who wants to be punished I think you should start to feel like one.'

I pulled her over to a chair and pushed her till she was bent over it. Her plump arse stuck out nicely, well shaped and begging to be spanked - and worse. Her husband probably didn't really appreciate how good Beth's body looked.

Again I ordered her to spread her legs and she shuffled her feet, still clad in her 'sensible' shoes. I thought about making her spread her arse cheeks for me and then decided that we'd have time enough for that later. So I pressed my hand in her back to make her bend further until her little arsehole was full exposed. It was nicely dark against the pale skin of her arse cheeks. This time I could not resist and I ran one soft finger along her slit and up over her anus. She started at the sudden touch on her little hole but I just increased the pressure of my other hand to keep her in place.

I grabbed a small butt plug and drooled some of my spit onto it. She'd never taken anything into her bottom before. That didn't really matter. It was important that she learned her place. Beth trusted me not to take things too far. But she wanted to be forced to do things, wanted to be hurt and punished. I was only treating her in accordance with her deepest, darkest wishes.

Slowly but forcefully I pushed the plug against Beth's anus. I felt her stiffen at the strange sensation. 'Stay still. This won't hurt. Its only small.'

I drooled some more spit onto the little toy and resumed the pressure. To her credit. Beth did not make a sound as her little hole was pierced for the very first time. I knew that it would feel uncomfortable. It would also have been a humiliation, more so since I'd not bothered to warn her before I started playing with her arsehole.

'Push out,' I ordered. 'Like you're going to the toilet.' Now she understood and I felt her orifice open slightly for me. Again I was hoping the embarrassment was doing the trick for her. Twice more I had to add my spittle to the little shaft before finally I had filled her bottom and the invader was firmly wedged inside her.

'Is that OK? Can you stand it?'

'It feels strange. I don't really like it.' At least she was honest!

'I don't care if you like it or not. If its not painful then you can at least wear it for me during lunch.'

'Oh...' she started, surprised at my plan.

I had her stand upright again and quickly applied some rope to her. A simple rope bra was first. It was easy with those big tits of hers. I kept the rope firm to squeeze them a little and give her some support. Next I made a small harness around her cunt with two lengths of rope passing through her arse crack and between her damp cunt lips. Then she was ordered to put her clothes on again.

'Are we going out? Won't people see me like this?'

'I am sure everyone will be too busy to be looking at us,' I said, trying to reassure her. Then I got serious. 'You belong to me now Beth. I am in control, at least for today. And that means I am in control of your body as well. Do you understand?'

'Yes. I think so. Yes Master.'

'We have discussed this and prepared for this. I am in control. I decide what happens and you obey me. You have your safeword and that's all.'

'Yes Master,' was her soft reply and I saw her eyes drop towards the carpet.

In fact, as we walked through the lobby and along the boardwalk I was acutely aware of the tiny bulges under Beth's clothes. I really didn't want to be the cause of a scene. But it was thrilling for me to know that she was trussed up underneath her business attire. And I could see she was weighing it up in her own mind as well, scared and yet thrilled to be doing something so naughty.

'How does it feel?' I asked after we finally sat at our table.

'Really weird. I can't believe you made me come out like this in public. I am dressed but I feel really exposed.'

'You are doing very well so far. Things will only get harder from this point. I wanted to give you a little thrill. It will help you to understand that a lot of people get up to things that they keep secret. And now you are one of them.'

'I don't know about this thing though. It doesn't feel right.'

'The butt plug? It's a small one so it won't hurt you. You might be feeling like you need the toilet. But it can stay there till we get back to our room. Unless it starts to hurt in which case you must tell me immediately.'

We had a nice lunch and I drank plenty of water on what was a rather warm day. Then I insisted on us taking a walk along the water – to let our lunch settle. I tried to engage Beth in conversation, to help keep her mind of her 'predicament'. I was also mulling a plan in my mind. At check-in we'd been upgraded to a larger suite and I had discovered that we had a large spa bath. I kept swigging from a bottle as we walked. But I was unsure of just how Beth would react to my little idea.

Once we got back to the room I had her strip off immediately. Then I removed the rope. This time she seemed more comfortable to have me looking at her. No doubt it was easier than taking that butt plug.

I put Beth through some paces for me. She was ordered to hold her tits up for me, to offer them to me. I only looked at this point but I made sure to compliment her on the good job she was doing for me.

Next she was told to move her legs wide apart and hold her cunt open for me. I was pleased to see her clit was a good size, not prominent but good enough for me to torture a little. Her inner labia were showing signs of her arousal. I could see her little hole opened up nicely. I was enjoying this!

'How do you think it is going so far?' I asked her.

'Its great. Strange.'

Are you enjoying yourself? Are you enjoying obeying my commands and having these things done to you?'

'Oh yes,' she gasped with a big smile. 'Master I want you to everything with me today.'

I let that slip for the time being. 'Men like looking at your body, even if you don't believe it And most of all I like looking at your body. It pleases me to have you on display like this. Do you understand?'

'Yes Master.'

'Hmmm. But you've never been looked like at this have you? Inspected?'

'No Master.'

'You should be looked at a lot more often. You have a great body. Very sexy. A lot of people would enjoy looking at you and playing with you. As a slut you should be used and perhaps another time I'll arrange for that to happen.' I ignored the startled look in her eyes.

I wasn't really lying about her body. As I said, Beth is plump but she has a nice shape all the same. Her tits are marvels and I was definitely going to flog those before the day was out. Besides, she was horny and scared and submissive and all mine so there was no doubt she was sexy.

'Turn around. Bend over. Spread you arse cheeks for me.' This time there was a little hesitation. I guessed perhaps Beth wasn't sure exactly what I wanted.

'Put your hands on your bum. Pull your flesh apart and let me see your holes.' She responded, slowly, I was pleased to see the humiliation that this was causing Beth. She did have a big bum and was self-conscious about it but it was shapely and it very nicely framed her treasures.

I left Beth there for a couple of minutes as I busied myself around the room. I made sure to get a good eyeful of her heavy tits as they hung underneath her. She had no idea of how badly I wanted those tits. When I was ready I gave the plug a little wiggle, just to make sure she'd not forgotten about it. I enjoyed hearing her intake of breath.

'Fine. Very fine. You need to understand that since you are my little slut now I can take pleasure in your body any way I like.'

'Yes Master.' It was almost a whisper.

'I know you want to please me.'

'Yes Master.'

I ran my fingers through the length of her slit. It was exciting to hear the change in her breathing. Her fear was mixing nicely with her arousal and I knew that soon she would be thinking only of being a total whore for her new Master. But I only touched softly, on the outside of her cunt and around the edge of the plug. At that point I only wanted to reinforce to Beth that she was vulnerable and totally at the mercy of my desires.

'Now put your hands on the arm of the sofa, ' I ordered her. Beth shuffled across so she could reach. Once more I took in the sight of her plump flesh. I love the slender, taut body of my Annie. But I knew I was going to enjoy having my way with this almost virgin woman, ripe and fulsome. I took the opportunity to stroke and fondle her arse cheeks, her flesh that until recently had been denied to anyone but her husband.

'Now you will be spanked. This is just a warm-up. I know you feel like you should be punished for being such a slut.' A gentle nod from her. I slipped one finger into her cunt folds and probed at her entrance. Beth was wet just as I'd expected her to be. Her inhibitions were rapidly disappearing as she was allowing herself to be controlled by a man for the first time.

'You are a wet little slut. And I certainly will punish you. But first I am going to spank you just for my pleasure.' I stroked my finger back and forth along her slit, delighting in her wetness and making sure she was sufficiently aroused. After all, this would be the first time Beth had ever been spanked and I wanted it to be special.

I took position to her side and placed one hand gently in the small of her back. I didn't want her to move and I wanted her to know she was not permitted to move. Oh yes, she was now past the point of no return.

And I spanked her! Firm but not hard, a half dozen to each arse cheek in turn. I noticed Beth flinched a little at the first few blows. I did not mind that at all. I paused to stroke her cunt once more, this time probing the entrance to her hole. That certainly elicited a grunt in response.

'Good. Very good. You are doing very well so far my little Beth. Let me spank you properly now so you can earn yourself a little bit of fun.'

I resumed, again using firm strokes but well spaced this time. Her first spanking! I was eager to find out how she felt and what went though her mind. But that would have to wait for a later de-brief.

She received another seven to each cheek, slow and methodical – a nice even twenty. Then I inserted one finger into her cunt hole. This time she made no sound. Perfect! I knew her brain would be messed up by the mixed messages from her body – pain and pleasure at once. Beth was out of her comfort zone and soon would be ready to be used any way I wanted.

Beth had taken her first spanking. There was no longer any point to her trying to deny what she wanted and what she wanted to be. 'Talk to me. What are you thinking right now.'

'Oh that was amazing. I've never had that before. It hurts a bit but its such a good hurt. I guess that sounds weird.'

With my free hand I softly rubbed her arse cheeks, examining the slight pink tinge to her skin. Then I took hold of the butt plug. 'Push out,' I instructed her and I saw she was doing her best to comply. She had done very well to that point considering how strange everything had been to her. I was about to try something else even stranger – something that I knew would really test her limits so early in her adventure.

Slowly the butt plug was removed as Beth held herself in position. 'Are you sore?' I asked her.

'No. I mean, no Master.'

'Good. That is one place I don't want to hurt you. And it also means that I might stick my cock in there later on.' She glanced back at me. I smiled to myself. It would take some more practice for Beth to become accustomed to having her body discussed in this way. But she was finally discovering what her fantasies had really been about.

I pulled Beth upright then and we cuddled a little. She had done well to that point and I wanted to give her a small reward. It was important that she was nervous but not scared. I enjoyed our embrace and this time she felt confident enough to touch me. I explored her mouth with my tongue and thought of how long Beth had imagined herself doing this with a new man.

Soon it was time to keep things moving along. 'Get to the bathroom,' I instructed Beth. I watched her cross the floor, watching her body move and her tits sway. She really was quite sexy with her body, the body of a mother and faithful wife – at least until this day. Then I followed her and ordered her into the spa, on her knees and holding her huge tits up for me. Sweet Beth obeyed me without any idea of what I was thinking. Perfect!

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