tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBeth's Tale Ch. 01

Beth's Tale Ch. 01


Beth plopped down on her bed after her shift at a local clothing store. It was 9:00 on a Friday night and she didn't have anywhere to be, a typical occurrence for her of late. She didn't particularly mind that of course, she never enjoyed being around people all that much due to her social anxiety and her introverted tendencies. Her few close high school friends went away for college, but she went to the main public university in her state, which was about 2 hours from her hometown. She lived in an apartment just off campus, and attended classes full time while working part-time several evenings per week. That schedule made it hard to find new friends, but she was content all the same.

Her body was tired but her mind was still buzzing from the coffee she had just downed an hour ago. As was often the case when her mind was restless and she had nothing to occupy it, her thoughts turned to sex. Though she had never had sex, she was far from innocent.

In her early teens she had been sexually awakened after curiosity led her to watching porn online. Even since then she enjoyed masturbaiting, often several times per day when she was particularly horny. She started with simple guy-on-girl porn and rubbing herself with her fingers, but over the years it had escalated to more hardcore porn and toys. She loved gang bangs, anal, cream pies, facials, and pretty much every other degrading form of porn there was. She had a small collection of dildos that she would use frequently. She even gave one of her dildos a name, jokingly, figuring it needed special recognition for having taken her virginity.

Other than porn, her other sexual outlet was chatting online. There were a few men she had an ongoing correspondence with. She preferred married men, both for the thrill, and the detachment of being the other woman. She had no desire to have a romantic relationship with these men, but was quite aroused by the idea of meeting their sexual needs. She had never met up with any of them for myriad reasons: guilt of being the other woman, fear of the authenticity of the guys, and general social anxiety. All the same, she rather enjoyed corresponding with them.

Their interest compensated for her own self-esteem, which compounded with her anxiety, had been worn down by the constant teasing of her bitchy peers throughout her formative years. Many of her female classmates teased her for being "big," but the truth was she was an attractive girl with a soft, plump, curvy body. Her natural blonde hair fell to her shoulders, and her soft pale skin and pretty face were complemented by blue-green eyes. She stood at 5'9", with most of her weight in her 36DD breasts and her hips.

To her harem of married men, as she regarded them, she was the sexy center of attention. Their lustful words were encouraged by her own, as well as by sending them pictures and even videos of her masturbaiting. Tonight though, there would be no dialogue with any of them. She grabbed her laptop from the nightstand and checked her email, but she had no messages from any of them. Just as well she thought, as she had no desire for long-winded exchanges at the moment.

She decided to assume the position, as she often referred to it in her thoughts. She undid her bra while still keeping her light-blue v-neck t-shirt on. Her large nipples were already erect and visible through her shirt. She pulled of her jeans, almost pulling off with them her low-cut bikini panties. Her trimmed pubic hair was barely hidden by the print of her panties; white with pink polka dots. She almost always masturbaited with her panties on, enjoying the sensation of being partially covered while pleasuring herself. Her feet were bare save for her recently manicured and painted nails, which currently matched her t-shirt.

She put her headphones on and queued up a scene from her video collection on her laptop. In this one a pretty brunette was getting reamed by three hung studs. While it was starting up she opened the top drawer of her nightstand, which is where she kept all of her toys. She grabbed her favorite toy, a 7" rubber dildo that was soft to the touch. She also grabbed a small bottle of lube. Though she was moist already, she liked the sensation of the dildo sliding in and out of her freely.

This was one of her favorite scenes and she envisioned herself in it countless times. The three hung studs would use her body entirely, enjoying the feel of her soft lips and her tight pussy around their cocks. Two of the men would cum inside her after taking turns fucking her from behind, and the last would spray her face with a huge load of sticky cum. It was these dirty details she enjoyed the most.

She lubed up the dildo, pulled her panties aside, and started teasing herself by poking it in a little at a time. She couldn't restrain herself for long and worked the dildo deeper into her pussy. She groaned as it slid in. She kept her left hand on the dildo, pumping herself steadily and slowly, while her right hand went back and forth from tweaking her nipples to rubbing her clit. She tried to keep the volume of her moaning low for fear of being heard by her neighbors, but that was always a losing battle. Her orgasm built quickly after the first stud unloaded inside the girl in the scene. She began to writhe on the bed, furiously rubbing her clit while she steadily worked the dildo. After the second stud exploded in the young girl she felt that her climax was close, her toes curling from the anticipation. Waves of pleasure overcame her when the third stud emptied his swollen nuts on the girl's face. Strands of thick cum covered the girl from her hair to her chin.

She laid there for a bit, basking in the fading sensation of her orgasm. She pulled the dildo out of her and set it on the night stand. She adjusted her panties back to normal, which were positively drenched with her juices. She closed her eyes and quickly nodded off, satisfied by the intensity of her orgasm.


Though she was satisfied, the occupants in the unit on the other side of her bedroom wall were not. Mike, the head maintenance man for the building, lived in that unit. Tonight though, he was out carousing with his girlfriend and a few of their friends. His brother, Alan, released from prison the week prior, was crashing with Mike until he "got back on his feet." However, the odds of Alan doing anything but ending back up in prison were low. He had been a deviant degenerate his entire life. He had been arrested for assault, as well as numerous other petty crimes. He had committed others of a sexual nature, including rape, for which he was never charged.

Tonight, Alan was pounding whiskey with two friends of similar standing, Ray and Kevin. Between their incoherent ramblings they caught the distinctive sound of a woman moaning. They heard Beth pleasuring herself through the paper-thin walls. All three became immediately aroused, and clamored to put their ears to the wall to hear more. They could hear her lustful moans and groans as clear as day.

"Sounds like some sexy bitch is gettin' it put to her." Ray grumbled.

"She's really enjoying that cock, too." Kevin added in his own gravelly voice.

They continued to listen for a few minutes, until the sounds stopped when Beth reached orgasm. They remained at the wall for a few minutes, finally giving up when they realized it was over. Alan's head was spinning. It had been over two years since his last time with a woman. Beth's moans lit his darkest, most primal sexual urges. His cock bulged as lust swelled in his mind.

"I didn't hear anyone else, I think she was fucking herself!" Ray said with excitement.

At that moment Alan lost all control to his urges. He quickly ran to the kitchen and began feverishly searching through one of the drawers. In no time at all, he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a single key, on which the attached key chain read maintenance spare.

"What the hell is that?" barked Kevin.

"It's the maintenance key, it opens all of the apartments." Alan said in a chillingly calm voice.

Both Ray and Kevin immediately understood Alan's intent. Alan reached back in the drawer and pulled out a roll of duct tape. Without any of them muttering another word, all three men slipped out of the front door quietly. Alan took great caution to make sure the door closed quietly. They moved silently to Beth's door. Alan gently inserted the key and slowly turned until the door opened. This was not his first time doing such a thing. Images of previous intrusions flashed through his mind. The anticipation was overwhelming.

Beth was sleeping soundly. The front door was some ways away from her bedroom, and she still had her headphones on. The carpeted floors muffled the movements of the three men as they approached her bedroom door. There they stopped and observed her, savoring the sight of her strewn out on her bed. They were to her side, perpendicular to the foot of the bed. There they began to slowly scan her, staring at her freshly painted toes, then up her silky smooth legs, stopping their gaze at her panties. Her right leg was pulled up slightly with her knee to her side, exposing her pussy slightly. Alan felt a noticeable twitch as his cock was pressing against his jeans. He reached down into his pants and started rubbing himself.

They took in the rest of her with equal zeal. Her midsection was exposed, her t-shirt bunched up around her breasts from the writhing she had done moments ago. Her nipples, though not erect, were still clearly visible, as well was the seductive form of her breasts. Her head was turned toward them, with lips parted slightly.

Alan then noticed the dildo and the lube sitting on the nightstand. At that moment he violently lunged at her. In two steps he was on her with a strip of duct tape drawn. He straddled her, forcefully applying the tape to her mouth before should could react. Kevin and Ray clumsily lunged towards them, one grabbing her feet, the other her arms. After securing her mouth, Alan pulled her shirt over her head, tying her hands together with it.

Now fully awake, Beth struggled to buck Alan off of her, but to no avail. Her head was spinning from the shock of it all, but she quickly realized what was about to happen. They are going to gang rape me. Alan slid off of her, unbuckled his belt, and pulled off his jeans and underwear. His cock was fully erect, 8 inches of rock hard lust burning to be buried deep in her pussy. The others dropped their pants as well, revealing thick engorged cocks of their own.

Beth screamed as Alan grabbed her panties and pulled them down. All three men let out guttural grunts as they saw her pussy fully exposed. Alan brought her panties to his face, inhaling her scent and feeling the dampness from her masturbation session. He knelt between her legs and positioned his cock to penetrate her. She struggled, but her arms were still pinned by Kevin, and Alan and Ray were controlling her legs.

Alan pressed his cock into her hole, which was still wet from her juices and the lube. As the head of his cock disappeared inside her he groaned in ecstasy. Beth closed her eyes, trying to block out the sensation. At that moment, images from the porn scene flashed in her mind's eye. With every long, slow thrust from Alan's cock, she saw herself being fucked by the 3 studs in the video. She let out a whimper from the realization that she enjoyed the feeling of Alan's girth inside her. She was simultaneous disgusted and aroused from being used for his sexual pleasure.

Alan's breathing picked up as he felt his orgasm swell. The experience was too much for him to try to suppress his climax. He let out a long, visceral groan as his cock spewed his cum into her. She felt his cock twitch, and the warmth of sticky load enter her. It was as she imagined countless times before.

Kevin and Ray had their turns next. Both of them followed Alan's lead and fucked her missionary. She could not block the images from the scene from entering her head, nor could should block out the ever increasing raw pleasure she felt from the thick cocks in her cum filled pussy. She was being used, and she enjoyed it. Both men ejaculated forcefully inside her. Gobs of cum oozed out of her as Ray finally pulled out.

Beth felt numb. The duality of her pleasure during disgrace was too much for to process. Besides, reality was starting to set in. Whatever hope she had of not catching a disease from these degenerates was over. Pregnancy was of no concern because of her birth control, but that seemed like a small matter now.

All three of them uttered parting shots as they prepared to leave.

"Did you like that bitch?" Ray asked derisively.

"That's what a real man feels like baby." said Kevin in a biting tone.

Alan said nothing, his head still spinning from the experience. Beth closed her eyes in an attempt to gather herself. The three men dressed quickly and left, leaving the building altogether.


Beth would never see the three men again. For that matter, no one would. Still drunk from the whiskey, Alan lost control of the car later that night and all 3 men were killed instantly.

Beth would quickly learn that she did not, in fact, catch any diseases from the men. However, she did not report the incident. The thought of this playing out in a legal proceeding, and the anxiety and embarrassment that would come with it, was more than she cared to bear. She feared the waters would be muddied by the evidence of her masturbaiting before the attack. She feared having to retell her tail to the investigators, her family, and her friends.

In time, she would also come to accept and embrace the simple fact that, at some level, she enjoyed it. After the dust settled, she found herself fantasizing about her own rape, the pleasure derived from being ravished by uncontrollable lust and desire was too much for her to ignore.

Her fantasy of being used was realized, and it left her wanting to experience it again, and again.

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