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I felt as though I was floating through our front door. She knew that I would be coming home from work at this time, so why did things feel so different? An unknown truck, one of those big wheel trucks with the plastic testicles hanging off the back, was parked out in the front of our house. Opening the front door needed no key, telling me that the door was shut in haste. My wife's shoes were thrown around the base of the stairs.

Slowly walking up the stair way I found the rest of my wife's wardrobe strewn around the stairs, finally finding her bra and panties thrown sloppily on the stairway landing. The next bombardment of my senses was when I heard the moans.

Being married to my wife for over 3 years, but being with her for over 10 years, I have had my share of pleasurable moments with this woman; but I have never heard her moan with so much pleasure in her voice.

"OOOHH! Fuck Me! Show me how a real man works his dick!"

I wanted to freeze, right where I was and curl up into a little ball waiting for it to be over. But I felt myself gliding to the bedroom door and opening it up. There was my wife, on all fours. She was rocking back onto his dick at such a pace that I thought she would fall over at any second with exhaustion. Her tits were flopping up and down, faster and faster. I was mesmerized.

Thing next thing I saw was her look up into my eyes with such passion, I wanted nothing more than to watch her fuck like this all day. She smiled at me and said, "Michael, I think we are over...."

I sat up so fast that my wife, who was asleep next to me, screamed thinking there was something in our house. It was the dream. The dream I have been having for over 8 years.

Before my wife and I were married, basically just getting serious, she left me multiple times for adventurous sexual relations with other men. I couldn't exactly blame her. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, just over 105 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, nice round ass, and topped of with a killer pair of breasts. She is the exact replica of any mans wet dream.

She was also very experienced with sex, where I was a virgin when we meet and still to this day, never been with another woman. I knew she needed to quench certain sexual needs that I apparently could not satisfy.

Most of the time she would end up with one particular guy, John, who, from her description, had a dick the size of a soda can. How could I compete with that? I am not small but I am also not huge. I am just over the average mark.

Of course her need to cheat on me hurt me. But I was whipped. We connected on every other level. Finally, after we decided to settle down and get married, her adventures stopped. We got married, started careers, and screwed until the sun came up.

I knew that she needed more than I could give her. But I was just afraid of her wanting to leave me if I opened up our marriage to other people. Hence, where the dreams came in.

My wife reached over and placed her hand on my back, trying to soothe me. I have never told her what I dreamed of when I woke with a start so many times. She stroked my back, finally placing her hand on my leg where she brushed my hard dick.

"It couldn't have been that bad of a dream if you woke up with this!" She said as she began stroking my hard cock. I had mixed emotions as she was jerking me off. Do I want to see her with another man? I guess I don't have to be selfish and keep her all to myself...Do I want other people to see what I get ever day and night?

I decided it was time to see what she thought...See if she would go along with it...

She bent down over my cock and began licking up and down sucking the tip when she got to it. She slowly sank her lips all the way down to the base of my dick and slowly coming back up, sucking all the way.

I said, "Lynn, do you ever miss the old days?"

"The old days? What do you mean the old days?" She replied, never taking the attention off of my hardening dick.

"Well, you know how I keep having these dreams?" She replied with a muffled "yes"

"I keep dreaming of walking in on you getting fucked by another man..." She stopped for the briefest second "but its not just any man, its John. Every time I walk in, I have, well, what you are working on right now. I am starting to think that maybe we should try to swing with another couple...?"

She sat up grabbing my dick and placing at the entrance of her already soaking wet pussy.

"So, let me get this straight," she said "you want, you and I to get with another couple. You want to watch me fuck another man, while you fuck another chick?"

"Well, yes...? What do you think?"

I didn't think I need a verbal yes or no from the way she was riding my dick. Her hips were sliding back and forth on top of me. She began her first orgasm, she was moaning, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she just enjoyed the orgasm. Without saying anything to me, and knowing what I love, she did a quick 180 on me facing the other way, and began bouncing up and down letting her pussy go all the way up to the tip of my dick and then slamming it back down giving me the view of her perfect ass.

It only took another couple of seconds for me to shoot the build up of sperm deep into her pussy. I couldn't help but moan a couple times as I felt my body spasm. As I was moaning, I felt her body shudder as she began her second orgasm.

I was just coming down from my sexual high and letting out my last moan, when I could have sworn I heard "oohh John..."

I wanted to ask her...but I couldn't say anything. Was I right to bring up that I wanted to sleep with another couple? Or was that just my hormones? I was about to tell Lynn that I said all that stuff just to roll play when she said "Michael, as much as I get turned on by the idea, I don't think I can see you with another woman. I have no problem with making you happy by fucking another man, or even experimenting with another woman for you. Call me selfish, but I don't want you being with anyone but me. "

Again, the feelings I was getting after her confession began stirring some dormant thoughts in my head...Did she just say she would experiment with a woman? She would fuck another man? Before I knew it, my dick began hardening inside her pussy. I haven't been able to get a second erection this quickly since about 4 years prior. To my wife's pleasure, she began utilizing the opportunity of my dick growing inside her. She knew what she said was turning me on and that she could take advantage of the situation.

"Oh Michael...Do you want me to fuck other people?" She said as turned around, faced me and leaned down so her mouth was right next to my ear. Riding me slowly she said, "Do you want me to fuck another man? Do you want me to do it behind your back? Or do you want me to come home and tell you ever detail? How I seduced him, what his dick felt like the first time I felt it in my hands, the flavor of his dick in my mouth, the size of his cock, and how it felt in my pussy?"

I wanted her to fuck me harder, but every time I tried, she would pull her pussy off my dick until I stopped.

"Tell me Michael, is that what you want me to do? Why don't I make you a deal... If you let me fuck other men, I will let you video tape me with another woman. I will let you watch as I fuck another woman. What do you think about that idea?"

"Lynn, I think we can work that out. Please, if you change your mind about letting me fuck another woman, let me know. But, yes in the mean time, you can do whatever you want."

At this, she began fucking me with all abandonment. All I could think about were images of her fucking another woman and other men quickly flowing through my head. The last thing that came through my head before I began spurting a large amount of sperm into her, was the image of John fucking her from behind. Imagining his large dick pistoning in and out, stretching her cunt pushed me over the edge.

I heard myself moan and say "John". I heard her quietly laugh and say, "yes, John....Ohhhh!!"

It was around 3 in the morning, I was up all night, waiting. I had popped open a beer, and started the night watching a movie. Once the movie finished, and 8 beers later, I moved onto playing Halo. I kept looking out the window, waiting for a vehicle to pull up. A few weeks prior, Lynn approached me letting me know that while she was on her lunch break, she sat next to a young married man who began hitting on her right away. Apparently, the attraction was mutual because there was more than chatter and laughter that was exchanged.

Lynn came home that night ready to fuck. She threw me on the bed and asked me what I thought...If I thought this was a good time for her to fuck another man...I slowly nodded my head yes.

She left to meet him at 7 for dinner and whatever else happened. I was just starting another game of Halo when, her car drove up into the driveway and into the garage. She opened the door from the garage, walked in and looked at me. Her hair was tussled, her cloths were put on hastily, and she just looked used.

She walked up to me, looked me in the eyes, grabbed my hand and pulled me up to our bedroom. On the way up, I was nervous that I would be upset that we made this decision. I looked at her legs, and followed them up under her skirt. Looking for evidence of her escapades.

Once in the bedroom, she tore her clothes off, tearing at mine at the same time. I went to the bed and lay down, waiting for her to come to me. I asked "Did it happen?"

She said "I need you to eat me. I need you to eat all the juices out of me while I tell you what happened."

She got up on the bed, positioned her pussy over my head and lowered herself down onto my eager mouth and began with "Michael, it was amazing..."

(To Be Continued)

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