tagNovels and NovellasBetrayal Book 02

Betrayal Book 02


Chapter 1 – Sharon & Gary

Book two is mainly about the relationships between our niece and husband and how it impacted on our marriage

It was about two months later that Amanda received a call from Jill one evening. Now, Amanda had not spoken to Jill since she had thrown her out of our house and it was a surprise therefore when she found out who the caller was. Jill was in tears and begging Amanda to come over to Sharon's home. It appears that Gary, Sharon's husband had left her and she was distraught and in no fit state to look after her children. Of course, Amanda went over immediately and tried to console Sharon and Jill who was also getting upset.

When she returned home later that evening she told me the gist of what had happened. According to Sharon, Gary had left earlier in the evening after simply telling Sharon that he no longer loved her and though he loved his kids and that he would miss them, he was not prepared to continue living a lie. I knew Gary very well by this time. Apart from working for the same company, we were now family. He was successful in his job and had proved to be a reliable and conscientious employee and more importantly a good father to his kids.

Amanda and Jill tried to be supportive to Sharon and her kids as best they could and over the next few weeks, more information started to emerge about their break-up. Sharon accused Gary of being authoritarian and demanding. It seems he was extremely jealous of her job and resented the independence it gave her. He felt she should be at home looking after their children. Sharon had returned to work, on a job share basis with another married mother. She insisted that she had to work to help with the household bills. Apparently, they had a large mortgage and despite Gary's best efforts, they were running behind on their commitments.

Jill and Amanda spent many hours talking to Sharon, but she steadfastly refused to provide any further information about their separation. The one thing that did emerge from the issue was that Jill and Amanda were back on speaking terms. I was glad that they were at least communicating again. It does not a genius to work out that in the end family is family. That did not mean that I was ready to forgive and forget and despite Amanda's pleading that I allow her to come to our house for dinner, I refused to even consider it. Jill had almost brought our marriage to its knees and I could not condone her presence in our home. Amanda and Jill arranged to meet once or twice a week and I had to accept that despite everything Amanda was still close to her sister.

I was at work when I was called to the MD's office as he had something he needed to discus with me. I entered to find Gary sitting there with an almost embarrassed look on his face. Our MD, Brian Whittle briefed me that Gary had handed in his resignation and whilst he had no option but to accept it, he wanted me to try and talk some sense into him before the formal process took over. He asked Gary to wait outside for a moment as he wanted to talk to me privately. When we were alone he asked if I knew why Gary would choose this moment to resign. His main concern was that Gary had been approached by one of our competitors. Gary was working on a high profile product that our competitors would dearly love to get their hands on. It was far in advance of anything on the market at present and we had high hopes that it would take us from a small nationally recognised company to truly international status.

Explaining to Brian that Gary was having personal problems and that I thought that was the root cause of his resignation was not easy, without revealing all the details. I asked to be given some time to persuade him to rescind his letter. Brian told me brusquely to get it sorted! He couldn't afford to lose Gary at this stage of the product development.

Thanks a bunch, I thought sourly, now I had to get involved once again with my wife's family and their problems. I tried to explain to him that I wasn't a marriage guidance counsellor, but he just gave me one of his stares that left me in no doubt that he would not accept any excuses on this one.

I left Brian's office and collected Gary from the clutches of Brian's PA who was a recognised man-eater. Once in her arms, rumour had it that she could corrupt a saint. I was not going to give her the opportunity with Gary. I took him back to my office and sat him down. I went to my cabinet and poured him a strong McCallan's 18 year old Malt and handed it to him. While he sat and sipped at his drink, I pretended to read his letter of resignation, what I was really doing was trying to formulate some plan that would reverse his resignation. I could only really see one way forward, so I took the bull by the horns and asked him outright. "Is your decision to resign a direct result of the problems with your marriage?"

He nodded the affirmative, so I followed up by asking. "Why do you think that resigning from your job will resolve that issue? After all, whatever the outcome, you will still need to support your children."

He said. "I have a lot to offer another employer, I am aware of my worth in the current market. A move to another city and employer would help me make my separation from Sharon more definite, in any case I can't continue to live at my parent's house much longer. They are giving me a hard time about things as it is, I just need to get away from everything for a while."

I pointed out that any move to another employer, in another city would only add to his isolation from his kids. I also pointed out that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement when he started with us and that we would view any breach of this seriously. I actual fact, it would be almost impossible to enforce any breach of this agreement and he probably knew it!

Searching for another factor to prolong the discussion, I asked. "I have heard Sharon's side of the story regarding your break up, but I've be around too long to believe just one side in cases like this. It always takes two to cause an argument and I truthfully don't believe her version, there's just not enough there to cause a rift like this. Do you want to talk about it, anything you tell me will remain between you and me, unless you give me your express permission to divulge to someone else?"

Gary looked at me and I could see that his eyes were filled with tears and he was on the verge of breaking down. What on earth had she done to bring things to this state, I wondered. He said. "I don't think I can speak about it just now, it's too fresh and painful."

I wondered about this and I suggested. "Why don't you just sit down quietly and write it all down in chronological order? That way you can express yourself anyway you choose and who knows it may help you define what he real issue is. Tell me 'Do you still love Sharon or not'?"

"I don't know, she seems to be trying to drive me away, but I do love my kids and I miss them more than you can imagine. I like your idea of writing it all down however, I'll give it a try. You might not like me or Sharon much after you've read it!"

"Listen." I replied, "after what your mother-in-law has put me through over the past twelve months or so, I don't think anything can shock me anymore."

He smiled at that and asked, "your word that this will remain between you and me, you won't discus it even with Amanda?"

"Amanda's the last person I would reveal anything to, she couldn't keep a secret from Jill if she tried. Yes, you have my word on that."

"OK," he said. "I will send you the whole sordid details when I've had a chance to sit down and compose it all."

I smiled at him and said. "In the meantime, how about I ignore this resignation letter until you and I sit down and review your thoughts?"

To my relief, he agreed to that and then I had another thought. "You said you needed to get away from your parents for a while, I will need to check with Amanda, but there's a spare room at our house. If she is agreeable, would you like to stop with us until the issues are resolved, one way or another?"

"What about Amanda, won't she be pestering me just the same way my parents are?"

"You underestimate her. She has an open mind regarding you and Sharon's problems and is savvy enough to know that she has not heard the full story. I can assure you, she will not press you for details, but if you need to ask her advice, she will give you a reasoned response. She is very close to Sharon and Mandy, but she is not blind to their foibles and faults."

He considered that for a moment and then said, "If she is happy to have me, then I would be delighted." Gary left shortly after that and returned to work. I called Brain and told him that the crisis had been averted for the time being and that Gary and I would be working to try and resolve his problems. He thanked me and then told me. "This is your number one priority until it's resolved, take what time you need, but sort it!"

When I returned home later that evening, I found Amanda strangely receptive to my proposal regarding Gary. Despite what I said to Gary, I had reservations that Amanda would not be pleased about my proposal, but she accepted having another man in our house without any hesitation. We made love that night and she was quite vocal in her demands for me to fuck her harder. I'll never understand her!

Chapter 2 - Gary's Confession

As promised. Gary had worked on his perception of where his marriage to Sharon had gone awry. I post it here unabridged.

'Sharon and I had happy marriage during the first four years. We had two wonderful children and until we over extended ourselves financially, I thought we were the perfect couple.'

'Our problems began shortly after our eldest reached school age. We had moved to a larger house and complete with a bigger mortgage. We would still have been OK if I had not made some stupid investments and we found ourselves overextended. We discussed the problem together and Sharon said she was ready to get back into the workplace. I could see no other solution, other than asking our parents to bail us out and I for one was too proud to ask for help.'

'Sharon was fortunate and quickly found a job with her previous company. It was on a job share basis with another married lady with child commitments. Sharon worked three days consisting of twelve hour shifts, so it was almost equivalent to a full time role. At first she dressed fairly conservatively and I used to rib her about it. She had been a very successful Office Manager previously, but now found herself back at the bottom of the tree, filing and processing documents. She found this pretty frustrating and I teased her about how she used to use her assets to promote herself in her early days at the company and suggested she reverted to that style. At first she resisted and said that she was too old to act like that anymore and anyway she was a respectable married woman now! I persisted and suggested that if she wanted to get promoted she needed to change something. At first she resisted my efforts to get her to dress a little more adventurously, but slowly she started to wear shorter dresses that showed her curves to her advantage. She did admit that she was getting a lot more attention from the male managers and that she had started to flirt with some of the more attractive ones.'

'It was me that changed the course of our marriage. One night we attended a party at the house of one of our neighbours. We only knew then slightly, but we were conscious that we had been putting them off in the past, so we decided to attend. We were greeted at the door by our host Tim and introduced to his wife Roberta. She was extremely attractive and her dress was clinging to her like a second skin. She was tall at around five foot eight and clearly wearing no bra as her nipples were very prominent.'

'We were introduced to the three other couples attending the party and they were all aged in their mid thirties and lived locally. They were all fairly attractive couples and as the conversation moved from funny innuendo to double entendre's bordering on crude I began to suspect that they all knew each other really well to speak so openly to each other. Their conversations were mainly about sex and what turned them on. I watched Sharon throughout this and noticed she seemed to be enjoying herself and not fazed at all by the direction the conversation was taking. At one point I found myself alone with our hostess Roberta in the kitchen and she told me straight that they regularly swapped partners and that if we wanted to join their little circle of friends, Sharon and I would be more than welcome to join them. To help me decide she grabbed me and pulled me close pressing her luscious body against me. She kissed me and soon my erection was so obvious. She slowly stroked it and smiled and almost as if by their own accord, my hands found their way to her breasts and then onward beneath her dress to the junction between her thighs. She helped me raise her skirt to give me free access to her pussy. She had no panties on and she was literally dripping. I also noticed she had no pussy hair, she was completely bald down there!'

'Roberta and I broke our clinch as Tim barged into kitchen for more drinks. He looked at Roberta and winked and told me not to let him interrupt my enjoyment of his wife's body. I stammered that I needed to speak to my wife and returned to the lounge. I found Amanda standing quite close to one of the men and he was whispering something into her ear. She just smiled at him and shook her head and then noticing me approach excused herself and came over to join me. I asked her what that was about and she said he had just proposed to fuck her senseless later on. I found to my surprise that I wasn't angry at this, in fact I was rather proud that another man found my wife desirable. I asked if she realised that they were all swingers at this party and she confirmed that she knew this and that she had known about these parties before we agreed to attend. I asked if she wanted to participate later on and she almost floored me by saying, "it might be fun." I asked if she was sure and she just said, "why not!" To cut a long story short, we did stay on later and I fucked Roberta twice before we finally left. Sharon told me later that she was also fucked twice, once by the fellow that promised to fuck her senseless and failed to fulfil his boast and the other time by Tim.'

'The following day we talked about what had transpired the previous evening and Sharon said, "Gary, last night's events doesn't alter my love for you, but I really liked getting a different cock inside me!" Then she added, "It certainly spiced up our love life. When you went down on me last night after we got home, I erupted like a volcano. I've never come so hard, the thought of you sucking another man's sperm from my pussy was a real turn on for me." She asked if I was happy with what had went on and how I felt about sucking someone's sticky goo out of her cunt. I told her I had enjoyed the attention she received from those two men and as for cleaning her afterwards, I was not so keen on doing it again.'

'Things returned to normal over the next week apart from in the bedroom. Sharon wanted to relive the night of the party just about every night. I wasn't complaining, she was like a nympho, always ready to fuck, always very wet and willing to try out any position or any orifice. The one common element was that she insisted I clean her up with my tongue afterwards. This never failed to give her a massive final orgasm before we called it a night. It didn't bother me licking up my own sperm, it was part of me and she had no qualms about swallowing it, so why should I?'

'We were invited to attend another party and this time the hosts were one of the other couples, it seemed they took in turns to host the events. Sharon was so excited about going that she was soaking wet all day before hand and was forced to change her panties twice. I admit that I was also looking forward to the evening and wondered who I would be paired with. When we arrived at the party, we were met by our hostess and surprised to see she was rather demurely dressed in a long dress that revealed kittle of her figure. She hastily explained that she and her husband had two teenaged children and they had yet to leave the house. They were sleeping over at one of the friend's homes and that until they departed we needed to be a little discreet. This would be hard for Sharon as she was wearing a backless cocktail dress that was pretty short finishing about five inches above her knees. She had found it difficult enough when sitting in the car from stopping the hem rising and revealing her charms to all and sundry. Our hostess, Debbie was still putting finishing touches to the finger buffet she was preparing, so Sharon volunteered to assist in the kitchen thereby avoiding any embarrassments in front of Debbie's kids.'

'The two kids soon departed and we adults were free to start the evening's entertainment, but first we had the buffet and some drinks. The party then followed on a similar vein to the previous one. This time the ladies were given a playing card and then dipped in the hat to extract a matching card. If they selected their own husband's card they had to redraw. When all five couples had paired off and with the alcohol flowing, soft lighting and background music, the clothing also disappeared. I was paired with Debbie and as she preferred some privacy when screwing, she took my hand led me to her bedroom upstairs. I found her charms irresistible and we fucked like crazy the first time. I must have brought her to two or three orgasms before I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load deep into her pussy. We must have lain there kissing and talking quietly in the aftermath of our passion and she explained some of the other rules that governed these parties.'

'She told me that some of the participants had young children and that it was not always possible to leave them with grand parents overnight. I these situations, the ladies returned to their own homes with their partner for the night, but the partners must depart no later than midnight. This was to prevent any embarrassing situations the following morning. Apparently, they had a situation arise once and she told me a very funny story surrounding this event, hence the rule about midnight terminations. We were still laughing when the bedroom door opened and we were joined by Roberta. She was naked and carrying a bottle of bubbly and glasses. We made room for her on the bed and I found myself living out one of my oldest fantasies.'

'The two women were soon working in tandem to get me erect, not that it was too much hard work for them. At one point I was kneeling between Roberta's open legs with her bum resting on my thighs as I slowly fucked her. She was moaning or at least trying to moan which was made difficult for her as she had Debbie astride her face forcing her sloppy cunt onto her willing tongue. Once Debbie had her orgasm she stood up and left us to it. Roberta had a mixture of my and Debbie's cum smeared all over her face and I pulled her over so she was astride me with her breasts available for my searching hands and tongue. We came together in a huge climax and collapsed together, of us seemingly completely sated for the moment.'

'After a while, we returned to the lounge and I looked around for my wife. She was not anywhere in the room and Tim noticing my search met my gaze and pointed to the dining room. I went in and found Sharon on the table with one of the other men, Andy I think trying to enter her anus. His prick was pretty big, bigger than mine at any rate and I thought she will never be able to accept that in her arse, but she did and I watched as he fucked her to several orgasms. When he had finished, I moved to try her bum hole myself, but Peter beat me to it by pushing me aside rather roughly. "You can have her at any time, but this is my chance and I have been looking forward to this for ages." Sharon by this time was beyond worrying about the pecking order, she wanted fucked and just looking at me said, "Gary, let him do me please. He is the fourth one tonight and I need it to beat my record of three men in one night." I stood back and watched as he fucked my wife. He lasted ages, he must have had a hard night, but my cock was still hard when I felt it engulfed be a warm mouth and tongue. I looked down and saw an older woman I had not met before on her knees giving me what turned out to be one of the best blow jobs I had ever had.'

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