tagBDSMBetrayal Ch. 3

Betrayal Ch. 3


It proved to be an extraordinary evening of discovery—and conflicting emotions. I simultaneously learned of my long-suppressed craving for Ying and my previously—to me—unimaginable streak of a Domme’s cruelty.

Master had refilled the funnel in Ying’s mouth with his urine, then taken my hand and led me to the bedroom. Ying was left squirming in her cuffs on the coffee table, still under the standing order not to swallow until given permission. I glanced back in pity for my dear friend Ying.

In the bedroom, Master held me in a loving embrace, kissing me all over my body and gently tweaking my nipples and clitoris. Such soft treatment was a rather rare pleasure for me. I hugged my Master hard, ran my hands longingly over his body and returned his French kisses with fervor. Occasionally, Master would break from the kisses and offer some instructions for the evening.

In the back of my mind I knew that Master was intentionally taking his time in explaining things to me. I could only assume that this was for Ying’s “benefit”, as she remained out in the living room cuffed in her horrible predicament. I was sure, too, that Ying could hear my heavy sighing as our Master continued to arouse me. I did not wish to imagine her agony, so I focused gladly on Master’s lovemaking and instruction.

Finally, as ordered by Master, I returned to the living room. I climbed up on the coffee table and knelt back, straddling Ying’s stomach. I stroked her silky black hair and finally said simply, “You may swallow.”

She did and when she was finished I removed the funnel. She was still gasping for clear breath when I wedged a ball gag in her mouth and strapped it behind her head. Next a heavy studded black leather collar. Standing off the table, I released her arms and helped her up to a sitting a position. I briefly massaged her soft arms, hands and fingers to help restore circulation. If this gesture made Ying think that things were about to get easier for her I quickly disabused her of that notion. I pulled her arms tight behind her back and bound her wrists together with cotton rope (thankfully, Master preferred soft cotton rope to harsh hemp. He had previously explained to me that he did not—usually—care for the look of rope burns on his slave’s soft flesh).

My experience in bondage had up to now always been on the other end of the rope. I was a little clumsy tying off the knots, no doubt, but at least I knew very well where to place the ropes. After a short while I had Ying’s arms snugly tied together behind her, and using a much longer rope I had made several wraps around each biceps before coming around her chest and upper back, below and above her firm little breasts, leaving her nipples exposed.

I removed her ankle cuffs, and led her by a chain leash to the bedroom. Ying still was wearing her flesh-colored hose and her panties around her ankles. Given that, and her inability to use her arms for balance, it was no surprise that she rather staggered as I tugged on the leash.

Master was lying back on the bed. I pulled Ying along, giving the leash one final jerk that sent her stumbling into the room. When I did so, I heard a slight, muffled cry from behind Ying’s gag. “Master, your new slave, Ying,” I said as I handed him the leash.

Master grabbed her chin and looked her in the eyes. Ying sobbed slightly behind the ball-gag. “Ah, Ning,” he said, “she is so lovely, and we shall have so much fun—and more—together. But tonight she must begin her lessons in discipline. And you, Ning, must be rewarded. Let us begin with the discipline.”

“Ning. Bring that table to the side of the bed,” he said gesturing to a heavy round table, about three feet in diameter. The table, like all the furniture in Master’s apartment, had eyebolts and hooks in various locations. I had spent many long hours on this table, but tonight was Ying’s turn. Master pinched Ying’s clitoris and nipples, then ran his fingers along her cheek and said, “Ying, tonight you will learn something about the pain and pleasure of being my slave. And first you will learn that perhaps the greatest pain you can suffer is longing. Ning, secure her on the table.”

Following Master’s instructions, I helped Ying onto the table, wrapped a long rope around her wrists at her back, looped it over a heavy hook in the ceiling, then tied it off on the table leg. I did the same with a second rope, tying it off on the other leg. I then tied each of her ankles with short ropes to a table leg, so she was forced into a kneeling, squatting position. I knew just how uncomfortable this position was, as it caused one’s calves, thighs, arms and shoulders all to ache. Her hose and panties remained, a stretched shambles about her ankles. Ying was silent behind her gag, but her wide eyes almost spoke.

Next Master had me play Ying with a dildo. I teased her nipples with the end of the eight-inch long phallus before giving each nipple a longing lick and suckle. As they rose to my lips in arousal I withdrew, pinching and stretching before snapping clamps into place. The clamps were attached by a weighted chain, which dangled down, stretching her nipples in painful arousal. Ying winced and looked deep into my eyes. I rubbed the dildo on her cheeks, her navel, her sides. She would come to know the dildo well.

“Go down on her, Ning,” Master ordered. Soon her love juices were flowing. I had tasted my own cum many times before, for Master fed it to me one way or another often. But this was my first taste of another woman. I loved it. It was the essence of my dear friend Ying. I lapped at her vagina with vigor, sucking her clitoris and making long stokes with my tongue. Ying’s body moved to the rhythm of my ministrations as best it could against the restraints of her bondage. I felt a trickle on the back of my neck. Looking up, I saw that Ying was drooling behind the gag. I felt Ying begin to quiver. I began to quiver.

“Enough, Ning”, Master said. “The dildo.”

I slowly drew the dildo around Ying’s seeping vagina. I thrust it in a few inches several times, then tickled her tummy with the dildo’s wet head. A few more thrusts, deeper this time, and Ying again began to quiver. It was clear she was close to orgasm. I was close to orgasm from the pleasure of teasing her.

“Give her a taste, Ning,” Master said.

I removed her ball gag. “Lick it. Swallow it, slave.” Amazingly that was me talking, not Master. I was joining in his enjoyment in tormenting poor Ying. I thrust the dildo deep into her mouth, and saw it stretch her throat. Tears were welling in her eyes.

I now knew Master’s game. Without prompting, after Ying had licked and sucked the dildo thoroughly clean, I replaced her ball gag and again teased her cunt, this time with slow deep thrusts. As Ying again was clearly on the brink of orgasm I pulled the dildo out and said to our Master, “I think she’s ready, Sir.”

“Let her suck on it then, Ning,” Master said. I removed Ying’s ball gag and thrust the dildo, slick with her own juices, deep into her throat and left it bobbing there. “Don’t drop it, Ying.”

Master is a genius at arousing a woman. Not least of all, his tongue and lips are magical. He can use them to perfection; I knew so well the sweet agony of Master slowly licking and sucking my vagina and clit, as he would bring my arousal to the boiling point before backing off. I watched him as he worked his magic on Ying.

She was so helpless and lovely, so completely vulnerable to Master’s torments. Her thighs twitched against her bonds and her upper body bounced, testing the restraints holding her by the wrists behind her back. I heard a sort of gurgling sound from behind the dildo in her mouth, and noticed saliva now coming forth in a stream. If I did not know Master better I would have been sure that any second Ying would spit out the dildo and scream in intense orgasm. Still, every time I was sure this would happen, Master would back off and taunt Ying. “You will cum when—IF—I decide to let you. Do you understand?”

The first few times he did this, Ying quickly nodded her head in agreement. However, the third, fourth, especially the fifth time, it looked like she might explode. She knew she was helpless and utterly at Master’s mercy, but her arousal was so great that it took a great effort her for to acknowledge the obvious. But finally she would nod again, the dildo still firmly in her mouth.

For my part, I was in a fever just watching this incredible display of arousal and denial. My shaved pussy glistened with my juices. It was all I could do to refrain from fingering myself. I would have cum immediately, but Master had not given his permission.

I could not begin to tell you how long this went on. How many times Ying was brought to brink of glorious orgasm and left dangling there in her bonds. As it went on I almost think I saw the heavy table itself begin to rock from Ying’s vain efforts to find fulfillment. Finally, Master backed off.

“Ning,” he said, “this slave you have brought me is not just beautiful and willing, she’s delicious. Would you care for a taste?”

Saying this, he embraced me. My tongue searched deep in his mouth, licking out dear Ying’s juices. I lapped at Masters wet cheeks and chin like a puppy. Master giggled, both from amusement and the tickling.

“Oh, Ning, you have done so well.” With that he threw me back onto the bed into the 69 position. He rubbed his cheeks against my black stockings. He kneaded my little feet, kissed each of my ankles, then ran his tongue in a slow rapturous trail along the backs of my legs, sucking on my soft flesh at the stocking tops before—finally!—thrusting his tongue deep into my vagina. He licked madly, and nipped at my swollen clitoris.

My attention was thus divided as I tried to concentrate on his penis. I licked it. Suckled his balls. Planted loving kisses on the soft, sensitive and fragrant underside between his balls and anus. I ran my tongue in long, slow strokes along the shaft of his throbbing member. I rimmed his little pee hole, now glistening with pre-cum. At just the same time that his tongue finally thrust deep into my pussy, I took his full length in my throat.

Master naturally had terrific control over his penis, and I had been well trained to withhold orgasm until receiving Master’s bidding. Still, this was too much for the both of us. In a matter of moments we both came to shattering, simultaneous orgasm. I let out a scream born of delirium, and squeezed Master’s head in a vice between my thighs as my legs fluttered and twitched

I would surely have been gasping for breath were it not for my Master’s penis, now joined by what seemed a bucket load of cum filling my mouth. Master himself was almost senseless. He had let out a scream the likes of which I had never heard from him before. His body tensed and then released. I felt his full weight collapse down against me. After a short while he idly caressed and kissed my stockinged feet and toes.

Only then did I remember my best friend Ying. A strange sound called her to my attention. At times it was clearly just a moan of arousal and denial, but occasionally this moan was broken off by a series of mouse-like squeaks, followed by a sniffle. I looked up from between Master’s legs and saw Ying still strung in her helpless crouch on the table. She had had a bird’s eye view of this remarkable scene. After the torment she had suffered as a prelude it appeared that this had all but broken her. Her face was deep red, almost violet. Tears flowed unchecked from her eyes. The dildo, still in place, moved slightly in and out between her lips. For all the world like Ying was sucking a giant thumb or pacifier. A puddle of her love juices glistened on the table.

Master’s weight shifted, then he rolled off my body. I glanced into his eyes and he nodded. We did not exchange a word. I stood on the bed and taunted Ying. “You have no idea how incredible that was Ying. Or do you? Perhaps someday you will earn such a treat from our Master. Until then, leftovers should do.”

Saying that I pulled the dildo from Ying’s mouth. I grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her head back. Inches above her sad, tortured face I leaned over. I looked deep in the sweet dark eyes of my very best friend. I stuck my tongue out and watched as slowly my mouthful of Master’s sweet cum went down like poured honey towards Ying’s waiting mouth and throat.

I saw that Ning shuddered as the load reached her. She swallowed my gift almost greedily, and licked her lips to catch the drippings. I lunged down to kiss her with my now twisted love.

To be continued.

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