Betrayed By My Wife


Incredibly she continued preparing our meal and we ate it together in silence although she did chatter quite a bit about everything except the next night. I couldn’t find anything to say! I just remained quiet and didn’t enjoy my meal at all. After we had cleared everything away and settled down to watch television for a while, she sat next to me on the couch, placed her head on my shoulder, told me she loved me and hoped I would be able to understand what she was doing and accept it! What a chance! She waited until the program was finished and then took me by the hand, and pulled me to the bedroom where we undressed ready for bed. After we had visited that bathroom and were ready to jump into bed, Stephanie moved over to me, told me she loved me and wanted me to make love to her now! I asked her how she expected me to feel seeing she was going ahead with her plan to sleep with another man on the next night!

She told me it was a learning experience for her and she loved me! She played with my cock and, despite how I was feeling about her, it soon stiffened and she continued to play with me! I was lying on my back. We were both naked as we had never worn clothing of any sort to bed since we had been married! She told me she loved me, told me she was very wet, and wanted me to fuck her! I didn’t move! I wanted to make love to her, perhaps to convince her not to do anything tomorrow night, but my heart wasn’t in it and I did nothing a make love with her!

She moved over me until she was straddling me and, with just a moment to adjust her position, she moved her pussy until it was directly over my cock, and then she plunged down on me – my cock going deeply into her! She continued to move on me and it wasn’t long before she came with her usual vigor and her usual noise (she was quite noisy making love and I really like that) and it wasn’t long before I came too. Again I asked her to reconsider her thinking but she told me she was going ahead with her plan no matter what I thought about it! That was that! She seemed to be satisfied sexually and then rolled over and went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all! I spent the night tossing and turning, wondering just what would happen next night!

In the morning I again asked Stephanie to reconsider but again she refused! She told me she had arranged to leave the shop early and would come home and prepare herself for the man. She asked me if I wanted to watch her with the man or go out! I had tried to think about this all night and couldn’t make up my mind. I didn’t want to leave her with some man I didn’t know, but could I watch her with another man? I still wasn’t sure. I asked her what she thought and she said, “Of course I would want you to watch me fuck another man! I would much rather you be there and see me than to not know what was going on – after all I love you and want you for ever!” I guess the die was cast – I would be watching my darling wife with another man!

For the first time I asked her who the man would be? She simply said, “His name is Will and I made contact with him through Colleen. She says he has been her best lover but now she has found many other men who were just as good.”

I tried to work during the day but my constant thoughts were of Stephanie and how I could possibly stop her from this foolishness. Early in the afternoon I rang the show room but was told she had left earlier. This means she must be at home already making preparations for tonight! I couldn’t concentrate and so I told the staff I was taking an early break and would see them next week. I headed for home immediately.

When I opened the front door of our place I couldn’t see Stephanie and wondered if she was really at home. When I wandered towards the bathroom, Stephanie opened the door and, having just stepped out of the shower, was standing in front of me stark naked! She asked me how she looked! I have always felt strongly that Stephanie has the most beautiful body and so I told her so! Stephanie is about 5’7” tall and is beautifully proportioned for her height. She has beautiful large breasts with long firm nipples, she has a beautiful navel which I love to lick, and she has a beautiful hairy bush covering her wonderful pussy! It is obvious I am totally in love with my Stephanie, but now I am having great doubts about what I will think tomorrow. Stephanie has always had a wonderful tanned body and, up until now, she has always worn a bathing suit of some sort when sunning herself. It may have been a rather small suit, but a suit nonetheless. Because of this, she had lovely white areas on her breasts and across her pubic area – otherwise she was a glorious tanned color.

Stephanie shocked me when she asked me if I would shave off her pubic hair for her as she wanted to look her very best for Will! She has never offered to shave off her pubic hair for me – why would she want to now? I told her I wouldn’t shave her as I loved her the way she is! She said she thought it would be difficult to shave herself so she would ring Colleen and ask her to come over and do the job for her! I rebelled at this, but Stephanie was soon on the phone and asked Colleen to come over straight away. In about 40 minutes, Colleen arrived at our home, complete with her shaving equipment. Stephanie was still naked, having spent the time waiting for Colleen rubbing oils and scents into her naked body. She was glistening when the light fell on her skin and I was greatly turned on by her changed appearance. Stephanie has lovely long, slender legs and she had already shaved them. She had also shaved her underarms. Stephanie has a wonderful fine blonde covering of hair on her forearms and I am greatly turned on by this hair. She has not shaved this off as she loves it too, however, she has covered it with some of the oils and this has enhanced the appearance of the hair and it looks more exciting.

Once Colleen arrived the atmosphere changed quite considerably! I told Colleen I didn’t appreciate her interference and I would be pleased if she would just turn around and leave the house immediately! Stephanie defended Colleen and they simply ignored me! They moved to the bedroom where Stephanie had arranged a number of towels on the bed. She also had a bowl of water and now they were going to shave her pubic hair. I decided to watch and so I stood in the doorway! They didn’t comment so I guessed they had chosen to ignore me completely. Well, it didn’t take Colleen very long to totally remove all of the beautiful brown hair from around my Stephanie’s cunt. It was now totally visible and I could see the lips as they curled back slightly and I could also see her clitoris which now stuck out slightly at the top of her lips! She looked so different I didn’t know what to think – she certainly looked nice but I preferred her with the hairy covering. As soon as Colleen was finished, she cleaned herself up and left us. I again pleaded with Stephanie not to go head with this stupid idea, but no matter what I said, she simply told me she was going ahead with it no matter what! What a changed Stephanie – I just cannot understand why this change has been so dramatic!

Stephanie asked me how she should dress for Will! As if I would help her there. She wondered if she should just greet him at the door in a negligee or dress up in better clothes and remove them as necessary. I told her to forget the whole idea.

At 6.45pm the front door bell rang! I shuddered at what would happen next. When Stephanie opened the door, in walked Colleen! She said she had detected much aggression in me during the afternoon and wondered if Stephanie would like her to fuck me while she, Stephanie, was fucking Will! What a cheek. Stephanie couldn’t make up her mind, but I did! I rushed to the door and pushed Colleen out so forcibly that she fell over backwards on the porch! She screamed obscenities at me but I ignored her and shut the door.

I again pleaded with Stephanie to forget the whole idea but she said her mind was made up. She was dressed in a nice black mini-dress which resembled the very first dress she had worn when on our first date. I asked Stephanie if she realized I would probably leave her if she went ahead with her silly idea but she said she didn’t think I would be that silly! Well, I would show her!

At precisely 7.00pm the doorbell rang and it was easy to see Stephanie was becoming very excited and I could see a slight twitch in her face as she turned to look at me. She opened the door and in stepped a 6’ black man, handsome and well presented, but a black man just the same. I could see Stephanie was taken back by this man. It was obvious she didn’t expect him to be black! They nervously introduced each other and shook hands. I thought that was an absolute irony to think they would introduce themselves by shaking hands and then go ahead and fuck each other! Stephanie tried to introduce Will to me and, out of politeness only, I nodded to him but then told him in no uncertain manner that I thought what he was doing was totally wrong and he should leave immediately. Stephanie moved to his side and then placed her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply! I could hardly watch. After a few minutes of kissing, his hands began to caress her body and moved around to her breasts. He squeezed her breasts and attempted to find her nipples through the material of her dress but could not do so. He then slipped both thin straps of the dress down off her shoulders and pulled it down enough to expose her breasts and nipples. Stephanie had not worn a bra and so he had access to her breasts. He caressed them and nipped her nipples between his thumb and fingers and, as she is very sensitive when her nipples are touched, she became instantly aroused. She continued the kissing and he continued the caressing but by now the dress had slipped down further and was now just hanging on her hips. His hands dropped to her hips and slipped the dress down further and, of course, it now dropped into a heap at her feet. Stephanie had not worn panties and now, except for her shoes, was standing naked in front of this black stranger. He stepped back, held her at arms lengths and then pulled her to him again and continued the kissing. His body was rubbing against hers and she was now totally aroused! Stephanie slid her hand around to the front of his jeans and began to rub his penis through the material.

I stepped forward and told them to stop immediately! Stephanie told me to grow up and either watch in silence or leave now! Next, Stephanie unbuttoned the few buttons on his shirt and then pulled his shirt up and off his body. He certainly had a good body – even I had to admit that. Next she started to unbuckle his belt and then undid his jeans and slipped them down his legs. He wore no underwear and so his big cock was now exposed – dangling down between his legs. It was of very long length and although not completely hard, it was almost there. Stephanie dropped to her knees and grasped his cock in her hands, gave it a quick rub to make it even longer and harder and then popped it into her mouth. She couldn’t take very much of it in her mouth, but she did her best and a lot of it went down her throat. Stephanie sucked on his cock for a couple of minutes before Will told her she had better stop because he was likely to cum in her mouth and would prefer to fuck her with a full load and then he could cum in her mouth later on!

Stephanie stood up, somewhat reluctantly, and grabbed his hand and led him towards our bedroom. I followed them in a daze, not fully able to comprehend what was happening. Once I moved to the doorway of our bedroom, I saw Stephanie lying back on the bed with her legs wide apart and her arms held out welcoming Will to her body! He moved to her and began kissing her lips, and then moved down to her breasts and sucked her nipples. When he had finished that, he moved further down her body and licked her navel and then, using his tongue, made a wet mark down from her navel to her clitoris before licking and sucking her cunt! I stood in the doorway unable to move!

When Will had finished kissing and licking her genitals, he moved his body up over hers and Stephanie reached down and grabbed his cock and pulled it into the lips of her pussy. Will paused there for only a couple of seconds before he pushed sharply and plunged his cock into my wife’s cunt! She had actually done what she said – she had allowed another man to enter her cunt! Of course Will began his thrusting action making sure his cock entered as deeply as possible and then pulling it out until it was just inside the lips of her pussy. As he increased the tempo of his thrusting and Stephanie began to respond, she threw her legs around his back and clamped her ankles together and pulled him further into herself. She was being fucked by a black, well hung stranger and I didn’t like it one bit! I am not racially prejudiced but this is something far deeper than that! Before I could move or say anything, his strokes increased in speed and urgency and with a couple of groans from Will and screams from Stephanie, he came in her! This was the end for me! I moved away from the doorway and returned to the lounge room where I poured myself a stiff drink. I drank this slowly while a million thoughts were flashing through my mind. When the drink was finished I again returned to the bedroom only to see Stephanie on her hands and knees with Will kneeling behind her with his long cock embedded in her cunt again. Whilst I was watching, he came again amidst screams from Stephanie. As soon as his cock had shrunk and plopped from her hole, he moved around to her head and thrust his wet cock into her mouth. She began sucking it straight away. This was too much for me. He must have been virile because it was no time at all before he came in her mouth – and she swallowed his load with glee.

I left the bedroom and moved to the junk room where we kept anything of value but not wanted at the moment! I retrieved two suitcases from the mess and returned to the bedroom. Placing the suitcases on the floor alongside the bed, I began pulling my clothes, underwear, socks, shirts etc., from the wardrobes and placing them in the suitcases. Stephanie watched me and laughed at me a couple of times whilst at the same time she was stroking Will’s cock back into life. When he was hard again, she asked him to fuck her again and this he did with gusto! I had almost completed my packing. Fortunately for me we didn’t have a great deal of material things and so I was able to gather all of my stuff quickly. This included a few books CD’s and things like that and I quickly shoved them into the remaining case space. When I had packed, I returned to the bedroom. By now, Will was lying on his back and Stephanie was sitting upright on his cock and he was playing with her breasts.

I simply said to Stephanie, “Well, I never thought it would ever come to this, Stephanie, but you have disgraced me and our marriage. I hope, for your sake, you will be at peace with what you have done! Our marriage is now over! I will see my lawyer and apply for a divorce. You can do what you like from now on! If you want to stay in the house you can pay the rent – it is now over for me!”

For the first time, I actually saw concern on Stephanie’s face! She stopped bouncing up and down on his cock and said, “Darling, this is only an experiment. There is nothing between Will and me. I am just finding out what it is like to be fucked by another man. Surely you can’t begrudge me that!”

As I picked up the two suitcase, I said to Stephanie, “Stephanie, from the first time I met you, right up until yesterday, I have loved you like no one else could ever do but you have betrayed me in a manner which I cannot understand. We are now finished and that is that. I don’t ever want to see you again!” With that said, I stamped out of the bedroom and moved out of the house and her life.

I didn’t have any bother finding a motel for the night in fact I booked for a week. I began unpacking my suitcases and set up the motel room as my home for a week at least. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad after all. Now I had to somehow erase the image of Stephanie fucking another man out of my mind, in fact, I had to erase the image of Stephanie completely. There was no turning back.

There were a number of motels in our city and it would take Stephanie a long while to locate me if she ever did! On Monday morning, I went into work as usual. After about an hour of not working, simply trying to fathom out what I should do now, I called all of the staff into the general office. I made an announcement to them telling them I had split from Stephanie and from now on I would appreciate it if there was no reference to Stephanie from anyone. I also instructed the receptionist not to put any call from Stephanie through to me! The staff was stunned by my announcement! They all knew how devoted we were to one another and this was a complete surprise.

It was very uncomfortable working in the office because the staff tended to avoid me, not because they didn’t like me but mainly I guess because they were frightened to talk to me for fear they would mention Stephanie. I solved this problem after the third day by telling them all I was taking 3 weeks leave and they wouldn’t see me for that period. My closest associate came into my office and closed the door. He was probably the only one close enough to me to understand just what I was going through. He sat down and told me he was shocked by the events of the last couple of days and he thought my idea of taking some leave was a good one. He also suggested I go on a holiday and move as far as possible from our city. He said he would keep in touch with me on my holiday to let me know if anything of importance needed to be attended to but mainly I should try to forget the past. As he was leaving he turned back at the door and said quietly, Julie (our receptionist) has taken over 40 calls from Stephanie since Monday morning. She has done a marvelous job of blocking her, but it is a big strain on her. I am sure she will be relieved when she can tell Stephanie truthfully you are not here. I was a bit surprised that Stephanie would try so hard to contact me but it was of no use now! I contacted my lawyer and asked him to arrange for divorce papers to be served on Stephanie as soon as possible. I didn’t give him any details except that it had to be done as quickly as possible. He said there was a waiting period and explained a few of the complications of divorce but I simply told him to go ahead when he could.

I left on my holiday the next day. I booked on a boat cruise for 2 weeks and managed to meet lots of interesting people but didn’t get involved with anyone. I couldn’t trust myself to trust anybody now. I knew I would get over this in time, but this was not the right time.

A full year down the track, the divorce has come through! Stephanie and I are no longer married. In the meantime I have met a wonderful understanding lady who is fully aware of my situation. She is in no hurry to do anything of a permanent nature but she is a wonderful companion. When I make love to her, I can’t help thinking of Stephanie! I have slowly learned to call up a mental image of Stephanie impaled on the black man’s cock whilst I am making love and this has the effect of removing Stephanie from my mind at the time. I have read lots of stories about men wanting their wife to be fucked by another man! I don’t have any religious or anti views, but I cannot understand how any man who really loves his wife would allow her to be fucked by another man and enjoy it!

I can’t erase Stephanie completely – I am just hoping time will be the great healer!

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