Better than Trick or Treating?


"Tommy? Oh my God!'s you?"

Her brother spoke as his tongue reached out to her pussy, "Yes, sister. It's me. You are so beautiful". His tongue penetrated her and scooped out a dollop of her vaj juice. She involuntarily shivered and said, "Ahhh."

His tasting done, her brother Tommy, stood. Unlike the others who simply smiled and walked away, he stayed in front of her. Un-expectantly, he grasped his throbbing hard-on and drove into her oh so available pussy. People nearby murmured disapprovingly of his quick action. Tommy rapidly pumped his cock into his sister twice then lost his load. Suddenly, forcefully he shot off inside her. Then he doubled over and laid his head on her breasts.

Annie called out saying, "Ohhh." She had been caught off guard by his stealthy action.

Tommy's mother cried out, "Tommy, what the hell are you doing?" She cuffed him upside the head. "You know better than to shove your dick into someone without their consent."

"Mom, I'm okay," Annie said. "I am so wet he slid in easily. I cried out in surprise, not pain."

Peg slapped Tommy hard on his bare ass. "What's up with you? Hot for sister? " She laughed. "That's twice you've cum with her. Each time in less than a minute."

Tommy stood up and with a sheepish look on his face he said, "I'm sorry sis. I couldn't help myself. Annie, the idea of having sex with you overwhelms my body and my mind. I am cumming like a virgin and I am behaving badly to boot. I apologize for entering you without are so beautiful, so damn hot and the extra excitement of you being my sister has me cumming hard and fast."

He pulled his shriveling dick out of her. A large creampie dripped from her cunt.

Peg said, "Punishing him Mom. Let me drive your strap-on up his ass unannounced."

Beverly ignored Peg. She caressed Annie's face, "Are you sure you are ok, baby?" Annie nodded affirmatively. "What do you want?"

Annie blushed red and stammered, " know, I have been getting licked and this whole night has been... exciting"

"You need to cum?" Her mom said understanding her situation.

"Big time," Annie smiled relieved he mother was sympathetic.

"Strap-on or real dick?" Beverly asked nonchalantly.

Annie had never been fucked with a strap-on. She pondered the choice. Annie answered quietly in a shy manner, "I'd like a big, hard live dick."

Bev smiled, "Like mother, like daughter." Bev looked around and saw two strapping young men nearby.

"Hey! Mica and Aaron. Come here. " she called out . The men were twenty year old twins who played football at the local University. As the guys were walking their way, Beverly said under her breathe, "Annie, will these two do?"

They were fit, good looking men. Annie liked what she saw. She said, "They are...handsome and so alike. I don't know which one to choose."

"Silly goose," Beverly laughed good naturedly. "They're twins. You get them both."

Beverly introduced everyone. Annie let the evening unfold. Aaron and Mica tagged teamed Annie right there on the picnic table. They were relentless: kissing her lips and neck, caressing her breasts, butt and vagina. And of course, they fucked her hard.

The twins took turns screwing her in multiple positions: from the front, from the back and even upright. They stood supporting all her body weight. Annie wrapped her legs around their waist and her arms around their neck. The twins bounced and thrust up into her mercilessly. When one tired, the other took over. They had Annie screaming and cumming over and over and over again. She was a sweaty, exhausted ragdoll, before they allowed themselves to explode into her womb.

The threesome collapsed, gasping for air. A little sore, but thoroughly satisfied.

While Annie experienced this sexual funfest, her mother and father watched and made love slowly nearby. Their actions ended with a delicious mutual orgasm. Peg and Tommy were watching too. Peg came hard butt fucking her poor brother with their mom's strap on. Beverly took pity on Tommy. As Peg was abusing his ass, she stroked his erection. For lubrication, she scooped up some of the primordial mess oozing from her sex. She let him blast his semen all over her breasts.

An exhausted, but happy Annie told her family, "Wow...What a Halloween party. You know, there really are some things better than candy."

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