tagMatureBetter with Age Ch. 02

Better with Age Ch. 02


Her face still flushed from the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced, Amber stood in front of the bathroom mirror, the remnants of Dave's own climax fresh on her face and chest.

After cleaning herself off and making herself look as presentable as she could, Amber slipped back into her bright yellow bikini and returned downstairs, where Hayley was busy re-creating her overly large drinks in the margarita machine.

"Alright, finally I get to have some drinks!" Hayley exclaimed. Once they were ready, she poured the drinks into two glasses, just as large and oversized as before, but this time without the interruption of having to abruptly leave to go to work for a short period of time.

Handing Amber what was now her third oversized drink of the day, she toasted "To the end of a great school year, and a summer of men, booze, and sun!"

Amber clinked glasses eagerly with her friend and they both drank, Hayley's sip much more sizeable than Amber's. "I need to catch up; you're pretty ahead of me", she said, drinking nearly a full third of her glass before putting it down on the counter. "Ok," she began, "I'll go change and be right out."

Hayley walked towards the stairs as her father, Dave, walked in. She leaned over and gave him a peck on the check, "Thanks for keeping Amber company while I was gone."

"No problem sweetie," he said as Hayley began climbing the, "It was really quite enjoyable."

Amber blushed, standing before Dave after what had just happened, so casual now and with the heat of the moment gone; she didn't really know what to say. Sensing her unease, Dave spoke up for the both of them, "That was incredible, Amber, I hadn't been with a woman in what seems like forever," Dave smiled, "that being said, we should probably not let this become a regular thing, we wouldn't want to upset Hayley. What do you think?"

Amber felt relief wash over her. She had no idea what to say to Dave a moment ago, and yet he seemed to have said it all for her. The way he made her feel was incredible, but he was right, Hayley would not be impressed if she found. Still, Amber felt a burning inside, having had this near perfect orgasm, but aching to feel Dave deep inside of her, to have him on his knees behind her, thrusting hard and gripping onto her hips.

She broke herself away from the fantasy, "You're right Dave, that was amazing but we don't want to hurt Hayley."

"Exactly," said Dave, "I'm glad we agree. I'll let you two get back to the sun and your drinks."

Amber smiled while looking downwards, and without hesitation, without pause or consideration, stepped forward to Dave, looking up to meet his eyes, kissing him deeply, her tongue flicking out quickly to his lips, before breaking off. She smiled again and took both drinks off towards the patio door.

Dave stood dumbfounded as Amber walked outside. "Well," he thought to himself, "good talk."

Hayley meanwhile had gone up to her room and slipped off the little red shorts and black top she had been wearing earlier while shopping. The sun was bright out and the air felt perfect as she had driven home, she would have loved to have been able to sit topless outside on the deck loungers to get some sun on her chest as well, never having had much love for tanlines and generally was able to coordinate tanning in the nude by finding out exactly when her parents would be at work, but her dad being home today kind of threw a monkey wrench into those plans.

Hayley slipped on the bright green bikini bottom which sat quite low, almost on her hips instead of above them, and then went to tie up the matching top before making her way back down and out towards the pool deck. She could see Amber had once again regained her comfortable position, drink firmly in hand.

"How's the sun?" Hayley said as she sat down in the adjacent lounger.

"Really nice so far." Amber replied, "Everything alright at your uncle's office?"

"Yep, it looks like it's going to be a pretty easy summer job, and most of the bookkeeping he wants me to do is straightforward." Hayley said and then took a drink from her glass. The afternoon was young, and the girls would have plenty of time to sit and enjoy the sun.

As the day wore on, Amber and Hayley continued chatting and catching up over everything else that had happened over the semester at college. It had been a particularly stressful last few weeks as final exams approached, so the chance to sit and talk about everything and nothing, like when they were in high school, was an alien feeling, though one they welcomed back and quickly grew accustomed too.

Eventually the conversation once more turned to their love lives, or lack thereof, during the past year.

"It'd be nice to have a boyfriend," Hayley began, "but the few guys I'd meet at a party who were nice at first were simply too high maintenance, always wanting to hang out when I had to study, or wanting to go for drinks whenever I'd rather go for a run."

Amber nodded in agreement, "I know what you mean, or the guys I hooked up with at those parties at the end of midterms seemed to think that after that one night I'd be begging for more, over and over again."

Both girls laughed at this. "Is it mean to be laughing at them for that?" Hayley asked.

"I don't think so, lots of guys use parties to meet girls for one-time hook ups. Why shouldn't we?" Amber replied, "It's not like we made a point of stringing them along with promises of love and marriage and tiny little children running about" her hands flinging about at the mention of each of these.

Hayley couldn't help but laugh again. "You're right, we didn't. I think it's a pretty standard understanding of what's going to happen if you meet at a party and go home with a guy while super drunk." She paused to take one last sip of her drink, effectively finishing her margarita. "But like I said earlier, I think I'm going to stick with older guys. After the few times I spent with that professor, I don't think I could go back to young, super horny, inexperienced boys. You should try it out sometime, see if you like it."

Both girls were sitting in the loungers, semi-facing each other, much in the same way that Dave and Amber had them set up a little while before. Were it not for the positioning of their seats and her sunglasses, Amber's tipsy and now wide eyes would have been a dead giveaway to anyone. After a moment she quietly responded "Yeh, maybe I should."

The awkwardness felt by Amber was cut short as Hayley's beeped, a text message popping up on the screen. She quickly read it and said "Jenn and Chrystal want to know if we're up for a house party over at some guy that they met at school. What do you think?"

Amber replied "Sounds like fun, but I thought you wanted to avoid the places full of younger guys."

"I do," was Hayley's response, "but that doesn't mean we can't go have some more drinks and have fun with the girls! Jenn says that it's a pool party; I guess this guy Greg has a nice pool or something. Let's throw on some cute shorts and we'll be all set."

Hayley's phone rang once more as the girls stood up. "And in the traditional no-time to get ready styling of Jenn, she says she'll be here in two minutes to pick us up. Let's go change!"

Both girls quickly grabbed their things and rushed up to Hayley's room to change. "Here, this would look super cute on you, they're just a little too small for me, but you can definitely pull it off", and Hayley opened her dresser and passed Amber a pair of tight, black shorts that barely went above her hips. Sliding them over her bikini bottoms, Amber exclaimed "These fit great! How long have you had these?"

"Probably about three months, I bought them thinking I'd use them to work out, but they're literally about an inch too short and they fit funny on me" came Hayley's reply, "A benefit to you being shorter than me, I suppose."

Amber laughed as she stood in front of the full length mirror on the wall, turning to check out her side and butt, "I can't argue with that."

Hayley was looking through her dresser now, pulling out a few different bikini tops and different colored shorts. "I'm going to change into something else really quick, I think I heard Jenn's car pull up outside, can you go down to the kitchen to grab us a bottle of, well, surprise me! I'll be down in a sec."

Amber nodded and went back to the kitchen. She felt quite excited about their new plans for the evening; she had not seen her friends Jenn and Chrystal in a few weeks either, and an alcohol infused reunion was more than overdue in her opinion. As she entered the kitchen, she almost walked right into Dave who was standing at the counter cutting up vegetables.

Dave turned to see Amber and said "Looking good Ambs, looking good", and then returned his focus to the task before hand.

Amber decided to take the compliment and simply play it cool; "Thanks Mr. Goldie, you're looking quite good yourself." She walked by and opened the pantry where the alcohol was kept, her back to him now.

"More drinks already?" asked Dave.

Amber replied, "We're heading over to a friend's place for a pool party, any suggestions?"

Amber could hear Dave put down the knife onto the cutting board and walk over to her. He stood directly behind her, their two bodies almost touching. Dave reached over Amber's shoulder and took hold of a bottle, "This always puts me in a good mood, one of my favorite Vodkas", he then held it up and Amber took hold of it with both hands, though she did not recognize the label. She turned on the spot, their faces only inches apart once more.

"Thanks," replied Amber, her voice soft, almost hushed, "If you like it, I'm sure I will too." Amber and Dave looked directly at one another, their eyes locking for a moment before Hayley called, rushing down the stairs, "All ready to go!"

Dave smiled at Amber and stepped aside, allowing her to briskly walk forward and out of the kitchen. "I suppose I deserve that after kissing him earlier" Amber thought to herself, her legs feeling like rubber as she reached the front door.

Hayley had her phone and a giant smile on her face, but it vanished as soon as she saw the bottle in Amber's hands, "Not that bottle," Hayley began, "that's my dad's favorite, his old war buddy brings him that, maybe like once bottle every couple of years, if that."

Amber looked down to the bottle in her hands. Now that she thought more about it, it didn't simply look unfamiliar to her, rather it was completely foreign to her, and she was now sure that she'd never actually seen it for sale anywhere. "Sorry," Amber began to explain, "It's just tha-"

"It's my idea, Hayley," Dave's soft voice nearing as he rounded the corner from the kitchen, "Consider it my way of saying congrats on finishing the school year so strong, I'm sure you knocked those exams right out of the park.You girls just promise me you'll have a good, safe time. And don't let just anyone have a taste of that."

Hayley's enormous grin re-appeared as quickly as it had gone a moment ago. "Thanks dad!" she said as she gave Dave a big hug. Amber simply smiled at Dave, thinking much this bottle actually meant to him. Hayley had talked for years about how her dad would have an old friend bring him a bottle of alcohol, an old friend that Dave had supposedly saved from a grenade, but they'd never really discussed it past that.

Hayley and Amber waved goodbye and exited the house, to the sounds of whistles and cat-calls from Jenn and Chrystal as they sat waiting in the car in the driveway. Jenn yelled out "You ladies are looking fine tonight!"

It took a little over fifteen minutes to arrive at Greg's house (Amber and Hayley having only then learnt the name of the friend). When they arrived at Greg's house, the party was already busy and full of people they didn't know, and as the evening progressed and the sun went down, more and more people strolled into the house and backyard. Luckily, Greg's house was huge and it didn't feel cramped at any point. Throughout the night the group of girls ran into a number of friends from high school and from university.

Soon after arriving, Hayley said to Amber, "Alright, I think I'm more excited about my dad's booze than socializing, let's break it out!" They grabbed a few small glasses and began pouring the drinks. "Oh none for me," said Jenn, "I'm driving you ladies home tonight, assuming you don't find some stud to take you", all four girls laughed at this. "None for me either," said Chrystal, "Vodka and I had a bad fight a few nights back. I think it won, I'm not ready for a re-match", more laughter at this.

"More for the two of us then", Amber cheered as she passed Hayley her drink. Amber raised her glass and caught the aroma of a fine, high-quality vodka. She closed her eyes and without thinking, thought of Dave, sitting at his desk, reading some book, a short glass of this in his hands. Hayley spoke first, "This drink smells amazing", and Amber nodded eagerly, smiling and slowly opening her eyes.

"Drink up!" came the encouraging call from Jenn, "You'll need to drink double to make up for what I usually have!"

"Triple, I'm here too" chimed in Chrystal.

Amber and Hayley touched glasses and each took a sip of their drinks. Neither said anything for a moment as the vodka slid down their throats and warmed them at their very cores.

"How was it?" Jenn asked.

Hayley tried to explain, "It's very...it's really..."

"It's bloody amazing!" Amber interrupted, throwing one arm up into the air.

"Exactly", came Hayley's reply.

And on went the evening, Amber and Hayley sharing in their drink. As the sun set and the moon's glow became dominant out by the pool, each of the four girls had slowly split up and was spending time talking with other people. Jenn and Chrystal were talking to two guys over by the diving board, Amber to a young man around her age that had recognized her from one of her classes in the fall semester, and Hayley with a group of people sitting at the table by the patio doors. Amber had slowed down on the drinking by this point, having had such a head start earlier in the afternoon. The conversation she was having was good enough, and it was nice feeling as though this guy was into it as well, and not just making small talk because she was attractive.

At some point or another, one of the guys at Hayley's table, a tall, muscular volleyball player, had decided that they would all be better off doing shots of tequila instead of only talking. Hayley at this point had not been slowing down with the alcohol, and was moving from being fairly tipsy to being quite drunk. As the volleyball player poured everyone a shot, Hayley declined. Everyone at the table booed her for it, but Hayley was never one to give in to pressure, and so everyone else took their glasses and quickly downed their drinks. This went on for a good while, the volleyball player continually offering Hayley a shot each time, and after the fourth such polite decline, he finally asked, slurring almost every word, "What have you got against doing shots?"

Hayley laughed at this, "Absolutely nothing," came her reply, "but I'd rather have something better than your cheap tequila."

The volleyball player turned and laughed abruptly, stopping between to say "What's a silly little girl know about a good drink?"

Hayley's grin vanished, a glare imbedded in its place, but only for the briefest of moments, such that only Amber, watching from farther away, actually noticed, before she smiled again and laughed back at the volleyball player, as he looked to be no older than she, definitely built well and attractive, but young and overconfident nonetheless, "Well, I think I know enough, and this so-called 'silly little girl' is going to go enjoy some with her friends." Everyone else at the table had heard the volleyball player's somewhat rude comment and was now mainly paying attention to them. Hayley stood up and walked towards Amber, her arm extended and glass in hand.

"I could use another drink babe." she said as she stumbled a bit upon reaching Amber "Plus the guy I thought was kinda cute is more of a douchebag now that he's had a few drinks." Both Amber and Hayley laughed at this as two drinks were poured, one for each of them.

Amber raised her glass again, "To finding better guys" she toasted.

"To finding better men!" replied Hayley immediately after, but before either of them could drink from their glasses, the volleyball player, tall and imposing, appeared beside them and quickly took Hayley's drink from her hand. "Is this the supposed good stuff you were talking about?" he slurred and stumbled back a bit. The effects of the evening's drinks had clearly taken their toll on him, though they had also done so on Hayley, so her reflexes clearly weren't prepared for his unannounced grabbing of her glass.

Hayley's smile once again disappeared from her face, all cheeriness having left her voice as she said "Yeh, my friend and I were about to toast, so quit being a jerk and give it back." She motioned for him to hand it back, but he only laughed and said "Not so fast, silly little girl, I'm going judge this fine, fine drink that you left me sitting at the table for."

Hayley stood perfectly still, arms crossed, unmoving, the glare on her face, her eyes seemingly boring a hole into his drunken face. Amber had seen this expression only once before; about a year ago when they were on campus and some boys were bullying another younger, smaller boy, who happened to be in a wheelchair. She had told them to stop, and they told her to shut up, she was only a girl and "men were playing". The moment that comment had left their condescending lips, Hayley lost it and began screaming at them until the boys, terrified and surprised at the strength of her voice, each apologized to the one in the wheelchair and had walked off, shoulders slumped, completely embarrassed. Yet that was when Hayley was sober, a state from which she was far, far from at this moment.

The volleyball player stood triumphantly, laughing and closing his eyes, raising the glass to his lips. Without hesitation, Hayley stepped forward, her right hand maneuvered between his legs, grasping firmly at crotch, gripping tightly, enough to cause the desired reaction from the volleyball player as he coughed out in surprise and buckled forward. Releasing him, she placed the palm of the same hand on his forehead, pushing him back with all her strength, causing him to quickly lose his balance and begin falling backwards into the pool. Hayley reached and grasped onto her glass, reclaiming it, as he tumbled back, making a large splash in the water, the attention of every single person who wasn't currently watching with interest instantly being caught, fascinated with the spectacle before them.

Amber burst into laughter; she could not help herself, along with seemingly the entire rest of the party goers. Those who were friends with Hayley knew better than to torment her, much less treat her in such a disrespectful manner. Hayley seemed content now that she had reclaimed her drink, and both girls walked away towards the people that Jenn and Chrystal were with, but the volleyball player, thrashing about in the water and gripping onto the edge to get himself out, seemed less than amused.

He climbed out and stood completely dumbfounded, soaked from head to toe. The laughter did not continue, however, as most everyone could see in his expression a look of pure rage. He turned towards Hayley and began yelling as he stalked towards her, "You dumb bitch, that's going to cost you," and as he neared, he lifted his arm up, his hand back, open palmed. Amber was much more sober than either he or Hayley, and having grown up with two older brothers, acted in almost pure reflex. Everyone else stood still, some gasps could be heard from here and there, but before his hand could even began to swing, Amber loosened her grip on the vodka bottle so as to let it slide down her fingers, gripping it again firmly around the neck. She stepped forward between the two, standing directly in front of Hayley, and swung up, hard, smashing the bottle into his crotch. The volleyball player made more than a little cough this time; it was more of a yelp that escaped his surprised lips. His hands instinctively reached down to hold himself, and he fell to the grass, whimpering.

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