tagNonHumanBetty's Wake Up

Betty's Wake Up


(Inspired by "Wakey" by Hydragyrum)


As Betty Gregg awoke one morning from intensely erotic dreams, she found herself being fucked in her bed by a gigantic insect. "Well that's one way to describe it," she thought with a gasp that was one part terror, one part orgasm. "Actually, it looks like one of the spider things from that space movie," was another stunned thought.

The creature had more legs than the infamous movie monster. It didn't seem to have eyes or a face. A tiny stalk with a miniscule knob, sat between the center legs. It took Betty all of five seconds to go from startled shock to shrieking terror.

She had the sight of the creature to process, then the realization that it was delving into territory previously explored by a few select men [including her ex-husband (plus a couple of women no one knew about)]. Her shrieks of "Help! Scream! Oh!" were lightly salted with a touch of "How dare he?!!"

It had to be a "he". Its schlong was buried deep in her pussy. At least it looked like a schlong. A long, thin schlong; good enough to swell her clit, make her wet, and give her cunt a serious work out. Betty had to struggle for outrage between her cums.

Her initial instinct to jump out of bed and run screaming from the room had a couple of complications: she was stark naked and glued.

A strange blue resin manacled Betty's wrists and ankles to the bed. The same resin covered the bedroom door; resin covered her clock, resin covered her bed, resin covered her walls. The room looked like a blue-hued cave.

The only way out was the window, but her confined condition scotched that option. "Well, I'm thoroughly fucked," she thought, "and in so many ways."

It wasn't fair. Yesterday, she was at the beach trying out her new bikini, a test to see if she still had it. Betty was thirty-five, old age in "hot years" (her ex-husband's words). Her idiot ex-husband made that point by leaving her for a twenty-five-year-old masseuse. "Can't believe I married someone so shallow," she thought.

She took him to the cleaners, but the damage to her self esteem needed serious repair. The looks she got from the beach boys, especially the younger ones, had done much to fix her ego.

Her new lady friends were sympathetic, "How could he? You're gorgeous." Betty was actually quite beautiful; her ex had little reason to trade her for a younger model.

Betty had long limbs and curves, a big chest with melon-sized breasts, broad shoulders, and a large round ass. Her jet-black hair was cut in a classic bob. Her dark brown eyes were slightly almond shaped. She had full red lips. People said she looked like Jennifer Tilly crossed with Louise Brooks. Betty was flattered, especially at the favorable comparison to Brooks. She was a fan of the actress and copied her hairstyle.

Betty had rented a private, isolated house by Lake Michigan. The house sported good locks; the area was crime free. The house creaked and groaned and made strange sounds. She stalked the place with a baseball bat. It took a month before she felt secure. At night, she left the bedroom window open. Betty slept nude so the night breeze could cool the sweat on her skin.

The night before the manacling, a meteor shower lit the sky. Betty watched from the back garden. She soaked in the bath for a half hour, dried off, and climbed into bed. Betty thought she heard a sound outside her window; she ignored it, letting the creaks and groans of the house lull her to sleep.

The wet dreams started immediately. Some involved her husband (Betty stirred in her sleep, offended that she'd even dream of the prick); others involved some of the young studs she met on the beach.

She dreamed of women, old boyfriends, new ladyfriends, movie stars (Louise Brooks made several appearances). Every dream involved being stroked, licked, sucked, and penetrated by dicks, tongues, fingers, mouths, among others. She came throughout the night, fueled by sex fantasy.

The last dream involved everyone. Betty orgasmed awake to find herself manacled, spreadeagled, and a giant spider on her pussy.

Betty prided herself on smarts, perceptiveness, and maturity. Once the initial shock wore off, the whats and hows became obvious. The thing was an alien. It had crept through the window, unnoticed, obviously after the meteor shower. "Maybe the meteor shower was an alien landing," she thought.

The thing had something to do with last night's dreams. The dreams were intense, erotic, and distracting. "A psycho killer could have broken in and I'd still be dreaming of fucking Louise Brooks," she thought.

Betty considered that she was still dreaming, "This whole thing is just way too weird (and mind you, this was post-"Help! Scream! Oh!" and-"How dare he!")."

She had presence of mind (difficult, given the attention the creature was giving to her pussy) to take stock. "I'm glued and trapped. My legs are spread. My pussy's wide open. There's an alien spider dipping its wick into it and 'gasp!' I think I just came." Betty pondered the strangeness of alien spider sex, "This is a new experience."

Betty looked at the creature. The view took her across the hills of her breasts. She felt a degree of self-admiration, "I do take care of myself." The early morning sunlight fell on her sweat slick skin. She glowed a pinkish-white against the dark blue resin. Each hitch of breath quivered her boobs with jellied quakes. Her areolas, dark pink half dollars, rested on opposite sides. The peaks of her engorged nipples pulsed erotically.

Beyond the breasts was her torso; a deep valley shaped by years of yoga and Pilates. Her belly and pelvis rippled and flexed; muscles tensed and relaxed in orgasmic crunches. Channels and trenches, small hills and rises appeared and vanished. "I'm rippling," she thought. A faint shadow appeared on her belly, running across the dent of the navel. It flattened and creased, vanished and reappeared with each breath.

Her legs were split at forty-five degrees to her body. They were bent at the knees, muscles quivering. The creature was between them, dipping into her moist flower, drawing her cum as a pump draws from the earth.

Its eight legs scrabbled across her lower pelvis, smearing her nearly bald pussy with juice. The creature's activity on her sensitive nethers almost made Betty giggle. Her other ululations crowded out the impulse. She was initially unaware of her love music. Her attention was focused on the alien.

The creature 'slurped!' as it worked her cunt. It's wick, wet and shiny, plunged and pumped. Betty second-thoughted, "I don't think it's a schlong." The "thang" looked too long and thin to be a dick, "And dicks don't really 'slurp' do they?" Betty noted that the "schlong" pulsed in a way reminiscent of a straw sucking water.

It was doing something to stimulate her clit and g-spot. Betty came with orgasms of increasing intensity. Each orgasm flooded her cunt with fluid to be slurped up by the spider creature. "Oh my God! It's 'eating' me," she gasped. Then she looked at the creature's eight fingers. They moved across her pelvis with soft strokes. "No," she thought, "it's milking me. It's milking my pussy for cum."

Betty created a sex chant; a series of grunts, gasps, and moans, "Ugh! Gasp! Mmmm!...Ugh! Gasp! Mmmm!...Ugh! Gasp! Mmmm!" Betty was tempted to encourage the creature as she would a lover.

Betty's body bellydanced to the alien's thrusts. The position of her legs restricted hip movement. Her belly and pelvis did all the work. Their bellows-like action pumped juice for the creature.

"This thing will have to stop sometime," she thought, "How am I going to get out of this stuff?" A soft, warm breeze blew through the window, cooling her skin. The next few hours were quiet; the only sounds were the soft wind in the trees, the slurps of the spider, and her orgasmic chant: "Ugh! Gasp! Mmmm!...Ugh! Gasp! Mmmm!"

The creature stopped at around noon. Betty was sopping wet, her inner thighs slick with juice. "That was a workout," she sighed. Her ex-husband appeared in Betty's mind, unbidden. He never performed so well, nor had such stamina. Betty felt considerably better. "Guess what Dave? You were outfucked by a spider. I wish you were here so I could shove it in your face."

The marathon sex left Betty exhausted. Her pelvis throbbed with pain; her legs burned with fatigue. "I feel like I just did crunches for five hours. In fact I think I did." she thought.

The spider withdrew its proboscis from her cunt with a wet sucking sound. Betty felt regret; she'd become well acquainted with that proboscis. So it surprised her when the "thang" began to grow; not just longer, but fatter. "What the heck?" she pondered as the slender rod grew into a long, fat sausage, and not just the rod.

The tiny knob between the center legs ballooned from a pinpick to a bulbous mass. The spider began to stroke and massage her tender region. Betty's belly and pelvis began to pump once more. "Oh Geez, how much more of this can I take?!" she gasped. Now resembling the type of familiar cucumber, the proboscis took on a translucent quality.

"Now that looks like a dick," Betty thought, noting the veins that began to grow along its length. It was big, shiny, and dripping with fluid; thick, syrupy beads of precum settled in her pussy hair, "So now it's wet too," she thought.

The creature positioned the newly penial proboscis at her entrance. Her wide-open flower eagerly received the dripping wet pole. Betty's aching torso began another round of orgasmic crunches as the long shaft slid through her tunnel. Betty and the "spider" were both well lubricated. "I've never had a cock slide into me this easily," she gasped.

Soft sounds, gasps, sighs, and heated breaths issued from her throat; Betty was never the "Fuck Me! Fuck Me Hard!" type. The "spider's" cock rubbed against her vaginal walls, triggering a tidal wave of orgasms. Betty's eyes performed somersaults in their sockets.

Betty's throat exhaled a siren-like moan when the creature's cock entered her womb. She ground her teeth as her cervix stretched. The shaft slid through the opening as a cork through a wine bottle. "Unnnghnn!" she moaned. Pain and pleasure mingled together as she felt the slide. The thin skin of the spider cock squeegeed through the cervix. Sensitive nerves sent fire and earthquakes across her belly. The sac between the creature's center legs began to pulse.

"What..gasp!..what's happening?" Betty asked as her pelvis throbbed in response. Golfball-sized bulges appeared in the sac. The sac flexed and squeezed and a bulge moved into the shaft.

Betty watched as the lump made its way down the hose towards her waiting cunt. "It's an egg isn't it? I don't know if I can take this in," she thought. Her pussy stretched as the bulge entered it. Betty grunt-gasped as the lump traveled up her lower pelvis before fading into her upper body. As the egg entered her womb, Betty saw another bulge wind its way down the creature's cock.

"It's filling me," Betty thought. Images of nasty creatures bursting out of her belly flashed through her head, "Ok, funtime's over. I have to get out of here and get to a doctor!"

Betty's struggles to free herself were futile; her hands and feet were glued tight. Meanwhile, the creature pumped its eggs into her swelling uterus. After a few minutes struggle, Betty lay still, ample breasts heaving, watching the creature's sac shrink while her belly swelled into a watermelon. "Now I'm really fucked," she thought, echoing her earlier statement, "Ooohh, please God, don't make it hurt when I pop."

Betty's belly obscured the creature, but she felt it pump the last egg into her womb. The sac became a pinprick. The creature's fat schlong shrank back to drinking-straw size.

Betty looked at each side of her belly and saw the creature's legs grip the areas near her leg joints. "What's it doing?" The creature pulled itself forward and flattened its body against her pussy, fitting like a cork. The slurping resumed albeit the sounds were muffled.

In spite of her terror, Betty resumed her sex chant, "Well (Ugh!), if there's a way to go (gasp!) this is it (mmmm!), fucked to death by an alien spider." She looked at her wobbling belly, "Now I know why Dave didn't want kids."

She spent the rest of the day in boredom. Betty drifted to sleep, cumming awake occasionally, courtesy of the creature. The sun set and a full moon rose, casting its light through the window. Betty's body gleamed white and round against the blue darkness.

She woke to spasming pains. Her torso was a mass of ripples and quakes. The spider detached itself from her pussy and crawled atop her rolling belly. "Oh No! Oh God! Oh No! It's coming," Betty gasped, expecting bloody chunks and vile creatures to burst from her body. Instead a gush of water erupted from her pussy, soaking her inner thighs. "Wet again," Betty grunted.

Her belly deflated; the creature clenched its legs and pressed further. "Urrr! Ugh!" Betty grunted. Her vaginal walls stretched as something passed from her cervix into the canal. A bulge appeared on her lower pelvis, traveling outward. Another gush of fluid, and out popped a spider.

It was half the size of the original, and it chirped. The big spider chirped back. The little one turned around and used its legs to help the others out of Betty's body. Her torso resumed its crunches as she pumped out nine little spiders to join their sibling.

Betty grunted a series of, "Oh nos" and "Oh Gods" through the births. A tenth spider poked its head out of her twat. The big spider chirped, and the little one burrowed back inside. It stopped briefly to swirl her g-spot. Betty's "Oh nos!" changed tone and reached fever pitch. She came, her pussy flooded, and the creature swam through the cum back to her womb.

Betty was happy to see her belly resume its former state. She wasn't quite sure about the aliens crawling on it. On the one hand, they just came out of her body, on the other, she found their tickling arousing, "After all that, they're making me wet again," she thought.

Betty spent the next hour being "eaten" by giant alien spiders. Each one dipped wicks into her cunt to slurp up her cum. The day's exertions caught up with her; she passed out from exhaustion.

The spiders did a strange (and in hindsight, very polite) act. The big spider chirped, and the little ones spread throughout the room. They crawled up the wall and over the resin-covered furniture, spreading a clear fluid from their proboscises. The blue resin dissolved into a fine powder. The big creature dissolved the powder around Betty. It repositioned her arms and legs, massaging them to return blood flow.

Overall, it was a good vacation. He heard of this planet at a peace conference from a diplomat (not his species) who'd crashlanded and used one of these creatures to clone his body. "Maybe the webbing was a little overkill," he thought. The sound dampening qualities provided extra security. "Can't partake of body juice from a panicky, screaming sentient," he thought, "Hmmm, but this one was quieter than expected." Cleaning after himself was the least he could do after making such good use of the creature's body. Leaving one of his clones inside was a good insurance policy. It would subtly take over her nervous system allowing for control and future use. He chirped an order; the clones gathered around him. "Let's see what else is out there," he thought as he hopped out the window.

As Betty Gregg awoke next morning from a dreamless sleep, she found herself resting on a bed of fine blue powder. Her pussy ached, her belly was sore, and her limbs were stiff; blue powder was everywhere. "Omigod! It wasn't a dream," she thought, "I have to call the police....and tell them that giant alien spiders held me prisoner and fucked me silly. Hello, butterfly net. And the only evidence is the blue powder; it may as well be dirt. Well, I guess I have to get the vacuum. I wonder if anyone else had trouble."

As she walked, unsteadily, to the bedroom door, Betty thought she felt a tickle in her womb. She brushed her hand across her pelvis with a worried look. It was a pensive, quiet walk down the hall.

The End?

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