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Between Armageddon & a Hard Place Pt. 02



You know the generic information; if under the age of 18, don't read the bloody thing. Like that has stopped kids in the past in the first place? Anyhow. This starts with a good deal of sex, but tames down some, because it has an actual plot to go along with it too! Imagine that, a story with a plot? Well anyhow, it has a mix match of several types of groupings to be bunched up all into one. I'm not going to list them just yet since they will probably be too numerous to count, or at least I hope so.

If you got past this without rolling your eyes once, or skipped over this in the first place, then you missed a poorly written triad about nothing except you've been warned.


Chapter 3: A Dammed Angel's Request

Sam looked at David with a critical eye; he hadn't really changed much in when she last saw him. If the smell of an angel didn't tip off people that they were such, and was mistaken the smell as aftershave or perfume an angel could always be recognized for the near perfection that they extruded when they were in human form. This aura as some people called it would occasionally effect other people or things around them, making it nearly impossible for bad things to happen around them.

David was the epitome of this perfection, it wasn't that Sam hated him for it, but loathed that he allowed his human guise to boast this perfection so magnificently; it was as if he didn't care what was happening around him, or the attraction that he sent his own way. This was dangerous because angels were prized in the world they played in, either as willing participants or not, and if anyone knew that David was there, she would be in a whole lot of trouble, and the last thing she needed was her life to be turned more upside down just because he was here.

Sam always hated the confidence and ego that an angel had, since most of them haven't the ability to protect themselves as well as David does she has found through her life that if angles didn't take it cautiously here, they would end up dead or corrupt like any other being.

The only things that changed that she could tell of since the last time she saw him was that he had short, straight golden blond hair, but now it was more reddish, but still straight, fine, and near the small of his back, with a frazzled look to it, not a perfect as it was once long ago she amused. His body, out of what she could see, reminded her of some of the centurions back during the Roman era, fit and strained ready for an attack from any direction.

His face and personality pretty much had stayed the same though that should be expected in a way, since the only sin angles probably have to their name, and unknowingly so is pride. They take pride in their looks, as well as knowing all that is happening at any given time because of their ability to see the past and future simultaneously if needed.

The only thing that looked out of place on him was the suit. It was probably a Giorgio Armani suit out of what she could tell of it, and the Casco Bay cloak. Her guess was that it was all part of the act that was going on now, but she wanted to know what was going on, so she decided to go with the farce for now.

Ever since Sam changed and escaped from the town, she had been looking for the wizard to find out what exactly happened to her, and how to end the life she had, for although finding she was immortal had it's benefits, she quickly got tired of watching her friends grow old, die, and their children, and their grandchildren, and so on while she never seemed to get old, except by changing her physical appearance as the years pass. Through the centuries creating new identities and not getting caught has been easy, but for the last 200 years it has become more and more difficult since the advancement of technology has exceeded anything she could ever dream of. Eventually, she would be found out, but as it looks now the world isn't ready to know that immortals do exist, and in truth may never really be ready.

Sam was hoping with Armageddon she would be able to hide for another thousand or two thousand years or so, especially with how if everything went as expected, the knowledge to create technology would go back to a new dark age and she would be able to live as she did back during the times of the Romans. She had plans to prepare and put into place before that ever happened though, but now the wizard had to go and ruin them, like her life which as a normal human being ended so many centuries ago.

She was now asked to stop the one person who could set her free from that life; the problem she found with helping angels at all is that when they wish to eradicate, remove, or stop evil, they don't normally even leave the soul of the being they want to stop for reincarnation. It is a one stop to oblivion if you get on Heaven's Shit List. Helping the angels may put Sam in good standings with Heaven and put a boon towards her, which would allow her to become human again, but there are always stipulations doing so. What both Heaven and Hell want her to do as she found out was to choose a side, which is something she is not willing to do, at least not until she has a reason. So she is dammed pretty much by both sides for eternity, or until she gets the wizard to change her back, which by the looks of it shan't happen now.

"You know, I have been looking for him for several millennia, why should I help you? I have my own problems, with that being said why should I worry about the rest of humanity, I left that club a long time ago." Snarled Sam, her eyes turning green, and never leaving David's.

David sighed, "The wizard, or as he is known now as Meldrich, had been employed by some powerful, yet misguided fools. Meldrich had been playing their fears and twisted their causes, as was his intent in the first place, and as history would have shown that he would have become their leader, and you would have found out about him through the disruption that they would have caused, but for some reason things went askew and the group instead of falling in line, and becoming his puppets as was expected, they turned on him and killed him, unprovoked, or as far as we could see."

Sam interrupted because she hated how angels talked in past and present content always in the same sentence, because to them there was no time line, and they could see what was to happen, or what should happen, and what has happened all simultaneously in the time line they were in, "So the old goat is dead, let him rot in hell." Sam realized that the problem with this scenario would be she could never become human unless she chooses a side, which she refused to do. So in the grand scheme of things she would be dammed for all eternity as she put it, at least to those who know about the game that heaven and hell plays with mortals.

David grew angry as Sam's ignorance, "Have you no clue what someone like Meldrich can do to empower hell if given the chance to do so? Meldrich wasn't supposed to die for another two hundred years, by your hands after he made you human again, well after Armageddon had played its part. Now..."

"What! You kept the knowledge of when I was to become human from me, you bastard! I swear you know it all, meddling hypocrites! How dare you play me for a fool, get the hell out of my sight before I rip your throat out where you stand, as I threatened to do to you the last time I saw you. Damn you to hell, and I hope this time it sticks!" Sam yelled in a rage, her body gaining mass as her rage grew, her already tight clothes starting to give out as rips started to form in them as her muscles started to swell in size, as her stature became massive compared to the now small angel. Her hands started to grip what looked at her viewpoint the ever-shrinking desk in a rage, its wood cracking under the force of what she was putting it under. Sam's figure nearly nude, except for a few strands of what were her clothes was still upon her shoulders, and hips as her breasts broke from their bonds, she let out a moan as the release of the pressure her tormented sports bra was putting her breasts under finally broke.

During this time David never moved, but watched Sam's transformation, angels although very powerful fighters tend to be sometimes slow, or seemed to be slow, because of their confidence in getting out of any situation, because "God" was on their side. Sam knew this, and was expecting David to not act any different from any other angel she had seen in her life.

Sam jumped over the desk, and toppling David from the chair, pinning the angel to the ground by his wings she straddled his waist and hissed in David's ear, "I should end your life here angel, you bastard. You deserve nothing more or nothing less than that, by my hands. Especially after all this time you have kept the one thing from me that would have made my life so much easier to cope with and that was hope!"

Sam stood up and grasped David by one of his wings and threw him across the room, the door shuddered in the force of David hitting it. "Get out, damn you, I don't care what you have to say, get out, and let the hounds of hell follow you till you die a painful death, and you should pray that I don't find you outside this museum."

"But..."Said David.

"Get Out!" Yelled Sam, her anger getting the better of her.

"I'm already dammed." Said David his broad shoulders sagging as the strength from his voice left him.

"I don't care if you are Mother...what? Hold up, what did you say?" Asked Sam quietly as her anger dissipated into curiosity with a twinge of shock.

The speaker on the phone that was now dangling off to the side of the desk went off, and Lauren on the other side asked, "Are you ok Mam?"

Sam picked up the phone and pressed the response speaker and said into the phone, "Candle all my meetings till 1:00, take the day off too Lauren you will be paid for the full day. I don't want any more interruptions till then. You can come back for the wing opening later if you so wish."

The speaker squawked back, "Yes Mam."

Sam not brining her full attention to David said flatly, "Sit."

David said as he straightened his jacket regaining some of his composure, "I'd rather stand if you..."

"Sit I said, it is not a request, you want my help you better start cutting me some slack." Sam said as she pointed a clawed hand to the fallen chair on the other side of her desk.

Before David could start, Sam turned around and started walking to a dresser that was near one of the corners of her office, David realized that her office was also a secondary room to some extent; it had a bed, two dressers, an armoire, a hope chest, her desk, several generations of armor, and weapons and several other amenities that meant she stayed there late some nights. Doing what he really didn't care but it was unusual for someone in her position to actually live a life or attempt to live a normal life.

Sam started to will herself smaller, back to normal, or whatever that is for her she mused. She then realized that she felt a little sexual attraction from David as he gazed her body. Sam decided to play this up a little, and increased her hip movement as she moved, sauntering to the bureau. She placed her hands on the top of the bureau and leaned forward letting her breasts hang down as her ass was swaying back and fourth in what she hoped would be considered to any onlooker as an unconscious act. Sam felt David's lust rise a little; she loved played games like this, especially to pompous and self-righteous people or beings. As she picked out some clothes she shimmied out of the scraps that were around her body, as her claws became hands again. Sam put on a simple kimono, and let her breasts breathe a little, the fabric was tight around her bust but it let an ample amount to be seen to anyone willing to be caught staring; she loved the attention she was getting from David's eyes, although the rest of his body was immovable.

David sighed, realizing he was being played; he sat in the chair, realizing that he was now in no real position to ague with Sam and started to speak.

"Before I tell you why I am dammed, let me explain why Meldrich is still a problem."

Sam nodded and sat down in a chair she picked up from the ground and leaned backwards watching David intently, but her mood, even after the slight bit of teasing on her end, hadn't really changed.

David gave a weak smile and began, "Meldrich, when he died went to hell, as was expected, especially with all he did in his life as we know, he didn't go quietly though. As he arrived in hell, his soul was highly prized since it was so powerful and corrupted. The normal method of such a soul would be to place it in a soul stone and that stone would then be used as a weapon or a power supply for the engines of hell till the spirit was drained that the crystal ultimately destroyed.

The reason for this was simple and for those who appreciated it, ingenious. Lucifer didn't want demons collecting and using souls for themselves. Lucifer was powerful, but a demon with enough souls could be temporarily problematic.

Meldrich's soul was placed into one of these stones and was placed into one of the engines of hell as was customary for one so corrupt, but it was found that the stone wasn't being drained of power, but slowly gaining power from the engine it was in. Out of what I know, it was attempted to remove Meldrich's soul stone from the engine itself but all those who touched it got absorbed into the crystal. Lucifer's generals were told to take care of the issue by any means necessary, as we know now, they ultimately failed in their task.

We were keeping tabs of the situation till two moths ago, for this was putting back any real production of hell temporarily and we wanted to see what the result would be. As I said, we were keeping tabs till two months ago, then something we can't explain happened. Hell seems to of gone quiet, and Meldrich is back on Earth in a body of his own with a very powerful if not the most powerful soul stone we have ever seen placed into a mortal's hands at any time in the past or future.

It has been suggested through council that somehow Meldrich gained enough power from the engines that he could usurp Lucifer himself, and that the stone not only has Lucifers soul in it, but that of any demon that attempted to stop him from leaving hell. That means Lucifers generals, and any other demon stupid enough to attempt to confront and stop Meldrich, or to take the soul stone from Meldrich. The problem is somewhat obvious I hope by now, we don't know whether the stone with all that evil inside it is controlling Meldrich or that he is controlling it. Either way that stone can't be allowed to exist on this plane of existence. What we expect will happen if anyone touches it that doesn't have the ability to keep the evil from taking over their own soul, will be that the soul stone will not only corrupt the person's soul but body and it will be twisted by the perversion of evil.

Now the reason I am dammed, and neither allowed to be in heaven or hell is that I wanted to send our best troops to take care of the issue, I was denied. It seemed that even God was willing to sit back, "For humanity is strong and will survive." It what I was told, but humanity would be dammed if this was to continue unabated. I was told not to interfere, so instead of listening I came down to you, for I knew you knew of the wizard, and with your traits you may be able to defeat him. If not alone I know, you've found others like you that may be willing to help. Because I obviously ignored the law or rule of God I was expelled, and if I am ever killed hell will not take me either, because I am an angel and I can't be trusted

So you can say I sacrificed my place in heaven to save humanity. So are you willing to help? It would possibly give the leverage needed to have heaven change you back to being mortal, and living a normal life again."

Sam never took her eyes from David as he said his story. Sam let her head fly back and let out a melodic laugh tears nearly went down her face as she was laughing so hard, as she regained control of herself her face went to a stony rigidity and said, "Like hell I will." Sam pressed the intercom button on the desk, and when no response met her she sword gently. She really needed something strong to drink right about now to control her nerves, which were not only frayed, but her anger was getting the better of her.

Sam got up and went to a counter that was behind her desk, pressed a button that was hidden and a glass, several bottles and a black leather bound book came into view. She picked up the glass which was a generic shot glass with a bottle that was half-empty already. A red wax seal was on the front, and other on top to keep the freshness of the drink inside with the date 1424. The bottle maker was unknown, but the bourbon that was inside was given by a smitten young boy, attempting to get her into his bed. She already decided that night to take him to bed to have the night of his life, when she saw him, but the bottle was an added bonus in her mind. As she uncorked the bottle, the rich aroma wafted up her nose and sent shivers through her spine. She poured a small amount into the glass and shot it back, a breath of air got trapped as the liquid went down her throat. As she regained her breath, she started to cough. She really wasn't an alcohol drinker, but there were times she wished she could handle it better.

Through another drawer she removed a red candle, light it, and re-corked the bottle. As the candle wax started to liquefy, she poured in on top of the cork to seal it. Just as she blew out the candle, a bit of wax hit her finger and she looked at it. It was only wax, but with all the things that were happening that day she really didn't know what to trust any more, for a second she thought it was blood the way it fell on the skin. The only thing that made her realize it was wax was that it burned her finger ever so lightly.

She put the bottle and glass back, and placed the discarded wax into the trash and sat back down at the desk, and then a knock came at the door. Sam growled, she really didn't want to be bothered today. The knock came more strongly, Sam was hoping with her ignoring it, the person on the other side would get the hint and go away. Sam heard footfalls slowly fade away.

"Leave David, I have nothing more to say to you, this conversation is at and end, and if I ever see you outside this building after today, I will send you to limbo. Now leave before I change my mind, and I can get on with my life."

David's head bowed, and he started to walk away. Just as it seemed he would leave the normal way by opening the door, he faded into nothingness, leaving only the sent of roses in his place.

Sam cursed, she hated when he did that, and the smell will be there for hours. With that negative thought in her mind, she remembered the speech for later on today. She still hated using computers, although they were amazing machines, but letter writing was so informal on the computer compared to the handwritten letters she used to write and receive in her past lives. As time went by she realized she had barely written a paragraph, today was really getting to her, and not for the better. The entire conversation with David was intruding on her thoughts, and she really just wanted to forget it all.

She was also getting hungry, it was only 10:30am but it felt like 3:00pm in her mind. She got up and started to go to the door, and something felt wrong, not a physical wrong, just a feeling wrong. Sam opened the door slowly, and a letter fell from between the door's gap. Sam was bothered by this, she never heard the letter sliding into the gap yet she could hear the mice in the air ducts above. The letter was addressed to, "My immortal slut."

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