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Between Friends


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What can't be shared between friends? As far as I'm concerned...nothing. Nikki and I share everything about our lives with each other. We talk about our kids, husbands, the laundry, and parents...sex...everything. One thing I've found with talking to Nikki is that we are always brutally honest with each other; we never take offense to what the other says. We usually start off about our kids and husbands, venting about problems and sometimes just plain bitching, but inevitability we always end up talking about sex.
Nikki was pretty much naive when it came to sex. Just about the only kink she had ever tried was a vibrator. I would tell her about things I had done and she would end up surprising her husband with the same thing. Afterward she would always tell me how wonderful it was and how much he liked it and thanked me for the idea. For instance, I had told her how good it felt to have the vibe in her and then have her husband enter her. I told her that the feeling of being so completely filled was incredible. I told her that with the vibe on he would go crazy from the sensation of the vibrations, combined with the added tightness with the extra girth inside of her. He loved it and more importantly she loved it.

She once asked me, "So what else have you done that I might like"?

The day she asked me that I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't had sex for a few days and was feeling extremely horny. Or maybe it was just her and the feeling of wanting to do something naughty and to see just how far she would go. At any rate that's when it happened the first time.

Nikki and I were sitting on the loveseat together at her place, alone, when she asked me what else I had done that she might like. I looked at her coyly, a slight grin on my face,

"it would be better if I showed you", I told her.

She pulled back away from me, scooting across the cushion toward the arm of the loveseat, "what do you mean show me"?

"It's ok, I won't if you don't want me to. But I think deep down really you do". I slid closer to her, pinning her against the arm of the loveseat with my face inches from hers. I looked into her eyes somehow forcing her to hold my gaze, "have you ever been with another woman"?

She was getting nervous; I could tell by how low and soft her voice had become. At the same time she was excited by the idea, that I could see in her eyes. "No, I haven't", she said, almost a whisper.

"Have you ever thought about what it would be like", I asked as I gently laid my hand on her bare thigh?

We had always been honest with each other and thankfully she continued that streak now, "yes, I guess I have thought about it, but I never thought I'd actually try it".

I brought my other hand to her face, brushing the back of my knuckles against her cheek softly. "Do you want to now? We don't have to if you don't want to, but I really think you'll like it, and it can be our little secret, no one has to know".

Her eyes dropped to the hand I had resting on her thigh, "yes I do, but if I say stop we have to stop, ok"?

"Ok, we'll stop whenever you say", I lifted her chin to make her look me in the eye once more, "you're 100% sure", I asked, making certain that I wasn't pressuring her into anything she really didn't want to do?

She nodded her head in agreement, keeping her eyes locked on mine. I leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips, just a little peck at first. My hand slid higher up her thigh, stopping at the frayed edges of her cut off jean shorts. Again I leaned in to kiss her, lingering this time as our lips slowly parted. I ran my tongue across her full lips before tenderly beginning to probe the inside of her wet mouth with the tip of my tongue.
Her hand came up to my face and softly cupped my cheek. She met my exploring tongue with hers as she began to caress my face. She moaned softly as our kiss deepened, became more passionate.

We sat there kissing for about twenty minutes, our tongues dancing and dueling in each other's mouths. I didn't want to push her to fast and make her change her mind; I was incrediblely horny and definitely wanted to taste her sweetness. Our breathing was shallow, coming in gasp as things really started to heat up between us. I had to slow things down a bit, I wanted to make this last as long as possible. "Let's go upstairs, just incase someone comes home. At least we won't be right here in the open and we'll have time to get ourselves together".

Without hesitation Nikki stood up and took my hand leading me to the stairs, to her bedroom. I had been in her bedroom many times, sitting on the edge of her bed while she put away laundry or just using it as a quiet place for us to talk when all the kids were together and the husbands were watching sports on TV. This time was different, this time we would be making love in the bed that she shares every night with her husband.
Once in her room she turned to face me, she seemed uncertain of what to do next. I closed the small gap between us and started to kiss her again, trying to set her mind at ease and get her back into the swing of things. It worked; she returned my kiss with more enthusiasm than when we were downstairs. I brought my hand up to her breasts, cupping the mounds through her loose fitting T-shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra. She moaned as I gently pulled at her hardening nipples through the cotton shirt. I slowly let my hands slide down her torso, finding the hem of her shirt I started to pull it up over her jutting breast. The exposed mounds of succulent flesh bounced slightly when I lifted her arms over her head as I continued upward with her shirt. Immediately I bent forward to kiss her beautiful breasts, starting high at the top and working my way down to the erect nipples. Slipping my hands under them I lifted up and at the same time, pushing them together. Nikki let a quiet moan escape her as I continued to give attention to her glorious buds, licking and nibbling back and forth from one to the other. Letting my tongue trace circles around the large areolas, sucking the protruding nipples between my lips, biting gently.
Her hands found their way to my hair, kneading and pulling, holding my mouth to her. She was more eager than I thought she'd be and not nearly as shy as I had expected. Her skin was so smooth, so soft; I loved the way her heavy breasts felt in my hands and in my mouth. I stood up to kiss her once again, rolling her nipples between my fingers as our tongues swam in each other's mouth. Slowly I released my hold on her breasts and slid my hands down her stomach, stopping at the waistband of her shorts. I ran my fingers lightly around the edge, brushing her hot flesh with the tips. Her breath caught in her throat as I moved lower and started to rub her mound through the denim.

"Wait", she said and she pulled my hand from between her legs.

I thought I had moved to fast, that even before we really got going it was over. "What?

Did I do something wrong? Have you changed your mind"?

"No", Nikki breathed, "I just want to go slow, if this is going to be my first time I want to remember everything, every single minute". Her eyes were filled with lust, with a yearning to know the touch of a woman.

I stood there gazing at my best friend, thankful she wasn't stopping. With trembling hands she reached out and started to pull the bottom of my shirt over my head. She leaned in to kiss me as she dropped it to the floor at our feet with hers. Slowly she broke the kiss, her eyes fell to my lace covered breasts. Tenderly her quivering hands traced the silky edges of my bra, slipping inside to touch my burning skin. My head went back as a low groan rose up in my throat. It felt so good having her soft, gentle hands touch me, it had been so long since I had been with a woman. I was aching for her, for the taste of her. She slid her hands up my breasts to my shoulders and down my back. Finding the clasp of my bra she released it effortlessly, pulling the straps off of my shoulders as her hands came back around to my breasts. Almost as if she had done this before, or just perhaps being a woman herself she seemed to know just what to do. Slowly she descended her mouth to my breasts, pulling them free of my bra as her lips made contact with my protruding bud. She cupped them gently as her tongue lightly traced wet circles around one then the other causing me to arch and breathe a soft "ahhh". When her warm breath licked across my wet nipples I could feel them getting harder yet. I caressed Nikki's back as she bent in front on me, working her tongue for the first time on my tits. I was getting so wet watching my best friend suck and nibble; I wanted her more than anything. Grasping her by the arm I pulled her up to face me, to kiss me once more. Moving closer to her I touched my bare chest to hers, feeling her firm breasts against mine. Again I moved my hand down to her hot mound, rubbing slowly back and forth between her legs. Her jean shorts were damp with her juices. I pressed the seam in the crotch of her shorts into her sensitive clit making her moan loudly.

"Can I taste you now", I whispered in her ear? Still pressing the hard seam into her clit and rolling her button from side to side, I licked down her neck eagerly awaiting her answer.

"Yes, Amber. I want you to taste me, but I'm not sure if I am ready to return that favor to you".

"It's ok Nik, really. If you are you are, and if you're not... then you're not. I just want to make you feel better than any man could ever make you feel. You know what they say...No one knows how to please a woman better than another woman, and it's true".

She started to kiss me, her tongue gliding across my lips. My hands came up to the button on her shorts, I opened it easily. The hiss of the zipper as I slid it down echoed over the sound of Nikki's breath catching in her throat. Her hand came to mine, stopping me once again.

"Amber, you have to promise me something".

"What?... anything you know that Nik".

"Promise me that we will still be friends after we do this. That things won't get weird between us and we stop talking. Most of all that you won't tell a single soul".

"I promise, I swear to you I won't tell. And we will always be friends...maybe even better friends", I winked at her as I reassured her.

Nikki relaxed the hold she had on my wrist and I slowly dropped to my knees in front of her. I opened her shorts to reveal the small thatch of auburn hair, she wasn't wearing panties, which was no surprise, as I knew she didn't like to wear them. I nuzzled my nose into the soft triangle, deeply inhaling her scent. She smelled so good. The soap she used to shower with was faint, masked by the musky scent of her arousal. Slowly I started to pull her shorts down over her ass, letting them fall to the floor in a denim puddle at her feet. My tongue darted out to lick the creamy skin of her stomach, causing her to giggle as I tickled her navel with my swirling tongue. I left a trail of wet licks and kisses across her hips before she stopped me and pulled me to my feet, "My turn", she said huskily.
Just as before she mimicked my actions and removed my pants in the same way I had done to her, sitting on her knees and licking from my breasts to the top of my bare pussy lips. She didn't go any farther than the top, maybe she was waiting to follow my lead, or maybe she just wasn't ready to go that far.

Backing away from her I moved toward the bed, "Come over here with me, it will be much more comfortable", I said as I sat down on the edge of her bed. Nikki got to her feet and walked quickly to the bed, her tits bounced and swayed so beautifully. With her sitting on the edge beside me I ran my hand lightly up the inside of her thigh, making her shiver slightly. I leaned into her and softly bit her lower lip, pulling on it gently with my teeth. She started to kiss me deeply, delving her tongue into my wet mouth as she began to caress my cheek with the back of her hand. I laid her back as we kissed and started fondling her tits with one hand. Pressing our bodies together I reveled in the silky smoothness of her skin against mine.

I started to make my way down her neck leaving wet butterfly kisses in my path. Down lower to her wonderful full breasts, nipping at the protruding nipples. Lower still to her stomach until I was on my knees again in front of her. Tenderly I nestled my nose into her moist pussy, running it up and down the swollen pink lips. Parting them with my tongue on the up stroke, careful not to touch her throbbing button just yet. She was moaning loudly, "oh yes, that feels good", she kept repeating over and over. She was starting to squirm on the bed, I figured it was time to stop teasing her and show her just how good it felt to be loved by a woman. Starting at the bottom of her pussy I licked upward across her puffy lips. Coming down I parted them once more and lightly brushed her pulsating clit with the tip of my tongue. Her sweet juices gathered on the tip of my tongue as I worked my way down, she tasted so good. Back at the bottom I slowly slid my tongue into her hot, wet hole.

"Ahhhh, yes", Nikki sighed.

Slowly I started to roll her engorged clit from side to side as I licked up and down her slick lips. Nikki lay there moaning and quivering as I slid a single finger into her tight pussy and replaced my fingers working her clit with my tongue. I gently sucked her swollen bud into my mouth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I kept sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, eventually slipping in another as she started to buck against my ministrations. I continued licking and sucking her clit as I fingered her clenching pussy, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. We were both moaning loudly, her from the impending orgasm and me from the pure exoticness’ of the situation. As I sat there on my knees eating Nikki's sweet, juicy pussy I started to finger myself with my free hand. Rubbing furiously on my clit bringing myself to the edge of climax with her.

"Ooo, Amber I'm gonna cum", Nikki gasped.

I kept my mouth tightly pressed against her clit, licking faster and fingering her feverously. Nikki cried out as her orgasm washed over her. She bucked and moaned as the pleasure wracked her body. Slowly her body relaxed and she lay on the bed quivering from the aftershocks.

While Nikki was riding out her orgasm I was bringing myself to the height of my own climax, made more intense from tasting my best friend's juices flowing into my mouth. I climbed up onto the bed and lie beside Nikki, my arm draped across her stomach and my head on her shoulder listening to the rapid beating of her heart. I looked up into her eyes and kissed her tenderly, twice on the lips.


"Yea Nik"?

"That was incredible, I can't believe I'd never tried that before. Next time I want to return the favor".

"Ok hon, anytime".

We laid there for another twenty minutes or so, holding and stroking each other softly, catching our breath and talking about the usual topics of kids and our husbands.

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