tagIllustratedBetween Friends Ch. 01

Between Friends Ch. 01


The lovely Becky reacts to a low hard body punch during a violent and erotic wrestling match.

Donna stood over the still body of my wife after having just knocked her out.. She was excited and trembling with unexpected arousal. How had what was supposed to have been a friendly home wrestling match for the entertainment of their husbands come to this violent and erotic conclusion? The answers were long in coming and would reveal repressed desires and a major challenge for both couples.

Becky and I had been friends with Donna and Dave ever since we had moved to our current home several years ago. Becky and Donna are physical education teachers in the local school system and moonlight as instructors at a fitness center. Both are fit and trim and enjoy participating in a variety of athletics. Becky is an attractive and slender 5'7" woman with medium length thick brown hair. Donna is an inch shorter and a bit heavier with blond hair styled in a boy-cut.

One evening the four of us were clobbering each other over an air hockey game in our recreation room. Dave noticed some of my video equipment spread out on a nearby table. He worked in production at a local TV station and we began talking about our amateur film projects. Donna commented that she bet Becky was my favorite subject. Becky blushed slightly and replied yes, that was so.

Donna brightened and said that was exactly the same for her and Dave. We didn't go into details but decided we shared a mutual interest in what we called "private home videos." After I thought we had dropped the subject Donna pulled Becky off into another room. Dave and I could hear them chattering and laughing before coming back to us.

Becky announced, "I've been wondering what to get my husband for his birthday. How about Donna and I put on a show for you boys that you will never forget?"

"Yes," Donna chirped in. "We've talked a time or two about what it would be like to wrestle each other and we were going to do it at work after hours. But let's say, instead, next Friday we get together at our house and Becky and I have a go at each other, maybe best out of three pins, and you guys can video tape us until your little hearts' content?"

Dave's big sloppy grin told us that he was all for it. And as for me, the blood was already rushing to my temples with anticipation. I don't know about Donna, but this was out of character for my wife. But she did have a strong competitive streak in her. All the following week Becky refused to discuss the subject with me but I suspected Donna and she were making plans.

Finally Friday evening came and we went over to their house. After drinks our wives disappeared and Dave and I went downstairs to their recreation room where they had set up the wrestling "ring." They had pulled all of the hard furniture to the sides of the room creating an open space in the center. Several thick workout mats had been laid out on the floor and covered with sheets. We didn't say much as we fiddled with our cameras and waited for the women.

Soon they both padded barefoot downstairs dressed in bathrobes. "Let's get the show on the road!" they announced together.

Becky started swaying and quietly humming the burlesque tune as she undid the sash on her robe and let it fall away. I was thrilled to see she was wearing her snug lime green rio style bikini swimsuit. I was not expecting her to wear something so revealing. Donna slipped out of her robe. She was wearing a blue bikini swimsuit, full cut, but perfectly accenting her nicely rounded curves. She turned slowly around several times, cocking her hips first to one side then to the other.

"Ain't we cute?" Becky purred in a low voice and then added coyly, "Got your cameras ready boys?"

Becky and Donna show off just before they start to wrestle.

The two women stepped to the middle of the open area. Donna looked at Dave and I. "We decided this would be pretty open-ended. We'll just see what's going to happen. So, no interference from you two, Okay?"

We nodded, and with that Becky and Donna smiled at each other and then suddenly rushed together with surprising force. They locked hands and pushed hard, testing their strength against each other. Donna appeared naturally to be the stronger, the muscles rippled across her shoulders as she strained against my wife. But Becky was quicker and more agile and she twisted and turned for advantage.

Becky got her arms around the back of Donna's neck and under her arm, using the leverage to bend Donna down. Donna embraced Becky around the waist and the two of them went down on their knees. Neither could break the other's hold.

Donna gradually forced Becky down onto her back. They both grunted and giggled as they released at the same time. Then Becky grabbed Donna at the wrists and the two of them, their bodies pressed tightly together, rolled over twice until the cushions against the sofa stopped them.

They slid back toward the center of the room. But as they did so, Donna pushed Becky down on her back, threw her right leg over her upper torso, and suddenly she was straddling her.

She pressed hard on Becky's shoulders and crowed, "I think I've pinned you!"

As she bore down, Donna's blue top slipped off of one of her nicely rounded breasts. I was thinking, "Sweet." Then I noticed her exposed nipple was totally erect. I could barely keep the camera steady as I wondered if this was just because of the strenuous competition or was she maybe enjoying the bodily contact for other reasons? I glanced at Dave and saw he was noticing the same thing.

Donna started to count, but Becky pulled her legs up and forward, hooking Donna under her arms with her feet. Becky pulled and Donna was propelled backwards off of her. Before Donna could recover Becky spun around and put her in a competitive wrestler's pin while laying at an angle off to her side to prevent Donna from doing the same thing she had just done to her. I admired my wife's smooth and quick motion, not to mention a good view of her firm butt straining against the fabric of her narrow bikini as she applied the pin.

Donna thrashed about for a moment but then conceded. "I give!"

Becky hopped to her feet and did a little cheerleader victory jig. Donna got up smiling while pulling her top over her exposed breast. But there was a hard glint in her eye. I could tell her competitive nature didn't like being beaten like that. Perhaps sexual tension added to the situation. The next round might be full of surprises.

Both women were breathing hard and perspiring from the exertion. They slowly circled each other.

Becky, full of herself, chanted slyly, "Bet you'd like to hoold me... bet you'd like to squeeeze me... bet you'd like to kisss me..."

I had heard her say this before, when she was playful and experiencing a desire for a romp in the clover. Was she getting aroused too I wondered?

With that, they were at each other again. They embraced in mutual bear hugs and tried to throw each other down. They grunted and groaned and then began to laugh. Suddenly they were off balance and went down on the mats in a heap. They grappled in a flurry of arms and legs until Donna got Becky on her back and again straddled her. Only this time she placed herself further forward so Becky couldn't hook her with her feet. My view was of Becky's green bikini top peeking out from under Donna's blue bottoms as Donna gripped Becky's sides with her thighs and bore down. But my wife's agility again served her well. Her legs churned furiously and she managed to turn over onto her stomach and wiggle out from under Donna.

The action was getting a lot more intense. Becky scrambled to her feet with a little hoot of derision.

Donna got up while saying, "You're not going to get away this time."

She had a feral expression on her face. She wasn't kidding around anymore. Still, the next moment startled everyone. Donna made a fist with her right hand, hauled back, and drove a hard punch into Becky's gut, right at the waistline of her low-slung bikini with a loud "Thunk!"

Donna's punch doubles Becky over

It happened fast. With a look of amazement Donna hurriedly stepped back and abruptly broke off the assault. I don't think at the time she was planning to do it. She was simply caught up in the heat of the moment.

Becky's reaction was one of shock and dismay. She gritted her teeth, clutched her midsection with both hands, and let out a long, "Ohhh!"

She doubled over and then fell into the sofa. She evidently passed out as she fell. With arms now thrown loosely back, she slowly tumbled off the sofa and onto the mats. She rolled completely over once and ended up laying on her back, unmoving, half on and half off one of the floor mats.

The thought occurred that maybe Dave and I should break this up before someone got hurt. But our wives' display of power and sensuality rooted us in our places. It would be the girls' call.

Becky passes out as she falls first into a sofa.

Becky's body then rolls onto the floor.

Out cold, she ends up lying sprawled on her back.

Donna looked down at my wife with a smile of grim satisfaction. Becky seemed to regain her senses as Donna stood over her and pulled her up to a sitting position.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you."

Becky grimaced, "It just took me by surprise, that's all. I suppose you want to count that as your pin? Okay, that mean the next one tells the tale."

Becky's top came undone as she got up and it fell away. She didn't seem to mind as she tied it back into place. She had an odd expression, like she was so into her own little world she didn't notice Dave's leer or my embarrassment. The two women started circling each other. Despite her bravado, Becky appeared unsteady. Donna seemed to relish her power and ability to dominate.

Becky seems to recover and puts her top back on.

Donna said, "There is one more thing I want to try on you but I don't think it will hurt nearly as much as the punch. It's called a 'sleeper.'"

Standing behind her, she put her hands around the base of Becky's neck feeling for pressure points. Becky tried to twist away. But there was no fight left in her. It was almost as if she had given up and was willing to submit to whatever her friend had in mind for her. She groaned softly as her head lolled down.

Satisfied that she knew where to squeeze, Donna pushed her down onto her knees, coming down behind her. With her right hand Donna stroked the side of Becky's face before encircling her neck and bringing her left arm alongside of Becky's head. She suddenly applied pressure in both areas.

Donna sleepers Becky.

Donna holds Becky upright as she slips into unconsciousness.

Becky's eyes went wide as she tried to pry Donna's arms away from her neck while she was at the same time being pulled backwards. Once her legs were out from under her, she thrashed from side to side for a moment causing one breast to become exposed. But then she just seemed to passively surrender to Donna's embrace. She stopped struggling. She gave out a series of deep and prolonged soft, "Ah, ah, ah," as if she was now experiencing some sort of pleasure. She even had a little smile on her face as she suddenly convulsed and then went still. She slipped into complete unconsciousness.

Donna released her hold immediately and let Becky's limp body slide all the way to the floor. Her legs were bent up at the knees. Donna demurely pulled Becky's bikini top over her breast and then pushed her legs down until she was lying spread-eagled on her back. She breathed slowly as if asleep. She looked so lovely and so vulnerable.

Donna allows Becky's body to collapse backwards onto the floor.

Becky is insensible as we stare down at her.

Donna knelt over her fallen friend. She touched Becky on the cheek. She was oblivious to both her husband and I and seemed to be exhilarated as well as confused. She smoothed Becky's hair and then her hand glided down and over Becky's top. She made caressing little circles over the material and then pushed it aside.

She mumbled, more to herself than to us, "Cute.... Your little titties are so nice and hard. I have to know just one thing.... I have to know if you enjoyed this the same way I did."

Donna has just spread Becky's arms and legs apart and run her hand down her body.

With that, her hand continued down the center of Becky's body, over her stomach, until she got to the waist of her bikini panties.

"Oh my, it is a little red here where I hit you. I hope you won't be too sore," she said gently.

She hesitated and then continued down, tracing a line with her index finger over the nylon until she came to Becky's rounded vulva, made quite distinct by the tight panties and the way her legs were spread. Donna slowly and gently pressed several times until Becky's labial lips were outlined by the fabric.

Donna is about to feel inside Becky's bikini.

Breathing hard, Donna returned to the waistline. This time her hand disappeared under the swimsuit bottoms, causing it to lift up and exposing some light fluff hair around the edges. Donna was quivering and her breath was coming in short little gasps as she withdrew her hand and looked at it. Her fingertips were wet and slippery, glistening with moisture.

She backed away from her unconscious friend, stood up, and nudged Becky's body with her foot. Becky didn't move. She was still totally out.

Donna leaves the still out cold Becky lying spread-eagled.

Dave and I were shocked and hardly comprehending as Donna said, "Yes, you obviously enjoyed it as much as I did."

The sight of Donna standing over my fallen wife invoked in me both feelings of sympathy and passion. What had Becky experienced? Why was she so turned on? Did the two of them have any idea it would come to this?

Becky never looked more vulnerable or helpless.

Becky started to come around. I was going to help her but she motioned me back. She got slowly to her feet, again with the same distant expression on her face, as if she was in her own private world. Would it be a world I would be allowed to share in or was this something just between friends?

Becky slowly recovers and gets to her feet.

The End (to be continued)

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