tagNon-Erotic PoetryBetween the Light and the Dark

Between the Light and the Dark


Between the Light and the Dark

In the night,
Tossed and turned.
I flirt with dreams of you.
Barely remembered,
Just the taste.
A few molecules.
Lay dissolving on my tongue.
Spark images in my mind.
Paints an ache, in my heart
Leaves my soul thirsting,
To be filled.

In the dawning,
I lay sleepless.
So tired.
A pillow can't fill,
These empty arms.
Nor self stroking,
Satiate my fantasies.
Nor be the warm presence,
That I long for.
Nor my hand, the sleeve,
When I imagine you spooned,
Against me.
My kisses taste nothing.
But salty tears.
And I feel this loneliness for you.
As if the next moment,
I might pass,
Into oblivion.

How I miss you.
In those moments,
Between the light,
And the dark.
Tween the soft sheets,
Where the scent of you,
Should be.
The taste, of your soft mouth.
Still on my parched lips.
The deep release,
From our passionate embrace.
As you tremble,
Within these love wished arms.

How I miss you,
In the moments.
The moments.
Between, the light and the dark.
The seconds,
That turn the minutes.
The minutes,
That turn the hours.
And the days,
That feel so empty.
Without you.
Dreams, no longer play me.
Imagination, no longer,
In these moments,
When I need you the most.
My love, goes unanswered.
Just an echo...echo....echo,
Between the light and the dark.

Bo 2/12/04

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