tagLoving WivesBev's Night Out

Bev's Night Out

byJust Plain Bob©

Barb, my secretary, stuck her head in the door and said, "Your wife is on line 2."

I gave her a little wave to indicate that I'd heard her, finished adding the column of numbers I was working on and then picked up the phone.

"Hey sweetie, what's up?"

"Just wanted to remind you that I'm going out with Julie after work for dinner and a couple of drinks. I left your dinner in the fridge covered in Saran Wrap. Just put it in the microwave for three minutes on high."

"Should I wait up?"

"Dirty old man!"

"Hey, I know what you are like when you come home after going out with her so don't blame me for taking advantage of it."

"I should be home by ten if you can keep your eyes open that long. Love you baby, see you when I get home."

"Love you too baby, bye."

I had a scowl on my face when I hung up the phone. I did not like Julie, never had, never would. She was just a little too wild and free for my taste. She had been married three times and even though I had never been able to confirm it (Bev flatly denied it was true) I'd heard that the reasons for the divorces was that Julie had been caught playing around. I didn't know if it were true or not, but there was just something about her that set my teeth on edge. But she was Bev's best friend so there wasn't much I could do about it except live with it.

Julie stood up for Bev at our wedding and since then she and Julie had gotten together at least once a week for coffee and they were constantly on the phone with each other. It hadn't been too bad there for a while, but then things changed. The big change came when Max joined the Marines and Julie (named for Bev's friend) went off to college. With nothing much except an empty nest on her hands Bev decided to go to work. Julie got her a job where she worked and after that they went out for dinner and drinks at least once a week and at least once a week they stopped after work for drinks with their co-workers.

While I would just as soon she not spend as much time with Julie I did enjoy the hell out of the nights she did. She would come home and fuck my brains out. I asked her once what the deal was.

"Promise you won't get angry?"

"Don't know. When you put it like that it is like telling me that there might be something to be angry about."

"Let me back up then. You know I love you, right?"


"You know I wouldn't do anything to screw up what we have, right?"

"Why am I suddenly start to feel like I'm not going to like what I'm about to hear?"

"Don't be that way baby. It isn't bad. The reason I come home horny is because when we stop for drinks we also dance and I'm a good looking girl even if I do say so myself. I get hit on a lot and when I dance with the guys who ask me I get felt up a lot. I never let it go anywhere, but it does wind me up and as soon as I get home to you you have to unwind me."

"That's the nights you stop after work, but what about the nights when it is just you and Julie?"

"Same thing. We eat and then go to a lounge for drinks. Guys start moving in on us and we let them buy us drinks and dance with us and they wind me up and you get the benefit."

She saw the look on my face and said, "Come on baby, I've never even so much as kissed one of them. I let them buy me drinks and I dance with them. They rub up against me, cop a feel of my boobs, run their hands over my ass and I let them because I know I'm getting them hot and I'm going to leave them hanging. They all can see my rings and they try to come on to me anyway so I feel they deserve to be left with a case of blue balls. Honest baby; I'm just having fun and you get to reap all the benefits."

It was true, I was reaping plenty of benefits. As with a lot of married couples as we got older we had slipped into a rut. The frequency of our lovemaking had diminished to once a week and sometimes even once every two weeks. My sex life had dramatically improved once Bev had gone back to work. So I kept my dislike of Julie to myself, the same as I had for the last twenty years.


The next four years slid by. Max was discharged and using his benefits from the service he went to college to earn a degree to back up what the service had taught him about computers. Julie graduated with a degree in Marketing and landed a job with a large advertising agency and Bev had moved up in her company to become the office manager. She was still stopping one a week after work with her co-workers, but Julie had gotten married again and their dinner nights slacked off to once every two weeks, but I was still reaping the benefits.

My world turned upside down on a Monday in June. I was taking a client to lunch and we were sitting at a table at Carl's Chop House when he said:

"I wonder if today is my lucky day."

"I beg your pardon?"

"See the woman just walking over to the booth along the wall?"

I looked over and saw Julie. "Yes, I see her."

"I ran into her and another chick one night at a lounge over on Berkley. What a wild night that was. My buddy and me bought them drinks and danced a couple of dances with them and when I hit on her all she said was, "You got a place?" The two of them were like nymphos. Me and my buddy couldn't keep up with them. They wrung us out. That one" and he pointed at Julie, "Suggested to the other one that they go back to the lounge and see if they could pick up two more. The other one thought about it for a minute and then said no, that she had to hurry home to her husband and then she took her wedding rings out of her purse and put them on. Can I ask her to join us?"

I was saved from having to say anything because just as Cliff was standing up to go over to Julie her husband came in and joined her. "Oh well," Cliff said, "You snooze, you lose."

We finished our lunch and left and luckily neither Julie or Paul noticed me. I don't know how I would have handled it if they had seen me and waved me over, especially with Cliff tagging along behind me.

After I left Cliff I went back to my office and stared out the window as I rolled what Cliff had told me over in my mind. The other woman couldn't have been Bev. She just wasn't that kind of a woman. It had to be some other friend of Julie's. I kept telling myself that, over and over, but the thought had been planted and it started to grow. Did I really know what Bev and Julie did when they went out? No, I only knew what Bev told me which was that she cock teased and then came home horny for me to take care of. Was it true? Did she only cock tease? And was she horny because of it? Or could she possibly be horny because some guy she picked up didn't get the job done and I had to come in and finish up. I didn't know, but I knew I had to find out.

I was ashamed of myself for doubting the woman I loved, but as tight as she and Julie were it was possible that Bev was the woman Cliff had seen with Julie. I didn't believe it, I really didn't, but a small very insistent voice in the back of my head kept saying:

"Check it out; put it to bed; eliminate the worry."

I made up my mind to follow Bev the next night she stopped with her co-workers and the next time she had dinner with Julie.


I knew where Bev and her co-workers stopped and so I stopped by there one Monday after work and checked the place out. There were several dark corners where I could sit and barely be noticed. The question was where would Bev and her friends sit? Figuring that there would be at least six of them I eliminated to booths. Bev said they danced a lot so I thought they would probably sit as close to the dance floor as they could get. They would probably put at least two tables together so I looked around the room and picked what I thought would be the most likely spot.

I needed a disguise just in case Bev or Julie did look toward my dark corner. I have 20/20 vision so I bought a pair of heavy horn rimmed reading glasses and punched out the lenses. I never wore a hat so a ball cap with the bill pulled down would partially cover my face. A work shirt with a pocket protector full of pens and pencils would take the place of my normal three piece suit and complete the disguise and I could only hope and pray that it would be enough. If Bev or Julie spotted me and saw through the disguise there would be hell to pay. There wouldn't be any way I could explain it and not come out looking bad. Especially if Bev were innocent.

But I had to know! I just had to know!

Wednesday was the day that Bev and he co-workers always stopped. They got off work at 5 o'clock so at ten to five I was sitting in my dark corner waiting for Bev and her group to arrive. The night went pretty much as Bev had always described it. I say pretty much because she left out a few things when she told me what she did. Like the fact that some guys got their hands inside her blouse, some guys slid their hands down the inside of the front of her skirt (and probably her panties) and she made no move to push those hands away. She never mentioned running her hand over the bulge in their pants and rubbing it or squeezing it.

One of the things she did tell me was that she never even so much as kissed a guy and that was a flat out lie. I watched her make out with three different guys in their booths or at their tables, but there were no trips out to the parking lot. The one thing that I did see that really bothered me was that I saw her left hand was bare - she had taken her rings off. What was it Cliff had said? When it was time for the woman to go home she took her wedding rings out of her purse and put them on?

Bev was usually home by ten-thirty so at ten I began looking for an opening where I could get up without being noticed and get out of the bar so I could be home when she got there. I saw her look at her watch and she said something to Julie and the two of them got up and headed for the ladies room. I got up and left as soon as they disappeared through the bathroom door.

I was in bed when Bev got home and she was stripping off her clothes as she came through the doorway.

"Ready for me lover? I'm really horny tonight."

I'll just bet you are I thought to myself as I pushed the covers off me and exposed my erection.

"Dirty old man" she said as she climbed on the bed and moved into a sixty-nine with me. As her hot mouth closed on my cock I was looking at her pussy and wondering if any of the fingers on the hands that had gone down the front of her skirt had reached it and entered it. She pushed it down at me and I began to lick and suck.


She didn't have dinner with Julie that week. The following Wednesday found me in my dark corner and watching again. The night was a repeat of the previous Wednesday with one exception. Bev was making out in a booth with some guy and from where I was sitting the angle was perfect for me to be able to see under the table of the booth where Bev and the guy were sitting. He had his cock out and Bev was giving him a hand job as they necked. I was watching when he erupted and I saw Bev wipe her hand on his pants leg. She brought her hand out from underneath the table, licked her fingers and then she kissed him.

It was at that instant that I knew that Bev was the woman that Cliff had seen with Julie. The previous Wednesday had been just what Bev had always said it was; drinking, dancing and some cock teasing, though more than she let on, but when she licked the guys cum off her fingers I knew. Now all I needed was visual proof that she was fucking other men. I got up and left the bar and didn't much care if Bev or Julie recognized me at all.

I was in bed pretending to be asleep when Bev got home and when she shook me I just mumbled and kept my head on the pillow. She shook me twice more and then reached for my cock. She stroked it and it didn't respond. For the first time in twenty-five years Bev's touch did not get a response. I lay there as she fondled me and replayed in my mind the scene where she licked the guys cum off of her fingers and I wanted to smack her hand away and scream at her to get the fuck away from me. The only reason I didn't was because I had to keep my cool until I could catch her actually fucking someone. Bev finally gave up and went to sleep leaving me to stare at the wall and think nothing but bad, bad thoughts.


The next morning at the breakfast table Bev asked, "What happened to you last night. I came home horny as a goat and looking to get some of your first class horniness medicine and I couldn't get you up."

"I wasn't feeling all that well. Something I ate didn't agree with me and after several trips to worship at the porcelain throne I took some Sominex and tried to go to sleep."

"Try and get better today lover, because I'm having dinner with Julie tonight and you know what that means. Couple that with last nights residual and you are going to have your work cut out for you."

I was parked down the street when Bev got off work. I saw Julie get in Bev's car with her and when they drove off I followed them. Bev drove to Duke's Steak House and they parked and went inside. Duke's was just a restaurant so I knew they would be staying only long enough to eat so I parked at the back of the lot and waited for them to come back out.

They came out an hour later and I followed them across town to a place called Barney's Roadhouse. They parked and went inside and I gave them a half-hour head start and then put my disguise on. I figured that the half-hour would give them time to become interested in or involved with someone and with luck they might not notice me come in. My disguise wasn't all that good; it would work in a dark corner, but I didn't know how it would hold up away from darkness. Luck was with me when I walked in. Bev and Julie were sitting in a booth with two men and they were busy talking and never even looked my way.

I found a place where I could sit and watch them and checked my watch. Bev was usually home by ten-thirty so if anything was going to happen it should happen soon. According to Cliff they had spent over two hours in his room. If that held true for every night Bev and Julie went out together something would have to happen in the next fifteen or twenty minutes.

Ten minutes went by and I saw Bev say something to Julie, look at her watch and then get up and head for the woman's bathroom. A minute later the guy she had been talking to got up and went towards the men's bathroom. I sat there sipping my beer waiting for them to come back when suddenly it hit me. Women always go to the bathroom in pairs, but Julie didn't get up and follow Bev. Add to that the fact that Bev left her purse on the table for Julie to watch. What woman goes to the bathroom in a bar or restaurant without taking her purse with her if only to touch up her makeup?

I got up and headed for the bathrooms. There was a long hallway with a door on each side and the two bathrooms were at the end of the hall. I checked the doors on either side of the hall and they weren't locked. I looked in both of them and found one full of beer cases and the other full of folding tables and chairs. There was no exit so Bev and the guy had to be in the bathrooms. I checked the men's first and got the surprise of my life. The man had Bev pinned against the wall and was fucking her. Her panties were lying on the floor and her skirt was bunched up around her waist. He had her ass in his hands, her arms were around his neck and her legs were wrapped around him. He was banging into her hard and I could hear little grunts each time he drove home.

There were three guys standing there watching and discussing the possibility that they could be next. Bev was moaning as the man slammed into her and the guy said:

"Here it comes honey. I hope you got protection cause I ain't pulling out."

Thirty seconds later he pulled out of her and Bev slid down to the floor in front of him and she took his limp cock in her mouth and began sucking on him. I watched her use her lips and tongue on him as the three guys asked if they could be next.

"How about it sweet cheeks, want to pull a train?"

Bev took her mouth off him long enough to say "no" and then she went back to sucking his cock.

"Sorry guys" the man said, "She doesn't mind putting on a show, but I guess I'm enough for her tonight."

His cock started to stiffen and Bev stood up, turned and grabbed the sink and bent forward. The man moved behind her and slid his cock into her cunt. She grunted when he slammed into her. The look on her face was one of pure lust and she was moaning, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes" as he pounded into her. The man nailed her steady for about five minutes and then he said:

"Second load baby, on the way."

"Yes, yes, yes," Bev moaned as she pushed her ass back at him.

The other three watchers, aware that they weren't going to get any and figuring the show was over, finished their business and left. The man stepped back from Bev, grabbed her skirt and wiped his cock on it and then began to tuck it away. He looked at me and smirked as he said:

"Sorry sport, the lady said I was enough for her tonight."

The punch that broke his nose came as a complete surprise to him as did the kick in the balls that followed it. As he started to double up I grabbed him and rammed his head into the concrete block wall a couple of times before dropping him on the floor and kicking him three more times in the stones.

I turned to Bev and saw she was looking at me terrified. I took off the ball cap and fake glasses and tossed them on top of the man lying on the floor clutching at his crotch, moaning and gasping for air. I looked at Bev's left hand and saw that it was ringless.

"I probably shouldn't have been so hard on him because he didn't know you were married, but you knew you were. I hope you have a place to stay because I can't promise you I won't hurt you if you come home."

I turned and walked out of the bathroom and as I was walking by the booth where Julie and the other guy were still sitting I saw he had his hand inside her blouse and she was smiling at him. I took out my cell phone and snapped a picture of it and when Julie looked up I said:

"Paul will love seeing this."

Her face turned white and I left the bar and went home.


I haven't seen or talked to Bev since that night in the bar. She called three dozen times in the days following that night, but I wouldn't talk to her. She has called two or three times a week since then and as soon as I hear her voice I hang up. Max and Julie call me once or twice a week to try and get me to talk to their mother and I refuse just as I refuse to tell them why.

"If your mother wants to tell you she can, but I'm not saying anything about it."

I called Paul and told him I had something to send him and asked for his email address. He called me after he got the picture and asked me about it and I told him the whole sad story from the time Cliff clued me in until the night I took the picture. I heard that he tossed Julie out on her ass.

The house was too big for just me and I didn't need all the memories that came with the place so I moved out and Bev moved in until we had to sell it as part of the divorce settlement. When we closed on the sale of the house I sent Max with my power of attorney so I would have to look at Bev.

The divorce is final tomorrow and I'll be free to get on with my life. Will I miss Bev? I already do, and as strange as it may sound I still have some love for her. You can't just turn off twenty-five of love and affection like you can hit a light switch and turn the lights off and on.

Could I have stayed with her? No. I could have handled her night out with her co-workers if it had been no worse than it had been the first night I watched. I could have done it even though it was a lot raunchier than she led me to believe, but there was no way I could have lived with the woman who let herself be fucked in a public restroom in front of a crowd, no fucking way!

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by Anonymous

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by sexydad5002/23/18

Good read

Very sexy wife and a not quite good enough BTB. He should have gotten cell phone pictures of her and sent them out to those she knew, family and friends.
Maybe a sequel would help.

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by Anonymous02/23/18

Gotta agree about the public bathroom

The rest cold have been forgiven.

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by tazz31711/04/17


is they are very accomplished liars, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous11/04/17

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

How can anyone miss a cheating slut?

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by Anonymous06/23/17

Seriously, unfinished drivel and intellectually lazy storylines......pure shit.

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