tagMind ControlBeware the Wrath of a Bimbo Scorned

Beware the Wrath of a Bimbo Scorned


"No No, Don't close your eyes." Said Keira, "You're missing the best part"

Without a whimper of resistance, Cassidy's eyes opened and returned to watching her husband and her sister fucking like horny rabbits. She wanted to look away, she wanted to scream out and make the mad woman stop but she was powerless to do anything other than sit quietly next to Keira and watch the two most important people in her life betray her.

"Look at the smile of Lucy's face." continued Keira, a hand on Cassidy's shoulder, "So blissfully unaware of anything but the joy of fucking. Have you ever seen a woman so desperate for sex?"

Cassidy could only sit and listen.

"You are watching a re-enactment of five years of my life." Keira's grip tightened on Cassidy's shoulder, "It was my eighteenth birthday and that lovely family from Crystal Heights that you allowed to adopt me sent me away to 'Graduation Camp'. Do you have any idea what happens at Graduation Camp Cassie?"

Cassidy continued to obediently sit and listen, her eyes following every thrust of her husband's cock into Lucy's cunt.

"Graduation Camp was where the brightest and best of Chrystal Heights would be sent in order to be inducted into, as they put it: 'The Crystal Heights way of life'. I was trained to want nothing more than to suck and fuck my way through anything that wanted me. My hair turned permanently blonde, my tits are so big I haven't seen my feet in 6 years and to make matters worse I couldn't put three words together without giggling and trying to stick my tongue on someone's cock.

"Thanks to you, I spent five years a bimbo-headed slut and once these two lovebirds have finished, it's my turn to return the favour."

Ten minutes later, Lucy was on her way out of the door, oblivious to the splash of cum sliding down her cheek and, once the front door closed behind her, also without any recollection of what had just taken place. Indoors, Keira's pre-rehearsed monologue of her plans for Cassidy was in full flow...

"...Five years it took to break free of their control, for me to discover that I too had the gift to change people's bodies and minds. All except my own that is. I knew I had to leave Crystal Heights forever, the power possessed by some of the town elders made what I can do look like a simple parlour trick. I couldn't trust them to let me live my life in peace, so I had to escape and leave everything I knew behind, make a new life where I could be the hunter for once and not the prey.

"On that day I vowed to make every last person responsible for my adoption pay for what they did to me. When one can control anybody they choose it's pretty easy to acquire the help needed to hack into the private records of every adoption agency in the country until you find the right one: The Wilson Family Adoption Agency. I was the first child the agency homed. An inauspicious start if ever there was one, I'm not surprised the place was shut down within the year."

Keira pulled a file out of her purse and motioned Cassidy to her feet.

"Cassidy Blake: born March 12th 1962 - Vice-Chairperson of The Wilson Family Adoption Agency at the tender age of twenty-five. It must feel like a lifetime ago."

With a few idle waves of Keira's hand, Cassidy began to undress.

"How would you like to feel twenty-five again Cassie? If you're going to experience what it's like to be an airheaded slut then you're going to have to look the part."

By now Cassidy was completely naked. She wanted to call out for help, to beg for mercy. Instead, all she could do was stand motionless in the middle of her living room. Keira walked over to her and kissed her softly on the lips. Cassidy felt a short spark of electricity enter her body and spread all over her skin.

Keira just stepped back and smiled as she watched Cassidy's body begin to change. First her skin began to tighten, years of aging washing away in an instant. Next her breasts started to swell, growing to a size that would make a stripper blush. Her ass and legs then followed in turn, perfectly sculpted into the form that hot pants were designed to clad. Finally her hair erupted into a flourish of blonde and her lips puffed up to the size and shape that only a cock could love; the final cherry on top of a new look that screamed out to the world: "Fuck me". Keira walked back over to her.

"That's more like it." She smiled, "Now you look..." she ran her hand over one of Cassidy's new breasts evoking a short shudder of pleasure from its owner – "...and feel like a good slut should. All that's left now is for you to act like the happy little bimbo you're supposed to be as well. I have too busy a schedule to be here all the time pulling your strings for you."

Keira looked across the room to Cassidy's husband who had been standing naked in the corner while the changes to his wife had taken place, completely unaware that anything was amiss with the situation. Keira motioned him over to sit at the chair from which Cassidy had watched him and her sister earlier. Another wave of Keira's hand and Cassidy was on her hands and knees, crawling over to her husband. When she arrived at his feet, she rose to meet his cock and began to suck.

"Can you taste your sister?" asked Keira, standing over her. "You should savour this moment as it will be the last you ever share together."

Keira knelt down beside Cassidy and began to run a couple of roaming fingers over her victim's pussy.

"Your body craves to be free." She said, watching Cassidy's hips twitch and shudder at her every touch. "Back in Crystal Heights, one's 'graduation was confirmed with the taste of cum on the lips; yours shall be no different. And tonight is graduation night.

"In a few minutes time, any thoughts or worries going on in that pretty little head of yours will just wash away and you can at last be the slutty little bimbo your body now craves you to become."

Cassidy's husband's hips thrust in time with the bobbing of his wife's head. Release was not far away at all and yet all Cassidy body refused to listen to her mind. Her mouth just continued to lick, suck and fuck faster and faster and faster until in one glorious moment, all became wonderful. Cassidy felt the warm cum slide down her throat and it was the greatest feeling a person could experience. Everything had suddenly become so clear, what could be better than spending each and every day being pounded by rock hard cocks for every angle? She looked up to see Keira smiling down on her and knew that she owed all of her new-found freedom and sexiness to this wonderful woman: her liberator.

Keira extended a hand to Cassidy and helped her to her feet. "Don't you feel so much happier now?"

Cassidy giggled a happy little giggle, "Everywhere feels so yummy." She said, her hands exploring every reachable inch of her new body. "I wish I could like just keep fucking all day."

Keira smiled, "I know a place where your wish can come true."

Cassidy jumped up and down excitedly, her breasts jiggling like something out of a Japanese video game. "Ooh Ooh! Where?"

"It's called Crystal Heights. It's a magical place where men and women will fuck you till your heart's content, morning, noon and night." Keira handed Cassidy an envelope. "There's a car waiting for you outside. Just hand this to the driver and he will take you there right now."

Cassidy beamed from ear to ear. She grabbed the envelope from Keira's hands and hugged her. "Thank you so much. This is like, the nicest thing anybody has done for me in the world ever! I wish I could do something for you."

"Just tell them I sent you. That will be enough gratitude for me. Now have a nice trip."

Cassidy kissed Keira on the cheek, thanked her one more time and bounced out of the front door to the awaiting cab. As the car disappeared out of sight, Keira couldn't help but raise a smile at how they always forget to put any clothes on before going outside. Leaving Cassidy's home behind, she got into her own car and drove back to her hotel. With Cassidy accounted for she was now seven down, one to go.


It had been a long year for Keira Swann. First there was acquiring the abilities to affect people's bodies and minds, then the escape from Crystal Heights and finally setting about rounding up the employees of The Wilson Family Adoption Agency and giving them each a one way trip to Crystal Heights in the hope it would dissuade any of the town elders to come looking for her. Every action of the past twelve months was building up to this moment: sitting outside Olivia Wilson's apartment building preparing herself for the grand finale.

Keira had scoured every sentence of documentation about her adoption and the adoption agency that had ever existed. There was nothing to suggest she was extraordinary in any way, yet she was the only child to ever get homed in Crystal Heights. Why her and why did she have these abilities? Why did Olivia Wilson send her to be adopted in Crystal Heights? What happened to her real parents? Did they know what happened to her?

These were questions that Keira asked herself every day and yet despite having already had seven previous opportunities to potentially find out the answer, here she was outside an apartment building with the final name on her list to go and still no answers. The truth of the matter was that deep down she preferred not knowing. What if she discovered that her parents had chosen to send her away to that place, or that they were dead or even that Olivia Wilson had killed them and sent her to Crystal Heights to disappear. The odds of a bad answer outweighed those of a good and so it felt best to just give Olivia the punishment and future that she deserved and finally get closure on her past. From there she could maybe attempt to find a way to create a future for herself away from the shadows of both Crystal Heights and the Wilson Family adoption Agency. She had no interest in the secrets of her past; it was time to end this.

Olivia Wilson lived in flat 231 and Keira had no trouble getting herself invited inside, much to Olivia's own bewilderment. Keira motioned Olivia over to the living room couch and she duly obeyed.

"Who are you?" asked Olivia, at this point still permitted control of her voice.

"A secret you tried to bury long ago." Replied Keira

"A secret? What secret?"

"The secret you sent away to be lost forever. The secret that you sent to hell."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"So you don't remember anything about sending a baby girl off for adoption to a family in Crystal Heights twenty-four years ago?"

The mere mention of Crystal Heights caused a look of panic to cross Olivia's face. "No! You can't be! Please you..."

"I didn't come here for explanations or answers." Interrupted Keira, rescinding Olivia's permission to speak for herself, "I came here so that you could experience the same life you gave me."

Olivia sat silent and motionless, unable to move or speak as Keira's monologue continued.

"You were only twenty-one when you founded the adoption agency. Such a young age to begin condemning people to such heinous fates. Every day I wondered why you sent me there. You only had to do five minutes research on Crystal Heights to see the kind of future you are giving to any baby girl that gets sent there. I didn't deserve that! Nobody deserves that.

"Your husband was also supposed to be here already but it appears that he didn't get my message. It's no major issue though, I'll allow you a quick call to get him to come home and we will just have to start the fun without him."

Olivia dutifully obeyed and called her husband and telling him to come home due to an emergency. She informed Keira that he would be home in about half an hour and right on cue her voice was blocked once more.

Keira sat down in a chair opposite Olivia and motioned her to her feet. "Let's begin the fun." She smiled at Olivia and with the wave of a hand, Olivia began to undress herself.

"Olivia Wilson: Founder and CEO of 'The Wilson Family Adoption Agency'." Continued Keira, "Married when you were twenty to the son of a billionaire fashion mogul; you were set for life. The Adoption Agency would have been nothing more than a vanity pursuit, a way to look like you were giving back to the community.

Olivia was already naked and awaiting instruction as Keira walked over to her:

"By sending me to Crystal Heights, you sure made sure that I gave to the community. I gave in more ways than you could ever imagine."

She walked round behind Olivia placing a hand on her victim's waist, and immediately it began to tighten.

"You got to marry a billionaire-in-waiting whilst I was the host and star of 'Ass-Fuck Fridays' at the Crystal Empire, every Friday for five years up until my escape."

Keira's hands moved to Olivia's ass, moulding it into a glorious peach-shaped bubble.

"But you never truly escape Crystal Heights Olivia, it's always with you. I'll always have this body, I'll always crave to be fucked, always be secretly hoping that the next guy I see will just grab me by the hair and shove his hard cock down my throat.

Keira's fingers pinched at Olivia's nipples, coaxing her breasts to grow bigger and bigger with every twist.

"You can take the girl out of Crystal Heights Olivia, but you can never take Crystal Heights out of the girl. Although as you can see, with the right skills it is surprisingly easy to put Crystal Heights into the girl."

Keira giggled as her hands now ran through Olivia's hair, turning each brunette strand into a vivacious platinum blonde. Finally Keira turned the new and improved Olivia around and kissed her sending a shudder of electricity throughout Olivia's body and causing the formation of a new pair of luscious 'fuck me' lips that were the Crystal Heights Trademark.

"We could almost be sisters." Commented Keira, pleased with her handiwork. "And we still have plenty of time before your husband gets back so let's..." A knock on the door briefly interrupts her and she rushes over to the door, "... right on time." She called back over to Olivia as she opened the door and let in Olivia's neighbour Greg who was already naked, erect and staring blankly across the room.

Keira motioned Greg inside and he obediently took position standing directly behind Olivia. Another wave and he was bending Olivia over and without a second thought thrust himself inside of her.

"A bimbo body just loves to be fucked doesn't it?" smiled Keira as Olivia's body moaned and shuddered at the intense pleasure. "I am saving your mind until your husband gets here. It's always more fun that way; but until then Greg and I shall have so much fun."

Whilst Greg continued to pound away, Keira undressed. Once naked she sat back in her chair and beckoned Greg to drive his slut in her direction. Greg and Olivia wheel barrowed over to Keira until Olivia's face was close enough to dive into Keira's pussy. Keira placed and hand atop of Olivia's head and proceeded to both manually and mentally guide Olivia's tongue into all the right places Olivia's own body bucked and moaned in reaction to the neighbourly cock that pounded from behind.

Keira leaned back and basked in the pleasure not just from the feeling of bimbo tongue on bimbo clit, but also from the scrummy mental delight of knowing that this particular bimbo tongue belonged to the bitch that was responsible for destroying the first twenty-three years of her life. A bitch that was now delirious from the pleasure of thrusting cock and insatiable for the taste of cunt. Over the next twenty minutes both girls came over and over again; Olivia to the beat of an unrelenting cock and Keira to the obedient tongue of her latest bimbo.

The fuckfest continued uninterrupted until the opening front door triggered Greg's cock to explode all over his neighbour who in turn exploded in a violent orgasm that reverberated through Keira. Olivia's husband just stood by the door, dumbfounded at what he had just witnessed.

"Finally you're here." Said Keira, composing herself after the effects of climax subsided.

"What the hell is going on here!" demanded Rex as he watched his neighbour walk straight past him and out the door without so much of a second look and his wife just lie down naked in the middle of his living room (or at least a woman who looked like a much younger surgically enhanced version of his wife).

"We were just having some fun whilst we waited for you." Replied Keira, "Don't worry. I'm not going to take her mind before you've had your turn with her. Now don't you think you're a little overdressed?"

Rex's face was red like thunder. "Who the hell do you think you are? What did you do to my wife?"

Keira was taken aback. He wasn't supposed to be answering back any more, it wasn't her will.

"Let's just say I'm an old friend that's come to pay you both an overdue visit. Now why don't you stop with the arguing and give the new Olivia Wilson a test run."

Rex was struggling to maintain his composure. Every inch of him wanted to teach this woman a lesson. "Tell me who you are and why you are here this instant or I shall call the police!"

Keira couldn't understand it. Why wasn't he following her commands? "I don't understand, you're supposed to obey me."

"Tell me who you are! I will not ask again!"

"Why don't you ask your wife!" screamed back Keira. Her self-control lapsing. "Or were you a part of it too?"

"A part of what? What did you do to my wife?"

"She destroyed my life! Sent me away as a baby to grow up a fuck-crazed bimbo in Crystal Heights. I wasn't supposed to look like this! She made me this way. You all made me this way!"

Rex's anger evaporated into a stunned expression. "Crystal Heights? You must be mistaken; Crystal Heights is a family town. Any child would be lucky to grow up there."

"You call this lucky! For five years I was a fucktoy of the rich and horny. I've had more climaxes than a Darren Brown Novel. How could you call that a family town!"

"But she said... I didn't know... she told me... Keira?"

"How do you know that name?"

"She said she had post-natal depression. She begged me to put you up for adoption, said that she couldn't cope. She set up the adoption agency and told me she had found the perfect family where you would grow up happy. I swear, I didn't know."

"Didn't know what?"

Rex turned to his wife who, with a snap of his fingers was standing to attention. "What did you do!" he demanded.

"It was the fortune-teller." Replied his wife meekly, "She told me I'd marry a billionaire before I turned twenty-one. She predicted that I would break my ankle while skiing on our honeymoon and that we'd spend the whole weekend in bed having very awkward newlywed sex and she said that I'd get pregnant and have a baby girl.

"I was so happy when it all came true that I went back to thank her but she was waiting for me with another prediction. She told me that one day you would reject me; that you would love her more than me and that when the time came to choose between us, you would choose her. I was so scared Rex. I didn't want to lose you. I was so in love with you and even though I had been so happy to find out I would be a mother, I couldn't risk you leaving me.

"I found a place, Crystal Heights. They promised me that that I need never fear our daughter coming between you and me. That they could keep her there forever and she would never want to leave. Please Rex you have to believe me that I did it for us. I loved you too much."

Keira looked over to Rex, everything was starting to piece together but she had to be sure. "How did you do that? I'd ordered her not to speak."

Rex looked at Keira, he knew what she was thinking but was still scared to ask. "When I was twenty-three I discovered I could affect people, I could change things. My father could do the same before me, it was how he went from penniless failure to billionaire success story overnight in his early twenties. Until now I have only used it for business, and always tried to be fair – only using my abilities when I felt other parties were entertaining bribes or using shaky business ethics. This is the first time I have used it on my wife or anyone close to me."

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