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Beyonce's a Freak


What's up folks? I got a story to tell so pull up a seat and get comfortable. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Terrance Johnson. I'm a student at Texas Southern University. I'm your average 23 year old college junior; adventurous, horny, and slightly intoxicated. I'm an true country boy from a small town in Alabama using college as an excuse to see new places. Enough about me, let's get to the good part. Most people would consider me somewhat of an smart ass, and that's mostly true, but that night my attitude paid its dividends.

Once again I had managed to get thrown out of a club for starting a fight. I was strolling down a Houston street when my cell phone rang. I answered to a girl's voice mumbling incoherently. I hung up figuring it was an ex-girlfriend playing a joke. I continued my walk home and my phone rang again. Same chick, so I decided to let the ass is me handle the situation.

"What's crackin'?" I answered. The chick on the other end just mumbled in my ear. "Who the fuck is this" I harshly replied. This took her by surprise and she immediately hung up. Feeling quite proud of myself I continued my walk. I was nearing campus when my phone rang again. I ignored the ring the first ten times but couldn't resist answering. "Who is it?" I shouted in the phone.

"It's B, why you so mad?" a sweet voice answered. I racked my brain. B? Ah, Bethany my first college conquest. A Houston native with a drinking problem. We met at a house party and I fucked her in the bathroom. I thought I told her to lose my number. I asked why she was calling out of the blue. She told me that she wanted to see me again. I laughed to myself and asked what she wanted. "I'm horny." she cooed in the phone. I stopped in my tracks and thought this through. I just got a call from a girl I hadn't spoken to in two years, and she's basically begging me to fuck her. What was I to do?

"Where you at?" I asked. She gave directions to a nearby Motel 6. I stopped at a convenience store to buy condoms (wrap it up) and caught a cab to the motel. I stood in front of the building trying to convince myself to go home. Just as the argument was getting good, I knocked on the door of room 223. A voice from inside welcomed me in. I opened the door to find B laying on the bed stark naked hugging a bottle of tequila. I stuttered, "B, Beyonce?" Someone up there really loves me. Through some miracle, I was drunk-dialed by Beyonce Knowles. I quickly stepped in and closed the door. She sat up on the bed and motioned me over. I froze, afraid to step closer and be discovered. She stood and approached me. I took this moment to drink in the beauty before me. 5' 7'' of perfection. Paper bag brown skin wrapped around a curvy frame worthy of the Louvre. Big, firm tits that bounced gently with her every step. Hips that swayed hypnotically in rhythm with some unknown song that I now loved. Damn, even this girls feet were fine

"Who the fuck are you?" crowed a very surprised Beyonce. I stepped back trying to think of a quick lie. "Who are you?" she repeated. She scurried across the room and draped a sheet over herself. "I'm calling the police." she stated angrily. I wasn't going to jail for nothing so I stepped forward and grabbed her arm.

"Wait!" I almost yelled. "You called me here." She gave me a puzzled look so I pulled out my cell and showed her the many times she called me. I explained my side of the story and my confusion. She calmed down and invited me stay awhile. We sat down on the bed and made small talk. After a few minutes of this, I grew bored and shook up the conversation. "Why were you making booty calls anyway?" She blushed and turned away.

"I told you I was horny." She looked over at me and those big, brown eyes called to me. I leaned in and tentatively kiss her lips. She smiled and giggled. "That all you got?" I pulled her to me and aggressively kissed her catching her by surprise. She sucked on my tongue and we kissed 'till we were both breathless. She stood before me and pulled my shirt half-way over my head. With my arms tangled in my t-shirt, she pushed me back on the bed. She straddled me and rubbed my chest in long, deliberate strokes. She toyed with my nipples, even gently sucking and nibbling them. All this attention had my dick straining hard against my pants. She pulled my shirt off and tugged down my pants and underwear. She toyed with my dick, gently stroking my growing member.

I could sit still no longer. I stood up and announced, "My turn now!" I threw her down on her back and dove between her legs. I was in love. Her pussy the sweetest I've ever tasted. I tugged at the hood until she was good and wet. I lifted her hood and attacked her clit. She squeezed her legs around my head putting me in the most pleasurable leglock ever. I rose from her crotch and buried my dick in the warm folds of her pussy. I pounded her with no abandon. She moaned and squirmed underneath me, but I was in the zone now. I grasped her tits and bore down on her. She screamed in a mix of pain in pleasure and begged me to stop. I pulled out and hissed, "Turn over." She slowly turned and got on all fours. I thrust into her with the same eagerness and she shook as an orgasm ripped through her. I pulled out and slapped her hard on the ass.

She turned and faced me with both a smile on her face and tears in her eye. "Who told you to stop?" I smiled to myself thinking Beyonce's a freak! Not to be outdone, I pushed her back into the pillow and proceeded to lick her ass. A yelp of surprise gave me more than enough encouragement to continue. I tongued and fingered her ass while she writhed in response. I suddenly stopped and she stuck her ass out begging for attention. I planned on giving her all the attention she needed. I forced my dick halfway into her ass. She growled in pain as I struggled to fit it all in. She arched her back trying to adjust to the sudden shock. She relaxed and the act went a little smoother. Her fidgeting only added to the pleasure of her wonderful ass. I knew I was close to finishing and I wanted to make the best of this situation. How and where should I cum?

Thinking quickly I pulled out ran around the bed. I shoved my dick down her throat. She instinctively sucked for all she was worth. This was too much. Not only had I fucked Beyonce, I fucked her ass and she was now sucking me off. Just the thought of all this pushed me over the edge. I came a river in her mouth and she took it like a champ. She held it in her mouth and showed me before she swallowed. I kissed her on the forehead and fell on the bed. We both fell asleep shortly after.

I awoke to the smell of breakfast. After some Waffle House takeout we sat down to talk. I couldn't help but gush over the last night's activities. She returned the compliments and tried to convince me that she was drunk and is usually more tame in bed. I laughed it off and told her "They don't call it truth juice for nothing!" I left shortly afterwards smiling to myself knowing no one would believe anything that happened the night before. Who cares? I FUCKED BEYONCE!

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