tagNonHumanBeyond Redemption Ch. 04

Beyond Redemption Ch. 04


Hey guys, sorry it took a while, but the other version of ch4 that I initially was going to post didn't work out as I expected. So I put it aside for now, and re-wrote it from a scratch. I didn't like where the previous version was going and I don't think I was in the correct mood when I started it, you know?. It was more quantity rather than quality. I really didn't like it myself, so I refrained from posting it last minute. Anyways, sorry sorry sorry for the delay :< ill accept your scoldings knowing I deserve them. I ave admittedly neglected this story abit, since an idea for another story popped in my head. In anycase, Enjoy!


It took a moment for her to remember that she was in an apartment and not a medical lab. She immediately took off her shoes, afraid she would contaminate this clinical apartment just by being in it.

She slowly walked in, eyes pealed and alert, taking in the smells and furniture. Having determined that there was no immediate threat, she walked about lazily. There was something familiar about the smell of the apartment. She rubbed up against furniture as she walked, leaving her scent to subtly mark the territory.

Suddenly, her hair stood on end as a shrill sound emanated from the room across the living room, startling her into a defensive crouch. The shrill sound continued monotonously and Ray realised it was just an alarm. She stood up and walked over to the room, slowly pushing the door open, still a bit weary. She walked across what appeared to be the bedroom and pressed a big red button on top of the alarm clock, silencing it. It was already 6:30 PM but Ray didn't muse about time at all. To her it was meaningless.

She looked around Seth's bedroom with interest. There were posters of animated figures and lots and lots of action figures stood in rows on the bookshelf. A couple of shelves down she saw he had books about all sorts of things. Mayan history, European history, Middle eastern history, African history, Asian history and even American history.

Intrigued, she rifled through the books until she came upon a book about ancient Egyptian history and legends. Most Egyptian history books were quite accurate. Ray knew because she was alive at the time. Thats why it surprised her at how much of the actual Bast Legend was left out. She surmised that the oracles must have had a hand in that matter.

Suddenly Ray broke out in a cold sweat and began to shiver. She dropped the book as her eyes rolled back into her head. She was no longer standing in Seth's room, she was tied down on a stretcher, her head plastered down by tape across her forehead and bright florescent light was being shone in her face. A slow and steady beeping noise was heard in the back round.

-"She's going into cardiac arrest!" She dimly heard a voice exclaim.

-"let its heart stop for a while, lets see if we can bring it back to life then." replied a cold and indifferent voice.

-"but sir! If we fail, we lose our only specimen and clue!" said another, more panicky, voice.

A gunshot was fired and then the cold voice spoke again. -"anyone else care to share their opinion?"

The beeping noise in the back round stopped and a steady tune was heard instead. Darkness was closing in on her vision when... Suddenly an explosion of shrill noise jolted Ray back into her surroundings.

The alarm. Ray had only set it on snooze. She realised that she must have fallen at some point because she lay on her back panting. Rage swept through her as she got to her feet, walked over to the alarm clock, picked it up angrily and smashed it against the wall where it crumpled and fell to the floor in pieces and screws.

She took a moment to calm down and become familiar with her surroundings again. Where was that memory from? And how did it end up in her head? She squeezed her eyes shut again attempting to re-visit the memory, wait! How did she know it was a memory and not just some hallucination or vision? She sat there with her palms pressed over her eyes but to no avail. The more she tried to remember the more it drifted further away. It was like trying to hold water in her cupped hands. It just trickled away no matter how tightly she pressed them together.

Finally she gave up, and with a sigh of frustration got to her feet. It bothered her. Her whole life bothered her. Missing memories, unknown people, nagging sensations. It all started yesterday. She was fine until yesterday. Something must have happened then. She ran her fingers through her hair in agitation then as though coming to her senses, she realised Seth could be back any moment now and she should be revising. She walked into the bathroom and quickly rinsed her face then grabbed the bag lying by the door and dragged it over the table in the middle of the living room.

She sat cross- legged and pulled out the first book she grabbed. She tried to get absorbed in it, but the nagging smell of the apartment assaulted her subconsciousness, and her stomach gave a tiny rumble indicating she was hungry, which did not improve her mood. She searched his fridge and then his freezer. There was nothing tasty or readily edible.

She grew suspicious. She didn't really know Seth well enough to trust him. What was she even doing here, holding such a useless book and doing such useless things. What has gotten into her?

She contemplated going through his belongings in order to find some clue about the familiar scent. But at that moment the door opened and Seth walked in looking smug, bringing with him a strong smell of chlorox. He was slightly sweaty from the effort it took to make her apartment fit for human habitation once again. Ray shoved her thoughts to the back of her head, and put on her happy facade. He didn't need to know anything just yet, and she would only resort to violence if he showed any signs of suspicion.

She stood up, unsure about how to act. He walked into the living room and a smile lit his face up as he caught sight of her. She couldn't help but feel a bit happy to see such a cheerful face. Her stomach let out a loud rumble and she cursed as she felt herself blush.

Seth looked at her in surprise and laughed. -"Whats wrong? Hungry?" he said grinning.

Ray just scowled and looked down still blushing. She looked so damn cute! Seth could barely contain another laugh. -"why didn't you just help yourself to the kitchen? You didn't have to wait for me" he said, smiling.

Ray chewed on her lower lip uncertainly and spoke to Seth's foot: I ...I can't cook...I don't know how. Which was entirely true, as Ray usually shifted into her feline form and ate the prey she hunted. Her few attempts at cooking had been disastrous, so she hunted pigeons, possums and other stray creatures she came across. When she didn't feel like hunting she went to the nearest restaurant. How she survived till this day was a mystery to Seth. Seth couldn't contain his surprise. -" how have you managed to stay alive this long?" he asked, amazed.

She shifted her feet nervously. -"I eat fast food" She explained, "but you didn't seem to have any living in your freezer" she sniggered a little as she said this, but the joke was lost on Seth.

Seth gaped at her, with an expression of disbelief. Ray pouted. There was nothing wrong with eating prey in her opinion. She didn't understand the reason behind his disbelief until he regarded her form.

-" If you live off fast food how come you're so....?" he indicated her body with a sweeping gesture.

Ray looked confused. Anyone who's food is that fast would lose a couple of pounds running after it.

-"how come I'm so....not fat?" she asked helpfully.

-"yes, precisely, how come?"

Ray looked flabbergasted -maybe he wasn't as smart as I thought- she mused.

-" well because I spend the energy I attain through consumption by moving and thinking and all sorts of various manners of exertion. Presently, at least, strenuous physical activity is my forte " she said with a little smile.

Seth blinked stupidly, still completely at sea. Well of course she did, but fast food was so unhealthy he wondered how she even got the energy to move around enough to burn it.

It took him a moment to register her odd use of words. While it sounded sophisticated, it sounded strange coming from someone like her. It sounded outdated. She was a mystery, and the hairs on the back of his neck started to prickle. There was more to her.

Ray watched him carefully, she realised she had slipped up by the strange expression on his face as he regarded her. There was tension in the air that was thick enough to slice.

However, the serious moment turned comical when Ray's stomach rumbled like a storm cloud.

Pushing his thoughts aside, Seth was on fire! He would not allow ANYONE he knew to eat unhealthily! not while HE, Seth the incredible chef, was alive and breathing!

He walked over to her and grabbed her hand. She tried to pulled it back, but he held on more tightly. Just as she was about to give him the death-stare, He looked at her, smiling eagerly.

-"Lets go into the kitchen and see what my culinary skills can do for you"

Ray forgot her irritation and her face glowed as she smiled from ear to ear and bounded ahead into the kitchen, Seth tripped on the rug but was dragged along on the floor behind her effortlessly.

The air was ringing with laughter

* ****

-" We don't know how he managed it"

-" I don't care how it was managed, I want him found!" He pounded his fist on his desk violently.

The figure cringing in front of him did not dare retort, so the man sitting behind the desk continued.

-" how fresh is the scene?"

-" its four days old, sir" replied the cringing figure, as quietly as possible so as not to enrage the man behind the desk who was already so close to flying off the handle. He was a terrible boss when he was angry.

-"Any clue as to the whereabouts of our subject?" Asked the boss.

-"only clue was another crime scene sir, two days old, in another city. The police haven't been informed yet so we've had some difficulty hiding our own investigation."

The boss dropped his chin in his palm, which was propped up on an elbow.

-"you may leave" said the boss as he shooed away the underling.

As the figure exited the office and shut the door, the man behind the desk let out an audible sigh and messaged his temples. Since the day he was promoted he had been chasing the same bloody trail. It sent him all over the country, even to other countries. The case was already over a century old. Had the crimes not been continuous, the forensics giving the same result for every crime scene, one can almost say it was impossible that it was the same killer. It was the only reason why the case hadn't been closed and classified as cold.

There hasn't been a crime for over two months, only for the killer to re-emerge, once again, at large only two days ago, and strike again. What made the case even more peculiar was the lack of motive, and the lack of similarities and connections between the victims. It was as if they had simply been unfortunate in being drawn out in a lottery. There were DNA and fingerprints all over the crime scene, clear as day, but there was no one registered to match it to. Curiously enough the DNA showed the same results every time. A young female who was either in her late teens or early twenties.

This was the biggest missing puzzle piece of all, for how could a killer who had been committing crimes for over a century not age at all?

Further more, something were simply physically impossible for a female, such as skewering a full-grown rather tall man to a wall with pokers, leaving his feet to dangle well over a few inches above the floor. That was how the grandfather was found. And so, It was assumed that the killer was a male.

The man ran a finger along the nameplate on his desk, covering the the first series of letters so it read " V. Gothello". He missed just seeing that name on his nameplate.

He was happy the day he became detective Gothello, but he didn't know then, that he would spend 20 years of his life hunting the person who shortly after his promotion slaughtered the Gothello family. women, children and even the grandparents were found missing limbs and some were even decapitated.

That day he was phoned by an unknown organization asking him to work with them secretly from his official position. In return they promised him limitless funds to investigate and permission to do whatever he wished with the killer once he was caught, as long as he was handed in alive.

Now, Detective Victor Gothello was angry because he had received information from this "unknown organization" that a possible suspect had been a captive and experimental subject of another governmentally funded organization under the guise of FBP, Fertility and breeding projects. The "captive" had gone missing, leaving quite a bloody scene.

Victor was quite young when he became detective. He excelled at his job as an officer and was offered the position of detective at the age of 21. He often mused at how the happiest day of his life was quickly followed by the worst day of his life, as though he didn't have the right to be happy.

He sighed again and covered his face with his palms. It was going to be a long night filled with phone calls again.

But little did he know, that somewhere out there, someone was being severely punished for the escape from the lab.


Graze lay back in his desk-chair and yawned. He wondered how Ray was doing now. Having been her assigned guardian wasn't an easy job. She slipped off his radar more often than she appeared.

Last he heard from her, She was giving up on life. Not many of her kind had the stamina to live forever on their own, without their pack.

Did she know how much he loved her?He often wondered.

She drove him crazy. He would do anything for her as long as she would let him touch her occasionally. But that hasn't been the case for over two hundred years. Strangely enough, it felt as though she had been changing. Graze was simply oblivious to such things. According to him, he loved her. In reality however, Graze just wanted to breed with her, instinctively. And so, with no physical contact, Graze lost his edge.

He shook his black main out of his amber eyes and sighed. He did miss her. He looked down at the beautiful, naked red-haired girl sucking his dick. She played around with her tongue, caressing the soft tip of his cock which was constantly producing pre-cum. He groaned as she took it deep again, trying to swallow him down to the balls, but hardly coming more than half way down the shaft. She had Blue eyes, so unlike Ray's, and her breasts were small and perky. She couldn't have been older than seventeen.

He tousled her hair around both his hands while caressing her head and she moaned, but her moan became a screech as he yanked her hair back and then quickly shoved his cock down her throat again silencing her. He began to violently fuck her mouth, speaking only long enough to tell her that if she used her teeth, he would use something far worse and more painful to fuck her cunt with.

He closed his eyes and lost himself in memories of Ray, of caressing and biting her delicious breasts and having her scream his name as his swollen cock emptied its load inside her. She used to love it (or so he imagined)when he used to tie her up and hang her from her wrists from the ceiling and attempt shove as many fingers as he could inside her tight entrance while she struggled. She would eventually bleed, but he would lick it up and continue. If she couldn't take it anymore, which he made sure of, he would use that excuse to force his large throbbing cock into her ass. Her screams of pain made the experience all more enjoyable.

He roared and shoved his cock so far down the girls mouth that she nearly gagged, and emptied himself in her throat. She swallowed his cum as fast as she could before it made her gag from the sheer amount of it but it was filling her mouth too fast. a drop of cum seeped down from the corner of her full lips and on to the floor.

Graze saw it and back-handed her so hard that she was tossed a few feet away from him, leaving his cock erect and dripping with cum. The entire side of her face was starting to bruise.

He stood up and walked half the distance to her and pointed back at the spot where she spilled.

-" lick it up" he ordered.

The girl, tears flowing down her cheeks, crawled forward and bent her head down to lick it up, only to snap her head up again and start to struggle and scream as Graze attempted to shove first three fingers, then his entire hand inside her. His fingers felt evidence of her virginity but ignored it.

She screamed as his fingers clawed past the last barrier of her innocence. He smirked and bent down, using one hand to hold her in place and the other hand to violently plow into her, and licked the blood dripping from her tight pussy.

-" If you can tell me anything about the whereabouts of our lynx, I'll bring you more such girls" said an amused voice from the shadows.

Graze paused in his assault on the girl to weigh his words, then resumed violating her.

-" Last time I saw her was two hundred years ago, she came by to play a little but something I did upset her apparently" said Graze, a shadow of what might be called a sad expression crossing his handsome features.

-"but", he continued, "why don't you forget about Ray for the moment and come enjoy this delightful girl with me?"

Grim stepped out of the shadows chuckling. He was a spitting image of Graze. They were twins. They shared everything since they were little. The habit remained as they grew older. And eventually they shared Ray as well. The oracles didn't know Graze had a twin. The oracles... if they only knew.

He walked over to where Graze had the girl pressed down on the floor and nodded while grinning.

He walked around so that he was in the girl's line of vision and knelt down in front of her. He reached down to wipe away a tear seeping from the corner of her eye. She flinched but then relaxed to his soft touch.

-"Whats your name?" he asked, keeping his voice gentle.

He saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes before she slowly stopped sobbing and said

-"Nikki" before breaking down and starting to sob again. -"please please please let me go, I won't tell anyone I promise, please!"

Grim gently held a finger to her lips -"shhh" he shushed her softly. He stood inches away from her face, on both knees and unzipped his pants.

-" if you suck me real nice, I might let you go" he said.

The girl knew it was hopeless then and went quiet. Graze didn't like it when they weren't screaming in pain.

He roughly flipped her over so that she lay on her back and with one hand on her stomach kept her pinned to the floor and resumed forcing his hand inside her as her screams filled the room once again.

She struggled and clawed at his arm to no avail until Grim forced her head back and shoved his hard cock down her throat while bending forward to take a small nipple in his mouth.

His rough treatment of her breasts was leaving bruises and cuts as he bit and sucked and squeezed. He will have fun with her to the fullest extent.

~She won't last much longer~ He thought, but thats why he missed Ray so much.

She survived anything.


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