tagLoving WivesBFF's Husband's B'day Request

BFF's Husband's B'day Request


I look in the mirror one last time to see how I look in my spaghetti strapped black cocktail dress. The dress has a deep v-neck that shows off my large c-cup breasts, and the body of the dress hugs my hour-glass figure, and the end of the dress comes right below my ass. My long black hair is shining as it falls down my back. The black four inch heels to make my legs look miles long. Awesomely sexy if I do say so myself. I need to get going so I'm not late for Janie's husbands' birthday party. Janie was actually the one who talked me into buying the dress. She said she wanted me to show off my assets to the party. Janie and I have been friends since grade school, and we know each other very well. Janie and Michael have been married for three years and make a very cute couple.

I have to admit Michael is hot and sexy as hell. I've caught him checking me out several times when I have been over to their house. He has even copped a feel of my ass on occasions. One-day Janie caught him and laughed about it. She even told me she didn't mind sharing. OMG! I could never do that. Granted I haven't been in a relationship for three months now and my toy rabbit was getting a hell of a workout. And hell yes I wanted a real cock but my bff's husband?

I grab my little black purse and keys and head out the door. Janie and Michael live in an upscale neighborhood, and their house is over 3,000 sq ft. I park my red Dodge Charger beside Michael's truck. I look around at all the cars already parked, there has to be at least ten cars. As I start to head to the house, I could feel someone watching me, and then I saw the red glow of a cigarette. Michael had been trying to quit and on occasion was known to sneak outside for a smoke. He walks from the side of the house and joins me after putting out his cigarette.

"Hey, Michael what are you doing out here?" As if I didn't already know. He walks over to me, and I swear he was undressing me with his eyes. My throat is turning dry, and my nipples erect as I stand there not able to say another word.

"Sneaking a smoke. You look sexy as hell Holly." He said to me as he raked his eyes up and down my body. I could tell he was getting an erection, a large one. "Did Janie tell you about my birthday present?" He asked as he steps closer to me causing me to back up against someone's car.

I still couldn't speak so I swallow hard and shake my head no. He takes his hand and caresses my cheek with his forefinger. "Well, I won't spoil her surprise, but I'll guarantee complete satisfaction."

OMG! My flippin panties are starting to get wet as my imagination runs rampant. He trails his finger down the front of my cleavage. Then he takes my hand and presses it against his hard erection. "Mmmm, would you like to try a sampling of this monster in my pants?" My hand caresses his stiff cock through his pants as I run my tongue over my dry lips. I am mesmerized as he slowly begins leaning down to kiss me, then he stops and says, "We had better head inside before Janie comes out to join us." He said to me as he chuckled. He takes a hold of my hand, and we walk inside together.

My mind is going a million miles a minute. Somewhere in the back of my mind I recall a conversation that Janie and I had after consuming several margaritas. We were talking about guys and sex as always when she spoke up and said that Michael wanted to have a threesome with me and her. She had also said that he wanted to fuck me bad. I didn't think anymore of it because I figured she was drunk and talking out of her ass. Holy fuck! Is that what she planned for later tonight? I need a drink badly with lots of alcohol in it, but first I need to find Janie. As I walked into the other room, a friend of Michaels had stopped him to talk so I was on my own. There she was over at the bar helping to get people their drinks.

As she sees me, she comes running around the bar and throws her arms around me. "Holly, you look drop-dead gorgeous in that dress. Has Michael seen you yet?" I am standing there once again in total awe. "Janie we need to talk." Here I am thinking that shit was going to hit the fan as I tell her what happened. However, instead her eyes start to get a glassy look, and she stops me in mid sentence as I'm telling her about Michael touching me, etc. She grabs my hand and points to the kitchen, so we head there and sit down at the table. She smiles at me and asks, "Holly, I know Michael is attracted to you, and I've told you before how bad he wants to fuck you. And I am a okay with it, truly I am. I know I can trust you, and I trust Michael. Holly, what would you think about having a threesome with Michael and I tonight after everyone goes home?"

"Janie...I don't know....it just doesn't seem like a good idea." As the words are leaving my mouth, I am thinking, yes I want to fuck Michael.

"Holly, do you find Michael sexually attractive?" I nod my head. "Then just think about it, ok."

"Alright, but if we have a threesome that means that you and I are supposed to do things to each other too." Janie nods her head at me and never loses her smile. I lay my head down into my hands, until I feel something brush against my right nipple. Janie's hand is massaging my breast on the outside of my dress. "Yea and I can't wait." She says as she stands up and leaves the kitchen. I follow behind her and head straight for the bar; this was going to be a long night.

After an hour, I decide to go upstairs and use Janie's bathroom to freshen up and get a little peace and quiet. After freshening up, I decided to lie down on top of their bed since the door was closed. As I lie down on my back and look up all I see are mirrors. I lay there wondering what it would be like to be naked, to watch a man devour my body. I close my eyes trying to imagine it as my hand finds its way to my pussy. My panties are soaked from earlier so I kick them off and begin playing with my pussy lips. I glance up at the mirrors and watch as my finger starts to play with my clit, ahhh it feels so good. As I am getting myself close to an orgasm I hear the click of a doorknob opening and closing. I start to jump up and see Michael standing over the bed looking at me. He tells me not to stop what I was doing that he wanted to watch.

I tell him I can't; I kind of lost the mood. He then volunteered to help me with that as he leans down between my legs and begins running his finger over my wet pussy lips. It feels so damn good that I don't stop him as he brings me to orgasm finger fucking me. Then I feel his tongue on my pussy, and he starts eating me out. OMFG! I was in flipping heaven as he tongued me and sucked my clit. Damn I have never had a man eat me out like that before he was awesome! After he brought me to another orgasm, he stands up and leans over the top of me and kisses me deeply. I can taste my pussy juices and have to admit they didn't taste bad.

He breaks the kiss and rubs his hard cock on the outside of his pants as he stands at the end of the bed looking at me. I feel bad because he didn't get any relief, and I tell him. He tells me I can pay him back later tonight and walks out of the room. My legs are weak as they carry me back to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I look at myself in the mirror sexually satiated written all over my face. I clean up and head back downstairs. I can tell that the party is winding down as I look for Janie. There she is talking to another couple by the patio windows. I head to the bar for another drink; a Sex on the Beach I do believe is my chosen poison for the moment.

I take my drink and head to the settee in front of the fireplace. A girl whom I worked with years ago makes her way over, and we talk for a bit. I see Michael and Janie sneaking off to the kitchen. Will he tell her my mind wanders? What will she think? Maybe I should have interrupted her earlier and told her about the episode upstairs. A few minutes later they come walking back into the room. Janie glances over at me and gives me thumbs up and a wink. It was definitely time for me to decide what the hell I was going to do. My pussy tingled at the thought, making me squirm a little; it already knows what it wants.

It was finally showdown time. Everyone has left, and it is just us three. I made myself comfortable on the love seat, while Janie flung herself in the recliner as Michael headed upstairs. Janie kicked off her shoes and went over to the bar. She came back with two drinks and handed one to me as she sat beside of me on the love seat. "So, what do you think? Do you want to have sex with us?" I take a big sip of my margarita and look up towards the stairs. "If it's not going to harm our friendship, then sure." Janie actually bounced up and down. "Great!" We finish our drinks and head upstairs.

Once we get into the bedroom, I can hear Michael in the shower. Janie starts talking about Michael eating me out earlier and makes me hornier than hell. The next thing I know Janie is behind me and begins unzipping my dress. I have never been with a woman so it surprised me that I was turned on. She runs her hand down my spine causing goose bumps to break out all over. Then I feel her unfastening my bra, and I let it fall to the floor. I close my eyes waiting to see what she was going to do next. Janie and I have never done anything like this before. I hear the shower shut off and wait in anticipation for Michael to come into the room. Janie walks around me and starts taking off her clothes, watching for Michael. She was down to her panties just like me when he entered the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

He walks up to Janie, wraps his arms around her and kisses her deeply while playing with her tits. She begins stroking his growing erection that was wrapped up in the towel. I feel my pussy getting wetter as I watch them. I hadn't moved from the spot; it was like I was frozen. They were only a step away from me; Michael reaches out an arm an pulls me over to them. He begins fondling my tits, causing the nipples to become erect. His other hand is fingering Janie's pussy. He takes his mouth away from hers and starts nibbling at my mouth. Man he can kiss! Our tongues were going wild as he would suck on mine, and then I would return the favor. Kissing was always a big turn-on for me.

We make our way to the bed; Michael lies down in the middle as Janie, and I lay on each side of him. Janie is stroking his large thick cock. I swear it's at least 8 inches long; I have to touch it. Janie and I take turns stroking his cock as, he fingers our pussies. I want that cock in my mouth badly; I bend over it as I am stroking him and take him in my mouth. I love to suck cock, and this one was wonderful. My tongue is swirling the head then I take him farther into my mouth sucking hard. I hear him suck in a moan as I bop my head to the rhythm of my hand. I go back to the head several times and flick my tongue around and around it.

He grabs the back of my head and begins fucking my mouth. I want to take him deeper into my throat, when I do I feel him shutter as he fucks my mouth faster. I don't want him cumming yet so I back off and continue stroking him firmly. Meanwhile, Janie is moving above his head, spreading her legs wide as she brings her pussy down on his face. I want that cock in me badly so I get up on my knees and straddle his cock. OMG! He is huge and thick! I slowly inch down little by little onto this magnificent stallion as he stretches my soaking wet pussy. I start riding him steadily at first until I can get used to his hugeness. I hear Janie let out a loud moan as she cums all over Michael's face.

I am enjoying the feel of Michael's cock in my pussy; I close my eyes as I ride him quicker and quicker. I arch my back as he meets me thrust for thrust. I am so close to cumming; I scream out and ride as hard and fast as I can. I hear him say to me "cum for me baby, cum hard..." and I explode. He is still hard as a rock, as I continue to ride him, I open my eyes as I feel a wet mouth on my nipple, and it is Janie sucking on me. Wow, it feels damn good. Michael continues to pound into my pussy and the next thing I know Janie's hand finds its way to my clit and she begins fingering me. I totally lose it and have one of the biggest orgasms ever! Michael raises me up and tells me he wants to fuck me doggy style, so I gladly oblige....doggy style is one of my favorites.

I watch as Janie lies down in front of me on her back with her head towards my pussy. Oh my gosh is she gonna lick my pussy while her husband fucks my pussy hole? Holy fuck, she is! I decide to return the favor and eat a woman's pussy for the first time ever. Janie sucked at my clit making me scream out as Michael pounds my pussy. I bury my face in Janie's sopping wet pussy as my fingers spread her lips. I lick faster as an orgasm rocks my body. I must have been doing something right as I sucked a licked harder because then I felt the warmest best tasting orgasm come from Janie's pussy. At the same time Michael fucks me hard and blows his load in me. We collapse on the bed and look at each other. Michael is the first one to speak up, "Ladies, I do believe this is the best birthday present ever." I speak up and tell him, "Oh we've just gotten started."

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Write lots more, please, Nymph! Nice oral sex, and ease among friends.

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