"Alright, sweetie. But be really careful...and you have to call me as soon as you get home..ok?" Jennifer was concerned about her friend walking home by herself after midnight, even though it was just a few blocks.

"Don't worry, Jen. I'll be fine. For God's sake, I live 7 minutes away!" Bianca was slightly annoyed at the anxiety of her friend. She has walked home countless times, and nothing had even happened. It was a safe neighborhood.

"But keep your phone turned on..please?" Jennifer persisted.

"Alright,'s on..bye hon!" Bianca said and walked out the door.

Jennifer stood in the doorway watching her friend round the corner, and then closed the door.

Bianca shivered. The night was very cold; around 20 degrees with a slight wind that made it seem even colder. Her short tan leather jacket didn't offer much protection against the cold. Neither did the thin low-cut shirt she was wearing underneath. The wind whipped her long dark burgundy hair around, causing a few strands to become stuck in her lipgloss. She reluctantly removed her hands from her coat pockets to sweep the hair from her face.

"Damn it's cold..brrr.." Bianca couldn't wait to get home and defrost.

The street was quiet; the only audible sounds being the clicking of her heels against the sidewalk and the rustling of dry leaves in the wind.

A street light flickered on and off, and then turned off completely.


In his van, further up the street, he watched her come closer. She was very pretty, he reasoned, even though she wasn't close enough for him to get a good look at her face. He liked the way she walked, her hips swaying side to side, and her thighs slightly rubbing against each other. She was wearing a short tan coat, tight dark denim jeans, stiletto-heeled boots that matched the jacket, and a matching purse. Her clothes emphasized her physique. And what a physique it was...He could see she had a thin waist, nice round hips, slightly-large but shapely thighs, and heavy globular breasts. A D-cup perhaps..maybe bigger.

"Mmmmm..."he thought, licking his lips. He wondered what kind of panties she had on.

She was coming closer..he would have to act soon.


Bianca continued walking up the street, irritated by the cold. She despised this kind of weather. She couldn't wait to get home, take a long shower, and go to bed.

She heard a car approaching and then slow down alongside of her. The windows rolled down and she could see there were 4 guys in it. Someone whistled.

"Hey baby..want a ride?" one of them yelled out. The others laughed.

"Fuck off" was Bianca's reply. She was too tired to put up with immature assholes. She kept on walking.

They kept on 'enticing' her to join them, but eventually gave up and drove away.

"Morons.." she thought.

The street was quiet once again. She heard a car door open and close ahead of her, but didn't see anyone. It was too dark.

She walked a little faster.

Suddenly, she felt an arm around her waist, pulling her back. Before she could scream, a gloved hand covered her mouth. She was in shock, not knowing how to react. The glove over her mouth muffled her protests. The person pulling her was very strong, because although he had a hold on her waist, her arms and legs were free, and no matter how much she kicked and tried to hit her attacker, her attempts at escape were futile.

"Easy, sugar.." a deep masculine voice whispered in her ear.

She was petrified with fear. Her attacker dragged her to a white van, its back doors already open. He lifted her up and pushed her inside, and then locked the doors. They couldn't be opened from the inside if they were locked. Then, he walked around to the front, and climbed in. He turned on the ignition and drove away, with his victim in the back. He knew she couldn't get out. He speculated that she would do what all his other victims had done -- just lay on the carpeted floor in the dark, until he was ready to 'play'. He purposely made sure that the back was completely dark, to make them even more afraid. It worked all the time. He wondered if she would be smart enough to look for her phone...not that it would help her if she did. Her little silver Motorola was lying on the seat next to him..turned off.

Bianca couldn't see a thing. She was lying on her side with her cheek against a soft carpet. She didn't want to move. She was very scared. Tears rolled down her face and were absorbed by the carpet fibers.

It took her a while to regain her composure. She was a stubborn bitch by nature, and was not going to give in to fear so easily. She got up on her knees, and searched for her cell phone.

"Goddamn bastard took it" she realized.

She crawled to the doors, feeling for a handle. She found it and pulled on it. The door was locked. Not that she would jump out of a moving van anyway. Then she crawled over to the plastic(?) barrier, separating the front of the van from the back, thus separating her from her attacker. She banged on it with her fists.

"Let me go you asshole!" she yelled.

He was amused and surprised at the same time. This was a feisty one.

"Darling, if you enjoy being alive, I strongly recommend you stop that." he said loudly.

The banging stopped. He chuckled. He made a right onto an empty parking lot, and parked the van in a dark spot, so that it looked relatively nondescript. Time for some fun...

Bianca felt a sense of anxiety when the van stopped, and she heard him exit it. She heard the keys unlocking the back doors, and she started shaking.

The doors opened, and she was able to see her attacker for the first time. He was tall and muscular, which would explain the ease of him forcing her into the van in the first place. His hair was short and black, and his eyes were dark and piercing. He was clean-shaven, and his clothes suggested he had $$$. Black pants and a long black coat, under which she could see a black button-down shirt. His outfit resembled a Kenneth Cole outfit she had seen the day before at the mall. He was even wearing the same belt as the model was. He was handsome, but there was something about him that scared her.

"Well well well...aren't you a sweet-looking thing..those pretty blue eyes so wide from shock.." he said.

"Please, let me go..."

"I will..maybe later, if you're good. Are you going to be a good girl?" he asked. "Y-y-yes"

"Well then let's get started, sugar." He climbed in the van and closed the door behind him, and then turned the light on. He sat down comfortably

on the floor, not worried at all that she would try to escape. He was too strong for her, and if worst came to worst, there was always his gun.

"Ok babydoll, now let's see that body of yours. Strip all the way down to your panties. And do it seductively. Act like the slut you really are."

Bianca felt so embarrassed. She wasn't normally self-conscious about her body, but the way he was making her show it made her feel like a worthless piece of meat under close scrutiny.

She reluctantly proceeded to remove her clothes.

His hand wandered down to his crotch as he watched the young girl slowly remove her coat, revealing a very flimsy top underneath. The shirt was practically see-through, and he could trace the outline of her bra through it.

"Come the shirt..let me see those tits" he urged her on.

She grabbed the bottom of the shirt and pulled it off over her head.

"Ohh yess..beautiful.."he said as he focused on her large breasts, practically spilling over the cups of the pink lace bra. Her areolas were very large and dark, too.

"Leave the bra on, baby..I want to remove it later myself"

He watched her sit down and unzip her boots, before she could take the jeans off. The boots were very sexy with a 4" stiletto heel.

He was captivated by the way she slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans that showed more and more of what appeared to be a sheer pink thong. Then, she pulled the top of her jeans down to her knees, and he got to see it all. It was, indeed, a sheer pink thong, and he could see her hairless pussy through it. Her pussylips were swollen, which didn't surprise him. All of his girls wanted him even before he touched them.

"Turn around, I want to see that ass" he said.

She pulled the jeans completely off, and then turned around, giving him a good look at her sexy round ass.

"Mmmm.."he moaned in approval. "Now come here beautiful..crawl over to me"

She crawled over to him, her heavy breasts heaving under her, her round ass in the air.

"Straddle me" he commanded, and groaned when she sat in his lap, her pussy rubbing against his very visible erection through his pants.

She could smell his cologne, and the intimacy of her position was making her making her dripping cunt tingle.

He pulled her closer to him and brought his face to her neck, inhaling her sweet floral scent. He couldn't help but lick it, and smiled when she moaned. He slid the bra straps off her shoulders, reached back around her, and unhooked her bra. He took it off completely, letting her breasts free.

He cupped them, feeling their warmth and softness, and the way the nipples hardened under his touch. Pinching them, he watched Bianca's face contort into an expression of pain. He pinched them harder until she cried out.

"Owww! You bastard!"

"Don't be mad, honey, I'll make it better..hehe" he replied and brought a breast to his mouth, hearing her gasp. He licked the nipple and the area around it, before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it. He sucked on it gently at first, and then increased in intensity, making her moan. He almost moaned himself when she started grinding her pussy on his cock. He was so hard.

Letting go of her tit, he said, "Suck me off with that sweet mouth", and pushed her off his lap.

She was surprised at first, not wanting him to stop, but realized that she is not in a position to complain. She watched him unbutton his belt and pants and take his large prick out of his boxers. Its length was above average, but what shocked her more was its thickness. She wondered how her mouth would fit around it.

"What are you waiting for?"

"It's so big.." she said. He laughed. Same reaction, every time.

"If you don't take it in your mouth, I'll shove it in an even tighter place.." As soon as he said that, she crawled over to his cock and grabbed it at the base.

"Good girl"

She couldn't close her fingers around it, so she grabbed it with both hands and lowered her mouth to it. She kissed the crown first, tasting his precum that was now on her lips. Then she opened her mouth and...

*to be continued..more of this story to come

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