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Big Banging Theory


It was the night of the second Thursday of the month and Sheldon Cooper, PhD, etc., etc. walked down the apartment house hallway to the door of Amy Farrah Fowler. She had extorted a verbal contract out of him in which he agreed he would be her boyfriend and that she could reciprocate by calling herself his girlfriend and that they would have monthly dates. Within a few days, that verbal commitment was put into writing and they signed it. That evening was the day and the time agreed upon so he was forced to call on her at her apartment.

"What a nuisance," the lanky scientist muttered to himself. "What a colossal waste of my valuable time. I could be watching the Star Wars special or playing with my electric trains or positively proving String Theory or any number of other useful things. Instead, I am compelled to call on this female person just because of some stupid agreement I was forced to sign."

When he reached her door, he ignored the doorbell available and knocked three times. "Amy," he said. This ritual was repeated two times before the door was opened by an angular appearing dark-haired woman with a rather long face. She was wearing her usual flannel shirt with a cardigan and a tweed skirt.

"Hello, Sheldon," she said and tried to reach out to embrace him.

He was too quick for her and got his hands on her arms to block her advance. When Amy leaned forward, hoping to kiss his mouth, Sheldon quickly turned his face and her lips barely grazed his cheek. Forced to settle for that platonic greeting, she took his arm and led him into her front room.

"Sit down," she said, pointing to the sofa. "I'll just be a minute."

Sheldon sat on the place he had claimed as his own but, before he could relax, two people - whether they were men or women he never knew - dressed as Ninjas sprang from behind the sofa. Before he was able to put up any kind of resistance, they had tied his feet together and shackled his hands behind his back. Gently, all things considered, the two assailants laid him on his back on the carpeted floor and placed a pillow under his head. True to her word, Amy returned just a minute after leaving. She smiled at the sight; her plan was working perfectly.

"Amy Farrah Fowler, what is going on?" the indignant Sheldon asked. "Why has my brilliant person just been assaulted?"

"You'll see." Amy paid off her hirelings, escorted them to the door and locked it securely after them before returning to her bedroom.

When she returned to her indignant reclining boyfriend, Amy was wearing a transparent teddy she had bought for that night. He should have known the answer from what she was wearing but Sheldon asked her the same question and got the same answer. However, this time she demonstrated the reason her boyfriend was lying helpless on her carpet when she knelt beside him and started to unfasten his belt.

"What are you doing!" her captive squawked, although it should have been quite obvious.

This time, she answered him. "This relationship is moving too slowly so I'm going to speed it up tonight."

Sheldon continued his struggles but they were to no avail. His hands and feet were immobilized and all he could do was try to twist his body away from her but Amy had a firm grip on his belt. With that unbuckled, she unbuttoned the waist of his pants, pulled down the zipper of his fly and placed the fingers of both hands where they were ready to pull down everything he was wearing below the waist. Sheldon continued to struggle but his efforts only helped Amy carry out her plan rather than hindered her. She timed his movements and pulled his pants and jockey shorts down around his skinny ass when most of his weight was on one hip.

Her boyfriend was naked between his knees and his waist and she was even more scantily clad. Amy gazed on what she had lusted over for most of the last three years. Being completely flaccid and flopping against Sheldon's thigh, his cock didn't look like much but she had studied what to do about that problem. Placing her hands on his bony hips to hold him in place, she leaned over him and drew his cock into her mouth, holding it in place with her lips.

"Amy Farrah Fowler, that's your mouth!" Sheldon protested.

Having a PhD in Biology, she knew what and where a person's mouth was. Recently, Amy had also been an ardent reader of The Illustrated Guide to Sex and knew how to turn a soft cock, such as Sheldon's, into a rampant erection. With her mouth pressed against his pubic hair, she stroked and teased the soft bit of flesh with her tongue. Amy was elated when, after no more than a few seconds of this kind of treatment, she could feel it becoming harder and starting to fill her mouth.

Everything that was happening to him that evening was new to Sheldon, who knew almost everything about a few subjects but virtually nothing about sex. He was aware a man's penis was used during sexual intercourse - coitus he would have called it - but he had always believed a woman had a special place between her legs that she used for that purpose. Under no circumstances could he have imagined a woman using her mouth as a receptacle for a sex act.

Amy was a virgin too and had been as ignorant about sex as her boyfriend but that was before she learned a great deal in her recent studies. She knew it was possible for a woman to be upright on top of a man, a position the book called The Cowgirl, and take his cock into her pussy. There had even been a drawing of a man and a woman using that position and she intended to emulate the woman once Sheldon was ready. Amy continued stroking his cock between her lips and fondling it with her tongue, feeling it growing bigger and harder until she believed it was ready for her purposes.

She had been kneeling beside him but Amy swung her left foot over Sheldon's legs so she was straddling him. She gently held his erect cock in one hand and walked on her knees until her pussy, which had been lubricating since seeing her boyfriend lying on the floor, was directly over its head. Amy reached down between her thighs to spread her lips as had been illustrated and described in the book. Moving slowly, she lowered her body until contact was made and rubbed the end of his cock in her wetness. Everything was ready so she slowly lowered her body until she felt something impeding her progress.

She had expected this and was prepared to deal with it. Still holding Sheldon's stiff cock in her hand, she thrust her body down. There was a feeling of tearing, as she felt the head of Sheldon's cock wedge into her yearning pussy and a small amount of pain but the pleasure of finally getting what she had lusted after for so long more than made up for it. After the initial sensation, she waited a few seconds before lowering her body farther. There was no pain at all, nothing but a mellow feeling of pleasure as the head of his cock wedged into her pussy.

For Sheldon, there was just panic at the strange and frightening sensations that were starting to fill his body. "What are you doing to me, Amy Farrah Fowler?" he asked her and he really didn't know.

She answered his question. "Well, Sheldon, I guess you have a right to know. I'm fucking you. I have your cock in my pussy and, in a few seconds, I will start to move up and down and keep doing that until I have a climax. You should have one too. How does it feel to you so far?"

Until she asked, Sheldon had been too fixated on the indignities inflicted on his learned person to think about anything else. Once the woman towering over him asked that question, he realized it was starting to feel really good. When she started moving up and down on him, it felt even better and he started to realize why Leonard and the other men of his acquaintance were always so fascinated by females and eager to spend time with them, even with a girl as ignorant about science as Penny.

"We're having coitus, aren't we?" he asked her.

"Yes, but right now I want to call it fucking."

Amy continued moving up and down, taking Sheldon's cock in deeper with every stroke. It felt better to her than she ever could have imagined and she wished she had done it a long time ago. Once the entire length, which wasn't very much, had been enveloped by her pussy, she stayed in that position while waves of pleasure swept through her body.

It felt almost as good to Sheldon and he was also wondering why he hadn't done it many years ago. His body was squirming on the floor but this time it was from the unexpected pleasure rather than a futile attempt to avoid being defiled. When he saw how Amy Farrah Fowler was remaining stationary, he wished she would start moving up and down again because he believed she would give him much more fun by doing so.

When she finally did, her movements were slow and she stopped with just the head of Sheldon's cock in her pussy. Amy stayed in that position for several seconds and, when she started lowering her pussy to engulf his cock again, he became impatient and thrust up to meet her. Their bodies came together with a satisfying "smack" and her juices splattered on both of them.

"Do you like that?" she asked.

"Yes I do but I wish you'd stop moving so slowly."

Amy grinned at that but she did increase her pace because she could feel how her climax was building up inside her. At least, that's what she thought it was; she couldn't be sure because she had never experienced one. Sheldon matched her speed, ramming his cock up to meet every stroke. He also felt a peculiar sensation, unlike any he had ever known and certainly better than watching electric trains going around a track or reading comic books. In fact, it felt so marvelous he was writhing on the floor and wishing his arms and hands were free so he could hug and caress the woman who was making him feel so good.

The pair continued moving in unison until Amy broke the silence. "Sheldon, I think I can feel something happening inside me but I don't know what it is. I've never felt this way before and it seems to be getting better and better the more I fuck you."

"Me too, Amy Farrah Fowler. I feel different too, all warm and happy inside and I don't know why. Do you think it has something to do with what we're doing here? Do you want to find out?"

"I think so, Sheldon. Since we've never done this before and neither of us has ever felt like we do now, there must be a connection."

"That's logical. It feels like something really marvelous building up inside me and the more we do this, whatever you want to call it, the better it seems to feel. I propose we start doing it faster and see what happens."

"I think that's a good idea."

After the discussion, she put the suggestion into action and it really did feel better. It felt better to Sheldon too and, after a few minutes, both of them were much less able to control their movements. Amy's body was yawing from side to side and panting and moaning from the intense pleasure as she moved and her boyfriend was rocking back and forth as he tried to jam his cock even more deeply into her. Juices from Amy's pussy were flowing freely, even running down his body to soak into his shirt and their aroma was like nothing he had ever known. Their exotic scent, almost as much as the physical sensations, seemed to him to make him want to continue what he and his girlfriend were dong, but to do it harder and faster.

"Sheldon! I can feel something happening to me. Oh, my god! It's so wonderful. I've never felt anything like it."

"Me too! I don't know what it is but I can feel something happening. It feels like it's bubbling up inside me. Like it's gonna explode! Oh, my god!" he exclaimed as the first climax of his life began to erupt out through his cock.

Almost simultaneously, a tremendous wave of excruciating pleasure swept over Amy. She knew what it was; she had read about coming but the book had not prepared her for the ecstasy she felt. The former virgin moved up and down on Sheldon's thrashing form as fast as she could until a second wave, this one like a tsunami of joy, overwhelmed her. Following this orgasm, also the first of her life, a satisfying feeling of lassitude replaced the sexual bliss and she slumped forward, almost landing on top of Sheldon.

He was also relaxed but not as happy as Amy. "To think," he scolded himself. "All these years I've been wasting my time on electric trains and movies and comic books and television when I could have been having coitus with Amy Farrah Fowler."

They lay together like that while his cock softened and slipped from her pussy, releasing a gusher of the same kind of fluid that had been so pleasing to her boyfriend's nose. A feeling of deep affection for each other blossomed between them; she wrapped her arms around Sheldon and kissed him full on the lips, meeting none of the usual opposition. He spoke then and proposed what she considered an excellent idea.

"Amy, you know how we have set aside the second Thursday night or the third on months with five Thursdays?" She nodded and he continued. "I propose we amend the Relationship Agreement so every Thursday and any other time we feel like it is Date Night and we can do what we just did as often as we can."

Amy nodded her head in agreement again. Her plan had worked out far better than she could have ever hoped it would. She remembered something else from The Illustrated Guide to Sex, something the author described as "Recovery." In a little while, Sheldon would be ready for some more fucking, physically anyhow, especially if she put her mouth to work as she had before.

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