tagIncest/TabooBig Brother And Little Sister

Big Brother And Little Sister


This story is about two siblings and the beginning of a huge secret between the two of them.

The older brother is called Tom and he is 19 and about 6'1 with blonde hair and a slim build unlike his younger sister Alice who is 18 and is 5'6 with brown hair also slim. Tom had just started his final year at school and wasn't looking forward to his end of year exams but he was lazy and didn't study much at home however his younger sister who didn't have to study and enjoyed going out with her mates depending on the weather.

It was one day when Tom got home early from school as he had a free period last and was allowed to go home, after his stressful day at school doing test mocks, all Tom wanted to do is relax and his favorite way to do that was to have a wank and with the house to himself he thought why not and put his school bag don't and headed up stairs to his room and stripped off his cloths and laid down on his bed and started wanking, he turn on his music so if someone did come home no one would walk in on him, although the only person who could was his sister Alice as both his parents worked late.

Unfortunately his little sister Alice got sent home for getting in to trouble, because of Tom's music he didn't hear Alice coming in to the house and start coming up the stairs to get changed out of her school uniform. After Alice had got changed in to some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt for a run up the park she decide to tell Tom that she will be gone for a while and with that Alice walked in to her brother's room to find Tom naked on the bed eyes shut wanking, Alice just stood there with her mouth open staring at her older brother's cock it must have been at least 8 inches long, before she knew it Tom had opened his eyes and had seen Alice staring right at his dick with her mouth wide open and leaned over with his spare hand and switched the music off this made Alice jump as she meet Tom's gaze and was speechless in what to say in her defense. So Tom decided to end the silence and said 'you like what you see little sister' with a big grin on his face as he knew he had her but surprise, she replied with 'oh Tom your cock is huge' Alice stood there with the shocked look still spread across her face.

Tom then said 'anyone would think you would want to suck my cock the way you're looking at it with your mouth wide open' she replied back saying' why on earth would I do that to you' Tom just said' cause since you walked in you haven't been able to take your eyes off my big cock let alone shut your mouth. This made Alice wonder how big Tom's cock actually is and if he has had it sucked before and with a tremble in her voice she asked how bigger his cock was, Tom replied with 'why would I tell you little sister' after Tom had said this Alice had work up the might to walk closer to the bed till she was standing right up against it. And said what do I have to do for you to tell me how big you are Tom? With this a huge grin had appeared on Tom's face and with a bit of laughter he replied with 'if you want to know how big my cock is you will have to suck it and make me cum because you interrupted me before I could finish bitch.

Alice didn't know why she want to know how big Tom's cock was so badly maybe because it was the first cock she had seen and after Tom had told her to suck his big cock she fell to her knees at the side of the bed where Tom was sitting up right against the wall facing her. Alice slowly moved her head down to Tom's big dick and was now right over it and had her mouth open.

But she had second thoughts and started to move her head back but before she could move away from Tom's huge cock Tom had grabbed the back of Alice's head and had shoved his dick in to his little sister's mouth and start to fuck her mouth, making her gag continuously every time his cock when in to her throat saliva dropping out going everywhere as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, it didn't take long for Tom to blow his load and he felt it coming and with that he shoved his cock in to her mouth and down her throat making her gag constantly this finish Tom off as he start to cum shooting cum down his little sister's throat.

After he had finished cumming he pulled his cock out of Alice's mouth who by now was a mess with saliva all over her face and tears coming down her plum rose cheeks just collapsed on to the end of the bed gasping for air. Tom just stood there and waited for her to catch her breath and then said' If you tell anyone about this I will beat you do you understand Alice' Alice just nodded and then Tom left the room leaving her alone.

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We need fraction am stars or a suck scale.., Grammar and spelling, motherfucker, grasp the concept.

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