tagIncest/TabooBig Brother Wants Sister

Big Brother Wants Sister


My mom had been dating this guy for a couple of years now and over the weekend they decided to head for Vegas and get married. I am happy for my mom. She finally has someone who really cares about her and Jason has promised me that he would take good care of her when I leave in the fall for college.

Now for the ugly or handsome part I am not for sure yet. Jason's son Jarrod graduated a few years before I did. He was the captain of our high school football and baseball team's. His dad pressed him into going to college. After a few years he dropped out and leaves for boot camp next month.

Jarrod has the looks of a GQ model. Ruggedly handsome with coal black hair and green eyes, he stands at a whopping six foot six with a washboard stomach and a body that would make any girl ache.

Now because of the recent nuptials I have to live in the same house with guy every girl at school wanted and most still want. When it comes to our relationship let's just say until today he has never even spoken to me. Well I shouldn't say never, our parents had made us go out with them to eat and bowling and things to get to know each other the first few times we got along real well. We both liked sports and we could talk easily but after a few months he avoided me like I had the plague.

My twenty first birthday was two weeks ago. Mom and Jason decided to through me a pool party here at the house at the end of the month and told Jarrod to invite a few of his buddies over to have a good time before he has to leave.

We aren't kids anymore but our parents said they just wanted to have us all here together before we both leave next month. I know that they are trying to get the new 'siblings' to get along but this party was going to be hell.

It's the middle of July, school is out and mom and Jason refused to let me get a job this summer. Stating that I needed to have some fun and not worry about anything, but my upcoming senior year of college in the fall.

I have spent the last month and a half lounging by the pool with my friends and trying to avoid Jarrod as much as possible. Every time he spoke to me my nipples got hard and my pussy became very wet.

Today I decided not to call any of my friends to come over, mom and Jason are out of town for the weekend and Jarrod is at his buddies. Having the house all to myself felt wonderful, running around naked not having to talk if I don't want to, and finally being alone is heaven.

After putting on my new white and silver suit that looked awesome against the tan I had gotten this summer I head to the bar and grab a few bears then mosey out to the pool. Checking myself out in the mirror before walking out the door I am pleased with the way I look. I was for sure mom wasn't going to let me get it for the party but she gave in. I my be twenty-one but she calls the shots in her house.

An hour into lounging and about 4 beers later I decide to take my top off and try to get rid of my tan lines. A little tipsy I can't get the back of my suit to unlatch.

"Here Kati let me help you."

Now I may be a little drunk but I know I just heard Jarrod. Looking up there he is standing in front of me in his swimming trunks that are tented out by his cock.

"What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at Charlies." I ask with my words slurring.

Laughing Jarrod reach's down and unfastens the clasp on the back of my top. "His mom is sick. So I decided to stay home this weekend with you. You ok with that 'sis'?"

My God he is so hot. Just looking at him makes me wet. Dripping wet.

"Kati. You ok?"

"Yeah, you just surprised me. You have never called me sis before."

"Well our parents want us to be close so I might as well call you my sister." Sister, I didn't want to be his sister. Maybe his love slave but not his damned sister.

"Nice tits." Jarrod says sitting next to me in the lounge chair. I had forgotten that my top was now unfastened and hanging between my cleavage.

"Thanks. I think."

What in the hell is going on here? Jarrod tries to avoid me almost as much as I try to avoid him and now he is here complimenting my boobs.


Knowing that Kati didn't know he was home he had watched her all morning on the security monitor walking around naked, checking herself out before she went outside.

Ever since my dad married Kati's mom Julie and they had moved in I had a perpetual hard on. No matter how I tried to avoid her she was always around. Mostly by the pool in one of her damned skimpy bikinis.

As I watched her from my bedroom window in her new suit that didn't leave much to the imagination I saw her take a cold beer bottle and rub it on her pussy. I couldn't take any more. My hand on my 9 inch dick I jacked off to her. Once again.

It was now or never. Our parents are gone and I will be leaving in a few weeks for boot camp and I want to fuck that hot little pussy so bad I can taste it.

Standing right next to her she didn't even notice that I was there until I offered to help her remove her top. Kati was startled when I bent down and unlatched her clasp and even more so when I told her she had nice tits, but holy shit she did. Nice, round, perky with nipples that begged me to suck them.

Sitting in the lounger next to her she finally sat back and pulled the top over her head and tossed it in the pool. This is going to be easier than I thought.


Two can play at this game. I thought to myself. "Jarrod, don't you think you should take your shorts off? They are looking kinda tight."

"What?" Jarrod wasn't expecting was that his new little sister to be so willing.

" Kati, are you sure you want to play this game with your 'brother'?"

"Why Jarrod, afraid you will lose?" Lose what I wasn't really sure of but it sounded good.

"What am I going to lose little sister? Are we betting on something?"

"Sure big brother, you name the stakes."

At this point I was for sure Kati had no idea what she was getting into. "Without touching you I'll bet that I can make you come before you can make me come."

What the hell. Kati thought to herself. "You're on big brother. What do I get if I win?"

"First sis you won't win. I've seen you get yourself off and you don't last very long." Jarrod said smiling remembering watching her a few days after she moved in.

Kati had just gotten out of the shower and into her room but didn't get her door closed all the way. I could see her squeeze her nipples as she ran her fingers over her clit and shove two no three fingers into her wet cunt. She was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Before I knew it I had my dick in my hands and when she arched her back and shoved her fingers in as far as she could and moaned I gave my dick one last stroke and cummed all over my shirt.

"No way!" Kati said horrified.

"Why in the hell would you watch me?"

"Hey it's not my fault if can't close your door all the way." I said laughing.

"By the way, you have the hottest body I have ever seen. Your tits just asked to be sucked on and your pussy looks as tight and warm it makes me want to fuck you every time I look at you."

Surprised and boldened by his statement I thought it was now or never.

Standing up I locked my thumbs on both sides of my bottoms turned my ass to Jarrod as I slowly bent over and took them off. I could feel his eyes on my ass which only made me hotter. Turning back so Jarrod could see me I slowly started standing back up as I ran my hands up my shapely long tan legs over the front of my pussy up to my very nice tits pinched the nipples then winked at him turned and jumped in the pool.

Holy shit. She may be better at this than I thought. With my hand on my dick it was all I could do to will myself not to grab her and fuck her as she needed never mind not to jack myself off. Although if she thought she could away and cool off by jumping in the pool she was severely mistaken.

I stood untying my trunks when my new little sister did the hottest thing I have ever seen. She swam to the side of the pool tilted her head back and pushed herself up until her foot came up on the side showing me her shaven pussy. Looking up at me smiling she finished getting out of the pool.

"Going somewhere bro?" Saying nothing I dropped my shorts and jumped in.

Little did she know that I could give her a show, but I would make her cum telling her what I wanted to do to her hot little body.

Getting out of the pool the same way she had Kati was now looking at my large hard dick the same way I had been looking at her pussy.

"Enjoy the show Kat?" I asked as I pulled my reclining chair close to hers and turned it to face her. Sitting down I took my cock in my hand and stroked the entire 9 inch long length watching her lick her lips.

"Comfy bro? Now tell me what I get if I win and what you want if should win?"

"It's easy Kat, it doesn't really matter who wins because in the end I am going to fuck you. The only pro to winning is the looser has to use her mouth to explore my body."

"You sound awfully sure of yourself Jarrod."

"I am." Was the last thing I said to her before I started my seduction.

"Kat, I am going to tell you about the dream I had about you last night, but I don't want you to touch yourself. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, I think I can control myself." I said a little less confident that I could actually control myself. Just looking at his muscular tan body, with his huge cock standing like flag pole made me lick my lips and want to taste him.

"We will see little sister. It started with you laying by the pool on a hot day with a cold beer bottle in your hand rubbing your pussy with it like it was my dick you were rubbing yourself on." I could see the look in her eyes; she was not embarrassed she was getting hotter knowing that I had been watching her this morning.

"Then I heard you moan my name as your hand slid down the front of your suit to rub your clit. I couldn't take any more so I yelled for you to come in the house that I needed something. With a pissed look on your face you removed your hand and came into the sun room to find me sitting on the couch, naked with my hard cock in my hand."

"No, no... put your hands down. If I can't touch you then you can't touch yourself." I scolded her as she started to reach for her pussy thatI knew was now dripping wet.

"Kat can I ask you something? Seriously I mean."

"Sure, it's not like we have much to hide right now."

"Are you a virgin?"

"What, are you kidding me? That's what you want to know?"

"Yes I need to know."


"Because I want to be your first."

"Yes." She said in a very soft voice.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I didn't want to make her do anything she didn't want. No matter how much I wanted her.

"I am sure. Just so you know, every time I have touched my pussy it was you I was thinking about."

With that the game was over. I couldn't take anymore.

Standing up shoving the chair into the pool I bent and picked her up in my arms. "What's wrong Jarrod? Are you mad at me?"

"No baby, but the bets off. I am taking you upstairs and making love to you the way I have wanted to for the last two years."

To his surprise she didn't ask any questions she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me softly using her warm little tongue to part my lips. Our tongues caressed each others until I laid her on my bed. My Kati, was all I could think.

Laying down beside her I kissed her as though I would never see her again. I could feel the tears streaming down her face.

"What's the matter baby, we don't have to if you don't want to. I will be happy to just hold you for now."

Kati didn't know what to say, he had said two years. That is how long they had known each other, been forced to spend time with each other because of their parents but he always tried to avoid me hardly ever talking to me.

"Why are you crying Kat, you are breaking my heart. I never meant to scare or hurt you."

Kati sat up a little looking into his eyes.

"You said two years Jarrod, two years."

"I know what I said Kati. Why did you think I always treated like you weren't around when we were forced to be together? After our parents started dating and after the first couple of times we had to go out to eat or bowling I fell in love with you. But you were my dads' girlfriends daughter."

"You could have told me. We were both adults and able to decide what we wanted." She said, taking her fingers and caressing my face. "I love you too and I have had to spend the last two years watching you date and fuck anyone you wanted. It wasn't fair. I was 18 and we could have been together this entire time." She told me with tears in her eyes.

"I am sorry, I guess I didn't know how to handle what I felt for you. Can we talk about this later? I really want you right now."

Kati rolled onto her back and said, "I win though, you gave in first so I win the prize. Start exploring big brother."

"With pleasure little sister."

Kati was more than I had ever imagined. Taking my time to kiss her and nibble my way to the most awesome tits I had ever seen she put her hand in my hair and guided my mouth to her hard nipple. As I took it into my mouth she groaned and pushed my head a little closer.

"Oh my god Jarrod that feels so good. Suck the other one." As I moved my tongue to the other tit Kati was now moaning my name. She was making me so hard I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

"Kat you are killing me, moaning my name. It makes me so hard to here you."

Using my lips and tongue to love my way down her flat stomach to the top of her shaven pussy I could smell her scent. It was so warm and spicey I just wanted to eat her until she came in my mouth.


"Yes baby?"

"No one has ever had his hands or mouth on my body. I have been waiting for you." At this I promised myself she would never forget this day.

"Bend your knees for me Kat so that I can see and taste you." She did what I asked and I almost came at the sight of her pink pussy lips wet with her need for me. Bending my head I ran my tongue along her slit until I found her little nub swollen with its need. I flicked her clit with my tongue and was rewarded with a scream from her.

"Jarrod, please. I want you in me."

"Not yet sweetie, I need to get you ready. Do you want me to make you come with my tongue?"

"Can you reallll?" Not giving her the chance to question me I bent my head and pulled her pink lips apart running my tongue all over her pussy paying special attention to her sweet little clit. When I put my tongue in her tight little whole I thought she was going to drown me in her juices.

"I am going to cum....oh go...oh god." She was pushing her sweet little pussy down on my face and she tasted so good.

Allowing her body time to recover and slow down it's shaking, I wrapped my arms around her and held her, loving her.

"Did you like that little one?" I asked, my breathing slowing down after giving her pleasure.

"Kat have you ever given a guy a blow job?"


"Will you do that for me, if not I don't think I will be as gentle with you as I want when I push my cock into your tight little pussy."

"You will have to tell me what to do."

I could barely hold back as moved up to my side kissing her, letting her taste herself as I had. As I moved to lay on my back Kati sat up on her knees looking at my cock.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you I promise. Just feel me, then do what comes naturally. I think you will do fine." Kati looked at me then at my dick and moved to sit between my legs.

At her first touch I jumped, she had the softest hands and had barely touched the head.

Pulling her hand away when I jumped she looked at me with pleading eyes.

"It's ok Kat, that just felt so good. Wrap your hand around it and rub it." My Kati did exactly as I said. I closed my eyes and tried to lay still for her, to let her feel what she does to me and allow her time to come into her own.

Oh my god was that her tongue? Opening my eyes I could see her head bent licking the head of my cock, when I moaned her name she became braver and covered the end of my dick with her mouth.

"Baby, that feels so good, don't stop. Please don't stop." With my encouragement she got up on her knees and took even more of me in mouth, and her tongue, her tongue was all over my dick. I have never had a woman take my entire 9 inches into her mouth but she did. I could feel the back of her throat.

"Kati, I'm going to cum....Kati." She didn't stop she actually started sucking harder until I came in her mouth. I let go of more cum in her hot little mouth than I had ever any other time and she swallowed all of it.

Raising up licking her lips. "Did I do good?" She asked snaking her way up my body kissing me as I had done her so that I could now taste myself mixed with her sweeet, spicey taste.

"Baby let me tell you that you are a natural, I have never been sucked off like that before and never has anyone ever taken my entire cock in their mouth."

"I am glad I make you happy. Now I want you to fuck me, I want you to make me yours now."

"Kat you are already mine. Now and forever."

"Lay back sweetie." Running my hand down her heavenly body I used my finger to rub her clit and then slowly pushed on finger into her very tight very wet pussy. She was so tight I didn't know if she would be able to take what I offered.

"Oh Jarrod that feels so good." Two fingers, then three. Kati could barely breath and was meeting each thrust of my hand. She was ready.

"Jarrod don't, don't pull them out."

"I can't get my cock in there with fingers."


"Kat this is going to hurt a little, I will be as gentle as I can and I promise the pain won't last long. Are you ready."

"I've been ready all day." She said smiling.

Pushing the head of my cock in her wet cunt felt like heaven, going slow with every little bit to let her adjust I felt the barrier.

"Okay baby this is it, I promise it will get better." Without looking into her eyes I shoved my cock the rest of the way in. Then looked at Kati who had unshed tears in her eyes.

"Lay still a second, let your pussy get use to me. Are you ok?" I asked as I started to move slowly in and out of her. It didn't take long for her to get past the pain she was matching my pace beat for beat.

"Oh my god Jarrod you feel so good.....i'm going to cum again, Jarrod please cum in me." With those words I grabbed her ass and pounded into her with everything I had. I could feel her pussy milking my cock for every last drop I had to offer her.

"Baby your pussy is still squeezing me and it is making me hard again."

"Then let's go again big brother." Smiling at this beautiful woman I did just as she asked.

"Roll over Kat and get on your hands and knees." This was what I had always wanted to try but none of the girls I ever fucked would let me once the saw the size of my dick, but Kat wasn't afraid she did as is asked. Reaching between her legs she didn't need any prep. she was already wet. Grabbing the sides of her ass I pushed my cock in as far as it would go, Kati's ass was against my stomach and she had all of me inside her and I was fucking hot.

"God Katy I am not going to last." A groaned as I fucked her hard.

"Harder Jarrod fuck me harder, please fuck me harder." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I tightened my grip on her has and fucked her as hard and fast as I could and she met my every thrust. Feeling her pussy start to quiver I knew she was about to come and so was I.

"Fuck baby i'm getting ready to come are you ready." There she went I could feel her cum on my dick as I filled her with my seed.

Both of us spent for now she laid in my arms. "Jarrod what are we going to do about our parents and you leaving in a few weeks. I don't want to spend the nights in my room by myself or days for that matter."

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