tagErotic CouplingsBig Man On Campus Ch. 02

Big Man On Campus Ch. 02


This is a stroke story. It's ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, and people can fuck for hours without chafing. Also, this chapter has some sexualized violence (slapping and choking; no blood or bruising) and plenty of degrading language, so if that's not your cup of tea, take note. --- "We're not stopping until these are empty and my dick goes soft," I said, as my professor fondled my swollen balls. She just looked at me, her breath quickening. Even with my pheromones adding to her arousal and making it possible to take my shaft, she must have been feeling a bit sore.


"No, I can't," she said. "It's too much, too big... and it's been too long anyway. Someone might hear if we keep going."

"Do you think I care? You've got me excited. Now you've got to deal with it."

"I am still your instructor, Mr. Beech. I'm not about to let a student at some pissant school take charge."

That's when I realized how to break her down. Dr. Carrington acted like she was too good to teach at my university. Even after fucking me until she was almost overwhelmed, she still thought she ran the show. I decided it was time she learned about our relative positions. I decided to start by showing her what I thought of her degree. I stood up, leaving her laying on her desk. "Don't take it personally--that was fantastic, but like I said before, this happens on my terms on not at all," she said. I stood still for a moment, and then I reach out and ripped her framed diploma from the wall, smashed the glass on her desk, and yanked it free. Then I held it in front of my cock with one hand while pumping furiously with the other, staring Dr. Carrington in the eyes all the while.

She started to exclaim, "No! What are you..." but by then it was too late. My cock erupted, spraying strand after strand of thick white cum at her precious degree, quickly blotting out her name, the university seal, and running down across the text. My orgasm seemed to last forever, and when it was done I was left holding a thoroughly saturated piece of paper, with long strings of spunk stretching from it to her floor.

Dr. Carrington was left gaping as I carelessly tossed her ruined diploma in the trash and followed it with the broken glass and wood from the shattered frame. I turned to her. "You're a terrible teacher. The only reason anyone takes your class is because they want to fantasize about fucking you. Your degree isn't worth shit to me; as far as I care, your only value is that I decided to let you empty my nuts. Now get over here and do your fucking job."

She whimpered a bit, and then rolled off the desk and dropped to her knees. I could see her lower lip quivering slightly. "What do you want me to do?" I grinned at her submission. It wasn't really fair to her; she had been inhaling my pheromones for quite a while now, and she'd come into contact with my sperm, which has all the same properties only more so. But she still submitted willingly.

"I ate you out earlier and you seemed to enjoy it. A good slut would return the favor." With that, Dr. Carrington crawled over to me, her eyes locked on my engorged cock and her mouth opened slightly. She drew closer, until my swollen head was brushing against her lips. She reached up and gripped the base of my shaft as her tongue snakes out and slid around me. She opened her mouth wider as I pressed my prick into her. Her eyes widened as her jaw was forced open. It looked like she was having a hard time handling my girth, but she managed to get a few inches into her mouth. Her head started to bob up and down on my first few inches, while her hand stroked up and down the remainder of my shaft.

"You know, it seems like I shouldn't call you 'Dr. Carrington' or 'professor' anymore. What's your first name, slut?" I asked

"Anne," she replied, pulling my prick from her mouth. She opened up to return to her work, but then I blindsided her with a quick open-handed slap to the side of her face. It took her a second to regain her wits, and afterward she looked up at me, a red handprint visible on her pale cheek. She opened her mouth to question me and got as far as "what" before I slapped her again in the same place. This time, when she looked back at me there were tears in her eyes and she simply kneeled there, one hand on my cock, mouth hanging open, as she tried to figure out why I was abusing her. I slapped her a third time, this time on the right side instead of the left, and grabbed her hair as she reeled. I yanked on it, using her strawberry-blonde locks as a grip to manhandle her.

"I didn't tell you to stop sucking, slut." She sniffed and shook in my grip, but she got the point and opened her mouth once again to take me in. Soon her head was bobbing in front of me and it seemed like my slut was enjoying herself. She had managed to relax her throat somewhat, and she was taking in a bit less than half of my throbbing shaft. Her saliva was flowing out of her stuffed mouth down the sides of my cock. Her hands were busy as well; one is steadily stroking the remainder of my length while the other was caressing my bloated balls. "Anne isn't a good name for a slut like you. I don't think I'm going to use it. From now on, I'll call you whatever I want and I expect you to answer to it." Her answer was unintelligible, since she didn't stop to take my cock out of her mouth. I smiled at her "You learn fast, doctor slut. That's good." The corners of her mouth turned up slightly at that--a smile, or at least as close as she could get given how much meat was in her mouth.

I let her keep pleasing me for a few minutes. Soon she went into high gear, pumping her hands and mouth in time, running up and down my prick. I felt the vibrations from her moans as I began to pump precum into her sucking mouth. She closed her eyes and I feel her tongue swirl madly around my head. The stimulation made my shaft grow a bit bigger and harder, causing her to choke momentarily.

I pulled back, leaving just the tip of my cock in the bitch's mouth, and smiled down at her. "I hope you're hungry." Dr. Carrington looked up at me expectantly and cupped my balls in her hand, squeezing gently as if she hoped to extract as much cum as possible from them. I saw no reason not to oblige her, and start shooting great spurts into her mouth. Each spurt could fill a shot glass, and I saw her throat work to swallow after the third shot as her mouth started filling up. But that wasn't enough to stem the tide, and she had to swallow again in just a moment after I unleashed two more pulses into her mouth. She swallowed a third time as soon as she could, since my next shot had filled her mouth once again, and then my seed started to overflow her mouth. Her cheeks bulged slightly as some semen appeared at the corners of her mouth. I fired off another half-dozen shots, causing long strands of spunk and spit to start dripping down her chin. She snorted and yet more of my seed sprayed from her nose, as I overwhelmed her with my load.

Then it was over. Dr. Carrington swallowed once, twice, three times; she brought her hands up and used her fingers to scoop the excess into her mouth and swallowed again. "That was incredible. Your spunk tastes so sweet." I smiled back at her for a moment, letting her take pleasure in her work. "All right. That was a good start, but play time is over, slut. When you were talking in class today, I couldn't help but think it was a waste of a perfectly good mouth. I think it's time to teach you what your mouth is really for. I want you to deepthroat me. You're going to swallow my cock, you Ivy League bitch."

Dr. Carrington's eyes went wide at the thought of taking your lead pipe down her throat. She started to speak: "I don't think I can..."

But I cut her off. "How did you get the idea that I wanted you to think? Your sole purpose is pleasing my cock. I want to feel your nose pressed into my crotch and my cock down your whore throat now." Dr. Carrington whimpered, but opened her mouth and took in your cock. She pushed forward, taking almost half of it, before she started gagging and choking around my girth. I glowered down at her, and she tried again, but she didn't get any further.

"I'm sorry!" she begs. "Your cock is just too big!"

"You've disappointed me, whore. I suppose I'll have to train you. My slut trembled slightly, her lower lip quivering, as I reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of her hair. "Open wide, whore. I'm going to bust your throat cherry, and when I'm done you'll thank me." And with that I thrust forward, spreading Dr. Carrington's jaw wide open and plunging to the back of her mouth. I got about halfway in and hit resistance as she gagged around me, so I pulled back a few inches and then drove myself back in. After a half dozen of these brutal repetitions, my slut was crying, her mascara running down her cheeks. "It's okay, little whore. Just relax and it'll be over soon." I gave her a moment to breathe, and then gave her a mighty thrust, pushing past the clenching ring of her gag reflex and hilting myself in her.

I took a moment to savor the sensation of her throat rippling around my cock, trying to either swallow or expel the invader. I slowly pulled out about halfway, then gave her a few slower, experimental thrusts, pressing her nose into my groin each time. Smiling, I pulled out the whole way. Her head hung down as she choked and sobbed. "And what do we say?" I asked.

"Th... thank you for busting my throat cherry. Thank you for teaching me what my mouth is for," she replied.

With my hands still tangled up in my professor-slut's hair, I went back to throat fucking her. I started to thrust wildly into her mouth, driving my cock down her throat with each stroke. My balls, hanging like two plums, slapped against her chin as she looked up at me helplessly. "I'd have thought that all that expensive schooling would have taught you something, slut. Use your hands, slut." Dr. Carrington reached up and started caressing my balls as she gagged on my rampant rod.

I thrust deep into her mouth, hilting myself in her throat, and paused for a few seconds, enjoying the sensation as she gagged around my cock. I pulled back, giving her a moment to take a few deep, gasping breaths, then repeated the process. After the fifth or sixth time, I pulled out of her mouth entirely. "Next time, I'm going to hold you down for thirty seconds. Don't resist, or we'll do it again."

Dr. Carrington gasps, "Wha-" but I cut her off, shoving myself into her mouth and forcing my way down her throat. Once I was situated, I started to count: "1... 2... 3... 4..." As I reached ten, I could see my fuckhole start to panic; by fifteen, her hands came up to press on my thighs. I held her for another five seconds as she futilely tried to push herself off, and then I released her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." she said, between heaving breaths. I gave her a few moments and then I wordlessly took her by the chin and turned her face back to me. With some light pressure, I forced her mouth open, and I heard her take a deep breath just before I cut off her air once again. She put her hands behind her back. This time I was able to make it all the way to thirty, and while her eyes were fluttering, her face was red, and the muscles in her neck were straining, she didn't resist. I pulled out and kneeled beside her, whispering in her ear: "Very good, pet. I'm proud of you. You're learning so much, and putting your hands behind your back was a good idea."

Then I stood back up. "It's time to finish things here," I said. I thrust deep into my slut's throat as she choked on your shaft. My grip on her head was like iron. Her throat was spasming wildly around my shaft, driving me into orgasm. My churning balls released their contents directly down her throat as my cock pulsed repeatedly. Each of my powerful streams brought a small noise from Dr. Carrington. This orgasm was powerful, even by my standards, and it felt like I had her face pressed up against me for the better part of a minute as I dumped load after load of hot spunk into her throat. As my orgasm subsided, I looked down and realized that her eyes had started to roll back in her head. I pulled out and gave her a chance to breathe. "I bet you didn't learn about that at your Ivy League school. Next time, you should be able to do it without my help."

Dr. Carrington just shuddered in response as she tried to regain her composure. After a few moments, she looked up at me. "Thank you for furthering my education."

I grabbed Dr. Carrington by the hair and hauled her back up to her feet. Then I spun around and pushed her back onto her desk and stepped between her legs, forcing them open. I lightly slapped my cock against her engorged pussy lips, sliding it up to tap at her clit. She moved her hips up to meet my cock and gave a little gasp of pleasure. "Please, put it in. Don't tease me, just take me." I slowly pushed in, sinking my head into her tight, wet hole, and then stopped. I gave her a few small thrusts, letting her feel the first few inches of my rod. Dr. Carrington tried to buck her hips into me and get deeper penetration, but I pulled back, leaving her frustrated. She let out a small whine. "Please, just fuck me. I need your cock. Fuck your slut."

"Why do you deserve it?" I asked.

"Please. I'll do anything for your dick. I'll swallow your cum whenever you want, suck you off before class, let you fuck my ass, cum in my cunt, whatever you want. I've sucked you off and let you rape my throat. You can choke me with your cock until I pass out. I'll eat your ass, let you piss in my mouth, teach class with your spunk dripping off me, whatever you want. Just fuck me before I go crazy." Then she trailed off in a long moan as I thrust into her, claiming every inch of her hot hole as my own.

She was laying flat on her desk. I was standing between her legs, driving into her with powerful strokes. With each thrust the desk shook, sending papers scattering and making the computer monitor at the other end shake. I leaned my upper body back as Dr. Carrington wrapped her legs around me, drawing my hips in. I gripped her waist and slammed her into me, driving my cock as deep into her as I could. The thrust caused her desk to shudder a bit and made her tits jiggle invitingly. I did it again, slowly drawing back for another thrust then powering forward, bringing our bodies together with a loud slap. Then I started to fuck her cunt in earnest, delivering punishing strokes as she moaned wordlessly and arched her back. I could feel her cunt spasming, her inner walls alternately gripping and releasing my shaft as I pumped away at her.

"Keep talking, slut," I growled. "What else will you do for me?"

"I'll give you an A. I'll seduce other teachers and get them to give you an A. I'll be your whore. You can sell my holes to other students or out on the street. You can move into my house and make it your fuck palace. You can make me come to your dorm and stand in the hall naked. Tie me up in a classroom with a sign saying 'Free Pussy.' Cum in a doggy dish and make me eat it. I'll lick your load off the floor or out of another woman. God, I'll be your slave." I didn't show it, but I was shocked--it looked like my pheromones and my aggressiveness had flipped a switch in her head. Not that I was complaining.

Dr. Carrington's litany of filth trailed off as she started to crescendo into her own orgasm. She let out a choked moan that was practically a sob and bucked her hips up into me, meeting me on each thrust as she came. One of her hands was a blur rubbing against her clit, while she used the other to play with her tits. I kept thrusting as she moaned and shook. I leaned forward, pressing my torso against hers. I could feel Dr. Carrington writhe beneath me as I pounded her cunt. I whispered in her ear "Do you see what your reward is for pleasing me? If you keep pleasing me, I'll make you cum like that over and over and over." I punctuated my utterance with deep thrusts into her matching each "over." And on each one I felt her shake as another small orgasm overtook her.

I changed position again, pushing my upper body up and away from her. I supported my weight with one arm on the desk and wrapped the other one around her throat. I squeezed gently, and Dr. Carrington's breath was cut off. My cock was bottoming out in her with each stroke as she took all thirteen inches of my length. My balls swung up and slapped against her ass. Her mouth was hanging open in a silent scream of pleasure, and her face and upper body were flushed, as she was overwhelmed by my intense fucking. Her cunt gripped me tightly; it was a small effort to pull back after each thrust, as if her pussy was unwilling to give up its grip on my invading member. I could feel my balls churning as a fresh batch of seed was prepared for my imminent orgasm. She went over the edge again, cumming like crazy on my cock as I choked off her air. She couldn't moan or scream, but she started bucking wildly, almost getting out from under me. Her eyes rolled up into her head and fluttered shut as a veritable flood came out from her pussy, splashing against my thighs and balls. I relaxed my grip on her neck and she drew in a deep breath, cumming again and again as her eyes darted about madly and refocusing on my face. She smiled wide and started babbling semi-coherently. "Thank you sir thank you thank you you made me cum better than anyone thank you thank you..." I didn't hear the rest, as I let out a mighty roar as I delivered my few final punishing thrusts.

Dr. Carrington's tight, wet cunt drove me over the edge into orgasm. I hilted myself in my slut's hot cunt and felt her squeeze my shaft with her inner muscles. The sensation was exquisite and went past the point of no return. "I'm going to fill your cunt with my seed, bitch." Dr. Carrington gasped and pulled me in closer, welcoming my imminent eruption into her womb. I pressed in firmly, and Dr. Carrington pushed her hips into mine to ensure I was as deep as possible when I came. And then it was time: I felt my shaft throb and pulse repeatedly as I unloaded your potent seed right at the mouth of her womb.

Dr. Carrington murmured into my ear, "It's so hot. I can feel each shot against my back walls." After the better part of a minute, I finished emptying out my payload and pulled back. As I exited my bitch's pussy, we remained connected by several silvery strands--a mix of spunk and cunt cream. My seed trickled out from her pink gaping hole. My cock stood proud and erect even after giving her my fifth load. "That's amazing. You've cum more than any man I've ever seen, and you're still ready for more. I'm going to do my best to empty those massive jizz jars of yours." I smiled a bit at that; as far as I know, that's impossible, but I thought it would be fun to see her try.

"I'm going to take one of your suggestions, slut. I'm going to fuck your ass next. You disappointed me by needing help with your throat, but maybe you can redeem yourself now."

Dr. Carrington looked up at me with fear in her eyes. "Please, sir. You're too big for that--please let me get you off some other way." I responded with stony silence. Choking back a sob, she turned away from me and reached back between her legs to grasp my shaft. She guides it into place against her tight asshole, and started putting her weight down on it. She couldn't relax, though, and so she didn't open up to me.

"Do I have to teach you again? I thought you wanted this. You asked for it while I was fucking you, not ten minutes ago."

"I know sir, but I didn't mean it. You're too big and I've only ever had one man up there and he was much smaller than you." Dr. Carrington was babbling, afraid of my cock and of my displeasure for her failure. "Please let me try something else."

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