Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 01


"Damn it, you son of a bitch. I want to cum again before my pussy milks you dry. Put it in me!"

Girls, some advice: saying this to a man will lead to getting fucked.

I slid in again. With her legs up on the map and spread wide, her ass was even more inviting. I spanked both ass cheeks simultaneously, and left my hands there to squeeze and knead them. Her ass was firm but yielding. You could literally bounce a quarter off it (I tested it, eventually—but that's another story). Alyssa pushed her upper body off the stack of mats, bending back toward me. I leaned forward some, looming over her tiny form. She managed to get her head back far enough to look me in the eye as we fucked. With her legs spread wide and her back arched, there was nothing to stop me from getting every inch of my cock into her. So that's what I did.

We had been fucking on the floor for almost twenty minutes. My balls were practically boiling over with hot spunk before we switched positions, and after just a few thrusts I could feel them dancing in my sack, getting ready to drop their heavy payload. Somehow, though, I managed to ride the edge of orgasm for quite a while. I was burying my entire length in Alyssa with each stroke. Even with her legs spread as wide as they could possibly go, her cunt was still among the tightest I'd ever felt. Pulling out of her was like getting out of quicksand. Her pussy was practically sucking my dick, gripping tight when I pulled back and opening for me like a welcome embrace when I pushed forward.

I grabbed her hair again, putting my other hand on her shoulder. I used these grips to deliver rapid, punishing strokes, driving out small gasps from her each time. Alyssa started to moan as she approached another climax. "Give me every inch. I want to cum on your cock. I want to cum so hard I forget my boyfriend's name." Who was I to say no to a request like that?

I kept up the pace and pushed her over the edge. Alyssa closed her eyes as waves of pleasure overtook her. She started to bite her lower lip, and I noticed her legs quivering and the muscles in her lower back fluttering. She dropped forward, with her arms curled up underneath her, and her hips twitched up and down. She let out an ear-splitting scream—I could only hope that we were far enough back that no one else heard it. Her pussy went crazy, spasming around my thrusting weapon. That was enough to make me cum as well. I buried myself in her, driving myself in until I could feel my balls nestled against her cunt lips and my cockhead kissing her cervix. Then I unloaded. My voice joined her scream as I let out an involuntary leonine roar. My cock pulsed inside her as I spent myself; my first spurt seemed to take forever, and it was soon joined by others. I quickly lost count of how many times I had fired into her core. My vision narrowed to a tunnel and went grey; I was dizzy, and I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't been buried in her I'd have fallen over. I think I heard a choir of angels singing Hallelujah.

It was, in short, a pretty good cum.

Alyssa pulled her legs together and rolled on to her side. I let myself fall forward and ended up laying beside her and spooning her with my shaft still erect inside her. We both lay still for a moment, catching our breath. Then she started moving her ass in small circles. This girl was insatiable—though, in fairness, any girl who had been in a room with me for this long and been exposed to my pheromones would be in this state. But plenty of women would have been overwhelmed by now, and it seemed like Alyssa was just warming up. "You ready for round 2?" I asked.

"Always. Wanna ring the bell?" she replied. God, do I love fit women, especially if they make movie references at the right time.

"Ding ding," I said. I stood up, pulling out of her cunt and bringing a small torrent of mixed semen and cunt juices with me. I pulled Alyssa to her feet. Then I reached down and hooked my arms under her thighs and lifted her off the floor entirely. She wrapped her arms around me to keep from falling back. One big advantage of smaller women: you can do some impressive acrobatic feats with them. Case in point: I could hold her up with one arm while lining up my prick and her dripping cunt with the other. I pushed my head past her lower lips, and Alyssa closed her eyes and moaned. Soon I was sinking deep into her. Alyssa's cunt was tighter than most, but she was so aroused as to make entry fairly easy. She moaned again as I bottomed out in her. Then I grabbed her ass with both hands and started to thrust.

In the mirror, I saw that we made an interesting tableau. I was standing up and leaning back slightly for balance. Alyssa was hanging off me, her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped loosely around me. My hips were pistoning back and forth, bouncing her away from me only to come back with a loud slap. Like I said before, I'm only in decent shape, but one of Priapus's gifts is that I am, as far as I can tell, tireless when I'm fucking someone. This gift came in handy now, since a lesser man wouldn't have been able to keep up the pace.

Alyssa started moaning in my ear. "I'm taking that big dick. Really taking it."

"Yeah, you are. You're taking it good, baby," I growled in reply. I dimly heard something rattle near the door, but my attention was on Alyssa, and I swiftly put it out of my mind. Instead, I concentrated on fucking her until I was standing in a puddle of her juices. I was making decent headway on that, too. Alyssa had the juiciest cunt I had ever fucked, and before too long she gave me another surprise.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried. "I'm cumming!" I felt her clamp down on me, and I was amazed to find that could get even tighter. Alyssa had clearly done her Kegels. But that wasn't the surprise. What really shocked me was the stream of clear fluid that spurted from her clenching cunt and splashed against my chest. She seemed surprised too. "What the fuck!" I kept fucking her through her orgasm, and it didn't take long before she squirted again. Her juices covered my stomach and thighs. Huh, I thought--so that's what that feels like.

I fucked Alyssa through a third squirting orgasm before I let loose with my own. By this point, she was barely coherent. As she came down from her orgasm, I pulled her off my prick and set her on the gym mat. I started to stroke myself off, but she realized what I was doing and slapped my hand away. "No one who fucks like that should ever have to get himself off. Do you want me to swallow again or would you rather drench my fucking face?"

I figured it was only fair to cover her in my spunk, since she saw fit to soak me earlier. I only had time to choke out a quick response before it was too late. "Face." And then her stroking hands worked their magic and I came. My first shot landed right on her button nose and splashed down into both eyes, forcing them closed. I dropped another four streams that ran from her chin to her forehead and even into her hair. Alyssa was thorough; she moved my cock after every shot to ensure that she was completely coated. Another three streams left lines of spunk across her cheek and sealed her left eye shut under a small puddle of cum, and then she did the same to her right eye with my next four eruptions. Then she opened her mouth, causing thick strands of sperm to connect her lips and took in my prick long enough to take my last two shots.

She swallowed the cum I had dumped in her mouth. "Mmmmm," she said, licking her lips. "Your sperm is so sweet. I hope I can have some more."

And that's when the woman who had walked in on us minutes ago said, "I think I should get the next one."

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