tagGroup SexBig Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 02

Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 02


This is a stroke story. It's ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing.


My most recent conquest, a dancer named Alyssa, was kneeling in front of me on the floor. She was naked; I had managed to keep on my shoes, which (in retrospect) looked a bit ridiculous. Alyssa's face thoroughly drenched in my cum. Streaks of thick white sperm were all over her face and ran up into her dark hair. Her eyes were sealed shut by small pools of it. Where it could be seen, her pale skin was flushed with pleasure and exertion. She was breathing heavily, making her small, perky breasts rise and fall. I had just fucked her through multiple screaming, squirting orgasms, so my stomach and thighs were shiny with her juices. I was still erect, despite the fact that I had just left more spunk than a normal man could produce in a week all over my fuck-partner. Alyssa had just finished asking if I could give her another load, and I was making plans to do just that.

It was not the best time for someone to announce their presence.

When the other woman spoke, we both jumped. Alyssa let out a brief, sharp shriek before clapping her hands over her mouth, and I nearly slipped on the abundant cunt-juice splashed around the floor from our earlier endeavors. When the initial panic subsided, I took a look at the speaker.

The newcomer was a stranger to me. I had seen her around campus before, but I didn't know her. She was blonde, tanned and tall, and built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Her hair was cut short, about chin-length. She had enough muscle to convey strength without precluding feminine curves. She was well-endowed, but her yellow sports bra kept things down and made it hard to tell just how big her breasts were. She was also wearing a pair of matching yellow bike shorts that looked to be painted on. All in all, if she put on a white spandex suit, she'd have been a dead ringer for Power Girl. She was leaning up against the wall by the door. Somehow, she had managed to get her fingers under the waistband of the shorts without cutting off circulation, and was visibly and vigorously rubbing herself.

"Who the fuck are you?" I asked.

She just smiled at me and batted her eyelashes. She slipped her fingers out of her pants; they came away glistening with moisture. Then she sashayed over to Alyssa and me, her hips swaying hypnotically as she walked. Alyssa had just managed to wipe away enough of my spunk to let her open her eyes. When she did, she gasped. "Melanie!"

The blonde arched one eyebrow. "You know, Lyss, if I had a stud like this I wouldn't hide him from you. I'd have told you all about him and let you take him for a ride," she replied. "And now, if you don't want me to tell everyone about your little fuckfest, you're going to let me have a shot at Mr. Big here."

"Excuse me," I interjected. "Don't I get a say in this?"

Melanie gave a little laugh. "Oh please. Like you're going to pass up a chance to nail two sexy roommates back to back." Now I knew who she was. Alyssa had told me about her roommate Melanie; apparently, she was a bit of a slut. She worked as a personal trainer to earn extra cash, and from what Alyssa told me most of her business was from men who just wanted to ogle her. I couldn't blame them; she was definitely worth an ogle.

Melanie pushed Alyssa aside gently and knelt down next to her. She licked her wet fingers and made a little sound of pleasure. "I was watching you fuck her for a while. I saw her squirt her juices all over you. I wonder if they're as delicious as mine." Then she grabbed me cock and started to lick up and down my shaft. "Mmmmm, they're very tasty." She moved her head close to my body and licked at my stomach and balls as well, cleaning up the remnants of Alyssa's explosive orgasms. Alyssa, for her part, had managed to get herself cleaned up a bit, using her fingers to shovel my cum into her mouth. I don't know if she realized that's was she was doing; it seemed to me that Alyssa wanted to get clean and didn't truly realize that she was doing so by scraping my spunk off her face and swallowing it. Melanie stopped licking me and turned to her roommate. "Save some of that for me."

She reached over and gently took hold of Alyssa's hair, using it to tilt her head back slightly. Then she extended her tongue and gave Alyssa's cheek a long lick. "You were right, Lyss. His cum really is delicious." She kept going, lapping away at the streaks and pools of cum left on Alyssa's face, planting light kisses as she went. Alyssa's mouth was slightly open and her eyes were wide during this. Her lower lip trembled slightly whenever Melanie's questing tongue got near it. She had recovered a bit from our furious fucking, but I heard her breath quicken as Melanie kissed and licked her face.

Before long, Melanie got the last of the cum from Alyssa's face, sucking it up with a slurp. Then she took Alyssa's chin and tilted her head back completely. Melanie positioned her face over Alyssa's, lining up their mouths. With a slight smirk, she opened her mouth, letting my cum and her spit drool over her teeth and lips and down into Alyssa's mouth. Then she closed the distance between them, locking lips with her in a passionate kiss. When the kiss end, both girls were flushed; their pupils were dilated, and I could practically smell their arousal.

Melanie looked up at me. "Here's how it's going to go. I've always wanted this little bitch to eat me out, so she's going to do that while I suck on that magnificent cock. Then you're going to fuck me. You're going to bury yourself in me when you cum and then we're both going to enjoy watching as this one cleans me out with her tongue. Capiche?"

Try as I might, I could see absolutely nothing to dislike about this plan, so I simply nodded in assent. Alyssa still seemed to be a bit dazed, but she nodded as well, hesitantly. Melanie recognized our approval and gave me a sultry smile. We locked gazes. Melanie grabbed my cock firmly and started to stroke it. Without stopping or looking away, she said "Lyss, lay down so I can ride your face. Have you ever been with another woman?" Alyssa shook her head a bit shyly. It was amazing how different she was acting now that her roommate was on the scene—the assertive, confident woman I had been fucking had vanished, replaced by a docile little bunny.

I didn't have much time to ponder this mystery. Melanie's other hand was still tangled in Alyssa's hair, and she used it to pull Alyssa to the ground in a single slow but fluid motion. "Just relax," she said, "and remember that you know what to do. If it feels good when a boy does it to you, it'll feel good when you do it to me. And if you're no good at it now I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances to practice back in the dorm." Then she let go of Alyssa's hair and stood up, all the while maintaining her steady stroke with her other hand. She peeled off her bike shorts, wiggling her hips as she did, revealing a lovely pussy, shaved mostly bare except for a small tuft of blonde hair at the top. She let the bike shorts drop to the floor and stepped out of them, standing above Alyssa with her legs spread. Then she lowered herself gently back to the ground. She ended up on her knees, with one leg on either side of Alyssa's head. "Ready?" she asked. I saw Alyssa's throat move as she gulped, and she nodded. Then Melanie sat down on her heels, dropping her pussy directly on to Alyssa's open mouth. "Then start eating while I show this stud how a real woman sucks dick."

That brought out something in Alyssa. Most of her face was hidden by Melanie's twat, but I saw her eyes narrow and her cheeks flush. Alyssa practically attacked Melanie's cunt. I heard wet sounds coming from between Melanie's legs, but I couldn't see exactly what she was doing. Melanie seemed to like it, though; before long, she was moving her hips, grinding herself against Alyssa's face, brushing her engorged clit against Alyssa's nose. At the same time, she started to make good on her claims of dick-sucking prowess.

Melanie seemed to want to take her time. She didn't throw herself into it full force like Alyssa did, and she didn't have Dr Carrington's desperate need to please. Instead, she was confident and playful. She stroked me slowly as she handled my cock, moving it around to view it from different angles. She would draw in close, close enough for me to feel her hot breath, and then retreat. She gave it long licks, capped off with a moment of sucking, then backed off. She nuzzled against my hanging balls, taking first one and then the other plum-sized orb into her mouth and polishing it with her tongue. Her moans of pleasure from Alyssa's efforts between her thighs added some pleasant vibrations to the experience.

After what felt like an eternity of teasing (but, in fairness, was probably more like five minutes), Melanie stopped playing with me. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed up my prick head. Here, her confidence proved to be misplaced. She was barely able to take a third of my length before I hit the back of her throat, and unlike Alyssa and Dr. Carrington Melanie couldn't (yet) suppress her gag reflex.. I saw her eyes widen in surprised as she tried to take me on, but she didn't get far. But she kept on trying. She knew what she was doing with her tongue; she used the tip to stimulate the sensitive spot just under the head, and gave long slow licks to those parts she could reach. Her hands kept up their stroking action, and she added a little twist of the wrist to each stroke. It was a good effort, but it didn't live up to the hype. Still, a blowjob is a blowjob, so I didn't stop it.

Soon enough, though, her efforts started to falter as Alyssa got to her. She stopped completely several times, closing her eyes and shaking as a wave of pleasure ran through her. After a few minutes, she pulled herself off my cock and leaned against me. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she seemed to be trying to restrain herself. But then the dam broke. "Oh, god, you little bitch. You're making me cum." Her voice was a bit thick, as if she had to fight to say those words. I heard her inhale sharply and hold it. She grabbed Alyssa's head in both hands and started grinding madly against her. When it was over, she let out her breath in a long, shuddering exhalation. She was still quivering, eyes closed, and she just melted. Melanie slumped bonelessly against me.

Alyssa slid out from under her and sat up. She grabbed her roommate's hair and pulled her head back. Alyssa's lips and chin glistened with Melanie's juices. She put her lips close to Melanie's ear and whispered, "What was that you said about real women? " When Melanie opened her mouth to answer, Alyssa pounced and cut her off with a passionate kiss.

Melanie returned the kiss, hungrily tasting her own juices from Alyssa's face. I watched them make out for a while. They got into it; I don't think my pheromones had anything to do with their lust.

Well, maybe it had something to do with it.

In any case, once the kiss started it was like I wasn't in the room at all. Alyssa's hands ran up and down Melanie's tanned, firm body, squeezing her ass and caressing her tits. Melanie's nipples stood out through the yellow fabric of her sports bra, and Alyssa tweaked them lightly. Melanie, for her part, kissed her way down Alyssa's neck to the hollow of her throat, then dropped her head down to suck on Alyssa's small, pink nipples. Melanie ground her slick cunt against Alyssa's firm thigh, while Alyssa toyed with Melanie's asshole, circling that tight pucker and occasionally pushing a finger in experimentally.

Meanwhile, I was literally standing there with my dick in my hand. I cleared my throat and tapped it against the girls' heads. That broke them out of their erotic reverie and brought their attention back to me. Melanie and Alyssa both stared at my cock for a moment as if they were both seeing it for the first time. I took my hand off and let it bob in the air between them, gently bouncing up and down in time with my heartbeat. In unison, both girls smiled. Alyssa looked up at me and said, "Awwww, are you feeling left out?"

Melanie spoke up as well. "I'd say we should suck it some more, but that might be too much for it. I can't imagine there's much juice left in those tanks, and I want to get fucked."

I shuffled forward, resting my shaft on Melanie's head and pressing her face up to my balls. "Do you really think I'm running on empty?" Melanie nuzzled against my hanging sack, opening her mouth and taking one of my balls into her mouth. Alyssa joined her, first kissing and then practically inhaling the other giant sphere. Both girls grabbed hold of my shaft as they worshipped my balls, stroking it gently.

Melanie released her suction with a pop and said, "Mmmm, honey, it feels like you've been backed up for a month. But I saw Lyss get you off, and no man could cum that much and still be ready."

"I had already swallowed his nut once, and he busted in my pussy too. That was his third," said Alyssa. Melanie's jaw dropped.

"Actually, that was my fourth," I interjected I've been fucking Dr. Carrington and she stroked me off into her coffee mug this morning." Now both girls gaped (presaging the future, I thought). "And I promise that I can fuck both of you as much as you like. In fact, neither of you are leaving until you're both dripping cum from every hole."

"Well then," said Alyssa, "you'd better get started. I can feel your seed dripping out of my pussy, but you've got five more holes to fill up."

I grabbed both girls by the hair and brought their faces up to my cock. "We'll start by finishing off that blowjob. That should take the edge off so I can get serious about fucking you." I let them go and paused for a moment while I adopted a military at-ease position. "Well, ladies? I think I gave you instructions. Get to it."

Alyssa and Melanie sprung into action. They opened their mouths as if they were going to start kissing again, but this time my erect shaft was in the way. They lavished attention on me, kissing and licking the sides of my cock. Melanie moved back to my balls, opening wide to take in one of the massive orbs. Alyssa repositioned herself so she was kneeling in front of me and started stroking my shaft with both hands while Melanie did her part below. "Does it feel good? Do you like having two sluts worshiping your massive cock?"

I did, and said so. Alyssa put her mouth back to work, stimulating my cockhead with her lips and tongue while Melanie continued to service my balls. I let them go—no sense messing with a good thing. After a few minutes, they switched places. Melanie hadn't miraculously improved her deepthroating skills, but she started using her hands to lavish attention on the parts she couldn't fit in her mouth. Alyssa would dart in to kiss and lick those parts that Melanie missed, mainly down at the root. Then Alyssa took Melanie's place again, and Melanie backed off. She stood up and pulled off her sports bra, exposing her enormous tits. They were at least double-Ds, and they might have been bigger. They certainly looked fantastic on her slim frame. They were just as tan as the rest of her, and they were tipped with lovely reddish-brown nipples. There wasn't a hint of sag in them, and they stood out proudly on her chest.

Alyssa continued to suck me off, and Melanie stood behind her. She put her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to her chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist and started feasting on her tits. I sucked first on her right nipple, then her left, tracing out small circles around them with my tongue. I kissed the top of each breast and the delightful crevice between them. She let go of my neck and pushed her tits together around my face, smothering me in soft warm flesh. Then I moved up and kissed her. She pressed herself against me as I did, inadvertently forcing Alyssa further down my shaft and causing her to gag.

I broke the kiss first and pulled Alyssa to her feet as well. Both women moved in close to me, Alyssa on my left and Melanie on my right. "Tits like these," I said, squeezing one of Melanie's breasts as I spoke, "were made for fucking. So lay down on those mats."

Alyssa let out a small whine. "What will I do while you're fucking her tits?"

"Don't be greedy. You've had some time alone with me already. For now, you'll just have to watch and get yourself off."

Melanie went over to the stack of gym mats that I had been using to fuck Alyssa earlier. She laid down on her back, with her calves hanging down off the edge. There was a short, sharp intake of breath from Alyssa, as if she had just got an idea. She practically skipped over to the mats and hopped on top of them. She sat down cross-legged by Melanie's head. Melanie lifted her head and shoulders off the mat and Alyssa slid forward, so Melanie ended up with her head in Alyssa's lap. Then Alyssa reached forward and started playing with Melanie's breasts, running her hands along their sides and pushing them together. "See?" she said. "I can help!"

I climbed onto the mats and straddled Melanie's torso. I laid my cock down in her cleaves and gestured to Alyssa. Alyssa wrapped Melanie's big, soft tits around my shaft. Melanie was blessed with an ample rack, but even so she had trouble covering my colossal weapon. My head stuck up out of her cleavage and pressed against her chin. Melanie interlaced her fingers together over my cock. I started to thrust—slowly at first, but building up speed as I got into a rhythm. My cockhead occasionally tapped against her lower jaw

"You just let us get you off," Alyssa said. "Think of how good it will be to unload those giant balls of yours."

Melanie spoke up as well. "God, I can feel your pulse through your cock. Oooh, and it's speeding up—you must like this!" And indeed I did.

Both girls spit on Melanie's chest a few times to help lubricate my path, and I assisted by adding some spit of my own. "Oh, yes," Melanie moaned. "Spit on me. Show me what I'm worth." I am a gentleman, so I obliged the lady, sending a few more wads of spit showering down on her face and tits. Melanie moaned as I did, and Alyssa took advantage of the opening to grab her hair and force her head up so that my cockhead entered Melanie's open mouth on an upstroke. Melanie immediately got the idea and started swirling her tongue around it, adding to my stimulation.

An involuntary moan escaped my throat. "Why, you little slut. You've done this before, haven't you?" asked Alyssa. Melanie simply smiled a bit in reply, although with her lips distended by my rod it was hard to see. I started to move faster, giving her deeper and more powerful strokes, and Melanie managed to pull her head from my cock to look me in the eye.

"Men always want to fuck my tits, but you're the first man big enough to get head and a titfuck at once. The first man who can use me the way I was meant to be used." And with that she dove her head back onto my cock, sucking powerfully while still using her breasts, now lubricated with spit and my copious precum, to stimulate my shaft.

I could feel my balls drawing up close to my body in preparation for my next orgasm. With a pop, Melanie removed her mouth from my cock as she used her tits to finish me off. "Cum for her, stud. Decorate her fucking slutty body with your seed," hissed Alyssa. I felt my balls start to pump out my seed. My cock pulsed once, twice, and then for a moment everything was still—until I erupted. The first shot arced up over Melanie's head and splattered on Alyssa's chest. The tail end of it left a thin trail of semen across Melanie's face and hair. The next three shots were more restrained; they fountained up from her tits and splashed back down, obscuring Melanie's tanned flesh under layers of potent seed. I continued to pulse, and cum began to spill off her face and neck, running down to the mats in thick lines. I pulled my cock from Melanie's tits and aimed it up at Alyssa, firing off a trio of shots that splattered against her face. She opened her mouth and I launched two more spurts at it, hitting a bullseye each time. Then I forced it back down as the next spurt erupted, leaving a stream that went from Alyssa's tits down to her hip. I managed to get it in place for the next two shots, which I dropped on Melanie's face. I aimed for her eyes—perhaps a bit mean, but Alyssa seemed to like it, so I figured what the hell. Then I stuck the head in Melanie's mouth and stroked my shaft, feeling my cock throb twice more, each throb coinciding with another shot of cum that would compare favorably to a normal man's entire load. Then I pulled out as my climax receded and gave my cock a final long stroke, pressing out one final line of cum which hung from the tip of my dick.

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