tagInterracial LoveBig Women Crave Anal Sex, Too

Big Women Crave Anal Sex, Too


Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of rather strange tastes. I've been around for quite some time, and I've fucked many a large woman up the ass. I'm pleased to meet you, and I answer to the name of Princeton Blackstone. A tall, good-looking black man striding his way through urban America and having lots of fun with the large females he encounters. I am totally into them, folks. Give me up a plump gal with a cute face and a willing ass and you've just made my day. I don't like skinny chicks. They're not my flavor or my brand. Hey, to each his own.

My latest hunt for some chubby anal fun took me to Plymouth in Massachusetts. I was visiting this gal named Darlene O'Leary. A tall, good-looking, middle-aged Irishwoman with a plump body, cute face and nice, bubble butt. This red-haired, green-eyed curvy dame had been chatting with yours truly over the Internet for some time. Finally, we agreed to meet and hooked up. I like big women. I think they're sexy. They simply light this man's fire. Darlene greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss. I smiled, knowing I had come to the right place after all. We talked over some dinner which she had ordered from a nice Chinese spot. Darlene was a former politician, a state representative if I am correct. These days, she had retired from GOP politics and was a college professor. This gal was desperately single, due to the fact that many lads prefer the skinny dames, unlike yours truly.

After dinner, Darlene put on some music and we danced. Yeah, this dame was alright. We went to her bedroom, and the real fun began. I undressed, letting her see what she was dealing with. A tall, muscular black man. Darlene smiled as she undressed. I looked at her plump, sexy form. With her pretty face, large and firm breasts plus her thick bubble butt, she was a vision of beauty. She turned around and wiggled her butt in that very sexy way seldom seen anywhere except music videos. Yeah, I wanted some of that and she knew it. I kissed her, and then began to pleasure her.

Darlene told me that she liked to get eaten out. I spread her legs and took a good whiff of her pussy. This gal was natural, which appealed to me. I fingered her pussy and probed it with my digits and tongue. I even fisted her, which made her squeal in delight. Darlene came, and rather spectacularly I might add. When she came down the ride of ecstasy, she was ready to please me. Darlene took my cock in her mouth and began to suck on me. I looked at her as she sucked me off. This sexy plump woman was rather good at sucking cocks. She licked the head of my cock and flicked her tongue over my balls. I groaned in pleasure. Yeah, she definitely knew how to work it. See what I told you? Big women are better. They're more sexual, once you get them going. All you've got to do is make them feel good, and they will unleash their inner sex freak. It didn't take me long to cum and when I did, she drank my seed.

Darlene and I lay on the bed, panting. I sucked on one of those large breasts of hers and fingered her pussy at the same time. Darlene giggled. Yeah, she liked what I was doing. I caressed her plump rump and fingered her asshole. She didn't protest. I licked and fingered her ass, which was tight. I told her what I wanted to do to that plump ass of hers. Darlene nodded, and told me to use plenty of lube. Of course I'd use plenty of lube. I was a sexual conquistador, a serial seducer, not a savage! I propped Darlene on all fours and greased up her butt hole with plenty of lubricant. I applied some of the lubricant on my cock, then placed my dick against her butt hole. Watch out, captain, I am going in!

I slid my cock into Darlene's asshole. Slowly but surely, I worked it in. I took my sweet time doing it too. Even though Darlene was a big woman, she had a rather small asshole. I held her by the hips and worked my cock into her butt hole. There is no feeling quite like the feeling a man gets when he inserts his cock into a woman's asshole. The thing about large women is that since their butts tend to be big, their assholes tend to be tight and provide some truly wonderful friction. Darlene didn't let me down in that area. Her ass was wonderfully tight, even with the lube. It provided plenty of resistance to my eager thrusts. Grinning, I slammed into her.

Darlene screamed as I worked my dick into the depths of her anal cavity. The big woman's butt jiggled. I couldn't resist the urge to smack it a bit. Darlene yelped, and I smiled. Man, this felt nice. I continued to fuck her, loving the sound of her screams as my dick drilled into her asshole like a miner looking for gold. Man, this was the Holy Grail for Anal Cravers like myself. The feel of a large woman's butt against my groin, the tightness of her asshole around my cock. It all felt wonderful. I suddenly felt a bit of a breeze against my cock, and chuckled softly. It seemed that the big woman had farted. I didn't care. We're all human beings and farting is natural. Even during anal sex. I kissed her cheek, and continued to fuck her. It didn't take me long to cum. I filled her asshole with my magic seed, and the scream which escaped her lips was music to my ears.

A short while later, Darlene and I parted ways. This wouldn't be the last time we hooked up, I knew. I like big women. Their big bodies cause me to feel lust all the damn time. I especially like their big butts. I like to bend these sweet large ladies over and stuff my cock in their assholes. I like to look into their eyes as I fuck them. I love the sound of their screams. They're my favorites, among all women. I think all skinny babes should eat up and acquire some curves. The anorexic look doesn't appeal to me, or any man I know. I kissed Darlene goodnight, and went out. There were plenty of large ladies out there with needs and cravings and I was just what the doctor ordered. See you around, folks.

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