tagErotic Poetrybigger, longer, louder

bigger, longer, louder


my dress is tight
my pussy is tighter
i'm all about fucking
i can pull an all-nighter
her tits are big
but mine are bigger
my body is beautiful
i have an awesome figure
she sucks dick
but i deepthroat
when your cock's in my mouth
that's all she wrote
she takes it up the cunt
i take it up the ass
you can just take it
you don't even have to ask
my heels are high
my sex drive is higher
i'm the type of female
other women admire
my mouth is wet
my pussy is wetter
and i'm wearing nothing
under my sweater
her legs are long
but mine are longer
your attraction to me
can't get any stronger
she moans loud
but i moan louder
after bedding me
you can't be much prouder

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