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Bikini Wax


My legs were clenched close together. I sat in the white brocade armchair at the upscale salon in midtown and waited anxiously. The room was elegant. The walls were a mauve tone, and gold trim accented the frames of the expensive paintings on the walls. It reminded me of the sprawling mansion my family owned down the shore. Everything was extravagant and spoke of the upper class.

I shifted in the seat and felt how smooth my legs were beneath my stylish lounge pants. That had been yesterday's experience. I'd had to see how bad the pain was going to be. I thought back on it. Having the hot wax applied to my legs and ripped off hadn't been terrible, but it had been more than enough to make beads of sweat accumulate on my forehead as I waited.

The girl who called me couldn't have been more than five years older than me, at 19. She had pretty blonde hair, a cute body, and a sweet smile. I wondered why she did this for a living as I followed her hesitantly into the small, private room.

"I've, um, never done this before," I blurted out as we entered the room.

"This is your first Brazilian bikini wax?" she questioned, smiling knowingly. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of you," she promised. Then she disappeared out the door, leaving me with instructions to take off everything but my shirt.

Not that my shirt gave me much protection from what was to come, I grimaced to myself. I stripped off my pants and black bikini underwear quickly, then hopped up onto the paper-covered table. I felt silly for being worried that she would walk in on me; she was going to see it all eventually anyway.

The paper made rustling noises as I settled onto it. I got a glance of my crotch as I laid on the table. It was much hairier than my usual close shave or trim, but I'd been told that if the hair was too short it wouldn't catch in the wax.

I tried not to look at the small table next to me. I tried to pretend I wasn't there to have all of the hair ripped off of my crotch.

I considered backing out, I hadn't paid yet, so I wouldn't have been losing anything. When I'd gotten my nipple pierced they made me pay in advance, in case of cold feet, I supposed.

The door opened, and the blonde girl reappeared.

"Okay, so just relax. Lie back and bring your feet up onto the table so your soles are touching each other," she instructed. Cool air passed over my vulva. I was exposed. Very exposed.

As she began to work, she chatted with me lightly. Her fingers combed through my pubic hair as she asked me what part of the city I lived in, and told me that celebrities frequented the salon.

I heard her questions and chatter, and even responded, but as she stroked my pubic hair I felt a far off sensation of arousal mixing with the anxiety I was already consumed with. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sweet smell of the room, and found myself relaxing a bit. Her fingers kept brushing my hair and my thighs. I felt more and more turned on. I could hardly believe that I was aroused, and I was slightly embarrassed.

The girl sensed my discomfort and smiled at me. "Don't worry if things feel a little... tingly. Just lie back and relax."

Now she was rubbing some kind of lotion over me, over the hair, over my lips, down the crease between my leg and my crotch. I felt my nipples tighten and my body start to get hot. She ran her fingers swirlingly across my thighs. I sighed and felt my hips rising up to meet her delicate touches.

I was beginning to realize that the professional atmosphere I'd anticipated might not match up with the services actually provided. My pussy was getting wet as this beautiful girl stroked my vulva. I decided to let it ride out and see what happened. It was my first time getting a Brazilian; I didn't want to assume anything.

She casually began stroking me more, and my aroused clit began to poke out from its hiding spot. She swept some of my wetness up toward my clit, and I nearly moaned out loud from the pleasure.

She kept one hand on my clit as she dripped hot wax along part of my crotch. She spread it delicately; it was warm and felt nice, but my anxiety had started to build up again. Her fingers slipped inside my pussy and I gasped as they wiggled in my wetness. She spread a layer of cotton cloth on top of the hot wax; as she pulled up, the wax and my hair went with it, and with her other hand she pressed against my g-spot. I bit my lip so I wouldn't cry out. The pain was fierce, intense, but combined with this girl's wiggling fingers it was tolerable, almost erotic, even.

I stopped trying to decipher the situation and concentrated on the pleasure. She was circling my pussyhole with her fingers this time when she laid the cotton strip down, then she plunged her fingers into me while she ripped it off. She played with my clit in between her deft applications of wax. She rolled my clit between her fingers, playing with the hood, always making sure it was very slippery.

These short bursts of attention were getting my whole body hot, and I felt my orgasm building. She ripped off a particularly stinging piece of cloth sharply. It felt like a hot slap on the ass midway through sex. I was trying to hold still so she could do her job with the wax but I found my hips trying harder and harder to lift off the table.

I'd been avoiding her eyes, but now I looked up at her. Her lips were parted, her face was flushed, and her nipples were visible through her shirt - she was turned on from all of this, too! Seeing her arousal did me in. Another rip and her busy fingers sent me over the edge.

I bit my lip to not scream, but the pleasure was intense, the pain was intense, the whole experience was extreme. She rolled her fingers in the spill of juice from my cunt, and gave me a minute before she started back up again - this time rubbing my ass with her thumb as she dove into my pussy with her fingers.

She took her time playing before she waxed again, knowing my body was sensitive. Her fingers were magic though, and soon the sensitivities were passed and I was midway to another orgasm.

"Almost done," her breathy voice finally said.

Two more quick rips later, my pussy was bare save a tiny strip of hair down the center of my mound. I was breathing hard again, completely aroused, wanting another release. I expected to have to take care of it myself when I got home, but the girl grabbed a bottle of oil off her table and poured some onto my mound. She massaged it into my skin, then trailed it over my bare pussy lips. The sensation of the slippery touches on my completely bare skin was new and tantalizing.

The girl's hands were both free now that that waxing was done. I closed my eyes and let my hips rise and fall with her touches. She played with my inner lips, rubbed my slick, hot clit, and dipped two fingers inside me. I felt the explosion chasing me already, but it felt so good I didn't want it to end. She put one slippery finger in my ass while she rubbed my clit, then slid the fingers down my slit and into my pussy.

Both holes were full and pulsing, her fingers pressuring my g-spot, urging an orgasm, when she stuck her pink tongue out and lapped at the sweet little bud of my clit. I couldn't take it. I nearly passed out, the pleasure, the wetness, her textured tongue on my clit and around my pussy's bare lips. I wanted to cry out this time, wanted to scream and just feel, but no noise came out of my mouth until after, when I drew huge ragged gulps of air.

The girl wiped away some of my juices with a soft cloth, then dusted baby powder over my skin. She smiled shyly at me, then left the room.

I laid recovering for a moment, then pulled my clothes back on. I left a large tip on the table, and left with the knowledge that I would definitely want to get waxed by her again.

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