tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBill O'Reilly Had Sex w/his Mom

Bill O'Reilly Had Sex w/his Mom


Bill O'Reilly was always a bully.

In school he'd pick on most everyone. With his height and large frame, he could kick pretty much anyone's ass.

But he never fought much with the other jocks. Usually he'd pick on the smaller kids, since they were easier and more fun to push around.

He especially enjoyed beating up on this retarded kid in a wheelchair.

Bill and his jock buddies would sometimes dump the kid out of the wheelchair, and give him purple nurples and wedgies, just for laughs.

Bill was reviled by the majority of his peers, from elementary to high school, and being such a bully, none of the girls ever liked Bill.

Plus when he went to an all-boys Catholic high school he never got much of a chance to meet any.

That didn't mean he didn't like or want girls, though. Quite the contrary. He jerked off to them constantly, and found solace in porn.

All throughout high school he'd stay home beating off to porn while everyone else was out having "free love," dating, and fucking in back seats of cars.

Bill loved porn but didn't only enjoy traditional, girl/guy stuff.

Actually he got bored of that pretty fast. His attentions soon turned to harder core shit, fist fucking, anal, gang bangs, interracial, but what really caught his fancy was incest porn.

Once he turned eighteen he went to XXX movie theaters countless times and masturbated to the underground incest films they showed, mostly ones from France.

Maybe the reason he got into incest porn so deeply was because many of the MILFs in those films reminded him of his own mother.

Bill had always had more than just a usual love for his mom. And this could be understood, as his mom was a stone cold fox.

She was tall, around 5'9, with long, lean legs that led up to a perky, tight apple of an ass. Her abs were tight, too, from her daily aerobics routine and her tits were biggish C cups that showed a slight sag from age, but still bounced in all the right ways.

What Bill liked most about her, though, was her curly sandy brown hair, which she usually wore in a cute bun, and, most of all, her face.

Her face was simply angelic. It was almond shaped, with high cheek bones and glittery blue eyes that were intoxicating to him.

Around most people Bill was a belligerent asshole, but to his mom, when he looked into those eyes, he became a gentle child.

He loved to watch his mom, spy on her doing the housework, stare at her sexy body, and sometimes rummage through her underwear drawer when she wasn't home and sniff at her panties.

But his real bag was to watch his mom do aerobics in front of the TV in the morning. Bill would tip toe down the stairs from his bedroom and peep in on her from behind the open doorway of the living room.

He'd scope out her ass in those tight spandex pants she wore and touched himself a bit before running back upstairs, locking himself in the bathroom and beating off furiously to the thought of pulling down those spandex pants, bringing her down to the floor, and fucking the hell out of his mom's sweet pussy.

It wasn't long after Bill's eighteenth birthday that his mom turned her head one morning, mid-lunge, and caught Bill staring at her, hand down his pants.

"Bill!" she screamed, "what are you doing?!"

"Uh, nothing, Mom!" Bill exclaimed nervously, whipping his hand quickly out of his pants, turning around, and running upstairs.

After that, Bill and his mom didn't talk for nearly two weeks. Bill wouldn't even look her in the eye at family meals and his mom awkwardly kept her silence as well.

Bill's mom decided to keep the sliding door to the living room shut during her aerobics routines to avoid future encounters.

Following the day Bill got caught, his bullying severely worsened and he beat the kid in the wheelchair so badly that the kid was sent to the hospital.

Facing expulsion, Bill's high school principal had a meeting with Bill and his mom. Bill's dad wasn't there, because, as always, he was away on business.

"So, we know Bill likes to roughhouse with other students, but this is going too far. What exactly precipitated this? Has something been going on at home?" The principal asked, eying both mother and son curiously.

Neither answered.

"Well, given the fact that Bill has done well here academically, and is a star goalie for our hockey team, I'm not going to expel him, provided that he makes a full apology to the boy he beat up, and that Bill's father pays all the boy's medical expenses, which shouldn't be a problem, considering your family's financial situation."

"However, some punishment is in order. I'm going to suspend Bill for five school days. And we're going to take a zero tolerance policy with him. Even the slightest infraction and he's expelled, no questions asked. Got it, Bill?"

Bill sneered and nodded.

"All right then. I hope you take this time to think about what you've done. I'll see you in a week."

The principal and Mrs. O'Reilly shook hands solemnly and Bill and his mom headed out to the parking lot and got into her black Mercedes Benz station wagon.

On the way back, Bill's mom broke the icy silence.

"Bill, I've been thinking about what happened."

"Look, mom, I'm..."

"Bill, at first it scared me, but then I thought about it, and, well, I'm kind of flattered that a young man would take an interest in me, especially since your father, he..."

"But anyway, you shouldn't be sneaking around, looking at me like that. You need to start dating some girls your own age."

"Girls don't like me."

"Of course they don't like you when you go around beating up on kids in wheelchairs!"

"But he's a retard. I hate retards. They're stupid and dumb when they talk, making all those 'eh' 'eh' 'eh' sounds."

"Bill, that's just so insensitive. You never act so awfully around me. How come you treat others like that?"

"I don't know."

"You'll never get a girlfriend if you don't quit being such a jerk."

"I told you, girls don't like me."

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?"


"Have you ever asked a girl out?"


"So you've never been on a date?"


"You're eighteen years old and have never been out with a girl?"

"No. Never."

Bill hung his head in shame and tears swelled up in his eyes. He then began to sob heavily, something his mom had never seen him do.

"Oh, Bill." His mom cooed, and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Unbuckling the seatbelt, Bill's mom took him into her arms and hugged him tightly. Feeling a rush of pity, she spoke without thinking.

"Bill, I'm going to teach you about girls."

"Really, Mom?" Bill said between sobs, snot dribbling from his nose.


Bill's mom kissed him on the forehead and Bill perked up immediately. It felt so soft and sweet, her kiss. She'd never kissed him before, and he loved the feeling of her lips on his skin.

"Now let's get you back home." She whispered, blushing at what she'd just said and not yet knowing exactly what it meant.

While Bill's voyeurism had startled her at first, later, the more she thought about it, it had begun to intrigue her that such a young man lusted after her.

Her husband hadn't fucked her in years, and she desperately wanted to be with a man.

But being a good Catholic, she couldn't bring herself to have an affair with some stranger, go out to a pickup bar, or any of that nonsense.

She did feel lonely, though, and didn't want to relegate her sex life to a thing of the past.

But could she really be thinking about her son, Bill, like this? She wondered.

While he wasn't as handsome as his father, and was sort of big and fat and goofy looking, far from an Adonis, he did at least have a cuteness to his awkwardness, and she loved his youth. Something in him brought back to her feelings of her own adolescent years.

But what could she do with him? She surely couldn't do anything physical... Could she? She did start having those thoughts... Naughty thoughts she'd never had before.

Thoughts of taking Bill's virginity, teaching him how to fuck.

Every time, however, her mind went too far down that route, she'd pinch herself or slap cold water over her face and then read the Bible.

But here Bill was, going to be home for the next week. The two of them all alone together, the whole time. She'd already opened things up by saying how she'd "teach him about women," whatever that meant.

That night after taking him home from school, she twisted and turned in bed, mind racing. She knew she could take two different paths. Either send Bill to talk to a priest or psychiatrist, or give into her ever-growing carnal urges and do something she might regret forever.

She knew which path she should take, but had no idea which path she would take...

Bill also didn't know what to make of his mom's comments. What did she mean by "teach him about women?" He knew what he wanted it to mean, however...

In his bed, with his hand on his cock, he imagined them alone, in a classroom of sorts, her in high heels and a tight black, short miniskirt and low cut white blouse showing off her ample cleavage.

She had a long humming vibrator in hand and was using it to point at a scientific drawing of the female anatomy up on the blackboard.

Then she disrobed, pointed out all the female body parts and how they worked and hopped up on the teacher's desk, spread her legs, fucked herself with the vibrator and then let Bill come up and pound her pussy raw, as Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson played in the background.

Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey, hey, hey...

Bill so wanted that. Her to be his teacher. Her to be his first fuck. He masturbated five times or so that night after they came back home from school...

The next morning when Bill's mom went to the living room to do her aerobics, she was about to close the sliding door, but stopped at the last minute and left it open, then went about her exercise.

Bill had woken up late since he didn't have to go to school. Coming downstairs in his pajamas, he noticed his mom in front of the TV, bouncing around, not wearing her spandex, but this time, only a tight little lime green leotard.

Bill stopped in his tracks, mesmerized by the jiggle of her ass cheeks, which he could see like never before. How he wanted to touch and squeeze them.

Stopping at the living room doorway, his cock stiffened and pitched a tent in his pajamas. He reached down and began to stroke it softly as his mom's ass clapped.

Her leotard was ridiculously tight and small and only covered a fraction of her cheeks. He could see practically everything, even a bit of her pubic hair poking out.

Suddenly then, his mom stopped her movements and craned her neck around, making direct eye contact with Bill.

At first she had a startled, aghast expression, and Bill quickly removed his hand from his pants and took a couple steps back.

But then, she smiled and did something that shocked Bill.

She bent over, all the way, and touched her toes, bouncing a bit while doing so, giving Bill a view of her ass like she'd never really given any man before.

Then she rose up slowly, running her hands along the silky skin of her long legs, until she was standing totally upright, with her hands on her hips.

She titled her head slightly backwards, let out a breathy moan, and ran her hands passionately up her stomach, up to her breasts, which she cupped for a minute or two, rubbing, pinching and caressing them.

It was at this time she looked over her shoulder and saw Bill jerking off wildly.

As soon as they made eye contact, she smiled and he appeared to cum in his pants, and then nervously ran away, back up the stairs to his room...

His mom suddenly felt a pang of guilt deep in her stomach. What had she just done?

It was like that whole morning she'd been on auto-pilot, like something was controlling her. She'd not even thought it through when she put on that leotard instead of her usual work out attire.

And that tease she'd just given her son, what was that? She'd not planned that. It just happened spontaneously.

But as guilty as she felt, the whole thing turned her on immensely. She could feel her pussy soaking wet and she did something she hadn't done in many, many years.

Right in the middle of the living room, she reached down into her leotard, stuffed her pointer and index fingers into her wet, hot, long neglected pussy and fingered herself until she came, all the while thinking of Bill's boyish cock stabbing into her...

Bill stayed in his room the rest of the day, not even leaving for meals, eating only some candy he had stashed under his bed. His mom heard him come downstairs later that evening for food, only to quickly rush back up to his room and lock the door.

Bill's mom stayed in her room most of the rest of the day, too, reading the Bible, feeling guilty, and trying to forget about what happened that morning.

But at the same time, she couldn't wait until tomorrow morning.

She knew which path she'd taken and that there was no going back.

She didn't know exactly how far it would go, and she didn't want it to go too far, but as bad as she felt about the whole thing, she couldn't lie herself into believing she didn't enjoy it...

Bill, in his room all day, was on cloud nine. He'd never had a woman do anything like that to him. He never thought anyone ever would.

He had no idea what to make of the whole thing. Had it even happened? Was it a dream?

And now what could he do? Should he make a pass at her? Try to fuck her? Would she let him?

Suddenly he was an actor in one of those French incest movies he loved so much. He'd fantasized constantly about something like this happening, but now that it was, he didn't know what to do about it.

He also felt disgusted with himself. Had he forced her into doing this? Was this his fault?

It was so fucking wrong, everything about it, but yet he couldn't stop beating off all day and night to the thought of his mom's jiggling ass in that leotard and the way she moved and touched herself so seductively in front of him...

The next morning Bill came down to breakfast, in his pajamas, with a serious look on his face.

His mom was in the kitchen frying up some eggs, wearing a white bathrobe and slippers, underneath, though, she was naked.

Upon seeing Bill enter the kitchen, his mom was surprised he was up so early when he didn't have to go to school.

Strolling right up to his mother, Bill breathed in the lovely scent of her flowery shampoo, took her into his arms, and planted his lips to her lips and aggressively jabbed his tongue at her tongue.

Bill's mom lightly shoved him off her, causing Bill to step back, with a shamed look on his face.

"No, Bill, you need to be gentle." His mom said, pushing her face to his and kissing him, her tongue smoothly slipping in and twirling at his softly.

Bill caught on quick and the two spent a good couple minutes making out before smoke from the burning eggs caused them to split apart.

After taking the eggs off the stove and opening a window to air out the room, Bill's mom smiled at him and ran her hand down his chest.

Bill went to open her bathrobe, but she stopped him.

"Not so fast. Was that your first kiss?"

"Yes." Bill answered, looking down at the floor. "I want you to teach me..."

"You really should be with girls your age, you know..."

"I know. I'm sorry..."

"So am I. Let's just have breakfast."

"But you burned the eggs."

"Ah, darn it, you're right. We can just have cereal, I guess."

And they ate cereal, neither saying a word, until Bill's mom got up and said:

"I'm going to brush my teeth. And go do aerobics..." And with that, she flashed him a smile as she left the kitchen...

Taking off her robe in the bathroom, Bill's mom stopped and stared at her naked body.

She'd done quite a good job taking care of it, all these years, she thought proudly, as she shifted positions in the mirror, inspecting her vicious curves.

She couldn't understand why her husband never fucked her, but couldn't help but suspect he must be having an affair, which was probably why the asshole was out of town on business all the time.

Though she didn't think it consciously, she knew she was going to have an affair of her own, with the last person she should be having it with.

She desperately wanted to get fucked and couldn't imagine going to a bar or anything like that. This was going to have to be it...

Bill felt so proud of himself for having had the courage to kiss his mom like that. He felt like a man.

He felt even better than when he beat up on kids in school. Making out with his mom was the best feeling he'd ever had. And he wanted more.

He knew something was going to happen in that living room when his mom came downstairs. But what exactly it was, he had no idea...

Bill went straight to the living room and sat down on the couch, anticipating his mom's arrival.

And soon enough she arrived, in grand fashion, wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and matching bra.

She coyly ignored Bill sitting there on the couch and walked right past him, flipped on the TV to her aerobics show, and started doing her routine.

Bill reached into his pants, stroked his bulging erection, and watched his mom's tits and ass bounce around as she bobbed, kicked and thrust.

After working up a sweat, Bill's mom froze, turned to him and asked: "Enjoying the show?"

Bill couldn't respond verbally, he only nodded as he stroked his cock.

Then Bill's mom slipped off her bra and panties and stood naked in front of Bill.

Bill was enamored at the sight of her, her big teardrop shaped tits with silver dollar sized purple pink nipples. Her bushy brown pussy peering right at him in all its glory. Her wondrous thighs.

It was the first live naked woman he'd ever seen, and my, was it a fine one.

She crept up to him slowly but deliberately, dropped to her knees, and tugged down his pajama bottoms. He let go of his cock and it flung upwards into the air upon being freed.

Bill's mom was a bit disappointed at the size of it. It wasn't as long or thick as his dad's and definitely not as big as she'd expected from a boy of his height and stature.

But still, it wasn't a bad cock. Maybe a tad smaller than average, but at least it was a live cock, the first she'd seen in years, and it was rock hard and all for her.

She took ahold of it and sank her mouth over it, sucking it slowly, taking it deep throat, all the way down to the base.

Bill sat back and ran his fingers through his mom's soft curls and closed his eyes. His whole body tingled like it never had before. So this must be what a blowjob is like, he thought...

He realized then and there that he really should have been paying more attention to girls and asking them out and that he should stop beating up on retards if it meant he could get more blowjobs.

He decided to do whatever he could with his life to get more blowjobs. It was the best feeling he'd ever felt and he didn't want it to stop.

But it did stop after only maybe a minute and Bill's mom rose up above him, then mounted him and took his cock into her hand.

"We shouldn't do this." She said.

"No, we shouldn't." He replied.

"We should stop this." She said.

"Yes, we should." He sighed, as he placed his hands on her hips and began to lick and suck on her breasts sloppily.

They both gasped and moaned as she lowered down and his throbbing cock slid all the way into her slippery warm pussy.

Upon feeling her first cock in years, Bill's mom began to grind on him with a pent up rage and aggression she didn't know existed.

Bill loved the feeling of being in his mom's pussy. How hot and velvety soft it was. He'd actually preferred her sucking his dick, but this was pretty awesome too, he thought, and he thrust back at his mom's tight hole as she rode him.

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