tagErotic CouplingsBilly Ch. 02

Billy Ch. 02


I lay there in a daze, continuing to accept Billy's kisses, and marveling at how long his cock stayed so massively hard inside me -- even as my mind started to race, in shock, at what I had done -- at what I had let him do to me.

This was not the kind of girl I was! I did not cheat on boyfriends -- and I did not give into fleeting physical attractions with cocky guys who were just looking for a conquest. And I was sure that was all this was with Billy, despite how good it felt to kiss him, and some of the things he had said. In any case, I had serious doubts that I'd want it to be anything more, anyway. I barely knew the guy, after all, and what I did know was largely kind of obnoxious.

And yet here I was, legs spread wide, with his cock buried inside me.

Oops, no, he was finally starting to pull out, I registered with some disappointment -- watching in awe at the movements of his hugely muscled torso, and stunned anew at the enormity of his still fully erect cock.

It was getting visually bigger now, because he was bringing it closer to me, moving it up toward my face and presenting it -- the cocky bastard! -- to my mouth expectantly. Maybe it was his way of emphasizing just how much I had chosen and allowed all this, in the end, but I let him have his final moment of his glory, opening my mouth to let him slide his slick, swollen crown past my lips again, my tongue slathering it lovingly.

As he removed it, I gave him a long, seductive lick down that amazingly thick shaft, and let my tongue stab playfully at those enormous nuts before submitting to him pushing one, then the other, past my lips for some extended rolling around inside my mouth.

And then, as if he'd had his fill of me, he simply stood up, and walked off to his bedroom, leaving me lying there naked.

A few moments later I heard a key in the door! I sprung up, yelling, "Don't come in!" I was terrified it was Kieran returning early. I scooped up my clothes and dashed off for the bathroom.

Thank God, I realized a few minutes later, as I came out, dressed -- it was only Jared. Billy -- to my surprise and slight hurt -- had left.

I began my private walk of shame toward student health services to get a morning after pill, burning with disgust at myself for what I'd let happen.

I walked through the rest of the day in a kind of haze, guilt and shame competing for my attention with thoughts of just how hot sex had been with Billy, to the point where I felt myself tingling in places even now, as if I wanted more of it.

What was the matter with me? I already had two massive loads of this guy's cum inside me -- I'd totally let him win, and forever lost something in my potential future relationship with Kieran. Even if he'd never know, I would. And yet, a part of me was turned on by the thought that maybe, one day, we'd do it again. How could my mind even go there?

Well, all that disappeared quickly that evening at the yogurt place, where I had the misfortune of running into that girl he'd told to leave when he'd seen I was there.

I tried to leave unrecognized, but as I walked out, it was hard to escape her stare, and the smirk on her face. "Something funny?" I asked. For some reason, I was unable to just let it go and walk out.

"No. Just... predictable," she smiled, in a not unfriendly way. "Come on, there are no other free tables," she said, pushing out a free chair at her table with her foot. Warily, I sat.

"What's predictable?"

"That Billy's roommate's girlfriend would be cheating with Billy within forty-eight hours after meeting him."

"Excuse me?" I responded with faux outrage, and inner alarm.

"It's okay, honey, trust me, I understand."

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, I don't? So this morning, you didn't relieve him of his suit pants and get a taste of that big dick -- and a nice high-protein breakfast drink?"

"Disgusting. No. Who told you that?"

"One of Billy's friends, who's been trying to get me in the sack for weeks. I guess he figured it would put me off Billy to hear it. But I'm like, 'Well, duh, she's hot, and he's him, he's going to go there. It doesn't mean anything.'"

"Well it's not true."

"Sweetheart. Relax. Your secret's safe with me."

"I don't have any secrets."

"So you don't mind people knowing that you didn't settle for just a blow job?"

"Didn't settle? How dare you!"

"Is it true or not, that you let him fuck you right there on the living room floor without a condom, took every drop he could shoot, and then licked him clean after?"

I got up and stormed out of there. That was all I could take.

I was nearly in tears as I walked back onto campus, totally enraged. What was I going to do now? Go confront him? Like that would help. Would he tell Kieran, too? Would word spread around?

But the girl -- Shannon -- had chased after me. I heard her call out, and I stopped. "Listen, I'm sorry," she said, as she walked up to me. "That was really rude of me."

"It's not true," I practically sobbed.

She knew it was true. And she gave me a little hug. "The truth is, I was jealous," she said. "He obviously was more interested in you than me. It hurt. I even offered to stay for a threesome and he kicked me out."

"That wasn't what I wanted him to do."

"I know. Believe me, I know how seductive he can be. Trust me. I'm not telling anyone else. And I don't think he will, either. That's not his way. That guy is like his best friend. He's probably the only one."

I still couldn't bear to admit to this girl that she was right about what happened, but I think my silent tears -- and willingness to accept her hug -- pretty much told the whole story.

I headed home to my dorm room.

The next morning, I decided what I'd do. I'd go surprise Kieran at the airport. He was getting back today. Somehow, I had to make it up to him, without telling him, of course, what I'd allowed to happen. I had to somehow go beyond what I'd done with Billy -- to erase it, and put it behind me. Kieran called me when he got off the plane and I told him where he could meet me -- the Admirals Club.

I'd gone to my favorite consignment store and thrown together a sexy flight attendant's outfit consisting of a tiny, royal blue hip-hugging skirt, and a matching vest that displayed a hint of bare belly, and an enormous amount of cleavage. Plus a tiny blue hat and a white neck scarf -- and heels high enough that no girl could ever actually serve passengers in them.

I was perched on the edge of a couch when he entered the room, legs crossed, sipping a soda water, fully aware of the stares I was attracting. I didn't care. I was a woman on a mission.

He did a double-take when he saw me, not used to seeing me dress so outrageously in public, and broke out in a huge grin. I got up and took him by the hand, in character now. "Come with me, sir," I said. "I'm sure I know a place where I can make you most comfortable."

I led him into one of their plush private bathrooms and locked the door. I could see he was already tenting his jeans. "We here at American Airlines know that a flight can be stressful, and for a VIP like yourself, we have special procedures for relaxing you afterwards. If you could please just remove your pants, sir, I'll show you what those are."

It was Kieran's lucky day. I was a walking sex fantasy come to life. He wasted no time in pulling his jeans and underwear off, as I slowly unbuttoned my vest, eyes never leaving his.

He gaped at my naked breasts -- his first-ever sight of them -- as I pulled off the vest, and squatted down before him. He was leaning against the sink counter as I took his erect cock in my hand.

It was such an easily manageable size, I noticed, after what I'd just experienced with his roommate. And I was eager to give Kieran what I'd given Billy -- more, if possible -- to somehow make up for what I'd done.

"Oh my God," he was practically shaking as I wrapped my lips and tongue around the head of his penis, swirling it seductively. I held the base of his shaft with one hand, the other easily cupping his normal-sized balls.

I had to admit it was almost like being with a boy or something, now that I'd had Billy. And though it was certainly easier to take more of Kieran in my mouth, I felt a little sorry for him as I noticed how much less turned on I was than when I'd gone to town on Billy.

Was I that shallow? Was I really a normal-sized guy's worst nightmare? The hot girlfriend who really was more turned on by a huge cock? The girl you could never quite satisfy with your five or six inches?

I sort of hated myself for this possibility, and told myself it was just because of the illicit thrill of how Billy had seduced me, combined with his hot body in general, as opposed to the size of his dick. I proceeded with my plan -- which was to go beyond the three or four inches of cock Billy had had in my mouth.

I'd done some research online that day about deep throating a guy (which I'd never done before, despite how slutty I probably seem to you). I had practiced controlling my gag reflex, and now I would put it to the test. Billy might have been deeper inside me than Kieran ever could hope to be when he fucked me, but I'd let Kieran push an inch or two into my throat, if possible. And somehow, that would make me feel a little better.

Well, it was easier than I thought it would be, perhaps because of his size, and the fact that I had kind of imagined Billy's cock when I was practicing. Kieran, by comparison, was a cinch. Plus, I didn't have to stay there for long, because I could feel him spasming on my tongue almost seconds after I'd gotten him all the way in there. And though his fluids weren't quite exploding down my throat the way Billy's seemed to, I knew when he'd finished, because he immediately started getting soft again.

I gingerly removed him from my mouth, and proceeded to button up my vest, as I rose to my feet in front of him. "And so, on behalf of American Airlines, we hope you'll fly with us again."

He stared back at me with glazed shock, and incredible gratitude.

But I wasn't done with the payback. After a nice dinner, with me still in the "slutty stew" outfit, we returned to his dorm. I was nervous as hell about running into Billy, and especially scared that he might say something. But I was also determined to somehow offset my recent sins as quickly and fully as possible. And if Billy realized how completely I'd moved on from our little wild romp, so much the better.

We entered the suite holding hands, and sure enough, Billy was on the couch, in a t-shirt and boxers, watching TV. I tried not to notice how good his muscular legs looked, or his cocky grin as he looked over and took in my outfit. "Hey," Kieran said to him, leading me in a hurry toward the bedroom. I didn't look at Billy again as we went, but I hoped he was checking me out in my little outfit, and wishing he could ever have me again. Fat chance.

Kieran was perfectly happy to go to sleep in our old spooning position, but the thought of Billy out there on the couch made it hard for me to fall asleep. So did the realization that sexually, I was still far more Billy's than I was Kieran's. I had to erase that.

I put my hand on Kieran's crotch. He was soft. I turned around, on my side, to face him. I took his hand and moved it up under my t-shirt to touch my bare breast. He instantly started to harden.

"What's... going on?" he marveled at my continued sexual aggressiveness.

"I just missed you while you were gone. And I decided I'd tortured you for long enough."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded, kissing him.

"Take me, Kieran. I want to feel your beautiful cock inside of me."

It took him less than a second, it seemed, to open his nightstand drawer and find a condom. He was already unwrapping it before I could say anything.

Since I wasn't on the pill, it made sense that he should use one, but of course, I felt such shame that I had taken two huge portions of Billy's cum inside of me, and now Kieran was going to use a condom.

But I didn't stop him. Instead, I slipped off my underwear and lay down on my back, as he mounted me. "Oh God, Kieran," I moaned, a little louder and more enthusiastically than was probably sincere in the moment. "Fuck me, baby. God, I love your cock."

Yes, I hoped Billy heard. But I also knew that he probably still felt like he was the winner. So I said the only thing I could think of that would somehow restore Kieran to his rightful place. "I love you, baby," I emoted loudly -- the first time either of us had said this to the other. And actually, I did mean it.

"Oh my god, I love you too!" he exulted, already losing it inside the condom.

"That's it baby, cum inside me, fill me up with your cum," I called out. Billy didn't need to know he'd used a condom. I then flipped Kieran onto his back and began to grind on top of him. Despite the fact that he was shrinking quickly, I managed to find an angle and the right pressure to start to move in the direction or orgasm. I didn't quite get there, but you wouldn't have known it from the shrieks I was soon making...

A couple hours later, Kieran was asleep, but I awoke with a start. Was it all a dream? Had I really done what I thought I'd done? Blown and fucked two guys in the same day? Cheated on Kieran? Oversold our sex like a bad actress, just to make Billy in the next room jealous?

Damn. I had to go to the bathroom. I wondered if Billy was still out there. Should I get fully dressed? Screw it, I decided, putting on just a bra and panties. Let him see what he can no longer have, and will never have again. Let him wish he'd kept his big stupid mouth shut.

I sneaked out into the living room, half hoping he'd be out there, and would watch me enviously.

But he wasn't.

I listened at the restroom door, to make sure nobody was in there. I didn't hear anything. So I tiptoed in.

As I came back out, I realized I'd been wrong, when I thought the living room was empty. Billy was actually asleep on the couch, still wearing his t-shirt and boxers. I stared a moment at that beautiful body of his, and could feel my nipples tingling ever so slightly at the memory of what we'd done together, and how he'd filled me.

His hand moved to adjust his crotch, and I realized now that he had a towering boner. In fact, as he adjusted it, his massive crown now emerged from under the waist band. It looked like the business end of a dangerous weapon, which I guess it kind of was. He fondled himself a moment, absently, still sleeping. It was really hot to watch. I found my hand wandering down under my own waist band, and finding a quivering wetness there.

I had never orgasmed with Kieran, I reminded myself, and all the stimulation of our sex had left me still wanting more. Yeah, right. I wasn't even believing my own lies to myself anymore. The truth was, despite what Billy had said, despite Kieran and all that had happened today, despite the decisions I had made, a part of me wanted to feel that huge cock forcing itself up inside of me again. A part of me was Billy's now, at least on a deep, dark, animal level that I was really not comfortable with.

My fingers were still in my panties when he suddenly stirred and opened his eyes. I removed them quickly, but I'm sure the image he saw before him pretty much told the story. My nipples were definitely pushing dents into the cups of my bra, and I was standing there, next to naked, staring at him.

"Hi," he said flatly.


"You guys have a good time tonight?"

"Yes. We did."

"I guess what we had... was just a one-time thing. For you."

"Kieran's my boyfriend, Billy. What did you expect?" I moved a little closer so he'd hear me if I whispered. "One crazy moment of weakness and suddenly I'm yours? Is that what usually happens?"

"Take it easy."

He wasn't even bothering to re-adjust himself for modesty, laying there with the head of his erection just sticking out of his shorts like that. I tried not to stare. "No, I won't take it easy."

"What's wrong?"

"What do you think? It's a small campus."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, when you brag to your fucking idiot pals about your latest conquest, word gets around."

"Brag? I bragged?"

"I got a pretty accurate description of what happened between us from that girl you asked to leave the other day -- who heard it from one of your best friends. In just the kind of words I should probably expect from a guy like you."

"Oh, come on. You know why he told her. He's trying to get her into bed. Trying to convince her I'm this predatory player who brags about every girl I'm with. I'm sure that's the way he put it."

"Yeah, right. Why'd you even tell him in the first place? With every lurid detail?"

He took a pause. I couldn't help but notice that his cock seemed to be growing, with a good couple inches sticking out of his boxers now. God, it looked hot. My brain and ego were furious with him, but the wetness in my underwear told another story. My vagina was wanting him -- was preparing itself to take that big cock again, right now!

I don't know if he sensed this, but what he said next seemed awfully sincere: "Because when the best thing that's ever happened in your life happens, you want to tell your best friend."

Part of me wanted to believe he meant that. But part of me knew it was a line. "Yeah, right. How many girls have you said that to?"

"One. You."

"I'm the number one score of the year, is that it?"

"You really think I'm that shallow?"


"Fine. Don't get to know me. Don't see what might have been. Retreat to your little fantasy. And be another one of those girls who used me."

"Please. I used you?"

"Sure seems that way to me. I'm not the one running away."

He left the words hanging there as he went off to bed.

Well, shit. Now I didn't know quite what to think. But I did know one thing. The next day, when Kieran told me he'd finally been approved for a single room, and was moving that afternoon, I was relieved when he didn't ask me for my key back.

Slow down. Don't judge me. Don't think I just fell for Billy's B.S., and went back there and opened my legs and mouth to him, again. But at the same time, I had to admit, part of my was curious. Was there some truth to what he was saying? I mean, I didn't really believe him. I thought it was more likely that he just had had as good a time as I had, and wanted more. I like to think that one time with me wouldn't be enough for anyone. I know from experience that the possibility of sex with me can do extreme things to guys. But that didn't mean he and I had a future, as a relationship. Plus, I was into Kieran.

But I had to admit that physically, and with his masculine attitude, Billy did kind of turn me on more. Maybe it was the thrill of sneaking around, and the seduction and all that -- or the muscles, plus the big cock, but it wasn't so easy for me to just let it go completely.

It didn't mean I wanted to leave Kieran. I liked our relationship. I didn't see it as having any problems. But part of me... just had to see what else there might be with Billy.

But what was I going to do, just show up there some night, let myself in, and turn myself over to him again? Give him something more to brag about? I didn't really trust myself. If we were alone in the room again, I knew I might get weak. He'd proven he could get me on my knees, and on my back -- and I knew I'd feel even worse about myself if I let that happen again.

I couldn't call him. Too forward. And he didn't know my last name. I wasn't even sure he knew my first name, now that I thought about it.

But I did know one place I might run into him. I'd seen a card for a small private gym on his keys at one point -- the same gym that had been sending me flyers for a free session for some time. I decided I'd check it out. By the looks of his body, he probably spent half of every day there, so I thought the odds were good I might run into him.

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