tagGay MaleBio of a Bully Ch. 4

Bio of a Bully Ch. 4


Entry 4: Scenes from the Mall

Sometimes I do stuff with my friends on weekends, like head down to our local shopping mall to check out the action. Our mall is fuckin’ huge – it’s three stories high and really long with a fuckin’ cinema complex, swim centre and the coolest skate park in the area.

Whenever I feel like giving my mates some of my time, I head off to the skate park with them to muck about and get some air off the ramp. They love it there and hang out there heaps. I don’t go with them that much. I’ve got better things to do than just skate, but when I do, fuck is it fun!

I’m no fuckin’ pussy when it comes to skateboarding. I can ollie and stuff, but some of my mates are just awesome. We get down there and rip off our shirts and all the dweebs take to the fuckin’ sides and sit there to gawk at us, and then the chicks start coming over to check us out too.

One of my mates, Adam, is fuckin’ incredible! He makes skating his life and I reckon he’ll go far with it too. He can do 280 on the vert and he’s determined to beat Danny Wainwright’s ollie record one day. I reckon he will, too.

I like that – determination. You gotta have it if you want to get somewhere, you know?

Anyway, I prefer street skating, so I don’t go to the park with them much. You see, with street skating, there’s the danger of getting caught doing a front slide down a handrail or something – it really pisses the cops off big time!

One time these cops nearly caught me. I saw them coming and took off before they could catch me but the grass was still wet from the fuckin’ sprinklers and I went head over arse. Man, I thought I was done for, but I got up and dove into the bushes where I usually take the faggots for a workout and managed to give them the slip – just.

I tell you, man, one of these fuckin’ days, it’s just gonna be one cop on his own, and when it is, I’m gonna let him chase me into the bushes and use the fuckin’ handcuffs on him! See how tough he is then, hey?

Anyway, after my mates and I spend a few hours at the park, we hit the mall to cool off. It sucks that we have to get dressed again to go inside, ‘cause we’re all hot and sweaty and with the bright lights in the mall, we just shine like fuckin’ Gods, man! And after the workout in the park we fuckin’ bond so tight that we slap each other around and I grab ‘em in a headlock and stuff. It really pisses me off that we’ve gotta be clothed and all like fuckin’ pansies.

On a Saturday, there’s always heaps of kids from school hanging out at the mall too, going to the arcade and stuff. You’d think that in a mall that big, it’d be hard to find so many fuckin’ people from school.

My mates are all pretty cool, but I know that when I’m not around they try to act like everyone else. But when they’re with me man, they loosen right up and I can see how much they fuckin’ love shit-stirring all the fags. I keep telling them that they ought to do it normally ‘cause the fags really get off on it, but they don’t. I reckon they’re scared, but when I’m around they know I’ll look out for them ‘cause I’m so fuckin’ untouchable and I always look out for my mates.

There was this one time that we headed down to the swim centre for a splash after being at the park. I go there sometimes just to do laps and stuff for exercise, but when I’m with my friends we usually just carry on and have a ball, wrestling in the water and trying to drown each other. I always get the better of them though so they always push each other at me and try not to be the one who cops it from me. It’s so fuckin’ funny to watch!

I love it too, letting them feel my muscles when I grab ‘em in a bear-hug or shove them underwater and lock their head between my legs, seeing them squirming and panicking, their faces right under my cock.

Anyway, we went to the swim centre this one time and the place was full of fuckin’ fags from school. I couldn’t believe it man – they were fuckin’ everywhere, their bony twig bodies all white and pale like they were dead or something. It was fuckin’ sickening to see. There should be a big fuckin’ sign at the gate, you know? Like, ‘No fags allowed’ or ‘Dweebs must wear t-shirts at all times’.

I told my mates that we ought to have some fun with them, so we started swimming around them like we were sharks and stuff, then head-butting their guts like we didn’t see them in front of us. And if they said anything, I fuckin’ clothes-lined ‘em across the throat real hard and held them underwater for a bit.

You gotta be careful in a place like that ‘cause the lifeguards are all fuckin’ pussies and don’t like you mucking about too much. So one or two of my mates always go over and start talking them to distract them and stuff so we’re not caught. Am I clever or what? I think of every fuckin’ thing!

This time though, it was real freaky ‘cause there was this one dweeb, like about 13 years old or something who had a real smart mouth. I was teasing his big brother whose in my grade at school and this little punk came up and told me to stop picking on his brother or he’d tell the lifeguards, so I grabbed him and told him that if he said a word, his brother and him would be dead meat.

Then the fuck started crying, real loud like a fuckin’ baby, man! I dunked him and told the little shit to shut the fuck up, then shoved him away, but he was so fuckin’ light, I forgot my own strength. The cunt lifted out of the water and sailed into the side of pool, bashing his head on it and knocking him out. Stupid fuck! How dumb was he?

Anyway, people freaked and dragged him out of the water and the lifeguards came running over. He wasn’t hurt bad or nothing, just a cut on his head that was bleeding a bit, but he was out cold. I made up some bullshit about mucking about with him and it was an accident and all but the cunts made us leave anyway. The other kids didn’t say nothing and they were looking real scared ‘cause they knew if they said anything against me they’d be fuckin’ dead.

We got our shit together and left and we were heading inside to the mall when we heard the ambulance arrive. My mates all looked at each other, worried.

“Talk about fuckin’ overkill!” I said, but they still looked a bit worried, the pussies. “They’re just being cautious and stuff ‘cause the prick hit his head. The lifeguards all know fuckin’ first aid – as if he even needs that! It’s just a fuckin’ scratch. You saw him.”

They knew I was talking sense, so we went inside, through a small back entrance to the mall near the trash. Our tops and stuff were like clinging to our bodies ‘cause we didn’t bother drying ourselves off or nothing, and when the fuckin’ air conditioning hit us…..man! I could feel my nipples turn rock hard! And when I looked at my mates, they were all the same, like tiny fuckin’ spears shooting out of our chests!

They all have top bodies. Not as hot as mine, but with all the skating and stuff they do, they’re pretty fit and look after themselves. That’s one of the reasons I let this crowd be friends with me. I hate fuckin’ slobs who are too lazy to look after themselves. They ought to be kicked in the guts a few times and starved till they look thin enough to be let out in public again.

I could feel myself getting all horny seeing the shape of their bodies through their tops and stuff, and their nipples all hard like mine. Man, if I wasn’t with them, I would have grabbed the first dweeb I saw and taken him out to the dumpster to fuck.

I wanted it so badly that I could just picture the fucker plastered over one of the garbage cans outside, begging for more as I shoved my dick hard into is arse, thrusting and grunting and making him squeal like a girl. I’d be thumping his fuckin’ back every time he made a noise to shut him up and punish him for being such a pussy, and then I’d grab the cunt’s hair and hold his head right back so he couldn’t breath properly and he have to stay there and take every fuckin’ drop of my cum. And if I was feeling real nasty, I’d take my cock out of his arse and shove it down his throat making him suck me off the last bit of the way and cleaning all his shit off my cock at the same time. I’d tear a huge fuckin’ hole in his shirt too so he’d have to go home and get whacked by his fuckin’ Christian folks as well for wrecking his clothes and being careless, ‘cause they’d have no fuckin’ idea that their son is a fag!

Man, I wanted it bad! But fuckin’ fate had it in for me this day, man! No sooner had we walked into the mall, than we saw that fuckwit Scott and his faggot friends coming towards us. Scott’s a real pussy but he gives the best fuckin’ head jobs! And knowing he was my slave and all now, I couldn’t believe it was him we ran into.

I decided to play it tough so no one would see how horny I was. I could see the faggots looking worried as they tried walking around us, so I quickly side-stepped and blocked their path and my mates copied me, knowing I was out to have more fun.

“Well, well, well,” I said. “Look who it is! Beam-Me-Up-Scottie and the rest of his dancing fairies.”

My mates laughed at them and we made them back into the wall.

“Leave us alone,” one of the dweebs said.

“Leave you alone? That sounds like an order, to me?” I looked at my friends, grinning real evil-like. “Did that sound like an order to you?”

“Sure did.”

“I think they’re trying to boss you around,” Adam said.

I looked real hard at the faggot who said it and stepped in real close to him.

“Sounds to me like we’ve got a bully on our hands,” I said. “I don’t like bullies.”

We all sniggered at the joke. I was real close to the cunt now and our noses were almost touching.

“He didn’t mean that, Justin…..” Scott stopped mid-sentence, ‘cause ever since reading that fuckin’ transcript the prick had made, I told him that he wasn’t allowed to use my name unless I told him so. It was a stupid fuckin’ rule, but I knew it made him cry not being able to call me by name, so it was worth it.

I turned around and looked at him.

“Did you just use my fuckin’ name, you little cunt?”

“I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean….I forgot…”

“You forgot? Get away from your fuckin’ fag friends now. Over here!” I snapped my fingers and pointed to the ground behind me. He looked at his friends really sorry then did like I said.

“That’s right,” I said, “I think you forget which side you’re on sometimes, Fagboy. I’m gonna have to teach you some lessons in remembering.”

Scott looked down at his feet, all embarrassed. His mates were all looking at him in shock, like they couldn’t believe that he’d turned against them and crossed over to stand behind me. Fuckin’ beautiful! It was so cool seeing them looking so fuckin’ confused!

Anyway, I turned back to the dweeb I had pinned against the wall and glared at him, making him look back at me instead of Scott.

“As for you….” I said in a real low voice like a growl, “ I reckon you need to find out what happens to people who try to boss me around, huh?”

“I-I’m sorry.” The pussy stuttered and looked like he was about the shit in his pants.

It’s funny, but all those horny feelings I had before were like, turning into rage, man. I felt like I was gonna explode and either cream my pants or break his fuckin’ neck. And seeing him there against the wall acting all pathetic like the fag he was, just made my blood boil even more. I really hate the way faggots always get fuckin’ wimpy and inferior.

I put my arm across his throat and looked back at my mates.

“What do you reckon we should do with him?” I asked them. I didn’t really give a shit what they said, but friendship’s all about pretending like you want them involved or something, you know? And it was the only way to teach them properly anyway, so they stopped being scared to do it on their own.

“He’s not worth it,” Adam said. “Let the fucker go. He’s learned his lesson.”

I saw fuckin’ red and wanted so bad to just punch Adam in the face then. What kind of an answer was that? The fucking cunt! I took a real deep breath to calm down, then looked back at the dweeb, though I was still talking to Adam.

“But if I let him go,” I said, and I could feel myself gritting my teeth, “then he might do this.” And I punched the poof in the ribs. His knees lifted up as he tried to double over but I was pressing my arm in so tight against his throat, he couldn’t double over properly.

“And I’d really hate it if he tried this…” I said punching him in the same spot again, “…on me. It would make me real upset if anyone tried doing this…” Another punch. Three times I hit him and the faggot was crying now, crying as hard as I was clobbering him.

I felt hands grab me from behind and my mates pulled me off of him.

“Easy, Justin,” Adam said. “Let him go. C’mon. He’s had enough.”

The fag dropped to the floor, holding his rib cage and his pussy mates started leaning over him to see if he was alright. I was so fuckin’ furious with Adam, it took all my strength not to deck him too. He was a good mate and we had heaps of fun together and it was only ‘cause I respected his skating that I let him get away with it. I reckon when I think back on it that he was probably thinking he was helping me, which is what mates are about, but I just wanted to kill him at the time.

He could see the look on my face and he took a step back from me. He was scared shitless of me now too.

“You’ve broken his ribs,” one of the fags said, looking up at me.

“The cunt deserved it,” I said. Scott was standing nearby, so I grabbed him by the hair.

“I’m outta here,” I said. “You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ pussies. And you’re coming with me!” I dragged Scott out the door by the hair and shoved him in front of me.

“Move it!” I said. “You know where we’re going.”

“You didn’t have to hurt him like that,” Scott said.

“Accidents happen,” I snarled at him. “I can’t help it if the fuckin’ faggot’s made of straw! Maybe now he’ll learn to toughen up like a real man and not be such a pussy all his life!”

I led Scott to the park and worked him harder than ever before, ramming him hard up the arse like I was thinking about earlier and slapping him hard when he made a sound. And I made him take my cum in his mouth too, sucking all the shit off my dick. The only difference was there was no garbage can to throw him over. We were on our knees in the grass instead and when I finished, I left him lying there with his pants around his ankles, crying, all curled up like a baby.

I know you’re probably thinking that what went down was some heavy shit that day. It was, but you see, there’s a reason for everything. I reckon it was meant to happen, just like fags were put here ‘cause they’re meant to do all the fuckin’ suffering for the rest of us and suck cock when a real guy needs it bad so he doesn’t go crazy.

My job in life, I reckon, is to teach these pussies how to toughen up. I hate the lot of them, but I teach them anyway – I teach them about survival by making them face the real world instead of their fuckin’ dressing up, fantasy world. And you gotta teach them hard ‘cause it’s a hard world sometimes, so I’m doing them all a fuckin’ favour whenever I come down on them like that.

Not that the cunts appreciate it, but they will. One day they’ll thank me for the time I spend teaching their sorry fuckin’ arses how to face up to reality. And the fact that I hate the faggots more and more each day shows just how generous I am to them, just like I was when I didn’t fuckin’ bash Adam’s brains in ‘cause he’s a mate, even if he did stab me in the back.

Like the saying goes, it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. And I’m tough enough to take it on. I’m tough enough to take anyone on. I’m the best fuckin’ thing that’s happened to any of them. And one day they’ll all realise the fuckin’ sacrifices I make for them.

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