It was one of the coldest northern winters on record so Becky & I decided to head west to the sun of California for an extended holiday. We loaded the Caddy and had an uneventful trip across the plains. Then we hit the mountains and that storm. It was bucketing down as we wound our way up the twisty tree lined road, we had left the main highway to do the tourist bit and it was proving to be a bad decision. Visibility was poor and the rain continued even heavier. It was getting dark as we passed through the small town of Birchville.

At the end of town we came across a police roadblock and were waved to a stop. A young officer came up to the car.

"What's the problem officer?" I asked.

"Sorry sir but the road ahead is blocked by falling trees and won't be opened until daybreak. I'm afraid you'll have to stay the night in Birchville or retrace your steps back to the highway".

It was about 3 hours back to the highway on a dangerous road so I asked about accommodation in the town.

"Not sure sir," he replied, "But if you go to the police station I'm sure the officer in charge will know".

Thanking him we went back into town passing the only motel which had the "No vacancies" sign up and also the only hotel which had a similar sign out front. We found the police station and rushed inside to get out of the cold and rain.

The sergeant was as helpful as he could be but confirmed that there were absolutely no spare beds in the town. He did however offer us the use of a cell for the night, "It's centrally heated and the bunks are new, my wife keeps it very clean and you're welcome to use it if you want, we have no prisoners at present and don't expect any trouble, with this weather everyone stays inside."

We had a look at the cell and it seemed OK, we joked with each other about having our first ever night in jail and thanked the sergeant for his kind offer. I rushed out to the Caddy to get a suitcase and some spare blankets. After dinner at the hotel that was packed we returned to the station for the night. The sergeant lived at the rear of the station with his wife and bade us goodnight as the wind and rain howled outside.

We only had a fair nights sleep but at least we were dry and warm and we were woken at 7.00 by the sergeant's wife with some breakfast. "My husband will in shortly to farewell you," she said, rubbing her bottom as she went through the door back to her kitchen.

We were fed, washed and dressed by 7.30 and were packing the suitcase on the bunk as the cell door suddenly slammed shut behind us with a loud bang!

We turned quickly to see the sergeant standing on the other side of the bars with an evil grin on his face.

"What do you think you're doing" I demanded with panic in my voice, what was going on? "We have done nothing wrong".

"Sorry folks, you're not going anywhere until you put on a show for my wife and I and it had better be good".

"Put on a show, what do you mean?" I said trying to hide my fear. Becky was clinging to my arm, her face showing that she couldn't understand what was happening

"Well folks, my wife and I are into spanking and we want you to spank your wife good and proper while we watch, then you can go on your way", he said with a huge grin on his face.

As his wife returned to the cell area I yelled at him, "Spank my wife, are you mad? And anyhow how do I know you'll keep your word, how do I know you will let us go even if I do it?"

His wife replied, "Oh you can trust him I assure you. I trust him to spank me, look this is what I received while you were having your breakfast". She turned around, bent forward and lifted her skirt. In full view of us was her bare bum with no panties, bright red with some strap marks across her buttocks. "I love it and couldn't live without a regular spanking."

The sergeant said, " If you don't do I'll have to keep you here, I'll book you with dangerous driving, driving under the influence, not wearing a seatbelt and having an unroadworthy car".

"What do you mean, an unroadworthy car, there's nothing wrong with the Caddy," I yelled at him.

"What about the broken windscreen?" He laughed, "It may not be broken now but it soon can be and you won't get a spare in this town. We'll give both of you 10 minutes to talk it over."

Becky and I huddled on the bottom bunk. I told her I couldn't harm her no matter what these crazy people demanded, but she believed the sergeant's wife and said I had to do it so we could get away. I tried to think of another way out but we were stuck, we couldn't get any help, our mobile phone was in the car and probably wouldn't work out here in the mountains anyway.

The sergeant and his wife returned, "Have you made a decision?" he demanded with menace in his voice.

"Yes you crazy bastard, we'll do it but you have to let us go immediately after>"

"Now, now, no swearing or I'll make you strap her too, you can go as soon as we are are satisfied with the spanking. He pulled two chairs up and he and his wife sat, his wife on a cushion. "Right, you sit on that chair and your wife goes over your knees with her arse facing us."

Very reluctantly I positioned the chair to his instructions. I sat and Becky stood beside me. I looked her in the eyes and told her how much I loved her and that I didn't want to do this, my mind was in a turmoil but it was too late to go back and what alternative did I have? She kissed me and whispered in my ear, "Do what you have to do to get us out of here, I love you too."

With that she bent over my knees with her lovely bottom raised under my gaze and that of the watchers. "Get on with it," the sergeant directed.

Reluctantly and with a heavy heart I raised my hand a brought it gently down on Becky's skirt covered bottom. As I lifted my hand for the next spank the sergeant interrupted.

"That's not right, lift her skirt up and do it HARDER!"

Obediently I slowly took the bottom of Becky's skirt and lifted it up covering her back. I heard the sharp intake of breath from the other side of the bars as Becky's lovely legs came into view with her shapely arse covered by her panties in full view. My mind was spinning but I knew what I had to do. My hand came down and the sound of the spank was heard through the cell area. A quiet "Ouch" came from Becky. I continued with a heavy heart, spanking my lovely Becky had never entered my mind, hurting her was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

After about ten more smacks the order came from the sergeant. "STOP, take her panties off and spread her legs apart!!"

"No, no way" I spat back at him.

"OK, here you stay, and just as you were getting into it too," he said as he got up from his chair.

Becky interrupted with a sob, "Just do it darling and get it over with and then we can get way."

"A wise woman you've got there." The sergeant grinned as he resumed his seat. I glanced at his wife; she had her hand down the front of her skirt and was playing with herself, a smile on her face as she enjoyed the show.

Reluctantly I removed Becky's panties and threw them on the bunk. Her beautiful arse was on full view to the watching morons on the other side of the bars.

"SPREAD HER LEGS" the sergeant menaced.

I put my hands between Becky's thighs and spread her legs apart. As I did my fingers grazed her pubic hair and to my amazement it was wet! Was Becky enjoying this? Was she turned on? I felt a stirring between my legs; the very idea was getting me hard! I couldn't comprehend this happening and I put the thought out of my mind.

Becky's anus and pussy were now on full view. You could have heard a pin drop as I raised my hand and brought it down hard on her right cheek. The smack echoed through the cell as I repeated it on the left cheek. Moans of pain were coming from Becky as I continued to spank her. My hand was beginning to sting so I could only imaging what her arse felt like but I kept going. Her skin was beginning to turn pink and she began to sob in tears as I continued her torment. I glanced at the sergeant and his wife and he signaled me to keep going. I was nearly in tears myself as Becky squirmed and wriggled under my hand, her sobs getting louder. Her skin was now a bright red and my right arm was getting tired.

"STOP", came the command from the sergeant. "Stand up woman and look at us".

Becky rose and gazed at the watchers through tear filled eyes, he sobs the only sound in the room.

The sergeant rose, was this the end, could we go now?

"Your pretty little arse is not quite red enough, bend over the back of the chair and you are going to get three strokes of a strap, then you can go."

Pointing at me he told me to remove the belt from my trousers.

"No way," I said with a tremble in my voice, "You told us we could go after the spanking."

"If you don't do it I'll come in there and do it for you," he threatened, "And then you can stay here another night and we'll repeat all this tomorrow morning!"

Becky interrupted, "Can we go immediately after I get strapped?"

The cop nodded in agreement.

"Do it then darling, do it and get it over with and then we can get out of here."

The policeman's wife spoke, the excitement was shining in her eyes, "I guarantee you can go as soon as the strapping is finished, it's only three strokes, just go for it, but make them hard, if they are soft you'll have to do it again, we want to see marks like mine".

Reluctantly I took the belt from around my waist and bent Becky over the back of the chair, her arse again facing the grinning watchers. Once again I slowly lifted her skirt so everything could be seen.

The strap whistled through the air before it went 'WACK' on Becky's cheeks. She screamed out loud and started to sob, a red mark could easily be seen.

"Very good," said the policeman and his wife in unison.

Once again I raised my belt and brought it down with another loud, 'THWACK', Again Becky screamed and stood up straight rubbing her bottom, tears running down her cheeks. But she was made of tough stuff, without having to be told she resumed her position and raised her skirt up with her shaking hands.

"Make the last one really good,' came from the other side of the bars.

For the last time I raised my belt and with all the force I could muster thrashed it across Becky's striped arse. Again a loud scream was heard and then she fell sobbing and shaking into my arms. We held each other tight hoping that this was the end. To our relief we heard the key turn in the cell door lock, the door squeak open and then footsteps of the sergeant's boots walking away towards the front door which then slammed behind him.

As I looked up the policeman's wife came into the cell with a tube of cold cream in her hand. Without saying anything she stood behind Becky who was still sobbing in my arms. She raised Becky's skirt and softly applied the cold cream to the striped, red area of Becky's buttocks. "This will ease the pain and make travel a bit easier too," she said softly. Becky moaned as the woman continued to apply the cream.

"Why don't you collect your belongings and get ready to go?" she said as she finished applying the cream and took Becky in her arms giving her a hug. I could hear the two of them whispering as I grabbed the suitcase and our blankets.

"Have a good trip and don't speed, my husband is out there patrolling", she said as we headed for the door.

Becky and I stumbled out into the bright sunshine relieved to see the Caddy waiting for us, windscreen intact. I threw the suitcase and blankets into the trunk and helped Becky sit gingerly on her seat. I ran around the car, jumped in, started up and we were off. I kept well below the speed limit as the Caddy twisted its way up the mountain. It was only about 15 miles to the state border and it wasn't long before the sign came into view.

With dread I saw a police car parked near the sign, just on our side of the border, the police sergeant standing in the middle of the road, his hand held gesturing us to stop. I braked and brought our car to a halt, resisting the urge to drive around him.

"Hi folks, nice to see you again," he grinned. "Just thought I'd let you know that the road is clear all the way to the next state capital, thanks for the entertainment, you have a nice day now!"

Becky and I didn't say a word, he waved us on and we got the hell out of there, over the state line and into freedom, he couldn't touch us now. I looked in the rear view mirror and the bastard was standing in the middle of the road waving us goodbye!

Becky had dried her tears and gave me a wan smile as we drove away from Birchville and all that had happened there.

"Are you OK honey?" I asked.

"Well it's still stinging but it's not too bad, in fact the spanking wasn't as painful as I expected but the strap was something else, I really didn't like that at all," she said with a bit more life in her voice.

I took a deep breath and queried her, "Sweety, when I spread your legs apart you were really wet, were you turned on, were you a bit excited?"

Becky's reply made me bring the Caddy to a halt. "Yes I was excited and so were you, you got a hard on didn't you?" Without giving me a chance to reply she went on, "I never thought that spanking would be a turn on for me, even though I've read about it and had a few fantasies about it, but I got really excited and very turned on, and that cop's wife knew it too, when she was applying the cold cream she touched me and I nearly came. She whispered to me that she hoped that this spanking wouldn't be my last and I hope it won't be my last too, I really need a good fucking tonight. Aren't I naughty? Perhaps I'll get another spanking too!"

We both burst out laughing and hugged each other tight. What had started as a terrible experience had opened up a whole new world of fun and games for both of us and we both knew it. Starting the Caddy up we set off west again, holding hands and talking about our experience, sharing fantasies of what me may do in the future.

Becky and I finally left those damn mountains behind us and continued our westward journey. The miles whizzed by as we chatted about what had happened in Birchville and the feelings that the experience had brought to us both.

At a large city we passed through I stopped at a sex shop and brought a couple of spanking magazines. Becky read the stories and letters to me as I drove, and when I needed a break from driving we swapped. We laughed a lot and got excited at the thoughts of what that evening would bring.

After a long day we finally arrived at that night's stopover. We pulled in to a Holiday Inn and I went into reception where I was greeted by the manager. I told him that we had driven a long way that day and that we had a poor night's sleep last night, could he give us a quiet room away from the traffic noise? "No problem", he replied, "You can have the end unit and as we have plenty of vacancies I'll keep the room next door to you empty, so you shouldn't be disturbed at all".

Thanking him profusely I returned to Becky and we drove to our room. After a shower and changing we had a lovely dinner and champagne at the motel restaurant. Returning to our room we were giggling like a couple of teenage lovers, both excitedly looking forward to what that night was going to bring.

I took my lovely Becky in my arms; told her I loved her so much and kissed her deeply. As we embraced my hands fell from her waist down to her lovely bum where my hands roamed, bringing back memories of earlier on today at Birchville.

"Just a minute buddy," Becky said as our lips parted, "I think it's my turn to get even for what you did to me this morning, it's your turn for a damn good spanking!"

I was speechless! Obviously Becky had got a few ideas from those magazines that she hadn't told me about, and now she was going to put those ideas into practice. I decided to go along with her, but play hard to get.

"Oh come on honey, we never talked about this today, you gave the impression that you only wanted to be the spankee, not the spanker", I pleaded.

"Don't be a baby, one good turn deserves another, now drop your pants and get over my knees," Becky said firmly, pulling a chair out and sitting down.

Reluctantly I did as I was told, a shiver of excitement running through me. I removed my shoes and sox, followed by my trousers and underpants. Before I could take up my position over those lovely thighs, Becky grabbed my stiffening cock with a laugh, "Looks like this part of you is getting excited by the prospect of a spanking darling. Stand straight and put your hands on your head!"

Again I behaved; standing upright, as did my cock as Becky gently wanked it to its full hardness. Becky pulled her dress up and firmly directed me over her knees, my hard cock sliding between her thighs which she then clenched tightly, her left hand was placed in the middle of my back, I wasn't going anywhere without a bit of pain!

"I love you so much," Becky said as her right hand traced circles on by buttocks, the suspense was almost killing me, "But it's time you suffered as I had too this morning. Just remember the code word we spoke about before."

Without warning the first spank fell, it hardly hurt at all but I let out an "Ouch".

"Don't be a wimp", Becky said as she continued to spank me. The whacks got a little harder and started to sting a little but I still wasn't feeling any real pain, little did I know what was to come! "Your arse is starting to turn pink darling, it looks so lovely. I'm just so excited and so turned on but I have to finish this before we fuck".

The spanking got harder and was really starting to sting now; I was wriggling around as much as I could with my still hard cock trapped between her legs. I started to complain loudly, unaware that Becky had another surprise in store for me. There was a pause in the spanking and I started to get up but with surprising strength Becky pushed me firmly back onto her thighs. I couldn't see her reach for her hairbrush that she has positioned within her reach in readiness for my punishment.

There was no warning from Becky as the hairbrush exploded on my already sore bum. "Yowwwwww" I yelled, "that hurts!"

"Five more and then it's all over!"

Five! How could I take five more of those? But in an instant I determined to accept it, after all Becky had to put up with at Birchville with those morons watching, I nodded my acceptance.

"Count them down," ordered Becky showing a side to her that I'd never seen before.

Whack! "Ouch, five!"

Bang! "Oh shit! Four!"

Rapidly, and with much pain the next smacks followed, "Three, two, one to go," Tears were falling down my cheeks as I readied myself for the last blow.

It fell painfully across both cheeks. "Oh God!" I screamed, "No more Honey, mercy, mercy."

I felt a tear fall on my back as Becky stammered, "Now you know how I felt when you strapped me, we are even. I'm sorry darling; I'll never do it as hard as that again. But I will spank you if you misbehave in the future. Spanking is now part of our life, for both of us. Stand up, darling."

I struggled to my feet and stood in front of her. "My, my," she said, "By the look of your cock that was too much for you, it's gone down, let's see what I can do to make it hard again".

Becky knelt down in front of me, looked up at me and smiled, "This will take your mind of your sore arse," and took my limp cock into her mouth. Knowing my love of her oral abilities it didn't take long before her sucking had the right effect, my blood was soon rushing along it's well known course as my cock grew longer and harder in her mouth.

Becky stood and led me to the bed by my cock. She quickly threw off her clothes and lay down with her legs wide apart. She looked so beautiful; I must be the luckiest man in the world.

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