tagBDSMBird of Prey Ch. 17

Bird of Prey Ch. 17


Fox-Janner was subjected to continual torture at the hands of many dominant nurses, and learned to expect certain levels of pain, administered by certain wrestling holds, which culminated in him willingly smelling and licking the aroused cunts and assholes of those nurses which he came to fear. His cock cage was removed before each session, and he was more than relieved when the session culminated in him being milked in the padded room by the cruel and grinning nurses. He lived in fear of those sessions where his cock was left denied, his ass plugged, and the door was opened to allow his conveyance by the strutting and eager nurses to the execution room. Each scenario was slightly different, but the end was always so similar; a woman he had previously tormented would have the supreme pleasure of noosing him and operating the trap-door. Each time he swung he could not know if it would be the last; each time he spent with a force that hurt his balls, and his quivering body jerked before he passed out to the sound of laughing and jeering women who delighted in seeing him swing by the neck. None more delighted than Irma Grant, who ticked off her treatment list with deep satisfaction; the last injections Fox-Janner had been given were placebos; he was now doing just as he was told without the need for drugs.

She took special pleasure in thrashing him once a week; having removed his cage before the cane was administered, she would delight in seeing him come as he squirmed under the cane. His last trip to the execution room had been deeply satisfying for all who witnessed it; the once cruel and pompous male had been brought whimpering through the black door by nurses who had donned black silk gowns and not plugged his asshole on this occasion. The grinning women remained deathly silent throughout, and all Fox-Janner could hear was his own pitiful whining, much to the satisfaction of the watching, smiling women who were deeply aroused by his torment. He was noosed and the trap operated without any speech and he truly believed that this was his last enjoyment of the rope. The smiling women twisted his body on the rope as he was milked, and the women's cunts oozed with pleasure as they noted a bulge in the rear of the silk and then watched as the silk flexed and bulged down by the feet; as semen shot from the front, Fox-Janner had shit himself freely before the women, his humiliation appreciated in full by every female present. He groaned in a newly discovered submissive ecstasy as he spent again and again while the silk death shroud bulged and flexed as he released his bowels in honour of female superiority. Their silence was now broken by rapturous laughter at his humiliation, the last spurts shooting gloriously from his cock as he was consigned by the rope to darkness.

On coming around yet again, he was a completely broken man; he now wanted to the torture to end and was ready to beg to be allowed to remain on the rope. Irma gave him his weekly thrashing and took great pleasure in having him lick her sweetly aroused cunt to orgasm, which he did with relish; she had kept him caged on this occasion and he had begged for relief; Irma and the nurses present, laughed hysterically as the cage was removed and he gratefully masturbated at her feet, and then willingly licked his mess from her sandaled feet. Irma could now tick all the boxes; only the required zigzag treatment remained, she telephoned Elaine Calder.

The nurses now took great pleasure in simply contorting Fox-Janner's body with experimental holds as he offered no resistance; they gauged the effectiveness of each painful bend and strangulation by the level of cries from their beaten and defeated victim. His cock oozed from the restrictive cage as he was punished by the Amazons; he now thoroughly enjoyed his submission to the women, who now made him beg for the final hold where he was suffocated by their lusciously aroused and sweaty cunts. They enjoyed fulfilling orgasms as he now expertly and lovingly brought them off with his wiling tongue, ensuring their hot and sticky assholes were equally refreshed.

On this day, his cock unfurled from the cage and stiffened to immediate rigidity as the cage had been removed and the door was opened by the smiling nurses, to begin his leashed journey on all fours to the execution room. His cock dribbled as he was walked down the corridor by the naked Amazons as it was lined either side by all the nurses who had been involved in his treatment, all equally naked; nipples poking out excitedly and cunts bulging invitingly as they applauded his journey. He knew today was different. When they reached the black door, the watching nurses laughed as he was made to sniff and lick the assholes of the two who led him. The one holding the leash pulled it tight after having her asshole licked for the second time that day, while the second bent down and held his balls with one hand, and stroked his stiff cock with the other; she wanted him to fully enjoy the announcement she knew her friend would deliver. The buxom and spiteful nurse pulled the leash to strangulation point and her cunt bulged visibly before the subdued male's eyes.

"This is the last time you'll pass through this door; we'll so miss inflicting pain on you." The throng of nurses laughed and jeered as Fox-Janner pissed on the floor in fear as the door was swung open; the nurse took great pleasure in almost dragging him through it, and he whinged in fear as the door was slammed behind him, leaving them in total darkness; the execution room unlit on this occasion.

An external door in the opposite end of the room creaked open, flooding the execution room with light. As Fox-Janner quivered in fear, he noticed that the room was empty; no women, no gallows. Through the open door strutted Elaine, Irma, and the tattoo lady. Elaine's cunt blossomed and tingled with pleasure as she saw what the tyrannical chairman had been reduced to; quivering naked and leashed by a naked nurse, he was a pathetic defeated figure. On recognising her he immediately kissed her feet, on the realisation that he may be released from this place of torture. Elaine's cunt moistened with spiteful pleasure.

"I have come to take you back to Maiden Downs where your treatment will be completed and you will be handed over to your proposed owner; Gloria Trent. You are a lucky man indeed, Gloria wanting to keep you as a memento of her prior life, before inheriting your property; the alternative is a final meeting with a noose, are you ready to come with me?" He grabbed her feet and kissed them again as though she, who had condemned him to this place, was his saviour. The women sneered as he sobbed his reply.

"Yes Mistress Elaine... I'm willing to do anything to leave here." Elaine was very excited now and smiled knowingly at the other women as she stood dominantly over him, her red tufted cunt tingling and scenting her silken panties.

"So you'll willingly accept the final stage of your treatment when we arrive back? I have a little ceremony arranged for you when we get back; it will involve a trip to the Equestrian Centre first, to get suitably attired." The women were all nicely aroused; their dominance satisfied, on seeing the broken cur grip her feet as he cowered in complete submission and blurted out his pathetic reply.

"Yes Mistress Elaine, I am willing to accept anything." He was walked through the door and taken through a graveyard filled with tombstones which were stark and bare apart from Birch House registration numbers; the resting places of males who would never leave. The smiling nurses took him into the back of a waiting ambulance for his trip to face his final treatment.

On arrival at the Equestrian Centre, Fox-Janner watched the glorious pencil-skirted redhead disappear inside the main building, whilst he was taken by two buxom madams in jodhpurs to a bridling area. They smiled with perverse pleasure as he was harshly buckled into a restrictive bridle, and saddled like a human horse; the women took great pleasure in teasing his dangling balls and erect cock with their crops. His attention was suddenly drawn to the stable door by the delicious sound of a horse-whip being cracked; Fox-Janner's cock stiffened as Elaine stood dominantly in the doorway, in her tight equestrian gear; he tingled in his newly submissive pleasure as he viewed the shapely red-head's beautiful strong thighs, curved hips and perfectly rounded ass, an ass which he knew would ride him like a beast of burden. He was loaded into a horse box with one of the women, who whipped him along for good measure, as Elaine and the other sat in the cab for the short trip to the golf club.

Hey stopped, not at the main entrance to the club house, but at the bottom entrance; Fox-Janner would enjoy a humiliating ride up the fairways to the clubhouse. Elaine's cunt bulged with supreme pleasure as she cracked her horse whip and mounted the defeated tyrant in triumph; the sweetest journey and the most divine humiliation would now begin. As soon as they entered the grounds he was aware that things had changed in the two months he'd been at Birch House; each fairway and green was alive with women, no men, who laughed and jeered at Elaine's makeshift stallion as he was ridden with rudely erect cock and balls dangling for all to see, his cock stiffer than ever as Elaine applied spurs liberally and took great pleasure in using the whip. He was close to coming at one point as he spied the wife of one of his oldest members walking a very obedient dog, which was obviously a man in a canine suit. Marjorie looked on Elaine's steed with a stern smile of satisfaction, before applying her cane to Miles' dangling balls, to ensure he behaved correctly, bade Elaine 'good day' then swiped Miles' balls once more to urge him on; her nipples erect in her silk blouse, betraying her succinct pleasure in dominating her hound. Her cunt which was just as excited would be licked and refreshed following their brisk walk. Elaine smiled and whipped her steed toward the clubhouse; the number of women enjoying Fox-Janner's well-deserved humiliation increasing as they grew closer; Elaine's womanhood bulged and the prominent camel-toe now showing a damp patch in her tight jodhpurs as she relished the final treatment of the deposed chairman.

Elaine unbuckled the saddle and harness as a crowd of women smiled with contempt at the pathetic figure Fox-Janner had become. As he knelt to have his facial bridle removed, Elaine to great delight in having him sniff the damp patch in her jodhpurs; the watching women laughed as his cock bobbed with the pleasure of taking in the fiercely dominant woman's scent. He was led into the boardroom where he was bemused but not surprised to see all the seats taken by sternly smiling women; naked and leashed at the feet of some of the women, were Gordon and several other ex-board members; now owned by the women who owned their seats. Only his seat remained empty; the women smiled knowingly at him and then looked up at the wall behind the chair in unison. His eyes were drawn to a small shelf which had been fitted there; an illuminated glass jar, filled with fluid but otherwise empty sat upon it. The double doors to the main hall adjoining swung open and smiles of delight and satisfaction bloomed on the faces of the women as a surgical couch was wheeled in by a the Amazon nurses who had helped break him. Behind them walked in Gloria Trent, resplendent in a tight latex outfit, Irma Grant in white latex nurses uniform, and the sneering tattoo artist in black silks. Elaine toyed with his erect cock with her whip, as she watched him try to guess what was about to happen. He was then ordered to the couch.

Though docile and completely submissive now, he was strapped to the couch with belts around each ankle, and knee, across his chest; his wrists secured separately and his head at a 45 degree angle so as he could see all. The smiling nurses then lifted each leg up and slayed them, on the panels of the couch designed for this purpose; below was lowered and Fox-Janner squirmed in the bonds in fear again, as his asshole cock and balls felt the breeze of exposure. Despite this his cock remained rigid and a smiling Gloria Trent nursed his bone hard member as Elaine smiled at Irma, who with great satisfaction ticked the zigzag box on the treatment sheet. Elaine smiled down at the quaking male.

"You said you'd do anything to leave Birch House, and you have agreed to have the final part of your treatment here, today. You have been a despicable and evil man, controlled by a flood of testosterone and ruled by your balls. Irma and your new owner Gloria, will now relieve you forever of that wickedness; your balls will be removed and placed in the jar in this boardroom, as a warning to any other male who enters here, and as a memento for all women that male tyranny can always be conquered. Every woman here will thoroughly enjoy watching Gloria allow you one final release of seed before you are castrated. A sterile plastic oval will be inserted to give a slight curve to your empty sack, which will be tattooed with the zigzag sign which is instantly recognised amongst dominant women as a sign that the balls have been removed as a punishment, rather than at the request of a mistress or the slave. You'll never trouble another woman again." Fox-Janner now squirmed with fear on knowing his fate and was about to protest with a whine when the tattoo lady removed her panties and stuffed them unceremoniously into his mouth, much to the delight of the women. His muffled cries soon turned to moans of pleasure as his new owner worked his erect cock toward his final spurts of cream.

Gloria's cunt bulged and slithered with pleasure in the smooth latex as she lovingly teased the length and glistening bell-end of his manhood to his final orgasm. This was helped along by Irma and the nurses showing him syringes and scalpels; the balls he as a bout to lose tingled gloriously in the announcement of his final spend, and he squirmed in the confinement of his submissive ecstasy as the smiling Gloria obliged his needy cock and had him shoot a fountain of hot semen, bringing applause from those women who had both hands free; many fingered their aroused cunts as they enjoyed the spectacle. As he squirmed and spent, the nurses took great pleasure in inserting the vicious needles into his sack and squeezing them empty. Without further ceremony, Irma took a wicked scalpel to his sack and sliced it open. After Gloria had wiped the masses of spent semen from her masturbating hand, she would now use it to ensure this never happened again; her cunt buzzing in the latex and close to orgasm, she took the scalpel from Irma, and with her directions she swiftly emasculated the tyrant. A huge applause went up in the boardroom as she held his balls high, making sure to show them to their former owner.

The applause went down the fairways; Fox-Janner had been castrated by his mistress, justice had been seen to be done.

The women made sure he saw his balls placed in the jar and displayed on the shelf; he was as gentle as a lamb, in deep shock as the insert was applied, his sack sutured, and the smiling tattooist inked his now useless sack with a bold zigzag design. Gloria Trent smiled wickedly down on the male she had so enjoyed castrating; she would ensure his misery continued as she would entertain other males and ensure Fox-Janner saw and tasted semen again; from other mens balls.

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