tagFetishBirth of a Fetish

Birth of a Fetish


It was many months after the fateful day that changed my life forever that I found out she had known all along - that all my sneaking about had been totally UN-sneaky. As we lie there in bed now, all sweaty and sticky from my very first fucking, she confessed to me she had been very flattered by my interest in her and had gone out of her way to provide me with my special playthings. She said that she would masturbate to several orgasms thinking of me and fantasized that she would be the one to take my cherry. Before I get ahead of myself let me go back to that time when this terminally horny young man's first upskirt view of my neighbor began a journey down a long and crooked path.

Ever since puberty had turned me into the lusty eighteen year old horndog whose memories are bared here to you, I have been infatuated by older women. The smell of their perfume intrigues me. The shape of an erect nipple poking through a t-shirt arouses me. The curve of a well shaped leg, the erotic wiggle of a delightful derriere, the sparkle of a lewd wink - all these things excite me no end!! After my 18th birthday, it was like someone had flicked a switch in my groin and I discovered a new found interest in paying attention to the females who wandered my surroundings and I walked around with a perpetual hard on, ruled by my little head (something to this day nearly 30 years later at age 48, I still haven't overcome!)

I had known my neighbor Bev for many years, but suddenly I began looking at her in a new light. I became infatuated with the straight, waist length midnight black hair, the mysterious mahogany brown eyes, the full luscious lips (always fully decked out with a thick coat of gaudy red lipstick), the large breasts that swung unencumbered beneath her clothes most days, the long legs, the sumptuous bottom, and the slightly rounded tummy. Yes, she was approaching 40 and showed the wear and tear of birthing five children and divorcing two husbands, but I was attracted to her like no other. I "decided" one day while staring at her through my dad's binoculars as she sunned herself on her back patio that she was the one who would be taking my virginity.

I had hung around her house for years playing with her children but now that I was "legal" I felt things were different. I began distancing myself from them and inventing devious ways to spend time with her instead - mowing her yard, tinkering around her house, carrying in her packages, anything to be near her! Each night as I lie in bed I reintroduced my throbbing cock to my right hand and fantasized about her - the sound of her laughter, the bounce of her bosom, and the curve of her calves. I undressed her a bazillion and eight times and fucked her every which way from Sunday night after night after night until I couldn't take it any longer and knew I had to take it to the next level.

I was determined to tell her how I felt and was waiting on her front steps when she drove up from church. The kids were all off wandering the neighborhood by now and I thought this would be a good time for "True Confessions". I walked towards her car as she threw it in park and opened her door for her. She gave me a curious look but smiled and said hello as she started to exit the vehicle. With one leg out the door she realized she had left her purse on the passenger seat and leaned back in for it and this left her knees spread quite amply! I got quite an eyeful of the tops of her black, thigh high stockings, the cream colored flesh of her inner thigh and the bulging gusset of her white cotton panties straining unsuccessfully to restrain a veritable forest of thick black curls. My very first panty shot!! This image of her is something I have jacked off to countless times over the years and while I doubt if the event lasted more than a brief second or two, it was a defining moment in my life.

Having retrieved her purse, she slid out of the car and I did the best I could to act innocent as I stammered and stuttered, knowing that I couldn't tell her everything now, not with the rising bulge in my shorts! I managed to mumble something about how it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day and maybe I could weed her garden if she wanted. Adding to my total state of bewilderment, she reached out and touched my cheek saying she thought that was a fine idea and if I gave her a couple minutes, she'd go inside, change her clothes and give me a hand!

I had adjusted my rock hard cock any number of times before she joined me in the backyard and the sight of her simply took my breath away. She had changed into an old t-shirt, washed and dried so many times it was almost see through (as well as being a size or two too small) and as she walked across the grass, her dark nipples were quite evident, bobbing back and forth beneath the thin fabric. She had also put on her white short shorts, the ones that if she bent just right, revealed that arousing fold of flesh marking the separation of thigh and butt cheek.....I was in heaven!!

We worked under the hot sun and chit chatted about this and that, while the entire time I was more interested in staying behind her so I could check out her ass. When she bent down to pull the weeds, the fabric was almost transparent and I could see she had changed her panties as now I could make out a blue and yellow flowered pattern covering her ample backside. If I got in just the right spot and peeked between her thighs, I swore I could look up her t-shirt and see the undersides of her round, full tits. The weeding was basically forgotten!!

The garden wasn't that big and by the end of an hour, we had covered it all at which time she stood and stretched, reaching for the sky allowing me a glimpse of her naked tummy. She told me she needed to get a shower but had made some lemonade up that morning and if I wanted to quench my thirst before heading home, I was more than welcome to. I followed that twitching bottom into the house and watched as she headed into her bedroom (just off the kitchen) noticing as she disappeared that the door hadn't completely closed! I poured my lemonade (it could have been horse piss for all I tasted of it!) and leaned against the sink drinking it down even as I listened to her in the next room singing along to that oldies music station she always listened to. I imagined her peeling off her sweaty clothes, revealing that sexy body to my wandering eyes and kept trying to screw up the courage to talk to her and tell her everything.

I heard the shower curtain clack closed and the water being turned on. I imagined myself standing behind her, staring at that now bare butt as she bent over the tub adjusting the water temperature. In my mind I reached out to grab her by the hips and took her roughly from behind, plowing deep inside her. I heard her switch the water to the shower head as the curtain rattled open and closed as she stepped into the warm, flowing water. That's when I realized I had jammed my hand into my shorts and was furiously stroking my bone!

"That's it," I said to myself and setting my empty glass in the sink, I headed for her bedroom door, driven by the deep rooted sexual urges that are man's downfall! I pushed the door open and stepped inside, closing it behind me. I walked across the thick carpet until I was next to the bathroom door and leaned out as far as I dared. Hoping to finally get a glimpse of my fantasy naked I leaned farther and farther, until as I got to see in the bath, I realized her shower curtain was a solid green, NOT see through and I couldn't see a damn thing!! SHIT!!

As I felt the disappointment, my weight tipped forward just enough to make a floorboard beneath me squeak boldly and I suddenly realized if I got caught in here, I was a dead man!! I turned to retrace my steps, praying silently that the running water had camouflaged the sound as I headed for the door. That's when I saw it, set flush against the far wall. It beckoned to me mockingly, teasing me to go peek!! If she had simply shut the lid, I doubt if I'd have even noticed its presence, but she hadn't and I did. It was her laundry hamper that stood there calling to me and with a glance over my shoulder at the bathroom to see if she was standing there yet, naked and dripping and glaring at me angrily (I think I almost wanted to be caught at that point!!), I diverted my steps and made me way around the bed to the open container.

Looking inside I was stunned, for there on top lie the very same blue and yellow flowered panties the woman I lusted for had just recently removed!! Without a conscious thought, I watched from a distance as my hand stabbed into the white wicker basket and grabbed up the intimate item. Before I could tell myself it was wrong, they had been stuffed into my front pocket and I was headed for the door, a robotic extension of my testicular needs. In a heartbeat, I was outside and running for home and it was too late to turn back!!

I dashed up to my room, closed and locked the door and within seconds was lying on my back, shorts and jockeys knotted around my ankles, erection pointing to the ceiling, the purloined panties in my hand. It had been a long and exciting morning so it didn't take but a few wicked strokes before I felt my balls tightening, signaling my imminent release and without really knowing why, I lifted her undies to my quivering nostrils and took a big sniff. The spasm of climax hit my brain at the exact same second as the intoxicating aroma of her panties did, eternally linking the sweet musky scent of pussy with the searing pleasure of orgasmic release and from that moment on I have been severely addicted to the smell of a woman's intimate organs!!

At this point, I had reached a nirvana that was not to be denied and rather than stop and clean myself up, my right hand continued to piston up and down my swollen shaft. I stroked myself as fast as I could, squeezing tighter and tighter as my balls bounced fiercely beneath my pounding palm. I know I was moaning incoherently, but never in my life had I experienced sensations like this as I continued to inhale her private scent and stroke myself to oblivion. Before I knew it, a second orgasm was threatening to blow the head off my cock (ah, the stamina of youth!) and again, without truly thinking, I stuck out my tongue and licked the full length of the thick, wet stain she had left behind. The explosion of orgasm mixed with the detonation of this new flavor hitting my brain and I suffered sensory overload, forevermore connecting the taste of a woman's pussy nectar to the ball busting sensation of spurting orgasmic pleasures. I had found my calling in life!!

As I came down from my sexual high, I released my stiff meat (somehow knowing if I didn't I would yank it out by the roots while smelling her!) and just melted into the mattress. I continued to sniff and lick her dirty panties and was lost in the sensation of her!!! I felt something tickle my nose at one point and upon inspecting the undies, I discovered she had been kind enough to leave three curly pubic hairs tangled in the damp fabric. I pulled one out and was immediately intrigued by the contradictory coarse softness of it.

I felt my cock stiffening again as I continued to play with the hairs and sniff and lick her spend and over the course of the next few days, jacked off so many times I swear I was just cumming dust (poof! poof!) Eventually, they lost their aroma and I had to get a replacement pair (I kept that first pair, but otherwise swapped out an "old" pair for a new pair so she wouldn't catch on to my little perversion!) and I spent the rest of the summer sneaking into her dirty laundry and exploring her intimate garments.

I thought my lust and pilfering had gone undetected all that time but as we lie there in bed several months later, my cock still glistening with the thick combination of our sexual juices, she ran her fingers across my chest and laughingly told me that she had known right from the day that first pair had disappeared that I borrowed her dirty panties on a regular basis. She continued to say that she had, in fact, always made certain to rub them between her damp, swollen labia to soak up every last drop of her juices when she removed them, hoping that I would do exactly what I did. I blushed as she revealed how much she knew about my covert activities, but she told me not to be embarrassed, that my curiosity was a natural thing. Even as she reassured me that she had always enjoyed the nature of our secret relationship, she slid down the length of my body and took the head of my cock in her mouth, cleaning it expertly with her talented tongue as it stiffened and grew. My discomfort subsided as I realized she wasn't disturbed by my kinky little fetish and the afternoon was filled with the wet sounds and distinctive scent of wild abandoned sex. To this day I get an erotic thrill from a quick upskirt peek as well as the intoxicating aroma of well worn panties (white cotton grannies still being my favorite!!)

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