tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBirth of a New Sissy Ch. 02

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 02


Part II: Refinement

By AltErik (aka DarkPrince67)


Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you're getting into by now. ;-)

This story contains male to male sex, Crossdressing and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It's always good to get feedback!


My life had changed so suddenly. One encounter with Jeff and everything was different. A week ago I was just an average married guy, with an average life. Sure I had the occasional Bi fantasy, but outside an college encounter all it was was a fantasy. Suddenly I found myself falling into one of my fantasies. I can't doubt it anymore, I am very much Bisexual. Any doubts were wiped away last week while bouncing on a dildo with Jeff's cum splattering my face. All while experiencing the most intense orgasm in my life. I've slipped into my new role. The one I fantasized about. I can't deny it. Deep down I'm just a cocksucking sissy.

Since the first time Jeff has summoned me twice. And summoned is the right word. The first call came two days after our 'encounter'. Laura picked up the phone first.

"Sure Jeff, he's here. Just a sec." She smiled and handed me the phone. "It's for you, hun."

My heart was racing as I picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"I want to speak with Erica." His voice held a note of command.

"Here." I almost whispered.

"Good. You have 15 minutes to present yourself in my family room. It's time to continue your training. And you had better dress appropriately!" He chuckled an hung up.

My heart was now pounding. I looked up to see Laura looking at me. I knew I was flushing, but couldn't stop it. "You remember Jeff, from across the street?" I tried to sound normal, but I couldn't tell if I was succeeding or not. " He has something he wanted to show me on the computer. I'll be back in a bit."

Laura smiled. "OK, hun. I'm just gonna read for a bit." She gave me a peck on the cheek as she headed to the couch."

I watched her go. Once again admiring her voluptuous figure. She was only about 5 feet tall, but generously proportioned. I had always loved Reubenesque women and she was very much that. Part of me bridled at being ordered to leave, but I couldn't deny the surge of lust either. So I headed upstairs to get ready. I had been intructed that I was never to enter his house unless I wore very girly panties. This was an absolute. It didn't matter who I was with or who might be there. I was still to wear panties. This was meant to remind me of my place in his eyes.

I quickly shucked my shorts and underwear. After listening to make sure Laura was still downstairs I went to her lingerie drawer and selected my favorite pair of her panties. They were made of very thin, silky nylon with high cut legs that accentuated the wearer's thighs and hips. They were soft pink with a rose embroidered above the crotch. I felt a chill as I pulled them up and settled them over my hips. I reached in and pushed my cock back between my legs. I was unable to resist running my hands over my thighs and hips. It felt so . . . sexy. A few minutes later I was saying goodbye to Laura and walking across the street.

There was a note on the door that read: "Erica, Come in. I'm in the family room waiting for you once you have made yourself presentable." I took a deep breath and walked in. As soon as the door was closed I headed towards the bathroom and began to disrobe. Aside from wearing panties, I was also intructed that when told to 'present myself' to him I am to prepare myself first. I am to go to his bathroom and give myself a thorough enema then take a quick shower to make sure I am good and clean. Then, dressed in panties alone, I am to go and kneel in front of him for further instructions. It took me about 20 minutes before I walked over to where Jeff was seated on the couch and dropped to my knees.

He smiled. "Very obedient. Better than I expected on your first day of training. I am altering your arival instructions from now on. You will proceed as you did today. But instead of coming to kneel in front of me, you will do this. follow me." He said, getting up and going towards the dining room.

I followed him as he walked over to the edge of the kitched where the refrigerator stood. As I came around the corner I saw it. Attached via suction cub to the side of the fridge was the dildo I had fucked myself on that first day. It was attached at just about waist height.

"I take it you recognize your lover?" He said with a smile. "Well from now on you will come here. Get on your knees in front of your lover." He motioned for me to follow his instructions now. Thankfully, there was a pillow on the floor underneath to spare my knees. "And show your subservience by sucking on his cock. You will continue till told to stop."

He arched an eyebrow at me to indicate I should already be doing this. As I leaned forward I felt a stab of fear. I noticed that from this position I was directly in line with the large bay window that looked out at my townhouse across the street! If it was bright enough inside I would be clearly visible.

"You are neglecting your lover!" He punctuated this with a sharp slap on my ass. I yelped and leaned in to the soft, rubber cock. I shivered as the thick head parted my lips. God, but it felt so good to have my mouth violated! I had already forgotten the window as I welcomed my lover's cock into my mouth with a moan.

I still had trouble reconciling my normal life with the joy of a fat shaft in my mouth. I can't explain why, but I clasped my hands behind my back as I leaned into the dildo. With my eyes closed I let gravity pull me forward and thrust the cock deep into my mouth. I had a visual flash of myself dolled up like some cheap slut, on my knees with my arms tied behind me while a young stud fucks my throat. I trembled and gripped my hands tighter behind me.

I don't know how long I suckled on the rubber cock before I felt the cock shift and pull away. I moaned and opened my eyes. Jeff had taken it off the fridge and began leading me over to the couch. On some level I knew this was rediculous, but I couldn't help myself. I kept up the suction and crawled after him.

"Such a good little cock-sucker." Jeff cooed as he led me over and attached the dong to the smooth side of the boxy coffee table then sat down on the couch behind me. Since I hadn't been told to stop, I continue to nurse on my lover's cock on my hands and knees. A few moments later I felt slippery fingers begin to tease my butt.

"Erica-slut has a very tight puss. I'd better losen it up a little!" He thrust two fingers full length into me making me grunt around the dildo. The brief discomfort was replaced by pleasureable fullness. Within 5 minutes he had three fingers vigorously fucking me.

"Stop sucking and turn around."

I did and when I finished turning I was staring at Jeff's beautiful cock. It was firm and throbbing. I didn't even wait for permission. I just swallowed him with a long, low hum of satisfaction.

"Damn, Erica! You really do love sucking cock." He scooted forward, forcing me to shuffle backwards . . . until I felt my ever-ready lover poke me between the cheeks. "Looks like you still haven't satisfied someone. What do you think you should do?"

I just moaned again, lined up the shaft and sank back onto it. "Oh - oh - oh - oooooooh." Was all I could gasp as the entire length parted the opening to my boy-cunt and slowly, deliciously filled me. "Yesssss fffuuuuccckk mmmeeeee." I whispered as it filled me completely. Anything else was cut off as Jeff slid his meaty pole into my mouth.

I fucked myself on the rubber shaft faster and harder as I felt myself approaching orgasm. At the same time Jeff was grunting and thrusting deep into my mouth. It didn't take long before he grabbed my head and fully impaled my face with his cock and gasped. As he came in thick spurts down my throat he kept chanting, "Take it, take it, take it all like a good little girl!"

And I did. I swallowed and swallowed as he filled my tummy with spunk. As he finished and began to pull out he pushed on my shoulders and thrust me back onto the dildo. "Don't neglect your lover. He's been patient, but you need to make him cum, don't you?"

"Yes." I whispered hoarsely as I resumed fucking myself. My eyes were closed and I lost myself in the feeling of that shaft filling and withdrawing from my loosened cunt. The head grazing my prostate on each thrust.

"You want to make him cum, don't you?"

"Oh, yesss."

"You owe it to him after letting you suck him."


"Doesn't he deserve to fuck your tight little cunt? Isn't that what you need? To be fucked and filled with a man's thick, hot, sticky cum?"

"Yes, yessss. Fill me!" I couldn't think of anything except the shaft filling me and how good it felt as it fucked me towards orgasm.

"That's right Erica, your body is made to drain the balls of strong men. To submit to their pleasure." His voice had taked on a hard edge and he was driving me back on the rubber dong in quick, deep strokes that made me gasp. "This is your destiny, Erica. To give your body to stronger men. To submit. It feels so good to let go and submit doesn't it?"

"Mmmm, so goooooood. Almost there . . . Yes, fuck me."

"Cum for me, Erica. Cum on that hard cock." Just as I started to go over the edge he whispered in my ear. "This is how Laura felt when her first boyfriend bent her over and filled her steamy cunt with cum!"

The image of a young Laura bent over a table and fucked by some highschool stud pushed me over the edge. I could almost hear her cries of pleasure as her pussy sucked the cum from his balls.

"Ooooohhhhh G-Godddd! Fuuuuuuck Meeeeeeeee!! Mmm- mmmm. YESSS!" I was whimpering, moaning and gasping as I filled my panties with cum. It was so intense I was shaking for a few minutes afterward.

* * *

Our encounters proceeded along similar lines for several weeks. Once, when Laura and I were coming out of the house to go out one afternoon, Jeff came over and introduced himself formally to Laura while I watched heart pounding.

"Nice to meet you finally." He said smoothly while lightly shaking her hand.

"Likewise. You'll have to come over somtime and visit." Laura said while returning the handshake.

"I see you're on your way out, but could I borrow Eric for a few minutes? I need a hand with somthing."

"As long as it's quick, he's all yours!" She said playfully. My heart actually skipped a beat. This was just too wierd.

"Thanks! I'll make it quick." He then looked directly at me for the first time. "Come on, Eric. Don't want to keep your wife waiting!." I swear I could almost hear him add the 'a' at the end of Eric, but maybe it was just my imagination.

I followed him to the door as Laura started the car and turned on the radio. Jeff opened the door and motioned me in. "After you . . . Erica."

The name hit me as I heard the door close. I spun around and Jeff looked me in the eye. "On your knees, bitch! Lets not keep your sexy little wife waiting."

I should have been insulted, mad, irate at this treatment. But all I could do was stare at his hard cock and drop to my knees as instructed. My clit hardening and mouth watering. Whenever he took control I just slipped into my new fem role by reflex. In less than 30 seconds I went from Eric, a normal guy with an attractive wife waiting in the car to Erica, Jeff's sissy cock sucker. My cock suddenly became my clitty and I couldn't help thinking of my ass as my cunt. What was wrong with me? Was this right?

All thoughts were swept away as, now on my knees, Jeff slid his cock into my mouth. "I couldn't help coming out and grabbing you. You looked like such a normal guy out with his wife. I just had to remind you of your place in the world."

I just moaned around his shaft stretching my mouth. I was so turned on by the thought of Laura just outside the door unaware her husband was now fulfilling his place as Jeff's cum receptical.

"It's such a turn on to know that I can use your mouth even with your wife a stone's throw away, waiting for you." He paused to groan as the head slipped into my throat. "She is a sexy one, too. Such nice full hips." He paused again to sink the last few inches inside my mouth. "I'd love to hold those hips while I stretch her wet slit like you never could."

He had been talking more about Laura lately, but it was usually brief comments. Jeff seemed to be in the midst of his own fantasy now. He confirmed it a few moments later. "Yeah, fucking your hot little wife. Making her whimper like a common whore as she begs for my cock to make her a real woman!"

Jeff was now holding my face while he slid in and out of my throat. Drool and pre-cum were running down my chin and the hallway was echoing with the gasps, grunts and wet slurping sounds. I should have been jealous and indignant at his comments but my clitty was throbbing and my mind was foggy and filled with the images he was describing.

"I'd ruin her for your little clit. She'd never be able to fuck you again without thinking of my big cock. She'll masterbate to images of my cock when you aren't there." I could tell he was about to explode. I fumbled with my shorts to get my clitty out. I was about to cum myself just sucking and listening!

"Here it comes Erica! Drink it all down so your wife won't know you just sucked my balls dry! YESSSS! Take it all, you little cocksucker!!" He exploded like I'd never felt before. I thought I'd drown as he pumped spurt after spurt directly into my tummy.

After a while he pulled out, still breathing heavily. "Such a dedicated slut, Erica. Thank you." He patted me on the head. "Now go back to your wife." And he turned and walked down the hall. I was left on my knees in the hallway, cum and spit covering my chin with a small pool of my own cum on the floor in front of me from my own orgasm. What was I doing? And, more importantly, why couldn't I stop?

-- The End . . . so far . . .


This story is copyrighted by the author. You may post it on other boards, but it must be posted in full, with all headers and credit given to the author. Don't mind dissemination, as long as I get any fan/hate mail for my work! :-)


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