tagSci-Fi & FantasyBirth of an Incubus

Birth of an Incubus


The first things I know are darkness and hunger. Then a sudden burst of light accompanied by a low rasping sound. With my vision comes some understanding. I can see a creature, no a woman and I know she is the source of my hunger. She is clad in a forest green silk robe barely long enough to cover the junction of her legs. Now I know thirst and that this junction contains a well from which I can quench that thirst. She turns and exposes the source of light. A candle. I feel akin to this candle. I know it burns and consumes and I feel these things. A burning hunger and a need to consume. The warm glow of this candle also illuminates the object of my desire. Her. That woman. She also is akin to that candle. Warm and illuminating. She radiates desire and I know what has brought me into existence. Her need. Growing inside her. Smoldering need drawing me to her like a moth to the flame.

She moves towards a low shelf covered with softness and I now know what this is as well. This is a bed. An altar. The altar where she will lay down her desire for me to eat. Undoing her robe she lets it fall from her shoulders to the thick carpeted floor. Now she is only dressed in the long silk of her black hair and she is beautiful. A small compact creature yet at the same time giving the appearance of length. Strong legs tipped with delicate feet. As she crawls onto the bed her full hips and backside are exposed to my burning gaze and suddenly I long to spank her. Alas I have no body yet. Her desire is not strong enough to give me that yet but I have patience. My time will come.

Laying on her side I feast upon the new charms exposed to me. My vision crosses the plain of her flat, smooth stomach and roams into the valley between her small upturned breasts. My vision takes in her large dark nipples which I know will harden and grow when I can finally feast upon them. Moving further to take in her long graceful neck surmounted by her face. A small chin and nose, beautiful cheekbones and those dark, luminous, almond shaped eyes surrounded by her feather like lashes.

She draws a device towards her. A computer. Its screen also casting light and shadow across the landscape of my desire. A small device in her hand allowing her to control this electronic beast. Ah ha. This beast is my ally. It will take her to a place to help feed the smoldering lust within her. Help stoke that small kernel of desire into a flame, a bonfire. Strengthen and feed her lust which will in turn feed me. Give me more substance and allow me the opportunity to satiate my hunger.

Something must have taken her mind off of me, her lust, for I feel myself slipping away for a moment. My vision blurs and if I had a voice I would scream with rage as I feel my very existence is in danger. With nonexistent hands I claw for purchase. Without a voice I howl and rage. I can only see flesh and I can not grab it.

Then my meager existence returns. My vision is back. She has found what she was looking for. I silently thank my friend the computer and return to feasting upon the vision of her before me. One of her graceful hands still grasps the control device but the other is slowly running its fingertips up and down her thigh. I can feel the tickle of excitement, the longing to be touched. I focus all and with smokey fingertips trace the outline of her hip and thigh. She shivers and I feel a bloom of heat emanating from her center.

Her own eyes are fixed upon the computer screen. It is filled with what to me is meaningless squiggles but to her, they were a doorway to a world of fleshy delights. Her legs flex, spreading slightly and allowing access to her hand. I feel strength flow into me as her smoldering desire bursts into flame. I have two barely there hands and put them immediately to use. Running them over her flesh, her thigh, her buttocks. Tracing the line of her breasts and longing to be able to pinch those nipples as they harden under the caress of my breath like touch.

"Of course Master," She mumbles to the room, removes her hand from between her thighs and places a finger in her mouth. Her eyes close as she slowly sucks the finger into her mouth. Lips wrapped tight around her finger it slides slowly, seductively in and out. I can begin to see myself now. Wispy tendrils of smoke dancing along her flesh. I see goose pimples rise where my substance brushes her flesh and know she feels me. Moving one of my insubstantial hands downward she parts her legs granting me access. I am steadily growing stronger, gaining substance as one hand continues to caress and tickle her breasts while the other works the flower between her legs. My strength now enough to part the petals of her flower I exhale a long, strong breath rank with lust along her wet sex.

Her eyes are shut tight now. The computer forgotten and roughly shoved aside, her hands reach towards me. The desire is strong enough. Her searching hands find my head and guide it to her sex. My tongue worms its way deep into her eager cunt, my lips open wide simultaneously sucking her entire sex into my mouth, drinking deep of her rampant passion while I cup one breast and strongly twist the other nipple between my now solid fingers.

"Ohhh, eat me you fucking beast!" Her eyes still shut tight, arms held away from her body, legs spread wide as I, the embodiment of her lust, drink deeply of her free flowing nectar. I release one nipple but clamp down hard upon the other, twisting it and drawing forth more cries of pain filled passion from her mouth. I bring my free hand down between her legs, clamp down on her clit with my mouth and shove three fingers roughly into her aching sex.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck yes!" She cries as I add nips with my teeth to her already stimulated clit. Placing her hands behind her knees she pulls her legs wider and fucks against my face and hand. Her rapid breathing is like a bellows, filling me with strength. My hunger grows in proportion to my strength and slipping my pinkie into her anus, which is slick from the excess nectar flowing from her cunt, I bring my other hand from her tormented nipple to her clit and pinch it tight ,flick my tongue rapidly across the exposed tip and vibrate my hand buried beep in her holes.

"Coming, coming, COMINGGGGGG!" she cries as I voice the first sounds to pass my lips, a combination howl, growl, cry of my own. Her lust and passion, though filling, seem not to quench my hunger but only to increase my own rampant need. Leaving my two middle fingers buried in her sex I grab her by the back of the neck and raise her to a seated position. Then shove my mouth roughly against hers, which opens and allows my tongue to invade her mouth. I grab a fistful of her long silky hair and wrench her head back, fucking her mouth with my tongue and continue to furiously invade her sex with my fingers.

Sensing her desire to gaze upon me, I call the silk belt from her robe to me, drape it over her eyes, then remove my hands from her hair and sex to knot it tightly. Now removing my tongue from her mouth I guide her head towards my crotch. "Suck." My first word passes my lips sounding as much a growl as not. One of her hands cups my sack, a hand wraps around the iron length of my desire, then her mouth finds me. I ejaculate carnal lust into her mouth which she greedily swallows, massaging my balls with one hand and milking my cock for more. I Place one hand on the back of her head, in response she forces my full length into her mouth until the head is wedged deep in her throat. "Yessss," I hiss, holding her mouth down, her throat working me, her tongue dancing along my shaft, bathing my cock in her warm wetness, lips wrapped tight around my root. I reach under to pinch a nipple with my free hand and buck my hips trying in vain to shove more of myself into her eager mouth.

Pulling her mouth from me by a fistful of her hair, I shove my mouth to hers and fuck her mouth with my tongue. She sucks upon my tongue as though it is just another cock invading her mouth and continues to stroke and fondle me with her hands. "More! Suck it more!" I shove her mouth upon my cock again. It slides easily until, once again, my full length is buried in her mouth. She sucks and moans, intoxicated with lust, eagerly choking herself and swallowing the constant flow from me. With one hand tangled in her hair and the other with a handful of breast, I pull her sucking mouth free of my cock and slam her on her back. "Spread your legs." I straddle her face and dive my tongue into her overflowing cunt. Her mouth find my cock and I am quickly engulfed in the warmth and wetness. One hand stoking my shaft in unison with her working mouth the other wraps around my hips and draws me closer. I finger her holes and suck upon her clit fucking her mouth. Carried away with lust, when I finally allow enough of my cock out of her mouth she sucks in a breath like a drowning person but after a few quick breaths she pulls me back down into her throat and drinks deeply of my spilling lust. I hold myself buried in her throat until I feel her fighting for breath again. Then quickly I withdraw, pull her up and over by her hair and have her bent over in front of me. Her head down on the bedspread gasping for breath. Her ass up in the air, legs spread, wetness running down her thighs.

"Beg for it." Nothing from her but her rapid breathing and a hand moving towards her sex. I grab up both hands and pin them behind her back.

"Beg for it." She remains stubbornly silent but wiggles her sweet behind tauntingly at me. I can feel her need though and am not fooled. Still pinning her hands I take hold of her hair and pull her head back. Looming over her with my drooling member rubbing against her clit.

"Beg for it." Her shoulders pressed into the bed, neck craned back painfully, cock rubbing against her clit, my mouth less than an inch from her ear, my lusty breath washing over her.

"Please." She whispers. I shove her face into the bed and cock my hips to increase the pressure against her sex, drawing it back and forth like a bow upon the violin of her clit. I get the head teasingly close to the open but do not penetrate her, just continue the sawing motion along her sex.

"Please." Louder now. I release her hair and take my member in to my hand. I draw the head up and down her slit, her cunt aches to be penetrated but with control of her pinned arms she is unable to thrust back upon me.

"Please, please fuck me. Fuck me now. Please fuck. Oh god, please fuck me!" So I slam it home. The sweet tightness embraces me and I furiously pound her wet cunt. One hand keeping her arms pinned, the other on her hip I ruthlessly pummel her aching sex. I feel her desire mount and mount to an unbearable pitch, then, I explode into her, pouring my lusty seed deep, drowning the lust that was overwhelming her.

With the quenching of her desire I am quickly losing strength. I see her reach up and remove the improvised blindfold. She looks over her shoulder but I am already merely tendrils of smoke fading into the darkness. Her wet swollen opening and the confused look on her face are the last I see before I lose even my vision but I have planted my seed and before I lose even my self awareness I know I will return.

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